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Demons in Hindu Philosophy

The Demons that Confront Man

The demon is a popular word and there is not a man or woman who would have heard about it. In Hinduism also demons are part of the religion. Concept of Demons in Hinduism is not as in the Christain religion. In Christianity the concept of the Demon is associated with Satan. In Hinduism the concept of Demon is antithesis of God. There is no presiding deity like Lucifer or Satan and mostly the demons are a leaderless lot.
Islam also has its fair share of demons that are known as ‘Jinn’s’. These are supernatural beings with evil powers. In Islam the leader of the “jinn’s” is Iblis or Satan.
Some of the Hindu demons are discussed below.


Many classify this deity as a god as well, because he has temples dedicated to him. However he is a Demon as he was created by Shiva the foremost Hindu deity to fight against Daksha. Virabhadra is a patron of occult practices and weird beliefs are associated with his name.


Andhaka was the third son of Shiva. Legend relates that Andhaka was created from a tear of the lord Shiva, but he angered the god as he lusted for Shiva’s consort Parvati. Shiva thus killed him


Kali is a goddess but she also represents the dark nature of life. She is in reality a form of the goddess Shakti (who was Shiva’s consort). She is an angry form of god but many do not recognize her as a demon.
Kali is a homonym (Kali: Goddess; Kali: a real demon), thus”Kali” represents the Kali Yuga the evil age that is now dawned on the world in that respect she is a Demon.

Koka and Vikoka

The Goddess Kali had twin sons named Koka and Vikola. These twins are considered demons as they represent wars and battles. They are present whenever war is fought and also instigate war and misery.


Vinayakas are a group of four troublesome demons who create obstacles. The group of four Vinayakas was merged into one deity named Vinayaka whom Rudra appointed as the “Leader of the Ganas”. Ancient Puranik literature refers to these demons.


This kind of demon resides in dead bodies. It is indestructible and he often confronts the living man


These Demons eat raw meats and Pishacha is a carnivorous demon. But the origin of this demon is shrouded in mystery and not much is known about it.


Bhuta is a kind of bad soul of a human being who dies by suicide or by execution. It is a demon who takes form after an unnatural death.


In the Hindu mythology, there are many demons. Again sometimes the dividing line between demon and god in Hinduism is very thin like the goddess kali. In addition Hinduism also mentions rakshasas and asuras who are also demons.

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Islam Solves Man's Latent Urge for Another Woman

Islamic Solution for Adultery in Society

Man is by nature not a one-woman man and adultery is common in West and other societies. Islam has a solution, one may agree or not.

Islamic solution of adultery of man

Adultery is as old as the history of man. Over the centuries, adultery is one trait that has survived and will perhaps never go away. It is safe to say that though polygamy has become outdated in most of the world, adultery still thrives. If one has gone through everyday life in non-Muslim countries, one can see that sex dominates and as a corollary, adultery reigns supreme. This cannot be denied. The non-Muslim nations have not been able to control this trait of man, which is propelled by the inherent nature of man.

Islam has its own solution for adultery. This is the reason that adultery is severely punished in Islam. The punishment for sex outside marriage is death by stoning. Islam has however its own solution for adultery. It allows a man to have up to 4 wives. Divorce for the man is also simplified and a man can divorce a wife easily and marry again, so as to remain within the ambit of 4 wives. This arrangement sanctioned by Muslim scriptures works fine. I agree it is unfair to the woman, but then one can't get everything in life.

However, there is a catch in this, as the laws are weighted in favor of man. Perhaps it is a recognition that man by nature is polygamous. Islam has recognized this peculiar trait of a man's makeup. Many will not agree with this, but almost 30% of the world is following Islam. One may not necessarily agree with the Islamic solution, but this is a fact of life and one cannot ignore it. In Islamic nations, there is very little sex advertisement, yet most men are satisfied. It does give variety to the man and takes care of his latent urges.

