Sunday, December 28, 2014

Non Approval OROP: Whose Fault It is?

Reports that are emanating from the government and the Ex-Servicemen’s Association clearly point to the fact that the ONE rank one pension in its classical concept will not be approved by the government. The demand which has been languishing for decades is nowhere near fulfillment. I have earlier also in my posts expressed the view that the government of Narendra Modi will not sanction OROP. The reasons are deep rooted in the history of the Indian armed forces and the type of leadership provided by the general staff. Successive army commanders, right from the time of General Cariappa have failed to impress on the government the need for a fair and equitable treatment for the army. One reason is the government from the days of Nehru has always viewed the armed forces suspiciously and feel it’s a foreign element and not a vehicle to project Indian dominance over the world. People like Nehru paid the price for this policy and had their reputation tattered. Yet, the present leadership led by Modi have not learn’t their lesson from history.
Another significant development is the failure of successive Army chiefs to bring any pressure on the government. This is hard to reconcile as the Armed forces over the years are literally holding the unity of India. As a stake holder in the Indian union surviving, the army should have been an indispensible part of the government plans. Unfortunately it is not and that must remain an enigma. The fact is the Army top brass has made no effort to bring any pressure on the government in this matter. Not, that it cannot be done. We have an example of general Thimmayya resigning when general Kaul was promoted Lieutenant General in 1955, when Nehru was prime minister and later General VK Singh went to court for rectification of his age. This in fact was a trivial matter, yet VK Singh went the whole hog as it was his personal ego. The army top brass could have used such tactics to get perks and privileges including OROP sanctioned. They never did, is another enigma. Perhaps they were not interested and left the battle to be fought by retired soldiers with little resources. The favorite ploy of blaming the civil
services is like flogging a dead horse. The civil services do the bidding of the government, in the present case Modi and party. It is Modi himself who has stalled the OROP, knowing perhaps that he will get away as the army has no teeth. It can hem and haw , but cannot bite. Nothing was won without a fight. I am afraid OROP in the classical concept will never come. Yes, it may but that will require a sea change in the thinking of the army commanders. Till that happens, its bye to OROP in its classical concept.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

10 Fastest Ways to Lose Weight

Introduction Losing weight is a difficult proposition. In fact it is easy to put on kilos on your body but difficult to shed grams. But one need not despair and there are methods which if followed assiduously can help a person to reduce his weight. But the underlying principle of all these is will power and that will be needed at every stage. Methods to Reduce Weight Some methods for weight reduction are listed below. a) Yoga. This is the ancient Indian art and it can certainly help you to reduce your fat and weight. The essence of yoga is deep breathing and a Spartan life style. This will also involve drinking of at least 4/5 liters of water everyday. Yoga is to be done in the morning, in fact before the sun rises. This will entail your going to bed early and eschewing late nights and binges of drinking and eating. A trained teacher will be needed to guide you through the specific poses (Asana) that are beneficial for reduction of weight. But it will be a good idea to try out the Bhujang Asana (cobra Pose) and the Hal Asana (Plough pose). The poses must be held for a minute and then the time period can be increased. When your body becomes supple you can add other poses. When practiced over a length of time a significant reduction of weight and fat will take place.
b) Dieting. This is the easiest and yet the most difficult way to reduce weight. Dieting does not mean starving but to cut down your calorie intake significantly. This will entail eating boiled and grilled foods and meats and abstain from alcohol and cold drinks like colas. You will in addition have to drink plenty of water. In fact drinking water is almost common to all methods of weight reduction. c) Jogging. In case you are fit and do not suffer any ailment then this is one of the simpler and enjoyable methods to lose weight. You will need a good pair of running shoes and shorts and proper clothing depending on the weather and climate where you stay. Jogging will entail doing a slow run for at least 4/5 kilometers every day. Gradually increase the distance to 7/8 km. In case you feel tired there is no harm in a break and sitting on a ledge. Carry a bottle of glucose and water with you and sip it at regular intervals during your jaunt. Jogging will tone up your body and the metabolism in your body will be attuned to physical fitness. But along with jogging a control over your diet will be essential. Keep to boiled and grilled foods only.
d) Special Food diet. This is a unique method to reduce weight and involves eating only plantations (bananas) and drinking water every day. Mind you in case you follow this diet and restrict you’re self to eating only plantations and drinking water the weight will start to come down. Also do plenty of walking and you can successfully reduce your fat? e) Exercise. This is the conventional way to reduce weight. But make it a point not to over exercise as after it you will feel hungry and tend to eat more. Do moderate exercise and eat less of food. Supplement with glucose and water. Avoid heavy exercise like weight training. Concentrate on walking on the treadmill and doing free hand exercises. f) Skipping. In case you are fit, skipping is one of the methods to burn the extra calories very fast. But your knees must be strong as you will have to skip at least for 20-25 minutes. Take rests in between and keep a bottle of water with glucose handy as a supplement. Skipping is an excellent method to lose weight. Couple it with a diet of fruits and non fried foods. Again drink plenty of water as water has a property of stopping the hunger in the body. But drink water with glucose.
g) Water Therapy and Milk. This is one of the Ayurvedic methods of reducing weight. It will involve a lot of will power. Otherwise the therapy is simple. Drink water all day and in between supplement with a glass of skimmed milk. Do only moderate exercise and follow this for 2 weeks. You will find a significant reduction in your body weight at the end of the 2 week period. h) Change in life style. This can have an effect in your body weight. In case you are a busy man then start by stopping use of the lift or the escalator. Use the stair case always. Secondly try and walk to the parking lot and at every opportunity use your legs. Even in your office you can do on the spot running for a minute or two and then gat back to your desk. Repeat at least 4/5 times in the day. Drink plenty of water and concentrate on vegetables and eschew junk food like burgers and pizzas completely. Give up alcohol and beers as well. You will again observe a significant reduction in weight and fat.
i) Playing Games. This is a pleasurable method to reduce weight. Among the recommended games are tennis, badminton, volleyball and base ball. These games will burn up enough calories. Keep replenishing yourself with water and glucose. But with these a diet control will also have to be followed.
j) Join a Kerala SPA. These SPA’s make use of ancient Indian methods to treat obesity. You can enroll for a 3 week or a month’s course. The Kerala spa will make use of ancient herbs and oils and a life style that will be enforced in the spa and your weight will be reduced. But after you come out of the SPA you will have to continue the life style you learnt there. Conclusion There is no magic formula to lose weight. It is not something that will disappear overnight, but in case a person follows the regimen listed above there is a 100% chance that he will lose weight and the first results will appear in a week’s time. However the person who wants to reduce his flab must try and avoid the weight losing formulations in the market. They may do more harm than good in the long run. Weight losing is not a big bug bear and all you require is a strong will and determination and the inches on your body will slowly melt away.

