Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Does The Shutdown in America Signal the end of an Empire?

The US is embroiled in a partisan struggle between the Democrats and the Republicans. The result is that the Government is in the shut down mode. Many government posts and workers are sent on furlough without pay and some services are also shut down. This is not a laughing matter when a 17 trillion budget deficit and debt is also added. What of the future ? The fact is that all historical empires last for a time and then decay sets in. The same thing happened to the Roman empire, The Ottoman empire, The Mughal Empire and the British empire. All empires follow a distribution curve with a graph at the apogee and a start and finish at zero.
This is happening to the USA as well. Only this empire has barely lasted a hundred years.Perhaps the US empire would have lasted much longer if more sagacious men had been at the helm of affairs. Unfortunately the men who climbed atop the US Presidency were men of very short intellectual status and unleashed global wars that sapped the US economy. These global wars could have entirely been avoided, but then it requires a great statesman to realize it. The US Presidents were alas of not that caliber. I can't think if a great president after Roosevelt.
This shutdown is really a manifestation of a disease of self destruction. The reason Obama care is again too trivial to merit this. There is a saying in the Vedas which says that those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make them mad. This is sheer madness that is happening. God save America.