Naming Ceremony of a Child in Sikhism

Naming Ceremony of a New Born among Sikhs

Sikhism is a distinct religion. it has a system of selecting a name for a newborn child and this ceremony is followed by all Sikhs all over the world

A Unique Ceremony among Sikhs

A Sikh is one who believes in Guru Nanak (1469-1539). He believes that there is one god and it has no shape or form. He is a person who follows no other god or any person who claims lineage from god. He will eschew idol worship or have the face of his women covered with a veil. He will believe that the ten gurus are apostles of God and the Guru Granth is the embodiment of the teachings of the Gurus.The naming of a child in Sikhism is an important ritual

The First Step after Birth
In a Sikh’s household, as soon as the mother after the birth of the child becomes capable of moving about and taking a bath the next step is to be executed. No time period is specified and it could anything from 10 to 40 days or longer. The important thing is that the mother and child must be fit to go to the Gurudwara for the naming ceremony. The family and the relations then should go to a Gurudwara with Karhah Parshad (sacred Pudding). Generally, people give this task of preparing the sacred pudding to the Gurudwara.

When the Karhah Parshad is being prepared the hymns “Parmeshar dita bana”(The almighty God has granted support)( sorathM5) or “Satguru sache dia bhej” ( True lord has sent a gift)( Asa M5) are recited. These stanzas express joy and love at the birth of a new member of the Sikh religion and the little child is welcomed into the world.

The Hukam or Command
This is a very important step as the Head Granthi or priest will open the Granth Sahib at any random page and note the first alphabet that appears on the page. The holy command is then taken and the bay’s name has to begin with the first letter of the alphabet that has appeared on the page opened by the Granthi.

The Granthi will announce the letter and the parents can choose any name beginning with that alphabet. All boy's names must end with ‘Singh’ and girls' names with ‘kaur’. There is no embargo on any name, so long as it commences with the letter that has emerged from the Guru Granth. The name has to be accepted and the Granthi will announce the name of the boy or girl as the case may be.

The head priest or Granthi will now read to the congregation and all who have come to the Gurudwara the short version of 6 stanzas from the Anand Sahib and the Ardas ( thanksgiving prayer) will be recited. The Head Granthi will cross the sacred pudding with the kirpan (dagger) and as a mark of joy, the Karhah Parshad will be distributed to all present.

Last Step.
Once the name is accepted the Granthi or head priest will announce the name to the gathering. Care must be taken in this naming ceremony not to bring in any ritual from any other religion. The naming ceremony of a newborn in Sikhism is a simple ceremony. The essence is to name the girl or boy in the presence of the Granth Sahib and also associate the Granth with the name

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Legend of Gyges of Lydia and power of Sex


The Foremost master of logic in Greek history is Plato. He is credited with innumerable books and treatises. The works of Plato are read all over the world and philosophers look for hidden meanings in his writings. Plato is the author of the famous book "Republic". This tome is read and studied until the present day and is an important part of philosophy.

The Tale as related by Plato

Plato in his book recounts a lovely tale that has intrigued me to a great extent. I have interpreted it as a realization of a dream of man and sexual conquest. Nobody can deny, that men even the most puritan of them do have lascivious thoughts of women and in this context, the tale related by Glaucon, who was the brother of Plato needs to be read.

The legend as related in the book " Republic' runs something like this. There was a lesser vassal called Gyges, who paid allegiance to the King of Lydia. Gyges, however, was infatuated with the queen, the wife of the king of Lydia. He longed to possess her and wondered how he could ever achieve his aim. The more he saw the queen in court his lust for her increased.

An Act of Providence

Providence took a hand and one day while he was roaming about in the countryside an earthquake took place. This earthquake had a magical effect and a small cave opened. Gyges went inside the cave and saw a large horse made of bronze. This horse was a cover for a tomb of a man and Gyges saw the corpse was wearing a ring. He removed the ring and wore it. In a moment he was aware that he had astonishing powers and once he wore the ring he became invisible.

The Ring and its Power

Gyges probably exulted at this power and wearing it he entered the king's palace and proceeded to the chamber of the queen. As he entered, he saw the queen now nude and he seduced her. Plato does not explain how he seduced her as he was invisible. But in all probability, his invisibleness added to his charm as he made love to the queen.

