Friday, June 29, 2012

"Gangs of Waseypur" : a Movie to See in the Multiplex

Hindi cinema is going from strength to strength. Gone are the days of colossal sums being spent on inconsequential movies. A new breed of film makers have emerged that breath fresh life into a film making films that are topical and entertaining as well. One of this breed is Anurag Kashyap. A alumini of the Scindia school at Gwalior , Anurag has put on celluloid a film that makes a mans ears stand up.
The film Gangs of Waseypur is Anurag's show. It`s a gripping film on the coal mafia that dominates Jharkand ( earlier Bihar). The scene is set in the coal mines of Bihar and Jharkand around Dhanbad. The canvas of the film is the period of the British raj when the famous Sultana Daku ruled the roost, to the era after independence to the modern of the eighties and nineties of the last century. Anurag makes a point that nothing much has changed since the days of the Raj and the workers are exploited as ever. In this he also weaves an intricate plot of revenge and murder. Thrown in are 3 lovely new girls incuding Reema Sen and Richa Chaddha. These girls pack enough sex appeal to balance the mayhem and killings in the film. Anurag has also picturised some erotic love scenes.
The main role is essayed by Manoj Bajpai. He is one actor who does justice to any role and in Gangs of Waseypur he turns in a stupendous performance. Ad the mafia don wanting to avenge his fathers desth, he puts in a wonderful performance. The music is good with Bihari folk songs and direction gives an authentic look to the film. On a five point scale Gangs of Wasseypur deserves 5. So friends go inand see the movie. Its good value for money

"Thrill Sex" a New Facet of Love

Sex is an invigorating antidote to anything from boredom to idleness. It is also a path to excitement. Sometimes normal or staid sex leads to a full stop and men and women look for more exciting methods to spice up the sex life. Many people and couple look for what is known as ‘Thrill sex’. This is an overwhelming desire to rip off your partner’s clothes in a public place and then copulate in full view of everyone. This is “Thrill Sex” and more and more couples in the West and Africa are resorting to it. There is a feeling that dare devilry is involved and that adds to the thrill of this type of sex. Thrill sex locations are chosen with some care and could include public buses, restrooms, cars, offices, airplanes, parking lots, sport stadiums, hiking trails, dorm showers, classrooms and parks. That’s a pretty wide and exhaustive list but basically it means sex outside the privacy of the bedroom.
The more likely to indulge in such a wild spree is the younger crowd. As one young man commented “The idea of getting caught is fascinating. It adds to the thrill of the sex and leads to intense emotional release”. The exact percentage of thrill sex seekers is difficult to estimate. Probably they are a microscopic minority, but the number that fantasizes thrill sex could be fairly high. A recent survey of 6,600 people from 20 countries, conducted by romantic novel publisher Cora Publishing, gives some insight to these phenomena. The study revealed that Norwegians were the most addicted to thrill sex with 66 percent. Australians came in a close second at 64 percent. The reasons for participating in "thrill sex," as it's been dubbed, are myriad, but there are some common themes.
a) This is an act of rebellion and statement of identity. Maybe some people feel this is an achievement and a chance to satisfy ego. Its like Eve wanting to eat the forbidden fruit. b) Most couple caught in the act have been cheered by onlookers or just watched passively. As per records no attempt has been made by onlookers to separate the couples, leaving the matter to the Police and law enforcement agencies. The world is certainly changing !

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The 'Coup' that Brought General Sam Maneckshaw as the Army Chief

We are all aware that Sam Maneckshaw was the Chief of Staff during the war with Pakistan in 1971, which led to the creation of Bangladesh. But not many are aware of the shenanigans involved his becoming the army chief. To understand the entire scenario one has to go back to 1962 and the India-China war. At that time Maneckshaw was not in command of any troops on the front. The command was with Lieutenant General Kaul who by a combination of circumstances and the folly of Nehru failed. The entire blame cannot be laid at the door of Kaul, as the policy makers were Nehru and Krishna Menon. After the war Lieutenant General Harbaksh Singh came into prominence and restored the morale of the Eastern Command. Maneckshaw had little to do with all this. The 1965 war and again Maneckshaw had little to do as the main commander was again General Harbaksh as the Go Cin C Western Army Command. He covered himself with glory and reports now indicate that his decision not to with draw beyond the Beas River was instrumental in saving India, when even the Army Chief General JC Choudhry had panicked and recommended a withdrawal. At that time the front runner for the post of the army chief on the retirement of general Choudhry was General Harbaksh Singh. Maneckshaw was unfortunately no where in the picture as he had no battle experience of commanding a corps or a command in actual war. It appears Ms Gandhi had indicated that General Harbaksh would be the Army Chief. It appears that Mr. JRD Tata the top Industrialist and a Parsi intervened at that time. He supported Maneckshaw as the army chief on the ground that he was a Parsi. Ms Gandhi not averse to playing Empress readily agreed. She over ruled her Defense Minister Swaran Singh and announced Sam Maneckshaw a Parsi as Army Chief. Thus a battle hardened soldier like Harbaksh was sidelined in favor of a man who had not commanded a single division in actual war. Read more at

