Sunday, July 31, 2011

Some Thoughts on the Norway Massacre

All terrorists acts are bad, more so when committed in an enviornment where the gun does not rule like in Norway. here was a peaceful nation that had nothing to do with terror or its manifestations and yet a gunman came like the wind and it all ended with over a 100 dead.

There can be many theories for this act and there are rationalists who will say that this was a sporadic act and has no significance. They will try and lull the populace to believe that such an incident cannot occur again. But alas such thinkers are either hiding the real problem or are glossing over it or worse still they are ignorant.

All this is dangerous for Europe and the vast Christian populace that lives there. The fact is that a resurgent Islam has created a fear psychosis among the people, leading to a sense of insecurity among them. This in turn has translated to these irartional acts. Look at the gunman in Norway. He claims that he killed all those people because he was fed up of the low key response to Islamist expansionsm. Islam is indeed the fastest growing religion and ts adherents among the white Christian population is on the increase. This would be bad enpough, but many of these new converts follow the concept of Jihad with a zeal that is hard to explain.

Some of these new converts to Islam enlist to fight in Afganistan and many stay back home to act as a fifth column to undermine the Christian world. The Chiristians faced a succession fo invasions from Islam in the 15/16 th century and they won with only a whisker. But now the battle is not overt but covert and the cancer could well eat into the vitals of civlization in Europe.

The choice ahead is limited. The soft approach like abolition of death penality or a soft key response to Islamic terror in Pakistan, Afghanistan or Iraq can have disasterous consequences. The Christian population must be assured that Islam will not over run them, that is the key. Will the West and Europe in particular wake up ?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Iranian Dating Site:

  History records that though the Iranian’s have an ancient civilization yet they lagged behind in development at the turn of the 20th century. An attempt was made by Shah ( Reza Pahlavi)  to bring in modernization. But he failed and the Islamic extremists led by Ayatollah Khomeini took over. In such a scenario a site like Iranian is like a breath of fresh air. The site that caters to Iranian Moslems all over the world including Iran is a great hit. The site was launched in 2001 and has grown by leaps and bounds as can be seen by the vast number of photographs and data uploaded by Iranians.
It is obvious that the writ of the Ayatollah’s does not run as far as this site is concerned. With servers outside Iran, the site is outside the pale of influence of hard line Moslem clerics.  All you have to do is to log on to and fill up the necessary personal details and upload a photograph (optional). The membership is free, but in case you have to use the other facilities offered by the site like SMS facility, chatting and sending personalized messages a payment subscription is a requirement. The site is the oldest Iranian dating site and has over 150,000 members. I
 Iranian personals also has a number of rivals as well. The more important sites competing with Iranian personals are,,, among others.  However this site  has a solid reputation of reliability and confidentiality, which is so important in dating and friendship sites.
The site also has a consultant Dr. Mouse.  This good man is a great help and will  try and solve any problem that a member has. In particular, his advice as to how to break the resistance of conservative Iranian Moslems girls is a great help.
. The basic membership is free and one can simply become a member by filling up a form on the net.  But in case you want to make use of the extra services provided  the site like sms facility, chatting, sending messages and telephone contact a paid membership is a must.
The site  gives a paid membership for $ 39.99 which can be paid on line through debit or credit cards, PayPal and check as per choice of the member. The paid membership of $39.99 is the base price and for more extra services the membership price will go up. This basic price is for one month, but in case you opt for a 3 or 6 months period, the price is significantly reduced and one has to pay just $33.99and $24.99 respectively.

The icing on the cake of a dating site is the customer feed back.  Generally reviewers refer to Iranian personals as the number one site among its genre. The overall customer feedback is extremely positive and even shy Iranian girls will vouchsafe for this site.. I will certainly recommend this site to all Moslems from Iran on the look out for a companion from the opposite sex. Remember Gays have no place in this set up.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Lascivious Thoughts, Riding Women and Horses

 I was taught riding at the Academy. It was a wonderful experience. it was always a pleasure to control the bucking horse. Later I had a string of girl friend, can't help it when you hold the Presidents commission. But now I can savor both experiences and a few points here may interest the reader.

A horse is meant to be ridden and so is a woman.

A wild horse is tamed by being ‘broken in’.  A woman is similarly de-flowered and tamed.

While riding hold on to the horse while in saddle with your thighs clasped strongly.  Likewise hold a woman firmly during sex with you thighs.

Hold on tightly when a horse bucks and move in rhythm with him.  Duplicate this when a woman also bucks, wriggles and cavorts in passion i.e., hold her tightly and move in rhythm with her.

