Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blacks and Raping White Women

Race statistics are a volatile subject and any number of people will cry ‘foul’ when a statistic is presented. One must be aware that the black man is not the original inhabitant of America. In fact he was an unwilling man brought by force from the deserts and jungles of Africa to serve his white masters in the USA. For close to 200 years the black man was a slave and served his white masters. The church accepted this and did precious little to alleviate the lot of the Black man. This was also the period when the white master had his pick of the Black man’s woman at his sweet and will and the product became the mulatto, an archaic word now not much used.
 Once the slavery was abolished the black still labored under severe handicaps. His opportunities were limited and right up to the Second World War the armed forces including the Navy discriminated against the back man.  Another aspect that must be borne in is that a victor throughout history took his reward the women of the vanquished. This continued till the Second World War and the Germans and the Imperial Japanese army are guilty of perpetuating these acts. I bring out this fact to illustrate what I am going to write further. In the USA a socio-psycho problem that has arisen is the rape of white women by black men. Just as an example statistics relate that 37,460 white women were raped by black in 2005. These are only verified figures and the actual number should be higher. In contrast the rapes of black women by white men were just 10.  What does this mean? It means the black man has a fetish for sex with a white woman and in case she does no accede to his request he is apt to use force to fulfill his dream/\. The only reason of so many blacks raping white women points to a deep desire of the black man to come to terms with the white man for decades of privitations and slavery. It is perhaps an expression of revenge and a desire to be an equal of the white man. What better method than to sleep with a white woman, overpower and conquer her.  This phenomenon needs deeper study. On my last visit to Chicago there was a case of two black men breaking into our neighbour’s house and raping two sisters. Luckily they did not kill as such crimes have a propensity to unleash violence, After all blacks are 27.5 times more likely to rob whites than the other way around so this figure might be closest to the truth for rapes.  

Monday, January 28, 2013

Anand Jon:59 years for rape in USA in a flawed Trial

Recently the sad case of an Indian national Anand Jon a Christian from Kerala came to my notice. I understand that one of the famous criminal lawyers from India Majid Memon who I have met had also represented Anand in the USA. He gave up after he realised that the American Judicial system is heavily weighted against non-whites.
Anand Jon came to the USA a few years back and quickly made a name as a fashion designer. He was riding high when one of his models accused him of raping her. Soon others joined up and accusations against Jon piled up. The sad thing is that Jon is only 38 and back home his mother and sister stay in Gurgaon. Jon's mother brought up the children as a single mother and understandingly both the sister and mother are traumatized. The latest report which I have is that Jon is sentenced to 59 years in jail. This is sad , and as a lawyer I examined the evidence against Jon. To say the least the evidence is flimsy and not acceptable in a court of law. But the US judge almost like a robot has gone against the evidence presented. It appears the news of a well known fashion designer accused of rape has ignited American minds and the press. It really does not matter whether Jon is guilty or not. Sensational news is what matters. Better if the accused is a non white.
Jon could have easily left the USA in 2008 when he was on bail, but despite advise he continued to stay in America, thinking the American system of fair play will prevail. How wrong he was! Now he is sentenced to 59 years in jail. The only hope now is that the case goes in appeal. Let us see what happens. Lastly I will caution about the so called American dream. Beware of it.

Illegal Arms in India

Unlicensed Weapons At a conservative estimate there are over 40 million unlicensed personal hand guns in India and include bores and ranges of all types from the .32 revolver to the AK 47 Kalashnikova. This awesome figure of 40 million means India has almost 60% of all unlicensed guns in the world. This has its repercussions and these guns have now become a status symbol.
a) Ceremonies including marriages and birthdays mark the use of guns by the participants by firing hundreds of bullets in the air. This is particularly rife in the states of Bihar, UP, Punjab, Delhi, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. These indiscriminate firings result in tens of people being shot dead accidentally during these ‘celebrations’ b) The use of personal handguns to settle personal scores is rampant. Tens of incidents from the killing of police men and rivals, both political and business are rampant. Men are apt to pull the trigger at the most minor pretext. It’s really frightening. c) Large numbers of dacoits and terrorists stalk the countryside and all of them carry sophisticated weapons. The rule of law is just not there as Islamic Jihadists, Naxalites, Maoists and tribal gangs wreak a terrible revenge on the Indian state. The Arms Act The British had enacted the Indian arms act. It is restrictive in nature and getting a legal licence for a weapon for a civilian is herculean task. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that people go in for unlicensed guns. India has a thriving arms manufacturing industry at the village level. All over the country these gunsmiths churn out guns by the thousands, with the result that a local handmade pistol or revolver is available for as low a price as Rs 2000( $40). There is also a thriving smuggling racket that brings into the country the most sophisticated guns like the Kalashinakov and the Luger pistol to the self ejecting shot gun and Webley Scott.
Last Word India has become a wild west. This is not an understatement. The arms act cannot be enforced now as the genie has come out of the bottle. What is the solution? There is only one and that is to liberalize the arms act like in the USA and licence all guns. This will have an advantage of registering all guns and the police could crack down on owners. Till that occurs, the arms market will continue to thrive and killings and use of weapons to settle personal scores will go on. It’s a vicious cycle and one wonders whether it will ever be broken