For American Men: Getting a Asian girl as date or in Bed

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Friday, December 26, 2014

Repurcussions of School Massacre:Pakistan May Establish a Record in Hangings and Executions

A few days back 11 heavily armed terrorists entered the Army Public School at Peshawar and shot 132 students dead. I understand that 7 were killed , but perhaps 4 escaped. Most of the students at the Army Public School were wards of Army officers and other ranks. Perhaps this was the reason the terrorists belonging to the Pakistan branch of Al Qaeda targeted the school. They wanted to hurt the army most, because they perceived it as their main enemy, especially after the army mounted operations in the North West Frontier Province.
Perhaps the terror groups were not ready for the backlash after this massacre. The Pakistan government with pressure from the army did away with the moratorium on hangings in force since 2008. This is a significant decision as at one stroke more than 500 hard core terrorists on death row can now be executed. A start is made and 6 have been hanged two days back at the Faisalabad jail. The TTK the main terror group is taken by surprise and has threatened retaliation in case all terrorists are hanged. However the hangings are going to go on and as per last reports the High Court has cleared the decks for another 5 to be hanged.
I wonder whether Pakistan will really hang all the 500 plus on death row. The fact is Pakistan has a love- hate relationship with terrorist groups, some of who have official patronage. Will Pakistan uspset their own apple cart ? It is worth watching how the scenario unfolds in the weeks to come. Will Pakistan make a clean break with terror? Looks highly unlikely as even after the assissination of Benazir Bhutto, there was talk of finishing of all terrorist groups , but nothing happened.

Did Ravana Love Sita?

Ravana was the king of Sri Lanka and Sita was the wife of God Ram. The Ramayana the great epic relates the story of how Ravana abducted Sita from her Ashram and carried her away to his palace in Sri Lanka. He kept her in a special palace and visited her everyday.

He also showered her with gifts and presents, but the Ramayana does not throw any light on the exact nature of the relationship between Sita and Ravana. Ravana kept Sita imprisoned for some years in his palace till the God Rama mounted an invasion of Lanka and killed Ravana and rescued his wife Sita. This is the bland tale.
The tale however is devoid of emotion and reads like a clinical treatise. What could be the relationship of Ravana and Sita? We learn that Ravana was a lusty man who was fond of women. He was also a highly educated and erudite man. In sum total he was a man of power, with intellectual appeal as well as a great lover. Did he force himself on Sita ? probably not as he was a man of principles. One can't be sure however as he was known as a lusty man. But perhaps he loved Sita as her beauty had been related to him.

This is a touchy subject, but one aspect on which the Ramayana is silent. We can only conjecture and wonder what really happened. Another bit of information I came across is that Ravana wanted to attend the Swayamvara of Sita, but a false alarm that his sister was in trouble, led him to be away from the Swayamvara , where Ram won Sita. All this makes the entire relationship more complicated.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Book review: John Master's Novel on India during the Raj"Bhowani Junction"

There is one man who epitomizes the Raj in his writings. He is John Masters (1914-83) an Anglo Indian writer who brought alive the Raj in his books. Masters wrote prolifically about his association with India and the Raj. One of his books, Bhowani Junction has captured the imagination of the public. Made in to a movie with Ava Gardner in 1956, the novel is a swan song on the last days of the British Raj.

There is no denying the fact that a lot many English men made India their home and one of them was John Masters. Masters wrote Bhowani Junction in 1952, when India had gained freedom. The book by John Masters written in a racy style is a de facto portrayal of the Anglo Indian community who had a close association with the Police and the Indian Railways. The Anglo Indian is a dwindling lot in India as most have migrated to Australia or the UK. Masters in his inimitable style brings out in this book, the dichotomy of the Anglo Indian community which could trace there pedigree to English blood, but were never entirely accepted by the English as their equal.

 The story revolves around the period when the Second World War was over and the British under Attlee had decided to leave India and go away. This was a period of uncertainty for the Anglo Indian community who to say the least were bewildered. This is succinctly brought out by Masters through the character of the heroine, an Anglo Indian girl named Victoria. The girl is searching a niche for herself in the changed environment, which was to emerge after the English left India.

John Masters create a 28 year old beautiful and restless heroine, who decides to become an Indian and loves a Sikh. But the clash of cultures is poignantly brought out by Masters as the girl despite visiting the Gurudwara expects to be kissed by the Sikh, which never takes place. She ricochets from this relationship to love an English army officer Lt col Savage, who is the Officer Commanding of a Gurkha battalion of the British Indian army. But this relationship despite taking on a carnal hue still leaves the girl more bewildered. Masters however faithfully portrays the character of most Anglo girls and he brings out the fact that these girls were rather roughly treated by the English as sexual objects.

 Masters brings out the dichotomy of the Anglo Indian who was not completely accepted by the British and at the same time felt he was superior to a native. The writer creates some excellent portrayals of an Indian revolutionary, political leader and the general atmosphere that pervaded the last days of the Raj. More important his description of the caste conflict between the higher and lower castes is certainly worth its weight in gold. Masters writes in simple English. The book is easy to read and I dare say one can finish it in one sitting. The writer certainly captures the imagination of the reader. There are a lot many books written on the Raj, but a novel with the theme of Independence and the raj is a rarity. The book is certainly recommended for all readers who have a nostalgic feeling for the Raj and also love a good and straight love story.