After a ride pat a horse on his head to convey your appreciation and love for him.  Ditto for a woman after she is ridden.

Build a bond of trust with the horse and understand him.  Likewise a bond of understanding and love needs to be established for riding a woman to ones satisfaction.

The above is written with apologies to feminists and pro libers.


Is The USA in an Eclipse Mode ?

The Second World War ended in 1945. Nearly 65+ have elapsed since then, but my mind is in a bit of turmoil and that concerns the USA. Is it on the path of an eclipse? In case Obama brings the US troops back from Afghanistan, I feel that would be the start of the setting sun on the USA.
The fact is that every single war fought by the USA has been either a defeat or a pyrrhic victory. There was Korea and the failure to beat the communists. Then Vietnam which was a colossal defeat.  The victory in Iraq was pyrrhic and the birds are coming home to roost with Iraq in turmoil with daily bomb blasts and terror activities.
‘The test case is Afghanistan. If the USA back down now that will be the start of the setting sun on US as a world power. The result of this is that by default China will be the gainer and without firing shot.
 It’s a difficult world and the USA and Obama better beware.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cricket in Bikini's, Sure Shot Route to Financial Success

Cricket is a game that both attracts and stirs the intellect. Men’s cricket is booming and India is the power house.

Unfortunately the women’s cricket is languishing and hardly anyone is interested in watching the women play. Watching the women play is a dull affair and the women’s world cup was a damp squib. The fact is that watching women play cricket has no thrill as we associate with Men’s cricket. I was wondering what the problem is. Why is it that women are unable to attract the crowds and the game as played by women is so boring.

Well there must be a reason for this.I think that women playing cricket dressed up like men and wearing white shirt and white pant with a baggy cap are never going to entice anybody to enter the stadium. So what is to be done?

The first thing is that women should be women. They should stop wearing men’s apparel and cricket boots. They are too staid and certainly nobody is going to pay any money to see such dowdy clad women play.

The best course of action is that the women drop these men’s dresses like trousers and shirts and play the game as women. How about playing cricket in hot pants or a bikini?
What does the public want ? They want thrill and excitement and that will come with women playing cricket in hot pants or bikinis. We associate a woman with softness and beauty like a rose. People want to see that face of a woman and not one running in with a mans dress and batting and fielding. The important thing is women should be women and the crowds will be entertained. Otherwise, I am afraid women ‘s cricket is as dead as the dodo.

I am a cricket fan and would love to see women play cricket. That’s my desire, but not in the guise of men. Let women be women and play the game as women. Let them play the game as women in a bikini or a hot pant and this will go a long way in rejuvenating women’s cricket.  Any supporters ?

My Earliest School, Stanes High School at Coimbatore

The Stanes High School on Avinashi road at Coimbatore is a school that is testimony to the good that the Raj brought to India. The school now in its 148th year of existence is a tribute to the Raj and the men who were the sinews of that period. I had attended this school decades back when my father was posted at Coimbatore. Thus I have fond memories of this school.
The Stanes High school was the brainchild of Sir Robert Stanes a coffee planter who had his plantations of coffee in the Nilgiris. In those days Robert Stanes used to take his coffee seeds for processing to Kerala. But once he happened to visit Coimbatore, he liked the place immensely as it had a salubrious climate that reminded him of Manchester.
The school saw shape in 1862, making it one of the oldest schools in India. In fact it is older than the Daly College and Doon School.
The school was set up with help from the church. But by the turn of the twentieth century the school opened its doors to all categories and classes of people. The name European was dropped and the school renamed as 'Stanes High School'. However in keeping with the wishes of Sir Stanes the school even now carries on with reservations for the minority Anglo Indian community. .

The School Today
The Stanes High School will soon be celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2012. This will be a rare achievement as hardly any school in India is that old. Presently the school has over 3000 students and the medium of instruction is English.
When we look at the school now, we must all spare a thought for Robert Stanes who had the vision to set up this school. For his services to India and the people of Coimbatore Henry Stanes was knighted by the King. He was also awarded the Kaiser-e-Hind medal by the Governor General. Sir Robert Stanes breathed his last in 1936. But he left behind a splendid monument of all the good that the Raj brought with it.
For me it will always remind me of one the best period of my life.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What was Acharaya Rajneesh : a man before the Modern age?

Acharya Rajneesh or as his followers refer to as 'bhagwan' is no more having died quite a few years back. His books and CD's are still available and do the rounds of the believers and research scholars.