Monday, January 21, 2013

Rahul Gandhi has put the BJP on the Back Foot

The recent conclave of the Congress party at Jaipur has anointed Rahul Gandhi as the next generation leader of the party. Frankly despite all the hulla bulla about dynasty politics etc, Rahul created a good impression. He made the right noises and one could see that he was sincere. I liked it. India needs men like him. Dynasty politics be dammed. What about the BJP? It talks of Ram Rajya. Pray what is it ? Look at the leaders of the BJP, not one inspires confidence starting from Nitin Gadkari , their President. The one man who can make a difference is Narendra Modi and he is sidelined. The BJP is on the backfoot. Rahul is on a upswing.

Can Non-Consent Sex be Pleasurable for a Woman?

At the outset I must distinguish between rape and non-consent sex. The difference between the two is fairly marked. Non consent dose have an element of love while rape is invasion of a woman's body by force accompanied by violence or threat of fear. Fear is an ingredient in rape,but not in non-consent sex. A few years back when in college I read a book by an anonymous writer titled 'Mistress'. The book relates a story of a haughty and beautiful woman who is loved by a man in secret. One day he ties her up and slowly and surely undresses her and then uses feathers and such soft instruments to pleasure her and finally the haughty lady succumbs to the ministrations of the lover.
As a book of fantasy it is fun to read, but I have wondered whether it is practical. One of my friends discussed this with me and resolved to give it a try. He targeted the maid in the house, a young 20 year old girl from Nepal. He followed up by enticing the maid to the bedroom and then grasping her and tying her wrists. This however turned out to be a futile exercise as the maid secretly fancied the my friend and readily submitted. After the act she laughed that all this was not required as she loved him and would submit any time to him In fact the entire exercise turned out to be a flop. In fact after the act the girl asked the question "sir, was I good," The question however remains whether non-consent sex can have an element of pleasure or not. Freud in his writings has brought the question of submissiveness and dominance in sex.
Theoretically it is possible for a woman to be captured and dominated, but in case coercion is involved and element of fear comes in then it cannot be pleasurable for a woman. Books like 'Mistress' are more the exception than the norm .Reading gives you pleasure, but actually it could turn out to be different and become rape.
The bottom line is that the moment fear creeps in the charm of sex is lost. Its very well to read about it, but perhaps may not be practical. But there is no denying that a sex act can be forced on a partner or girlfriend and later she may not mind it. Even in the Kamasutra , the sage Vatsyayana discusses posesfor sex with a woman is not willing to co-habit at that moment. Forcing sex on a woman is common in our society and it is something going on for centuries. It won't go away but one can fantasize about it and that I suppose is the best thing to do

Friday, January 18, 2013

Foreigners are Marrying Indian Girls through Indian Matrimonial sites

On a recent visit to Bangkok I shared taxi with an American with an Indian wife. The girl was about half the age of the man and they were married for over 5 years. I later learnt that the marriage had been consummated through Bharat matrimony. India has its own brand of dating and matrimonial sites that cater to the Indian Diaspora all over the world. The prominent sites are; simply marry .com and A new phenomenon has now emerged in the form of membership of these sites by foreigners. Foreigners include mostly men from the west, particularly from the USA, Canada and Western Europe. There is hardly any membership from East Asia or China and South America.
The membership of these matrimonial sites runs into thousands. has confirmed that out of the foreigners registered 42% are whites, 25% West Asians, 25% Blacks and 6% Latinos or Hispanics. Many success stories are also reported. Most of the marriages however take place with whites only. One of the top functionaries of one of the sites commented that Indian girls would like to marry only white and Blacks were a no no: almost taboo. Perhaps this is because of the ingrained white syndrome in the Indian psyche and even darkish south India girls will prefer white men from the USA or Europe. Why would foreigners want to marry Indian girls? Basically it is the attractiveness of the Indian woman and the aura of chastity that they bring about. They are also considered more family oriented and divorce is rare. There is also zero chance of a fling or affair as it is generally not in the Indian girls psyche. Many foreigners adopt Indian customs and marry as per Hindu or Sikh rites. India is certainly changing for the better