What is "Lust": Is Lusting for a Woman Bad for a Man

The Bhagwad Gita which is the word of the Lord Krishna says "One who is able to withstand the impulse of lust and anger before death is a yogi”. Thus the Gita accepts Lust as a normal human failing and says that if one has to become a Yogi, then one must withstand the temptation of Lust. The Gita further adds in verse 21 of chapter 16 that the three kinds of doorways to hell are lust, anger and greed. Most religions including the Christian religion look on lust as something to be avoided to reach God. What is lust? Lust is an emotional force that is directly associated with the thinking or fantasizing of a mans mind. To kill this phantasizing is not easy. Perhaps if you are a yogi it may be possible but for a normal man this phantasizing is an essential part of everyday life. There is chemistry involved and no scientist has yet been able to decipher this code. Why should man lust for one particular woman and not for another?
What happens to a man who lusts for the girl next door? It is desire and is something that cannot be suppressed. It is a human failing, but this chemistry is also created by god, yet god cautions against Lusting. In this connection it is worth looking into what Acharya Rajneesh says. As per Rajneesh the root cause of the misery of man is desire and lust is at the top. In case a man can somehow reach what he lust for he may very well realize that this lusting is like mythical chimera and happiness does not flow automatically. But it makes the man realize that lusting is not the end all and be all of life.
The Acharya also cautions against the ‘guilt complex’ which may come to haunt a man who has lusted for a particular woman. This is more harmful than lust and could shatter the psyche of a man. It must be understood that what the scriptures write is for a man who is aspiring to become a superman. Sometimes this is not possible as in all cases a vast majority of human beings are people who live a mundane life. For such people a fantasy is an important crunch in life. I do feel that lusting is a normal human failing and perhaps once you have gratified your lust, you will be the wiser for it and then what the Gita says will be properly understood.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Musings on One rank One Pension and the Perfidy of Modi and the BJP

Recently at the Singapore club an interesting talk commenced with some officers of the Singapore air force, retired like me. The talk inevitably turned to the Indian armed forces. I was surprised as to how abreast the foreign officers were of the affairs in the Indian armed force, in particular the army. The gist of the conversation was that the Indian army was losing its cutting edge and in the years to come would be so demoralized that it will not or could not hold India together and the balkanization of India was inevitable.

This appeared to me a farfetched thought, but the fact is that the armed forces right from the time of Nehru has been downgraded at every step and their perks and privileges pruned at every opportunity. This is surprising as a country like India facing an insurgency in the Indian heartland led by Maoists and independence movements in the North east as well as calculated terrorism in Kashmir are a neglected lot. The government be it of Nehru or Modi have not grasped that if India is to stay united it is only due to the army.

Nehru had his reasons as he feared a military coup and thus let the finest fighting machine in India go to seed, culminating in a massive defeat with China. Indira Gandhi was the best as the armed forces gave her a name in history for ever with the cutting to size of Pakistan and creation of Bangladesh. I remember in 1984 on R Day she sanctioned free rations for officers as well. Unfortunately Modi has talked about sanction of OROP, the most contentious item in the list of demands of the services. He promised, but like Humpty Dumpty has had a great fall. He has changed his mind and now is silent as his cabinet ministers Jaitley and Parrikar go about dousing the flames in the hearts of the servicemen. To say they are misled by the bureaucracy is a misnomer, for no civil servant can oppose something, if the government wants to give. It happened during the time free rations were sanctioned and again if the Modi and the government want OROP, it can be a reality.

There is apathy in the BJP government towards the armed forces. I wonder how they are better off than the Congress and Nehru. A decision of 2 parliaments has been negated by Modi. I am afraid he is the man; if he wanted would Jaitley and Parrikar not acquiescence?

 A lot of blame must also go to our top brass, the army in particular, where successive chiefs for personal gain (maybe) have acquiesced with the government in demoting themselves and the soldiers under their command. If right from the time of Cariappa the armed forces commanders had put their foot down this state of affairs where the retired armed forces personnel are literally begging for OROP would never have happened. Coming to OROP, I am afraid that what we understand in the classical concept of OROP will not be sanctioned. I hope to god I am wrong, but 2 or 3 decades hence the Indian state will have to pay a heavy price for the antics of the political leaders from the time of Nehru to Narendra Modi.

Japanese Execute Criminals with Impunity: Should India Follow suite.

Death for heinous crimes that are termed the ‘rarest of rare cases’ is a debated point. Most countries in the world including the USA carry out executions fairly regularly. Death sentence is not part of punishments only in the EU. Indians rarely look to China and Japan which have the death penalty on their statute books and regularly enforce it. Japan is a progressive country with a very ancient civilization. The Japanese pride themselves on their ancient culture and its humanitarian and esthetic values. This has not stopped the Japanese from executing hardened criminals. The executions have been fairly regular, except in 2011 when no execution took place. As reported by Sky news the Japanese Justice Minister Sadakazu Tanigaki rejected all mercy petitions of 3 accused rapists and murders and they were duly hanged on 21 February 2013. These were the first executions in 2013 after 2 hangings in September 2012. It is worth examining the crimes of the 3 men executed. - Kaoru Kobayashi aged 44 was the first to be sent to the gallows. He was accused of abducting and raping a 7 year old girl, before murdering her. He followed up by sending photographs of the girls’ body to her mother - The second man named Masahiro Kanagawa aged 29 was executed after he was convicted of killing one man and injuring 7 others in a knifing spree at a shopping mall in the capital city of Tokyo. He appeared to be habitual killer as he had earlier killed one man. - The third criminal hanged is Keiki Muto 62 who had strangled a bar owner to death in a premeditated act over a dispute involving money. These 3 persons hanged and their crimes do not appear to be serious in the Indian context, as in India reprieves are granted for heinous crimes like the killers of Rajiv Gandhi and the associates of the dacoit Veerapan who killed 21 policemen being spared the noose. There are over 400 men on death row in India and over the last 10 years only 3 criminals have been executed. Two of the executions were of hardened terrorists who were only hanged after a public clamor for the same. The adage justice delayed is justice denied holds true even in death sentences. To keep a criminal on death row for years and years without a decision, defeats the very purpose of having death as a punishment in the law books. In contrast to dithering on death sentences in India, the Japanese have been executing criminals regularly during the last 20 years (except in 2011). That could be the reason for the low crime rate in Japan. Perhaps the Indian state will act now. People are of the view that in case death punishment remains in the IPC (Indian Penal Code), then it must be acted upon. It is a different story in case the death penalty is erased from the statute books like in the EU.