I had met Rajneesh at Mumbai( then Bombay) about 3 decades back. That brief meeting convinced me that he was a man with a very superior intellect and a fertile mind. His eyes had a hypnotic glare and looking into them was not easy. I did not meet him again, despite having the desire to do so as my duties with the Air Force took me to distant parts of India.

Many people have opined that Rajneesh was a' love guru' who preached free love. I am afraid this is far from true as he preached nothing like that . He in real terms talked of an awakening which could be reached by channelizing the sexual urge. In fact there is nothing new in this as the ancient Hindu texts , the Puranas and other books preach precisely this only. The path to God through Tantra and sex is an ancient Hindu thought.

Rajneesh advocated sex without orgasm, a prolongation of the sex act for geater understanding and mental rest. It is a difficult thing to practice and one must study hard to understand the essence of what Rajneesh preached. A reading of his many books will reveal that rajneesh preached greater love. He questioned some age old beliefs and his sharp mind found many flaws in all religions.

Rajeesh committed a mistake in going to the USA where the Christian religion regarded him as a threat and they conspired to send him back and also to his death. But for people in India, it is incumbent to remember Rajneesh and savor the fact that this land has produced another man who spread wisdom.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Recent Mumbai Blasts

The recent bomb blasts in Mumbai have reinforced my belief that India is a soft state. I remember Winston Churchill calling the Italy the soft underbelly of the Axis powers and methinks India is the soft underbelly of the fight against terror.
The reasons are not far to seek as the basic ingredient of a will to fight terror is sadly missing in the Congress party, which is ruling India at present. This will is reinforced by a desire to build up vote banks and play the policy of appeasement towards the minorities. The result is that homegrown Muslim Jihadists have proliferated in India. Worse there is no anti-terrorist law or court to try and punish these offenders. There were two anti terror laws POTA and TADA, but have been allowed to lapse. The reason has to be explained by the Congress party to posterity. After all the bastion of the free world the USA and UK have very stringent terror laws passed, yet India which has suffered the maximum casualties in terrorist attacks dithers.
The lack of a will to enact stringent anti terrorists law is basically a sop to the minority community for if such a law is passed the people most affected would be the Muslims. The fact is that all Muslims are not terrorists, yet the majority of terrorists arrested are Muslim. Thus in case such a law is passed the majority who would be affected are Muslims. To shore up the vote bank the Congress is loathe passing any such an anti- terrorist law, even if the country goes to the dogs.
History will dam the Congress Party for this grave dereliction of duty. It is about time this party was voted out of power.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Why There are No Vampires in India* 69

We have all heard of vampires. They are supposed to be the undead, men who are technically dead but are alive as well. Such characters can arise only at night and must rest in the day in a coffin. They also need to have fresh human blood as a source of nourishment, preferably of the opposite sex.
Vampires are heard of only in Europe and Bram Stoker created a legendary character in Count Dracula in his Novel'dracula'. But one condition that perhaps gives sustenance to the legend of a vampire is the extreme cold climate in Europe  and  the fact that bodies are buried in a vault or a grave in a coffin. In India and the east on the other hand the climate is hot and the bodies are cremated, burnt to ash and bones.
Thus the basic ingredient of becoming  a vampire is defeated in case the body is burnt or cremated. It follows that vampires can only be Christians. Also even if the body was buried, the hot climate would make the body decay very fast unlike in the cold climate of Europe.
The legend of the Vampire is thus confined to Europe. But I have my doubts as to any such character really exists. There appears no sustenance to the view that Vampires move about in the countryside and cities. But it is an interesting phenomena and one that merits further study. As far as the east is concerned , a Vampire has never been heard off. Perhaps it is like the werewolf which again is more talked about than seen

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Art and a Woman's Body Hair

 Gustav Courbet(1886)