A Big Farce: Honrary Rank of Group Captain for Tendulkar

I feel constrained to bring out what many may feel is an inconsequential point, but has great significance. This refers to the conferring of a Honorary rank of Group captain on Sachin Tendulkar by the Indian Air Force when Air Chief Marshal Naik was the Chief of Air Staff. In the case of the Air Force an honorary rank is awarded to a man or individual who has done something for Aviation and has furthered the image of the Air Force to the youth as a role model.
A look at the past will show that the Air Force awarded honorary ranks to persons like JRD Tata and Singhania who were great aviators themselves. I have gone through the list and have seen that no honorary rank was given to any person who had nothing to with aviation. Sachin should have himself refused the honorary rank, but his close association with Air Chief who was also a Maharashtra man carried the day. The Air Force made a mockery of the award of such a senior honorary rank to Sachin Tendulkar. This worthy was only interested in wearing the uniform and putting on his pips, as after that he never in a single case advocated or asked the youth to join the Air Force.
What a waste of an honorary rank. I wonder why nobody filed a PIL on this issue. It is sad that he is put on a pedestal with great aviators who were awarded the honorary rank for their contribution to the aviation and the Air force.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Did Gandhi Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize

What I am going to write is quite explosive and many will not agree with me. This concerns Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and the peace prize. Gandhi is considered a Mahatma( great Soul). This is true to a limited extent, but basically he was a wily politician and many of his actions defy rationalisation. In a number of instances his actions were guided by his desire to be recognized as a apostle of non violence. He also wished to create an aura that he was above politics. Gandhi and Bhagat Singh An example is the case of the revolutionary Bhagat Singh and his comrades. All of them were sentenced to be hanged by the British presided courts. Many people requested Gandhi to make an appeal to the Viceroy, to spare these young men. But history records that Gandhi refused to make any appeal, on the plea that they had violated his code of non-violence. This shocked the entire nation and Gandhi was greeted with black flags at many places, but Gandhi the consummate politician ignored all this. So intent was he on his 'image', that he allowed these revolutionaries to be hanged.
Partition The biggest failure of Gandhi was partition. This was the period when a massive exchange of populations accompanied by unprecedented violence took place in the Punjab and Sind. Thousands of women were raped and many more killed. Children were butchered and an entire train coming from Pakistan to the Punjab was hacked and all the Hindu occupants killed. The women were captured, raped and killed. It is estimated that 12 million people were affected and the violence continued unabated for weeks and months. But Gandhi, the apostle of non-violence made no effort to visit the Punjab and Lahore to stem this violence. This is hard to explain, as to why he ignored this massive carnage in the west. Gandhi himself has no explanation for this and his apologist’s brush this incident under the carpet With almost 2 million deaths, Gandhi must stand condemned as a man who took no action. He sat like the proverbial Muni, silent and doing nothing. To top it, he expected the Hindu refugees, who had come from Pakistan to go back. Such naivety has never been explained.
Gandhi a Politician Gandhi was thus a simple politician, with a single point agenda to further his ideas. Non violence was only a ploy. History records that he had a terrible price to pay for his inaction, with his assassination in Jan 48. Thus Gandhi does not fulfil the high ideals of a Nobel prize. History will record that he could not prevent the partition of India and by his naivety allowed hundreds and thousands of Hindus to be butchered and women raped and murdered without his batting an eye lid, intent as he was on his 'world image'