The Essence of Tantra: Path to God

Hinduism is an ocean and has outlined 4 paths to achieve salvation or Moksha. These are namely study and knowledge, Prayer and mediation, Austerities and Sex. The last part is Tantra sex and is a distinct part of Hinduism. Tantra sex is thousands of years old and its origin is clouded in the sands of time. Tantra sex means getting into the sex act where orgasm is not the goal but a milestone on the road to salvation. For this to take effect an experienced guru is a requirement. Tantra sex is elevating and extremely relaxing. Western thinkers have now concluded that Tantra sex does have many benefits.
Tantra sex is a slow process where the lovers keep their mind on god and slowly go about their act as a religious ritual. Advanced practitioners of Tantra sex can learn about their past births and also develop ESP. It is an ancient field but is understood only now. In tantra no contraceptives are used and the room is filled with incense. It is a slow process where the man must bring the woman to his level of awareness. For this the use of tongue, lips, teeth and massage is essential. A man must in a way worship the woman. He has to be the initiator and the master. The aim is to prolong the sex act sometimes leading to hours.
Orgasm is not the goal at all unlike in western thought. In addition Tantra sex can also involve more than one woman.

Monday, December 22, 2014

The Oriental Japanese Swords: Weapons Par Excellence

The sword is one of the oldest weapons used by man. It was a weapon of personal combat as well the foot soldiers. Horsemen who were part of the cavalry made significant use of it. Swords from the east had a slightly curved shape. The Japanese had a martial tradition and developed the sword to a great extant. If one has seen the movie 'The Last Samurai" one will be able to appreciate the significance of the sword in Japanese culture. No other nation had so great a love for the sword as the Japanese. At the end of the war there were perhaps a million swords in Japan and 70% of them found their way to the United States.

Samurai and swords
 The Japanese trace the lineage of their swords to almost 600 BC. This is later than the Indian period which boasts the history of the sword from 4000 BC. The exponent of the Japanese culture as far swords was concerned were the Samurai a class of warriors. The samurai was an elite class of warriors whose profession was to fight for the emperor. They came into prominence from about the 12th century and developed a number of swords of varied designs.
Designs of Japanese swords
 The Samurai used a variety of long swords. The blade was slightly curved with the edge on the outer side. The sword was light weight, but lethal and was used by the Samurai to behead the enemy in one single stroke. The length of the Japanese swords was measured in a unit called ‘Shaku’. This was roughly equal to about 30.3 centimeters.

 The Japanese swords were classified according to their lengths. Generally the long swords used by the Japanese warriors had a length of 2 Shaku. The swords used by the Samurai were shorter than the Indian and oriental swords used by the Persians.
The Japanese did have longer swords as well which had lengths of 3 Shaku or more. They were the swords that were used by the Japanese foot soldiers and the cavalry. The long sword made the cavalry more effective and was carried in a belt tied to the waist.
The Japanese used the swords not only for fighting, but also for rituals like Hara-kiri the art of disemboweling oneself. For this the Japanese used a shorter special sword and is peculiar to Japanese culture and nothing like this is seen any where else. The swords have now gone out of fashion as weapons of warriors. They can be found only with collectors and museums. But their study is essential to understand the evolution of the weapons of the soldier.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Nuances of Love Outside Marriage

Extra Marital Love
What is an extra-marital affair? In simple language, it is a physical relationship by either spouse with another woman or man outside marriage. It means a relationship with a man or a woman who is not your legal partner. Generally, it is seen that men are more prone to extramarital affairs. Why? This again is rooted in the genes of a man. Throughout history, sociologists have come to the conclusion that man is by nature polygamous while a woman is by nature monogamous. This has its inevitable fallout in an extra-marital love affair. Generally, such love affairs are not platonic in nature and to qualify as an extramarital affair a physical relationship is a requirement. A platonic love affair will not come under the definition of an extra-marital love affair. What if your man is having an extra marital affair? How can you tell? This is a million dollar question and though the answer is simple yet a certain amount of alertness on the part of the wife will go along way in unraveling a knotty problem. Here are some points that will give food for thought
a) Firstly a man is apt to forget simple things which he is told to do by his wife. He may forget to bring the required vegetables or attend to an important issue at home. He may forget to pay the school dues of the son or daughter.

 b) A man will start keeping late hours and be more and more out of the home. He could say there is extra work in his office or he is doing overtime on the directions of his boss. If he is the boss himself he may say that the board of directors has given him some additional tasks to complete. In case this happens over a longer period then it's best to check up from the office. But be discreet, that is the name of the game.

c) The husband will stop going out to dinners and functions with his wife. In case he does go, the frequency would be greatly reduced. The wife would not that the husband is a little aloof during these outings and she wills not that the man wants to 'get it over' and head back quickly.

d) A husband instead of attending to small jobs in the house on Sundays and holidays will make some excuse of an 'important meeting' or something else and go away. This is a sure sign that something fishy is on.
e) Lastly, the husband would not be performing his marital duty in bed and would fall asleep soon with the refrain ' I am tired'. Thus, sex would not be there. When this happens the alarm bells must ring in the wife's head. A woman or wife can also have a marital love affair. But as women are more emotional and sensitive the extramarital love affair is likely to deeply affect the wife's psyche. Unlike men who can mask their emotions and love 2 women at the same time, a woman is unable to do that. She is likely to become neurotic and tense and that could adversely affect her temper and attitude.

