Thursday, December 18, 2014

Praying to Lord Hanuman for Good Luck

In Hinduism one of the lesser Gods in the Pantheon is the God Hanuman. I say lesser only in a notational way as he was a follower of Lord Ram. In his own right Hanuman is a very important God in the Hindu religion. He also has supernatural strength and is supposed to have made the conquest of Lanka and rescue of the abducted Sita –wife of Lord Ram that much easier.

A recitation of the Hanuman Chalisa the prayer attributed to the Lord Hanuman one hundred times is supposed to show the path to eternal salvation. The best method of praying to the God Hanuman is to have a wash first and then wear a loose fitting dress like a pajama and kurta. Dress is not that important but tight clothes are likely to hinder your movements and hence loose fitting clothes are recommended. Having decided to pay obeisance to the God it is best to visit the nearest Hanuman temple. In addition keep your mind cluttered from mundane matters and concentrate on the God himself.

 All Hanuman temples have the deity of the God enshrined in the centre of the temple hall. On reaching the temple remove your shoes and chappals and enter the temple barefoot. Remove your socks as well. Before entering the temple buy a coconut, a small quantity of mustard oil and a garland of green leaves. These are normally available outside the temple itself in one of the many stalls that surround the temple. Ensure that the coconut you buy has coconut water otherwise it may turn out to be a futile exercise.
.Enter the temple and stand in obeisances before the diety.Take the oil and slowly pour it over the head of the God. Pour a little of the oil also in the two lamps which are lit on the sides of the deity. Follow up by garlanding the lord. Take the coconut and break it in front of the deity and pour the coconut water over the head of the God.
 This is an important ritual. Stand before the deity with folded hands, bend down and kiss the feet of the God. Follow up by slowly walking around the deity and at the same time recite the Hanuman Chalisa. Continue till you have recited the entire prayer. In case required you can read from a prayer book. But it is a good idea in case you can memorize the prayer. Having finished your prayer come out of the temple. Stand a minute in silence before the deity and meditate and ask for forgiveness for your sins. The God Hanuman will then certainly bless you.
The god Hanuman has many legends associated with his name. There is an inherent belief that praying to the Lord Hanuman will give you protection and prosperity.