Friday, October 11, 2013

Benefits of Praying to Lord Shiva in Nude

Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is the foremost Hindu God. He is also the creator as well as the destroyer. He is one God who dominates Hindu ethos and religion. Shiva temples are located all over India and many are even in the USA. In fact I have visited 2 temples in California and New Jersey. Prayers to Shiva temples normally encompass worshiping the Shiva Lingam, which is a representation of the male organ. This is not erotica, but a statement of the essence of life.
Meeting the Swami

 Recently I had taken a few days leave from Abu Dhabi and came down to Indore, where I own a palatial bungalow. I also thought it fit to bring my girl friend to India to give her a feel of this vast country. At Indore, my friend knowing my deep interest in spiritualism suggested that a famed swami was conducting Shiva Puja in the nude. The swami would first approve the participant and very young people were not allowed. The friend told me that he had benefited from this Puja and he would be happy for me to meet the swami.
The Prayer

 I met the swami along with Marie and he approved, though he wondered whether a Philippine girl would be interested. He also announced that the Puja rooms for the men and women would be separate initially, but once one reached an advanced lever of mediation, all men and women worshiped the God Shiva together. I asked Marie, if she would be interested and she said yes. So we reached at 4 am in the morning, the time for the Puja to start. The Puja was an elaborate ritual and I found I could concentrate and mediate totally in the nude. But honestly thoughts of Marie in the nude praying did intrude into my mind.
Last word
I felt refreshed with the prayer session and left. I promised to come again, but perhaps as I do not have much leave I shall have to go back. I asked Marie how it went. She told me there were 3 other women including 2 foreigners with her and all felt greatly elevated. Late she said she closed her eyes and saw herself as a hand maiden to a king 2000 years back and the King was ME. I wonder whether to believe her, but she insisted that it was a true image that appeared. She insisted we come again and reach the stage where we can both pray together. As per the swami, the last stage is the final fulfillment when the past lives appear before you. Believe it or not!

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