Thursday, June 4, 2015

What Happens if OROP is not Approved but Diluted Version "Gifted"

The ex-servicemen are concerned and not without reason that One Rank One Pension is lingering on like the elusive Holy Grail. Dates and deadlines have come and gone and over the past 2 decades thousands of pensioners have gone from this world, hoping that OROP will come. They waited and waited till they passed from this world to the next.

This non approval is thus almost a criminal act. More so after Narendra Modi the Prime Minister himself announced that it was ordained that he was the man who will bring in OROP for soldiers. He made these announcements of his own violation, without any prompting. Yet OROP is nowhere approved and Modi and the BJP government is resorting to clich├ęs and subterfuges.

What next? I am constrained to point out that have the concerned persons ex servicemen ever thought as to what they would do if OROP is not approved? What will they do in case the government by a ruse and some glib talk approves a watered down OROP. Modi could again announce this as an interim order and add that " very soon" he will ensure OROP is sanctioned. There is a real danger of this happening. The ex servicemen must gird up their lions for this shock.

Its my fervent hope that such a situation should not arise, yet there is real possibility of this happening. What to do then? Frankly I have no answer and can only state that unless the 3 service chiefs act decisively, the One Rank One Pension may not see the light as the servicemen want to see.
The 3 service chief have for long been chanting " yes sir, yes sir, three bags full". This is the time to break away as stooges of the government and talk hard and fast. The government must realise  the  danger of not approving this pension demand, which is just and true. But who will bell the cat?