Obama establishes diplomatic relations with cuba; a great step

In 1959 a band of young revolutionaries led by Fidel Castro overthrew the US puppet Batista and established a communist regime. Castro nationalized all industry which was mostly American owned without any compensation. This was the start of a period of intense hostility as the US tried every trick in the book to over throw Castro. Despite an invasion (1961-Bay of Pigs) and at least 12 assassination attempts by CIA, Castro survived.

 Now 53 years down the line Obama has realized that the embargo against Cuba has failed and it’s better to mend fences with Cuba. Roul Castro the younger brother of Fidel and president has warmly held the hand of friendship offered by Obama. This is a revolutionary step as Obama at one stroke has washed away 53 years of hostility.

 Frankly this step should have been taken a long back, but Obama by this courageous act has exorcised the ghost of American imperialism. Castro will be grateful as well, as Cuba can move forward and develop. The benefit will be for the Cuban people and who knows Cuba may be back in the American fold. Obama deserves credit for this act and despite some opposition from the senate; the step by Obama has enhanced his prestige in American history.

Sex, Princess Draupadi and Visaka the Snake King

The Mahabharata is a well known epic by Vyasa the poet from the Vedic age. The Mahabharata is a story of two clans of ancient Hindustan, the Pandva’s and the Kaurava’s who finally met in battle at Kurukshetra in about 4000 BC. The Pandva’s were 5 in number and one fact of the Mahabharata that is accepted by all is that the five brothers married Draupadi a princess whom Arjuna had won in a swayamwara. This was polyandry as practiced in ancient India.

 The Bheels

The Bheels are a tribal community in Central India who also believe in the Mahabharata. They have their own version of the Mahabharata, but it differs in significant aspects w from the version by Vyasa. It is possible that Hindu religious heads exorcised these chapters from the original Mahabharata. Whatever that may be, the Bheel version of the Mahabharata paints an entirely different picture of Draupadi the queen who had married the 5 Pandva brothers

.Love of Visuka for Draupadi

The Bheel Mahabharata recounts that Draupadi was a woman of exceptional beauty with golden hair and milk white complexion. The news of her beauty reached Visuka the snake god, who ruled over the Patal or the nether world. Visuka was enamoured of Draupadi and he mounted his horse and set forth towards Hastinpura where the Pandva’s resided (it was their capital and is approximately at the same place where the Present city of Delhi is located). Visuka soon located the cloud palace of Draupadi and with his whip he entwined her slim waist and dragged her to him. He tells her he loves her and is hungry for her body. As per the Bheel Mahabharata Arjuna the warrior Pandva approached, but he was defeated by Visuka who tied him with a strand of his hair and hung him over the bed where he planned to mate with Draupadi. Visuka ordered Draupadi to prepare a meal of 32 courses for him after which he repeatedly mated with Draupadi while a hapless Arjuna just watched. He made ferocious love to Draupadi as Arjuna watched.
The snake king

Next morning after Visuka left Draupadi untied Arjuna and also served him a sumptuous meal. This state of affairs continued and the Bheel Mahabharata says that Draupadi repeatedly and willingly mated with Visuka who was like a lion and after every encounter he was fresh as ever. Ultimately Arjuna requested Draupadi to find out how Visuka could be killed and Draupadi promised to do so. The Bheel Mahabharata records that ultimately Visuka was killed by the illegitimate brother of the Pandva’s Karna, after Draupadi was able to discover the secret of how he could be killed. These chapters are missing from the original epic of Vyasa. Many people have wondered whether this tale could be true.

 Many sociologists also wonder how the Bheels have incorporated this tale in their version of the Mahabharata. There could be many reasons for it. One of the foremost reasons is that the Bheels a tribal group in the ambit of Hinduism worship Visuka the snake god. Over centuries this story got transplanted in the Mahabharata to glorify the snake god. The second reason is that it formed part of the original Mahabharata but was removed by the higher caste Hindus. The tale of Draupadi and her sexual liaison with the snake god Visuka makes interesting reading.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Praying to Lord Hanuman for Good Luck

In Hinduism one of the lesser Gods in the Pantheon is the God Hanuman. I say lesser only in a notational way as he was a follower of Lord Ram. In his own right Hanuman is a very important God in the Hindu religion. He also has supernatural strength and is supposed to have made the conquest of Lanka and rescue of the abducted Sita –wife of Lord Ram that much easier.

A recitation of the Hanuman Chalisa the prayer attributed to the Lord Hanuman one hundred times is supposed to show the path to eternal salvation. The best method of praying to the God Hanuman is to have a wash first and then wear a loose fitting dress like a pajama and kurta. Dress is not that important but tight clothes are likely to hinder your movements and hence loose fitting clothes are recommended. Having decided to pay obeisance to the God it is best to visit the nearest Hanuman temple. In addition keep your mind cluttered from mundane matters and concentrate on the God himself.

 All Hanuman temples have the deity of the God enshrined in the centre of the temple hall. On reaching the temple remove your shoes and chappals and enter the temple barefoot. Remove your socks as well. Before entering the temple buy a coconut, a small quantity of mustard oil and a garland of green leaves. These are normally available outside the temple itself in one of the many stalls that surround the temple. Ensure that the coconut you buy has coconut water otherwise it may turn out to be a futile exercise.
.Enter the temple and stand in obeisances before the diety.Take the oil and slowly pour it over the head of the God. Pour a little of the oil also in the two lamps which are lit on the sides of the deity. Follow up by garlanding the lord. Take the coconut and break it in front of the deity and pour the coconut water over the head of the God.
 This is an important ritual. Stand before the deity with folded hands, bend down and kiss the feet of the God. Follow up by slowly walking around the deity and at the same time recite the Hanuman Chalisa. Continue till you have recited the entire prayer. In case required you can read from a prayer book. But it is a good idea in case you can memorize the prayer. Having finished your prayer come out of the temple. Stand a minute in silence before the deity and meditate and ask for forgiveness for your sins. The God Hanuman will then certainly bless you.
The god Hanuman has many legends associated with his name. There is an inherent belief that praying to the Lord Hanuman will give you protection and prosperity.