Recently, I had a look at some ancient works of art in the form of paintings and sculptured statues and figurines from India and Greece, the two foremost ancient civilizations. A look at the nude figurines showed that all of them though faithful to the female form depicted women as completely bare of hair and even the pubic hair are never depicted. The famous Indian temples at Khujaraho show hundreds of women with ample breasts and hips but are devoid of hair. This is hard to explain as the ancient artists perhaps considered hair a sign of ugliness or perhaps just plain taboo and never ever depicted or alluded to it. Thus the ancient paintings and depictions of Eve are all devoid of hair, which perhaps was not possible as a razor at that age had not been invented.
This phenomenon continued well into the modern age when some artists woke up to the fact that women do have hair and it does not detract from their beauty. Thus the hair on the mons began to be shown, with the growing realization that a nude woman in natural garb as created by God is a very beautiful creation.
Many painters started painting nudes and showing hair on the body as well. One of the first to paint a woman in the nude with body hair was Gustav Courbet. His painting of a nude in 1886 is famous. Francisco  Goya also in his famous the Nude Maja alluded to body hair.  However fine art paintings and sculpture created before the 20th century in the Western tradition usually depicted the female form without body hair. This was perhaps because of a sense of morality that cannot be understood now. The famous writer, artist John Ruskin is reported to have been horrified by the sight of pubic hair on his bride on the nuptial night and that resulted in the marriage ended in divorce.
There must be some explanation why an artist with either the brush or the chisel would like to paint a nude woman. Firstly let us accept that sex is a motive, that cannot be denied, but again great art does not rest on sex alone and there are other more sublime emotions. I feel the main reason is that the female body in nature arouses mans greatest interest. Hills, Mountains, ice and snow are good as are animals like the lion and the elephant and do arouse admiration, but it does not compare with the natural female form which in proportion and beauty cannot be surpassed by anything. Part of this natural beauty is the body hair on a woman. This adds to her sexuality and makes one feel closer to God.

Musings on the 1857 Mutiny

Some time back we had an animated discussion about the 1857 Mutiny. Some officers were of the opinion that it was not a national war but a localized conflict against the East India Company. That year an attempt was made by the Princes of North India to overthrow the yoke of British rule. The Sepoys also mutinied  and the effect was that the rule of East India company ended and was replaced by the crown of England. Thus the famous Raj was ushered in.
 Many Indian Historians with not with a  little egging from  vested interests have tried to dub this event as India's 'First Great War of Independence'.  But was this the case ? 
Not a Pan India Revolt
The first thing that is glaringly obvious is that the revolt was confined only to North India and the Southern part of India had nothing to do with this insurrection. Thus  it was a localized conflict and not a  national uprising against the British rulers. In North India also the Sikhs sided with the British and played a major role in the battles at Delhi and Lucknow.
Princes Fought for Their own Raj
 A second great fallacy is that rulers were wanting a free and united India.  Historians have pointed out  that the Princes fighting the British had no pan India plan and their sole aim was to regain control and rule  their states. Their rebellion was against the 'Doctrine of Lapse' which stated that in case the ruler of a princely state did not have a natural heir as a son, the state would be taken over by the British.  However by a quirk of fate the  Rani of Jhansi  and other rulers during this period did not have sons as natural heirs. 
Sepoy Revolt
Lastly the events which triggered the  insurrection was the disaffection among the Sepoy's of the Bengal Army. This was a genuine mutiny and the soldiers both Hindu and Moslem united to fight the British. The immediate cause of the rebellion was the rumor that the newly introduced cartridges for Enfield guns were laced with the fat of cows and pigs. This went against the grain of the Hindus and Moslem's who regarded this as a defilement of their religion.
One can write reams and reams on the mutiny, but one thing that cannot be denied is that the 1857 episode was only a mutiny and some localized battles in some parts of India. To label it a 'national War of Independence' would be a travesty of fact and history. But it certainly brought in the rule by the crown which was very beneficial for India

Lastly the events which triggered the  insurrection was the disaffection among the Sepoy's of the Bengal Army. This was a genuine mutiny and the soldiers both Hindu and Moslem united to fight the British. The immediate cause of the rebellion was the rumor that the newly introduced cartridges for Enfield guns were laced with the fat of cows and pigs. This went against the grain of the Hindus and Moslem's who regarded this as a defilement of their religion.
One can write reams and reams on the mutiny, but one thing that cannot be denied is that the 1857 episode was only a mutiny and some localized battles in some parts of India. To label it a 'national War of Independence' would be a travesty of fact and history.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Joseph Davey Cunningham , A Man to Admire