After this, Gyges moved to the Kings chamber and killed him. The King probably could not see his assailant as he was invisible. After killing the king he went back to the queen and revealed himself and married her and became ruler of Lydia.

Meaning of the Tale

It’s a thrilling tale and I am always a fan of such tales from mythology. There is no factual truth in the tale though the kingdom of Lydia did exist. But I interpret it as a fulfillment of extreme desire for a woman. This can lead to anything. After all the Great Humayun killed the husband of Noor Jahan and married her. Al I can say is that desire for a woman can make a man go to any extreme.

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Painting Nude Women

The dividing line between pornography and art is thin, yet there is a line. Painting a woman in the nude is an expression of love for god.

Introduction by my Uncle

My uncle Parduman died last year. He was 88. The sad part was that he died unsung and unheralded, though he was a painter of some standing. Sadder was the fact that he had left his family at the age of 80 and come back to Mumbai to paint. But he couldn't re-establish and died lonely. I wish I had been there to help him, but he was gone ere I came to know about him. My memory of him is of a vibrant painter who once took me to a nude painting class.
It was a wonderful experience as the nude model posed before some 14 artistes including 2 girls, as each sketched her. The nude model had her thighs crossed and I felt she was a little self-conscious. But over the years I have been wondering why painters have been painting nudes.

Nude and Naked

While in school our art master Mr. Paul once took us to an exhibition of paintings of the famous painter Roerich, a Russian. What caught my eyes were the large paintings of nude women that adorned the exhibition. Being an amateur painter myself, I did sketch one nude of a sleeping woman. Unfortunately, it is perhaps lying in a loft at my house.
The charm of painting a nude woman cannot be described. It differs from a naked woman, which somehow looks slightly distasteful. But the Greeks and our own ancient artistes all brought forward the nude woman. Most of the Goddesses of the Hindus have been sculptured nude in the temples, so I wonder what the fuss is all about Hussein's paintings.

Nude women and beauty

The fact of the matter is that a nude woman is an object of beauty. Hence a painter will try to capture that beauty. One has to see the Paintings of Goya, Picasso, and Dali to realize this. But remember nude paintings are not for the voyeur. They are basically an expression of art. Maybe at some stage love and sex may also be a part of it, but that is what the Tantra and Acharaya Rajneesh have been talking about.

Last Word

I for one respect the artiste's point of view. My friend an art teacher at the Art School commented ' Look its just an expression of one's innermost feelings.' I will leave it at that. However, I have one last observation. remember painting a nude woman is something serious and perhaps that is the reason that all nude paintings never show women smiling. Ever thought of that?
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Photo III of my Sketch

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Christianity met its Waterloo( Failure) in India

Christian faith 

The British ruled India for close to 200 years. It is accepted that the Battle of Plessey (1757) under Robert Clive which the British won, marks the start of British rule. By a policy of divide and rule, the British became the paramount power in the subcontinent.

This continued till 1947 when the British had to leave India very reluctantly. The retreat from the subcontinent was brought about by Adolf Hitler who severely weakened England that it just could not hold on to its colonies. In short, the victory in the Second World War was a Pyrrhic victory.

British rule and missionaries

British Rule and Missionaries
During the almost 200 years of British rule, a lot of good took place as the British laid the framework of a modern nation. This also fuelled a nationalism which went beyond caste and religious lines. Gandhi and Bose successfully channelized this nationalism as well as instituted a sense of pride in the culture of the sub-continent which was dominated by a vast Hindu population and minority Muslim believers.
The British were the paramount power also allowed Christian missionaries to come to India. Their purpose was to civilize the people of the sub-continent and convert them to Christianity. A lot of impetus was given by the Pope who made unlimited funds available for the missionaries to facilitate the conversion of the Hindus and Muslims to Christianity.
The Role of the Missionaries
The missionaries spread out in the hinterland of India concentrating on tribal areas and poor Hindu and Muslim residents. These were given ample gifts and were told that these were sent by Jesus Christ and as such, they should convert to Christianity.