Friday, June 22, 2012

Colonel James Johnson, US Army, Bigamy and Court Martial

Colonel James Johnson in a receent court martial was convicted for bigamy and various other charges including fraud. The fraud charges emanated from the officers relationship with an Iraqi woman, who the Colonel loved. the colonel married the Iraqi woman named Haveen Al- Atar knowing fully well that his divorce with his first wife had not yet come through. So strong was the love of the colonel for the Iraqi woman that he had her father paid as a cultural advisor in Afghanistan. Later he helped the father set up a project involving windmills in Afghanistan. In these ventures he used up funds which were in real terms meant for other civilian projects. In the Court martial the colonel pleaded for mercy, citing the fact that his father was a graduate from West Point and had retired as a general. In addition he requested that he be treated lightly as he had to take care of the woman he loved, who could not go back to Iraq as she faced a danger to her life there. All for sleeping with and marrying an American. The court martial asked teh Colonel to pay back $300,000 or go to jail. Its apeculair case where the case is not simple. Obviously the Colonel was madly in love with the Iraqi woman. Such things are common in long deployments overseas, but the other acts of teh Colonel cannot be condoned. The US army is maintaing discipline in the best way and other armies of the world must take a lesson forom this case. No army can tolerate moral turpitude or financial bungling and misappropriation of funds. From my side I hope colonel James pays back the money and lives happliy with his Iraqi wife Haveen Al - Atar.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bikini Clad Chinese Girls to Wash Your Car * 61

China has now cast the pretense of socialism and one facet is the change in life style. Now we have news that an underground car garage in Shanghai is using girls to wash cars. The fee for this service is indeed very steep. The girls are dressed in bikinis and wear high heel sandals along with sun glasses to convey an exotic look. this kind of service is quite common in the USA, but in China it is nothing short of revolutionary.

 Chinese girls in bikinis are a fetching lot. The garage is located on Xutu road in an underground basement. The girls help to attract passers by to come and get their cars washed. The service I understand is quite popular with the services being availed by owners of luxury cars who can foot the bill of these bikini clad girls washing the cars. It appears the owners may be free to request a date with any willing girl in case she is agreeable.

It appears that since the garage opened there is considerable rush for this service and cars are lined up for the same. In the meantime a car owner can get his car washed and at the same time watch lovely girls in Bikinis. He can ogle them, but what will be the effect on his physiology ? It will be hard on the poor man !

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Can a Virgin be part of Tantra Sex * 69

God in his infinite wisdom gave a gift to man in the form of a virgin. This is one of the wonders of nature. Equally the science of tantra advocates a path to God through the act of maithuana (sex). The question that begets an answer is how tantra is compatible with defloweration of a virgin. Tantraeory is applicable when both partners believe in what they are doing and have full knowledge of their acts and consequences if any. In addition a woman is supposed to be an active partner in the act on the path envisaged by tantra. It stands to reason that she must have some knowledge of the act and its relation to tantra.

A virgin on the other hand is only a beginner and it is a moot point whether the tantra and the sex act for God and its realization can be understood in a strict sense as she has never had sex before. However tantric philosophy talks of sex as sacred and in case a man can lead her to the path laid down by tantra then a virgin can be a part of tantric sex. This can be an elevating experience. For this
to happen the man must be learned in the affairs of the tantra and its philosophy. Thus it may entail a man who is much older than the girl. For only an older man with experience, can guide a virgin in the tantric and related sex. But a younger man who understands tantra and all its manifestations is not a bar to guiding a virgin. For the man it becomes a sacred duty to rouse the girl and bring her to a level that makes her believe in the tantra and the sacred sex. It goes without saying that for a girl her virginity is something very emotional for her hence to initiate her with tenderness and love is of great importance..

Awakening her senses will be real test for the man hence his experience and age will be a factor. Once a man has decided to deflower the girl and the girl is willing then he needs to talk to the girl and explain the concept of Tantra and all related matters. As tantra involves giving yourself of your own free will it is important for the girl be aware of this act and give her assent for it. The girl will not know much except the fact that she is gifting to the man something very precious. Thus it is important to take the girl into the room and talk to her for long on the art of love. Relate to her the theory of tantra and the fact that the sex act can lead to exciting possibilities like previous births and extra sensory
perceptions. The kiss soft and succulent must play a major part in this act as well as the build up to the act as undressing and massaging the body with aromatic oils. There is to be no rushing. Surges of power must be controlled and always think of God at these times. Take your partner with you to the higher echelons of the mind. Rise above pure carnal pleasure. This may take a long time and hence the experience and knowledge of the man will matter a lot.