Moslem Girls and the Bikini

Some time back I had been to the US Club and was sitting having a glass of beer, with my girl friend.One girl sauntered up to the pool in a Bikini and my girl friend whispered that she was a Moslem. Suddenly this bit of information galvanized me and I began to see the bikini clad girl in a different light. The girl which I had ignored earlier as very ordinary suddenly became an exotic piece to be seen.Well that is the fact.Moslem girls seldom wear bikinis and those that do would do that out outside the pale of the Islamic nations. Why should this dichotomy be there? After all Miss USA in 2009 was a Moslem girl .Ms Fakih carried herself with aplomb.
Islam in the nations, where Islamic power is supreme goes by a set of laws that to people of other nations appear archaic. There is the Sharia and there is also a deep gender bias.After all in Pakistan the gender ration is 105: 100 for women and men. Thus in any society that has such a gender ratio the obvious fact is that the girl child is discriminated against. No sports and obviously no swimming and by corollary no bikins or swim wear.
But we must remember that Islam is not confined to the Islamic nations and there are large minorities in India, Lanka and the USA. In fact India has the second largest Moslem population in the world.Thus we cannot quantify and say that what happens in the Moslem nations is the rule as in freer societies the women whether Islamic or otherwise do come out of their shell. India is an example, where we have Moslem girls like Dia Mirza winning a Miss World title and becoming stars in their own right.. But one can make a statement that the women in countries like Iran and Pakistan are controlled. Comparatively despite all the rhetoric, Pakistan is not that bad and one Pakistani girl despite all the discouragement did claim to be Miss Pakistan.
The Bikini is a statement of emancipation. But there is also no doubt that many women in Islamic countries may be supporting the ban on bikini and display of the body. To an extent this is true, but to use coercion is not in the best interest of society. This happened in 2006 when one of the Girls from Indonesia a Moslem nation entered a Miss Universe contest in a bikini; she received death threats from hard liners. The world and Islam is at the cross roads. The winds of change will sweep the world, but one cannot be sure in which direction it will go forwards or backwards.It is frankly all very fluid. Women will have to fight their battles themselves.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Modi Must Realize that a Nation’s Standing in world polity rests on its Military Power

Narendra Modi is the Prime minister of India and after decades we have a young and fit man to lead India. Compared to the earlier leaders he is just 64. But his comparative youthfulness must be channelized properly by him. He must remember a nation’s standing in the world polity of nations rests solely on its military strength and its capability to wage a war far away from home. Unless this dawns on Modi, there is every chance that he will fall into the abyss of Nehruvian concepts and lead India to look like an old and sick tiger.
Modi has to change his priorities. Firstly to establish his ascendency over the military he must slowly but surely restore the old parity of the military vis a vis the civil authority. The order of protocol will need to be rewritten. A major should again be equated to and Superintendent of Police and all ranks structured accordingly. This will restore morale now reeling down wards, up again. The perks of office, which existed during the days of the Raj need to be restored. A simple example is the use of Form D for rail travel. This allows an officer to travel by the appropriate class by paying 60% of the fare. Earlier there was no limit on this concession, but now it is reduced to just 3 sets in a calendar year. It is important to expand the armed forces. Budget constraints cannot be cited to put expansions on a back burner. A strategic appreciation of the capability of China and Pakistan must be the only overriding factor to decide on an optimum force level to fight China or Pakistan or both combined. Never forget that China can throw 30 divisions for combat at a go.
Equipment must be procured for the creation of strike corps to face China. The defensive strategy needs to be replaced by plans to free Tibet in the long run. The Tibetans are looking to India for intervention for over a 100 years and the first man who let them down was Nehru. Despite the home minister wanting an Indian response to China ‘s invasion of Tibet in 1950, Nehru just watched. The Indian military policy must be pro-active and not reactive. Foreign policy also needs a re-vamp and active support to Baluchis and Sind separatists is the need of the hour. Not forgetting the Tibetan people who are ready to fight the Chinese. The Indian army has a great record of fighting along with Germans and japan as well as subdueing the enemy in China( boxer rebellion) and other places.
In the same breath I will add, that morale boosting measures like OROP, must be sanctioned at once. Money can never be a constraint in case India is to be recognized as a great power. All this cannot be done by Modi alone, but the General staff which has shown no mettle or strength of character must get its act together. We cannot have another case of an Army Chief accepting orders from a Joint Secretary like General Thapar.

A Site to Look for Women: Double

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Women and Cunnilingus: Random Thoughts

The art of doing homage to a woman's sex by a man with his tongue is often referred to as cunnilingus. It is a form of sex associated with passion and is normally practiced by a couple deeply infatuated or passionate. Passion is difficult to define but suffice it say that it does not happen with a long time partner. Why? There is no answer for it except that it is a form of sexual contact that marks a certain deviation from the normal and can only be indulged in by couple in great passion.

Men normally will avoid this with a long time partner like a wife, but when in company of a younger woman or a secret love, this act is more common. There are various techinques of pleasurization of a woman , but that is not the theme of this post. Cunnilingus is an established part of the science of sex, though the eastern sex manuals like the Kama sutra hardly mention it. Perhaps they felt that a woman need not be pleasured as that peroragative is only for the man.

Where do women stand as far as cunnilingus is concerned? The fact is that a woman married for long is hardly likely to be pleasured by her husband in this way. However in case she were to take a lover and have secret trysts with him, the acts of passion could lead to cunnilingus. All I can say is that cunnilingus is basically a part of the manuals to help please a woman and if a man is skillfull , he can make a woman orgasm with just his tongue. It is the one act that represents passion and obviously it happens with lovers.