This inducement by the church marked the hallmark of the thrust under guidance from Rome to convert as many as possible to the Christian faith. I will add that the main thrust was from the Catholics from Rome and in comparison, the Protestants were not that zealous in their attempt to convert Indians to Christianity.

Failure of missionaries

Despite unlimited funds and food aid, the missionaries made little headway in the subcontinent. They did do some good also as they set up schools and hospitals, but the overall framework was to spread the gospel. They felt anything including inducements was justified. Fr the missionaries the end justified the means. But despite a vigorous thrust for 2 centuries, the missionaries could barely convert 2% of the population to the Christian faith.

The reason is not far to seek as Christianity came face to face with Muslim and Hindu religion and the missionaries just couldnot,, despite all the inducements counter the appeal of Hinduism and to a lesser extent Islam.

Reasons for failure

Reasons for Failure
One of the reasons which I think stand out now is that all the missionaries were whites and these appeared to the people as Alien. The Christian god Jesus was thus associated with white race and most people in the sub-continent were averse to being ruled by whites. Another reason was that despite the concerted attack on Hindu ideals and philosophy the people felt that Christianity as a religion lacked the deep spiritualism of the Hindu faith. This was a major reason as despite preaching the gospel along with inducements, the locals never converted to Christianity. There were cases of missionaries being attacked and many were killed. Many people felt that if the Church was sincere, why it was not advocating freedom from British rule.

This was a major flaw and like in America a where the church condoned and supported slavery, the church in India also never advocated an end of British rule. In fact with the protection of the state they penetrated deep into India but the result was an abysmal failure.

Last word

One other reason for the failure of Christianity is that the rulers were Protestants and they looked at the actions of the missionaries with askance. In fact, most Protestants were keen to revive Indian culture and many studied Hindu philosophy, but Protestants made no concerted attempt to convert the local people to Christianity.

The failure of the Church and Catholic faith to convert Hindus and Muslims to Christianity will remain a discussion point. It will not be wrong to say that Christianity the Catholic faith met its waterloo in India.
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Undressing a woman with your eyes: Anything Wrong?

No harm
 A woman's face is her fortune but her body is Nirvana. So say the eastern scriptures. Many people have asked me what are the thoughts of a man when he meets a woman. This is not confined to any particular age.  It's just what goes through the mind of a man.

The mind is a complex phenomenon and is connected to intellect and the word desire.  This makes for a deadly concoction. The reaction of a man will depend on his orientation and if he is normal he will have fleeting thought as to how the woman being introduced to him will look if she were nude. The thought will also relate to the moment and the attire of the lady introduced. When I say "moment" it means that particular instant if the man 's mind is not preoccupied somewhere else.

A man will fantasy how the woman will look without clothes( particularly if she is attractive). This again is an amorphous word and attractiveness will vary from man to man. There could be fleeting thoughts of her undergarments and the mons. Somehow a man's thoughts whether one agrees or not centers around this aspect.
 I think women if they were to know that these are the thoughts of a man, she will not mind it. That's the law of nature. A man can fantasize anything from undergarments to her legs and the curls. There or not there and overall how she would look in case she was undraped of the sari, skirt or dress she is wearing. It's a wonderful thing and I suppose leads to no harm.
Lastly, there is no need of any "guilt complex". So live life as it comes.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

The Buddha, Buddhism and Women Nuns

The Buddha founded Buddhism in the 6th century BC. He was a high caste Hindu and some of his thoughts and philosophies were influenced by Hinduism. However, he did break from the caste system and allowing women to become nuns. He allowed women to become nuns but put stringent condition which effectively reduced their status in relation to male monks


The Buddha, the founder of Buddhism was born in a high caste Hindu princely family. When Buddha was born the caste system had taken deep roots in Hindu society and the Brahmin cult ruled supreme. Another aspect of Hindu society at that time was the low status of women.
Buddha did not accept both these aspects of Hindu society. But in the 6th century BC when Buddha spread his message it was mostly by word and mouth. The Sutras which are supposed to bring out what the Buddha said were compiled 200 years after the death of Buddha

Buddha and Mahapajapati

When Buddha was an infant his mother died and he was brought up by his mother’s sister, Mahapajapati. When Buddha grew up and attained enlightenment Mahapajapati also was deeply influenced by Buddha , requested that she be allowed to join the ‘sangha’. The negative aspect of Buddhism comes out as she was denied 3 times by Buddha to join the ‘Sangha’. Perhaps it was a part of Hindu influence that Buddha still carried.