One man who has fascinated me is Joseph Davey Cunningham( 1812-51).His ‘history of the Sikhs’ is a monumental book and deserves the highest praise. I for one have found it as an excellent source of reference. The book brings to the fore an exciting period in Indian history. 
Early life
Cunningham was born at Lambeth in 1812 and showed a marked aptitude for mathematics.  Joseph’s father was advised to send the boy to Cambridge, but he preferred to join the Military. He joined the engineering branch of the British East India army and after passing out from Chatham. His rise started when   he was appointed in 1837 as assistant to Colonel Sir Claude Wade, who was the political agent at Ludhiana and officer-in charge of British relations with the Punjab and with the chiefs of Afghanistan.
Political Agent
For the next 8 years he held various appointments under Colonel Wade and his successors, and was, at the time of the outbreak of the first Anglo-Sikh war in 1845, political agent in the state of Bahawalpur. He was present, as political officer, with the division of Sir Harry Smith at the battles of Baddoval and Aliwal. At Sabhraon, he served as an additional aid-de-camp to the Governor-General, Sir Henry Hardinge. His services earned him a brevet and appointment as political agent to the state of Bhopal. Thus Cunningham had first hand account of these battles.
Writing the history of the Sikhs
In 1849, appeared his 'A History of the Sikhs' which he had written while at Bhopal and which his brother had got published in London. His severe criticism, in the book, of Lord Harding’s Punjab policy led to his being removed from his political appointment and sent back to regimental duty. He took the disgrace to heart and, soon after his appointment to the Meerut division of Public Works; he died suddenly at Ambala in 1851
Analysis of the ‘History of the Sikhs’
'A History of the Sikhs from the Origin of the Nation to the Battles of the Sutlej', by Cunningham, is generally recognized as the first serious and sympathetic account of the Sikh people ever written by a foreigner. Cunningham spent considerable time and studied the available materials. In addition he acquainted himself with the Sikh scriptures and all connected manuscripts in Persian and Punjabi. Cunningham was   greatly influenced by Sikhism and as per him his main endeavor was "to give Sikhism its place in the general history of humanity, by showing its connection with the different creeds of India..."

Cunningham's criticism of the Governor general cost him his job, but his book makes fascinating reading and one learns that the Sikhs could have very well carried the day, in case they were not betrayed by their leaders.

Can India be World Power ?

I have been thinking about this aspect for some time. To  my mind for India to be recognized as a great power it will first have to put China in the shade. That appears difficult as the one ingredient that could pull India down is the population. Yes! the population. By 2025 India will be the most populous country in the world and would be ahead of china. This is not a happy thought, but one that needs deep dissection. It should not be forgotten that India at present has just 2.4% of the world land area and that must support a population of amounting to 17% of the world. Thus resources and food would be stretched and it will be difficult to feed this massive population.
In fact what ever would be produced would  be less for this massive multitude, be it cars, rice , soaps , for that matter anything.
But whenever living organisms in an area multiply then nature takes a  hand and regulates the numbers. Where is the guarantee that this will not happen in India. The second point is that feeding such a large populace will itself be a gigantic task and any chance or pretense at being a world power would  be difficult. You can't be a world power with undernourished people. As it is the food  available for Indians is much below the world average and the per capita consumption of grains and proteins is low. I do not thus see India going anywhere as a world power. Even dominating the local region is a pipe dream with almost all neighbors ranged against India.  Think of Nepal, Burma, Sri Lanka and BanglaDesh and not forgetting Pakistan who is the Indian ally ?
China is the middle kingdom and thinks it is center of the world. Some effort and political will be  required to match China. The first step in this field is the population that must be curtailed, till that happens India will be a ship without a steering mechanism.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sperms and ESP ** 89

A lot many persons after reading the title may well ask what is the connection between sperms of a man and the power of ESP. But there is a connection and one man who mentioned it in a discourse was Swami Sharaddanand at his Ashram at Vasai road at Nirmal gaon. The swami is no more but what he said is worth recounting here. He was of the opinion that the spermatozoa of a man can be used to ignite the latent power of ESP in a man. As per him  all men have this latent power inherent in their brain and it can be ignited by following a certain pattern  and its combination with the Sir Asana , the head stand.
Later I did read about this in the Purana's and I shall recount this here.
a) The first step in this exercise is for the man to become totally celibate. He must eschew complete sexual intercourse with any women. His sperms must not reach outside the body by an means. The idea is to conserve the sperms.
b) He must practice the Yogic asanas and spend time in meditation and prayer. he must learn to do the yogic head stand and perfect it. In a couple of  years with proper guidance he can reach the final position of the Sir Asana and hold the pose for at least an hour or two.
Once a man has reache this stage and has lived a celibate life as well as perfected the yogic head stand then some thing unique will happen. The spermatozoa of the man over the years slowly trickle down the spine to the brain. When they collect at the base of the brain they form a lotus flower and a mans inherent ESP power is ignited.
I can  vouchsafe that the swami had ESP powers as he could read the mind. this may look a little far fetched, but sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Anybody wishes to try this ?