 Taking a girl's virginity is one of the great acts in a human life. It is her transformation from a maiden to a woman and the significance needs to be appreciated. Sexual union (maithuana) as per tantric thought is a method to awaken and harness the inner energy. At some stage after prolonged foreplay a thrust may be necessary. Do it gently. Some blood could be the result. Stop all movement and continue soft kisses. Move only once acceptance is total. Procreation is Gods gift. Hence the man must treat it as a sacred duty. A novice will fail and hence an experienced man can only carry out what is envisaged in tantra.

The Youngest Lady in the White House * 67

The world has strange tales and one of them concerns an American President who married in Office. His name is Grover Cleveland and I am sure not many would have heard of him. Cleveland was president of the USA for 2 non consecutive terms from 1885-89 and 1893-97. Cleveland desired the  woman who was 28 years younger to him. She was the daughter of his  deceased friend. He would visit their house and fell in love with the daughter of his deceased friend. He would visit  often and got the permission of his widow to correspond with Francis.

 At that time he was a bachelor. He was however a feisty fellow and it was rumored that he loved young women. An opportunity came his way when his partner and close friend Oscar Folsom died and in his will appointed Cleveland as his executor of the will. On one of his visits to his friends home to execute his will Cleveland saw the youngest daughter of his colleague , a 21 year old beautiful pure American girl name Francis

 The girl at 21 was also swept of her feat at a US president falling for her and consented to marry, when Cleveland proposed. The marriage took place in the white house and it was a gala celebration. I don’t think there has been a marriage in the white house or a younger lady than Francis who was only 21. Passion now took its toll and Francis conceived 5 times from Cleveland giving birth to 5 children of whom 4 survived to live long ages. From all accounts it was a happy marriage, but Cleveland because of health problems expired in 1908, leaving Francis a young widow. She was concerned at living a life all alone and in 1913 fell in love again and married a professor who had taught at her college earlier. He was Thomas Preston

. She was married to him for 34 years and died in 1947. Francis however has left an endearing image of glorious and lovely first lady. The Press and public liked her and I don’t think her record of being the youngest first lady at 21 in the white house will be broken

Monday, June 11, 2012

Why Romney Will Lose: He is a Mormon

Mitt Romney is a handsome man, he is rich and educated. All that is very well but the fact remains that he is a Mormon. This so called religion may well destroy Romney’s chance to become the most powerful leader in the world. That looks like to be one reason that cannot be brushed under the carpet and may keep Obama in the white House for another term. From what I have been reading there are people in his own party who have articulated that they just can’t vote for a Mormon as US president. That is sad for Romney and may mean that he will also be like the other who also ‘ran’. Romney belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons). Some refer to Mormons as a pure American invention and they are right because I have not heard of Mormons outside the United States. This cult was founded by Joseph smith Jr in the 19th century. Some people who have investigated the faith have concluded it’s a closed faith that tolerates no dissent and asks its followers to shun anybody who leaves the Mormon faith. In an interview the cousin of Mitt, Park Romney who left the Mormon faith claims the church is a fraud. It has weird beliefs. Many voters in America is bound to ask why should they vote for a Mormon as President of the USA In popular American fiction Mormons are equated with bad men. Thus in Zane Grey’s “riders of the Purple Sage’ the hero fights against a gang of Mormons. The Mormons also permit multiple marriages and no divorce. Mitt is a committed Mormon and has risen in the hierarchy of the Mormon Church. Knowing that being a Mormon is a disadvantage the poll managers of Mitt have tried to put it on the back burner. I am afraid it may not still help at the hustings and my guess is that Obama is already home and dry.

Monday, June 4, 2012

One Feels Sorry for the Queen of England 63

There was much celebration in England for the commemoration of the diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II reign. There were dances, flotillas, travels down the Thames and what not. However no significant world leader from Russia, US or India has attended and the British had to  celebrate on their own. On feels sorry, as this shows that England is no longer a global power and is a small nation confined to a small area with no geopolitical influence. It has a small army of less than a 100,000 and its many fabled regiments have ceased to exist.

This is far cry from 1912, when England ruled the world and British gunboats ran the royal writ in all corners and nooks of the globe. Poor Elizabeth !

All the celebrations look hollow as this is the period that England has declined to a nobody in world affairs. All the little clout it has is courtesy the USA with whom it is allied. I remember reading a speech by Nikita Khrushchev in which he had said that England will cease to exist if 5 H-Bombs are dropped on it. That is the stark truth. So I dare say this celebration a little back looked pathetic.

Queen Elizabeth II has thus presided over a time .when the fabled British Empire got dismantled. This is not a happy thought