Buddha and Status of Women

Mahapajapati however was allowed entry to the Sangha by Buddha and she along with 500 high caste women shaved of their hair and became monks. This was a break from Hindu tradition where women were not allowed to become monks.
The Buddha now laid down some rules for admitting women as monks. These are known as the 8 rules of Buddha. A reading of the rules however brings out a bias against women which has not been explained by Buddhist theologians. Briefly ,Buddha stated the following rules

Rules for Women Nuns: A Bias

.a) He laid down that each and every nun would be junior to a male monk even she had been ordained for 100 years.
b) Women monks must not accept any food, seats and resting place in front of any male monk
c) No woman monk can find fault with a male monk
d) The Buddha affixed an age of 18 for a woman to be ordained as a nun He also laid down that a period of 2years was necessary for preliminary course of training in the precepts. Her full ordination has got to be received from the groups of both monks and nuns.
e). Any nun who violates any rule of conduct must do penance for 15 days. During this period she is to be resituated only after approval from the communities of both nuns and monks.
f) Every woman Nun must seek instructions from male monks once in 15 days.

Last Word

There is no doubt that gender bias did exist in Buddhism and had the approval of the Buddha.  This gender bias was a carry forward of the era the Buddha was born. This was an era when the Brahmin cult ruled supreme and Buddha had a hard time countering it. But the gender bias of Buddha needs a better explanation. One has to accept the fact that there is some inequality in the role of women in Buddhism

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Marrying a "Chudiyal" or a Woman Evil Spirit

A She Evil Spirit

Chudiyal in Indian folklore is an evil spirit who can take the form of a beautiful woman. The Chudiyal is part of Hindu mythology and denotes a woman evil spirit who has been denied entry into the spirit world for some terrible crime like child murder or killing of husband. Such spirits are destined to roam the human world and frequently meet men, who are their target. Such spirits will even marry a man and then at the appropriate time kill him. In the villages of India there are many tales of such woman spirits marrying men. Most people who relate these tales swear an oath that they are true. Perhaps there is an element of truth in it as the spirit world has not yet been explored by man and science.

The first time I heard the tale of a Chudiyal was when I was very young. I had gone to my village and my uncle related a bizarre tale. He said that there was a lonely bachelor in the village, who wanted to marry. One day while walking along one of the mountain paths he espied a most lovely and enticing lady crying. She told the man that she had been banished from home by her father and had no place to go. Smitten by her beauty, the man brought the woman home and married her. But a peculiar aspect of his life began to make the man wonder. The woman asked for no firewood and this intrigued him greatly. One day he decided to decipher the mystery and came home early. He peeped through the window and saw the woman having her leg aflame and using it for firewood by thrusting it in place of a log inside the Chula or stove.

This frightened the man greatly and when he came home and the woman lay down with him, he began to perspire with fear. There was a lamp some distance away and the lady asked him to smother the flame. He just lay and wondered what to do. The woman laughed and suddenly elongated her leg and with a swish of her feet extinguished the flame. Seeing this man ran out of the house saying a Chudiyal had entered his house. All the villagers collected and a soothsayer was called. He told the gathering that the lady inside the house was a Chudiyal and she would kill the man. Reciting mantras the soothsayer went inside the house and by extrasensory powers and mantras ousted the Chudiyal who ran away naked from the house into the woods.