The Attack on the Army Public Schoolat Peshawar is a Self -Inflicted Injury by Pakistan

The news coming from Pakistan is heart rending. A school catering mainly to children of military personnel was attacked by the Pakistan Taliban and as per the last reports more than 126 children have been killed. The news tells us that there were 6 dare devil Mujahaddin from the Taliban who attacked the school and have now been eliminated by crack troops of the Pakistan army. This is not good news as it would have been better to capture at least one or two of them to glean information about the further attacks planned.
Much as we sympathize with the parents of the young children killed by a brutal opponent, the fact is that the Pakistan official policy of running with the hound and hunting the hare has been one of the causes of this tragedy. Pakistan set up training camps for terrorists and the military and political establishment thought that these terrorists trained at these camps would bring India down to its knees. The previous army chief General Kayani felt the Taliban gave Pakistan a strategic depth in defence. One can't imagine how divorced from reality was this concepts of the Pakistan army and it's army chief. It was but natural that some of these terror groups would turn on the Pakistan state itself and seize political power to establish their own dream of Islamic caliphate based solely on the Sharia.
This has now happened and the protege has turned against its own mentor. The seeds of the rise of the Taliban lie in the attitude of the Pakistan military and political establishment. They treated the extremists with soft gloves and hoped that they would himble India. Exactly the opposte has happend as the Pakistan Taliban has done the unthinkable: opened a frontier which was earlier considered taboo. I wonder if this attack will bring any realization to the military and political establishment, that no group of terror can be controlled and there is nothing like good and bad terrorism

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Visiting the Golden Temple at Amritsar

Amritsar is the holiest city of the Sikhs and houses the Golden Temple which is the representative of God for all Sikhs. After a lapse of many years, I visited Amritsar recently. Having come from Singapore I booked an AC sleeper on the Golden Temple Mail (formerly known as the Frontier Mail from the days of the Raj). The Golden Temple Mail reaches Amritsar early morning and I had a taxi from the Mangoes Hotel (a 3 Star) waiting. It’s a small lovely hotel and has a buffet breakfast thrown in, but perhaps the break fast menu could have been worked out better.
After breakfast I hired a hotel Taxi to take me around. The driver a cut surd (This is a term used for Sikhs who cut their hair) was affable and informed. I asked him why he had cut his hair and he told me as a driver a turban was a handicap and so he had cut his hair. But what surprised me that almost 40% of the Sikhs in Amritsar had cut hair and turbans were far fewer than I had seen earlier. I drove to the Golden Temple. I am afraid the approach to this holy shrine needs a lot of improvement. Maybe a conducted tour of the temples at Bangkok for the powers that control the temple (SGPC) would be a good idea. That will give them an idea how the holy shrines are maintained spick and span. The approaches and roads definitely need to be spruced up. In fact there is too much garbage lying around. There is a lot of construction activity going around the temple and one has to walk carefully to reach the entrance to the temple. But once you enter the temple the sight is awe inspiring. The central dome surrounded by a sarover (Pool of water) is lovely with the gold plated domes shining in the sun light. These domes were plated with 24 carat gold by Maharajah Ranjit Singh, the Sikh ruler of the Punjab. Visiting the temple is an elevating experience which also houses the Sikh museum. At one end the Akal Takht (Temporal Throne) is still unfinished, as a reminder to operation Blue Star - the Army operation to flush out the terrorists holed up in the Temple in 1984. The Gurudwara has a 24 hour kitchen that serves free food to thousands around the clock. Called the 'Langar' it is unique to Sikhism. A visitor will find tens of Americans eating at the Langar. Going around the temple one can see the association of the army with the temple from the days of the Raj, as tens of small slabs carry names of regiments and soldiers who have donated money to the temple. Visiting the temple is an enlightening experience and one can realize that the Gurus created a classless religion. Unfortunately Hindu practices have crept in and caste in Sikhism is again to the fore. But I will recommend a visit to Amritsar and the Golden temple for any tourist coming to India. No visit can be complete without it. Published on 5 October 2012 on Experts Column

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Can Modi imbibe Mao's quote"Political Power comes out of the Barrell of a Gun"?

When will Modi Learn Mao's Dictum" Power comes out of the Barrell of a Gun" ?
Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister of India. Before I add anything further it must be remembered that successive Indian leaders from the time of Jawaharlal Nehru failed to reaize the geo-political forces in the world heralded by Military power and surrendered the leadership of Asia to China. They made the nation Pakistan centric and reduced the importance of India as a world power. The ills of 60 years cannot be set aside in a day, but now Modi has to make a start and understand that there is no substitute to military power for the nation to play a geo-political role. It has not heldped down the decades the the Chiefs of the Indian army have been men of straw who have bowed double to their poltical masters with the result that a sense of alienation is coming in the rank and file of the army and allied services.

Maoi has come on a wave, but waves ebb also and recede and Modi has a lot to do to restore Indian prestige. He must first realize that Mao tse Tung was a great thinker and one of his quotes that 'Power comes out of the Barrell of a gun" is proved true many times over. Nehru and his ilk committed a cardinal blunder in thinking the military was a relic of the Raj and must be isolated and kept down. It was a foolish approach and he paid with his reputation and died a broken man, humiliated in the world with the slap by China. He also committed blunders in Kashmir, when with a military victory on the cards he called of the operations and approached the United Nations.

Has Modi learn't the lessons of history? It appears he is following the Nehruvian agenda again. There is no thought of military parity with China. He again has treated the armed forces in a scurvy fashion. He has failed to sanction a pet and legitimate demand of soldiers for One Rank One Pension(OROP) and has played to the gallery ( read Muslim sentiments in Kashmir) by condemning the Indian army troops for some killings in Kashmir which s nothing but collateral damage. Which leader in the world talks like this and shows that Modi has little knowledge of the army as an instrument of power and position in the world. he must read Mao , otherwise he may well end up as another Nehru.