Monday, January 7, 2013

Why is the Black American More Sexually Potent? Silly it is Darwin's Theory

This is an explosive matter and this question has bugged many researchers. A few white women who have been interviewed in this confidential survey confessed that got much greater satisfaction by mating with a black man. On further questioning they confessed that their black lovers had the where with all to satisfy them, both in terms of staying power and the act itself.
Many people have been wondering whether this is true. Recently a study has brought out some interesting points. The study refers to Darwin’s’ Theory of natural selection and survival of the fittest’. How does this apply to the Afro American? To understand this phenomenon we have to turn our pages back to history.
From the 17th century the notorious slave trade in blacks commenced and continued for almost 2 centuries. Most of the slaves were from West Africa and were transported to America for hard labor and work on the plantations. The requirement of the owners of plantations was strong and sturdy slaves. Accordingly the slave traders and their cohorts selected the strongest and biggest Africans for the slave trade. This was an organized business and slave traders insured the best physical specimens were selected.
These slaves were then transported to the West African coast and shipment to America. The ships carrying these slaves were ships with larger holds called slave ships. The voyage across the Atlantic was hazardous was fraught with risk and in many case only 50% of the blacks reached America, the rest having perished on the voyage. Thus it was a case of natural selection. The African slaves who made it to America were the strongest of the lot from an already filtered selection of slaves. They were the best of human species. Obviously physical fitness relates to sex directly and you have the answer.

This is not all, for even while working on the slave farms the African who was the fittest survived and many slaves who were weaker just perished. This is a classical case of Darwins theory  of natural selection. No wonder in the Olympics and macho sports like boxing the black in America rules as he is fitter than others. It translates to sexual prowess as well and cannot be brushed  aside. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Jews in Israel are Revolting Against Circumcision

One fact known to most people is that circumcision is part of Jewish religion, similar to Islam. Normally in Jewish families circumcision is carried out when the baby is 8 days old. Educated Jews will go to the hospital but in a vast majority of cases the circumcision is carried out by a Mohel, who is a religious man who is trained to carry out this task. This act is followed by a festive religious ceremony called the Brit. when a feast is laid out. Nobody really knows how this custom crept into Jewish thought but now an increasing number of Jews in Israel are questioning the need for this forceful circumcision. We must remember that circumcision is one of Judaism's most important laws and one cannot be a complete Jew without being circumcised.. In fact it is supposed to be a Jews covenant with God. The Christians did away with this practice though both religions trace their roots to the old testament.. Many Jews in Israel however now feel that this forcible circumcision is uncalled for and secretly many Jews are not getting their sons to undergo this ceremony. The new thinking Jews are asking as to what is the basis of this ceremony. What is the background and is one not a good Jew in case he does not undergo circumcision?
There are support groups formed in Israel who do not wish to get their sons circumcised. The membership was sparse some years back has now grown. These are the people who do not want their sons to be circumcised. In any case circumcision is only for the male in Judaism and frankly many Jews feel it is an unnecessary coercion. However this is still in its infancy and devout Jews will swear by it. Ultra orthodox Jews will not think of life without this ceremony. But the important point is that some Jews are questioning old values and analyzing all acts of coercion and force. The future can be interesting

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Horses and Men Don't Age;Sex Drive Remains

The Case of Anthony Quinn Anthony Quinn Some time back I read that my favorite actor Anthony Quinn fell in love with his secretary Kathy Benvin when he was 82 and married her. Before he married her she was impregnated by him and gave birth to a son. He subsequently had another child from her just before he died in 2001. Kathy was 55 years younger than Quinn. When Anthony Quinn impregnated Kathy he was 82. Obviously his wife Jolanda Addolori divorced him, it was but natural.
What the Kama Sutra Says Kama Sutra The Kama Sutra says that a man never ages if he maintains himself. He remains young in case he has sexual relations with younger girls. Anthony Quinn probably followed this recipe and in all fathered 12 children. Some record. Hugh Hefner and his marriage
Hugh and his bride Quinn’s is not the first case, but there are many others. The latest is that of Hugh Hefner another doyen in public life and founder editor of Playboy has married his girl friend 26 year old Crystal Harris a former playmate of the Playboy magazine. There was a tinge of adventure when earlier Crystal had declined to marry and Hugh had published her photos under the heading runaway bride. Perhaps it was a publicity ploy, but now he has tied the knot and I wish him all the best. A personal Incident love sign These are not isolated incidents but as they are celebraties, obviously they are well reported. Years back when I was a young subaltern and posted at Baghdogra, I was invited to a retired Majors house for a welcome cocktail (No names please).The Major a 72 year old stalwart resided at Matigara where he owned a tea estate. He was a Punjabi, but what struck me that he had 12 kids and I was told his youngest wife a Nepal girl was only 25. Last Word
What Vatsyayana wrote is not fantasy and latest research in Denmark confirms that a relationship of older man with a younger girl is a recipe for longevity and good health. The fact remains that the adage horses and men don’t age is true and most men can take heart and carry on, knowing it’s never late to have a fling.