Tales of Chudiuyal’s abound in India and one wonders whether there is an element of truth in them. Maybe some authentic research is called for

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Poetry from the Past : Poetess Sapho from Lesbos and Lesbanism

The Word Lesbian

Lesbian is a word that is common now. It denotes love of a sexual nature between women. There was a time when being a Lesbian wad thought to be an aberration. But now people understand that sexual love between two women is normal though deviant.

The word Lesbian is many century’s years old. It is connected with the Greek poetess Sappho. She lived on the island of Lesbos around 610-570 BC. The word Lesbian is based on the island of name Lesbos where Sappho lived.

Sappho The Greek Poetess

Sappho wrote passionate poetry about love and women. She believed that loving another woman in a sexual way was a normal affair. Her poetry is lovely and passionate. The word Lesbian thus is a tribute to the poetess Sappho who wrote passionate verses eulogizing women. I am thankful that Sappho wrote these verses, for life is now that much more interesting. Hats off to the master poetess. It is sad, but most of Sappho’s verses were burned by Christians in 380 AD. However, a few of her works have survived the carnage.

Opinion about Sappho

It is worth quoting the 3rd-century philosopher Maximus of Tyre. He .wrote that Sappho was "small and dark" and that her relationships to her female friends were similar to those of Socrates (with men):
As per him this love of the Lesbian woman is nothing but the Socratic art of love. She (Sappho) practiced love with women, he with boys. For they said they loved many and were captivated by all things beautiful.
I will end this small paragraph by quoting from one of her verses. She wrote, “Some say that the fairest thing upon the dark earth is a host of horsemen, and some say a host of foot soldiers, and others again a fleet of ships, but for me, it is my beloved.”

Last Word

An example of Sappho’s poetry is worth a read
And if she flees, soon will she follow,
and if she does not take gifts, she will give,
if she does not love, she will love
despite herself"
Come to me now, the harsh worry
Let loose, what my heart wants to be
Done, do it!, and you yourself be
My battle-ally

Saturday, July 27, 2019

The Allure of the Sari


The sari is the standard garb of the women of the sub-continent. It creates a mystery and exudes sex appeal
It must be noted that a multitude of religions, clans and tribes l form part of the Indian union. But the one dress that is universal is the sari. The sari is a long wrap that is worn around the hips and extends to the ankles. Women of the subcontinent will wear a blouse that will add to the luster of the sari.

The sari proper

The sari extends to 5 or 6 yards and comes in vibrant colors and designs. Sari's will be made of a variety of materials ranging from cotton to silk. Some of the saris will be embroidered with intricate designs that could make use of gold thread as well. The sari thus can be a costly item as well. Some of the saris can set you back by Rs 5 Lakh.

Wearing a sari

There are many methods to tie the sari. It is usually draped around the waist with a petticoat as an anchor. It has a number of folds and wearing a sari is an art by itself. The sari can be worn in a way that the midriff is bare and in some cases, it can be tied low so as to add to the allure of the wearer. When worn with a blouse which can be sleeveless or backless the sex appeal of the woman is greatly enhanced. Many western men have told me that seeing a lovely woman in sari ia a matter of great fantasy for them, as it creates a mystery of the woman by revealing a little and promising a lot.

Sari and sex appeal

Some of the Indian women will tie the sari in a way that the naval is visible. They will embellish the navel with a jewel as well. They will wear a low cut blouse that may be backless. This dress creates a great degree of sex appeal and is sure to fire the imagination of a man. One only has to look at the present-day heartthrob, the film actor Deepika Padukone in a sari to realize the potential it generates in terms of sex appeal.

Sari and types

Sari and Types
Some of the tribal women in the east will wear a sari without a blouse. The eastern women will also wear a shorter sari. Maharashtrian women will wear a 9 yards sari which divides the legs, enhancing the sex appeal to a tremendous extent. The sari is a dress that has been in vogue for thousands of years and is distinctive of the subcontinent.
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Thursday, July 18, 2019

A Great New Brand from the Eternal Chivas Scotch Whiskey

A Matter of Great Joy: A New Brand of Chivas Regal ( Scotch) has Appeared

My penchant for Scotch whiskey, preferably Chivas Regal is well known to my friends. Its a matter of joy that a new Flavor has appeared. It will give a Filip to my other liking for fair girls

A great new flavor

Whiskey drinkers like me have a new-found reason to rejoice. The cause for celebration? Luxury whiskey brand Chivas Regal has a new launch after eight years! Christened Chivas Regal Extra, this new offering from the award-winning house is one of the richest and most generous tasting blends you’ll ever sip on. I am pretty sure that my Saturday night tipple will never be the same again. It will add spice to my trysts with girls as fair as fresh snow.