Village panchayats ( Khaps) in North India are Giving Bizarre Verdicts laced with Sex

The Panchayat Raj is in effect grassroot democracy and means that in a village an elected body called the panchayat which consists of 5 members administers the village. The Panchayat also decided on matters of dispute and personal law. The panchayat in the state of Harayana are caled Khaps and these are castiest in character.
The Khaps have taken the law into their hand and many of their rulings run contrary to the Indian criminal law and principles of jurisprudence. But all the same the Khaps are obeyed and nobody opposes them. They thus pass judgements that have to to accepted. An example of the khap judgements is an eye opener. In a recent case a young wife eloped with another married man who was her neighbour. The agrieved husband appoached the Khap for redressel. He wanted his wife back, but the Khap decreed that as his wife had run away ( eloped) he would have to marry the wife of the man who had seduced his wife. They also made it amply clear that a superficial relationship would not be accepted and the man must impregnate the lady within 3 months. Well? I wonder how the duo felt when the man approached the wife of the man who had seduced his wife an dremoved her sari. Did he feel happiness? elation? or a defeat ? I can't say but the lady concieved and seemed happy.
In another case a young man eloped with the girl next door. The Khap ruling was simple and sweet. They directed the brother of the girl who had eloped to immediately marry the sister of the boy who had run away. In this case the young man was thrilled and he made haste to marry the sister of his sisters lover within 15 minutes. Well that is life.!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Further Comments on the One Rank One Pension for Soldiers

There have been reports of a meeting between the IIESM and the Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar. From the account available of the meeting held on 9 December 14 ,the delegation felt the RM R( Raksha Mantri) approach was ‘heartening’ and they have opined that the sanction of OROP is around the corner. The meeting went of ‘very well’ and lasted 30 minutes. Fine, but this really does not hold water as the RM was not expected to be anything but civil. However a crucial point was made that at no stage the RM made any commitment of issuing letter for OROP. This is surprising as the OROP was sanctioned by 2 parliaments and all the RM had to do was push the Finance Minister Jaitley and Modi to issue the letter. This unfortunately is not done and at no stage the RM made any commitment to get the letter issued.

It appears the Ex Servicemen’s delegation led by the able Major General Satbir Singh explained the nuances of OROP to the RM. This beats my imagination as the RM is supposed to keep himself abreast of a demand that has been approved by parliament. I wonder what information he needed now, when his only task is to get the letter issued.

There are wheels between wheels and the aim of the government is to lull the ex -servicemen into a sense of complacency. Modi and party are again confusing the ex-servicemen and by corollary the nation. In this light one can see that in the speeches by the Prime Minister during the election campaign has a hollow ring. He is supposed to have expressed regret for the killing of 2 youths who failed to obey the order to stop. Why? Does the Russian President or US President express regret? I am sure Mr. Modi is aware of something called ‘collateral damage’ in a war.

I call it shameful that the senior officers in the ladder also expressed regret for the killing. With such men in charge, who are Corp and Army commanders as well as the Chief himself, is there any wonder that OROP will ever come? I am afraid I am still pessimist that OROP in the ‘Classical ‘mode will be accepted by the BJP government.

 A watered down sanction may come, but then the services are known to accept most things like the COAS General Thapar accepting a letter from a Joint Secretary to evict the Chinese in 1962. I have earlier also written that Modi and the Congress are on the same footing. God save a nation that neglect’s its military might, the army. Has Modi read Mao’s dictum” Political power comes out of the barrel of a gun”?

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The World of Women Evil Spirits: The Chudiyal

The world of the supernatural is an exciting field. Many believe in I and many do not and think that all tales about supernatural beings and evil spirits is a hallucination or a figment of a man’s imagination. However sometimes truth is stranger than fiction and it’s my personal view that evil spirits do exist and sometimes they take the human form to torment anyone who crosses their path. Some of these spirits actually relish contact with a human being and there are many such tales from the villages of India. One belief that is very popular concerns the female evil spirit often referred to as ‘Chudiyal’. A Chudiyal is a dead woman who takes human form time and gain to wreak vengeance on man. Chudiuyal’s are very popular in mythology as well. Generally they are those women who have done some evil deeds like killing young children and have been denied entry into the world of spirits. They are thus condemned to roam this earth and wait the day when God may all them entry into the spirit world.
Indian villages are full of tales of the female evil spirit and in my own village there are at least 2 men who swear on oath that they have been accosted by Chudiuyal’s. One of the men recounted to me that once he was proceeding along a lonely village path in the hills and saw a most beautiful woman standing and weeping by the side of the path. He stopped and asked her what the matter was. The woman replied that she was alone and had been thrown out her home by her parents who were poor and could not afford her dowry. The man took pity on the woman and told her not to worry and come with him. In fact he was enthralled by her beauty and sexiness. In some villages in Himachal it’s difficult to get a bride and many men buy brides from mountainous villages. I will have to write about this custom in a later post. The man was 40 years old and still a bachelor and a thought crossed his mind that this lovely woman could be his wife as well. Sex was foremost in his thoughts and I can’t blame him for it. He took the girl home and told villagers that he had brought a wife from the mountains. It was a normal practice and other villagers only wished him luck.
Strange thing happened on the first night. The man undressed the woman and in the light of the earthen lamp made ferocious love to the woman. It thrilled him that she was a virgin. After the act both lay side by side and the man asked his new wife to smother the flame of the earthen lamp some distance away. The lady laughed and in a moment she extended her leg till it grew long and with her foot smothered the flame of the diva or earthen lamp. Seeing this strange happening the man realized that the lady was a Chudiyal and immediately began to recite the Jap, the holy prayer of Nanak. He got up and ran out of the house shouting chudiyal had entered his house. All villager gathered and a ‘chela’ soothsayer came forward. He told the man not to enter his house as he went inside to confront the evil spirit. By recitation of mantras and rituals he was able to banish the woman who soon appeared out of the house and grew to height of 20 feet. It was terrible but luckily the chudiyal went away. Another man claimed that he saw his wife using her leg in place of firewood and realized that she was a chudiyal. One cannot say these story are true or not , but I am inclined to believe them. All I can add is that this is one frontier that is still unexplored.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Dating East Asian Women is a Dream Come True with Specialist Sites

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