Patrons of the brand are no strangers to Chivas’ pioneering art of blending whiskeys dating back to the 19th century. With Extra, they have raised the bar yet again. Master Blender Colin Scott has picked the rarest malt whiskeys from the Chivas inventory to present this uniquely blended Scotch matured in Oloroso sherry casks.

The connoisseur will instantly be able to put a finger on Extra’s inimitable reinterpretation of Chivas’ signature style—a fruity, sweet nose with ripe pears and creamy toffee notes spruced up with a hint of ginger. The tropical flavors of melon and soft undertones of vanilla and caramel are blended with a spicy tang of cinnamon and a touch of almond, promising a taste you will relish long after you have emptied your tumbler!

Great Chivas taste and a lovely fair girl go together

What I have written above should be great news for lovers like me of good Scotch and fair girls. I must give some advice. Forgo a night out this weekend and invite your fair girl home for a dram (and more) of this must-have addition to your bar cabinet. It will be a great cocktail. Nothing beats this combination. I would like to add flying supersonics as well, but it's out of reach of most.

Chivas Regal Extra is available at Mumbai Duty-Free at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport’s T2. It is also available at my favorite airport Dubai. I am told it will be available worldwide from August 2015.

However you can buy Scotch, but getting a fair girl into bed will require a special acumen. Happy hunting days ahead

Memoirs: Fair Girls are part of my Life


Sometimes, I write on a topic which to many may appear outlandish. Yet, I mean no offense and I would vehemently deny the charge of racism though I have affairs and loved only fair-skinned girls and women. I am now going to touch a half-century of life and yet feel fit as I was when I was 25. I play golf, ride horses and drive around in my BMW and Ford Mustang.
I have served in the Air Force earlier and that has been my gateway to the world of women. 

The Fair Girls and Life

Women as is known, for all men are a permanent fixture in life and in my case it is also the same. I have had more than my fair share of fair damsels and the word rejection does not exist, yet I have not followed umpteen women who are darkish or not fair. I do not know why, but my loves have all been fair women and the fairer the better. Thus an entire legion of dark women has never been part of my life. In India, my preference is only for Punjabi, Kashmiri and Tamil Girls (only fair Brahmins). Yes only Brahmins and not others, but I am not a racist.

Outside India, Russian and American girls with many from Eastern Europe have been part of my life. I recollect on my first visit to the USA I preferred corporal a pure white blonde girl to a black girl NCO. Nothing racist about it, but my choice was the fair blonde and that led to a rollicking affair, for which I got a reprimand for sleeping with a non commissioned ranker. You can’t break the officer- men divide in the military. But I have no explanation for it. But my benefactor the old Foggier stood behind me.
I have had some lovely golden Russian girls as dates and mates. It was common among the Indian officers and I know of at least two colleagues who resigned their commission to marry and live in Russia. Russia is great, but their women are simply the fairest of all.

The Fair Factor

American white women have also been part of my life and the last affair with a young American blonde doctor was the most serious of them though she was 20 years younger. There have been fleeting affairs all over. Earlier at least two Brahmin extremely fair Tamil girls from Chennai were my source of inspiration simply unforgettable, but I have no regrets.
I remember at a dance as a young subaltern, I waited to dance with the fairest girl till I got my chance and swept her off to the land of love. Yes, so may dark girls who eyed my Air Force emblem, wanted to dance. I danced, yes but my preference was for the fair-skinned Brahmin girl. I won.

Last Word

Maybe all this needs to be put on paper for posterity; so encourage me to put pen to paper.