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Can Oral Sex Cause Cancer, Micheal Douglas says "yes"

Micheal Douglas is a well known Hollywood star. he is famous not only for his histrionic ability but for marrying a woman much younger to him , the beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones. Micheal is diagonized with throat cancer. I think he has been cured now, but the illness has led to estrangement with his wife and divorce is on the cards. Douglas has made a bizarre statement that his throat cancer was due to excessive oral sex. No doctor has corroborated this story, but Micheal talks from personal experience.
I and others can comment on this from personal experience. I wonder how many will agree with Micheal Douglas. Oral sex is man's way of paying homage to teh woman he loves. it is a form of worship. Micheal must have been fond of it, to talk so surely. But I suppose all this can be taken with a pinch of salt. At the same time the confession of a 68 year old man cannot be dismissed out of hand. However none of the sex manuals talk of this bizarre claim of Micheal Douglas. Do you my friends agree with him ?

How to Date a Shia Muslim Girl from Iran * 63

About the site
In case you want to date a Shia Muslim girl from Iran then there is a way out. You can become a member of a site The site has built up a solid clientele and more important established trust with its members. The site has a solid reputation of reliability and confidentiality. One important feature of the site helps users to check out listings of Iranian Meet & Greet events. These are get together where the members can get to know each other in flesh and blood. This is an exciting feature, but the drawback is that such get together are mostly confined to the United States. Very few such events take place outside the USA.

The site has a man named Dr. Mouse, who is an integral part of the site. This man is a great help and can solve most dating problems that a member may have. The utility of this man can be gauged from the fact that as many Moslem girls are shy by nature, this man makes approaching them easier. Iranian personals has a simple interface and very easy to use.
Iranian Personals: Pricing & packages

 No site can function without charging its subscribers. Iranian personals however allows a man or a woman to register free of charge. You can also upload your photograph in case you so desire, but to avail of the complete range of benefits provided by the site like SMS facility, personal mail, telephone facility and address of the date you will have to pay $39.99 for a month. This is the basic charge and the rates can climb up depending upon your requirement.
The site gives a discount for a longer membership which is reduced to $33.99 for 3 months and $24.99 for a six month membership. A longer period of membership is to the advantage of the subscriber.
Last Word

The site is a doorway to Shia girls from Iran. Despite the writ of the Mullah, you will be surprised at the response.

Taking My Girlfriend in a Air Force Chopper

Here is something light for my readers . It’s a true incident from the past. As a young Flying Officer I was posted to Kerala in South India. After going there I realized that girls from Kerala and Tamil Nadu have a fixation for Punjabi North Indians. I cannot say why, but it’s very much there. I became friends with a young MBA student and I was keen to show her my prowess. I promised to fly her in the Air Force helicopter. Taking my Girl up
I got my chance soon enough and I was given a solo exercise one fine day. In the meantime I had asked my girl to drive down to a desolate field which I had identified earlier. After getting airborne in my Allouette I hovered and soon saw my girl. She recognized it was me and I slowly landed in the field. She rushed in and climbed in and without switching off I took off again. This was a thrill, here was my girl sitting next to me and I was flying her in an Air Force chopper. She was excited and kissed me repeatedly. Those kisses in flight have remained the most memorable ones for me.
The Return I was in touch with ATC all along and soon the flight commander asked me to return. I told her I would drop her and once again came down and my girl hopped off. There were 2 or 3 people standing among the bushes at some distance and I thought I was safe. Alas! I do not know how, but my CO and Flight Commander got whiff of my amorous escapade and I got a reprimand for it. “Heavens “said my flight Commander” man, don’t do it again”. I didn't, but that memory of our fight to bliss remains.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

General Ayub Khan and Starlet Christine Keeler

Field Marshal Ayub Khan was the first military general to lead Pakistan. This is certainly a well deserved title, but the General was also a flamboyant man who lived life to the hilt. He frequently traveled abroad and one of his favorite places was London.
In London he was often the guest at the imposing estate of Clivedon in Buckinghamshire. One may wonder what the Pakistan president was doing at this estate. ? Unlike later Pakistan presidents like Zia and Mushraff who dabbled in sending Jihadi fighters into Kashmir, Ayub Khan was more interested in other matters. This concerned a string of girls who frequented the swimming pool at Buckinghamshire. The girls were allowed to swim in the pool with the condition that to swim it had to be in the nude. This was loved by the girls who frolicked nude in the pool.
This was to the liking of general Ayub Khan who loved to swim and have fun in this pool. It was here he met Christine Keeler. This girl was a beautiful and sexy model. In addition she was not averse to sex with anybody and one of her lovers was the war minister John Profuma. Christine Keeler met Ayub Khan at this pool and she was mighty impressed with the tall and heavily built Punjabi. In fact in an interview later she complimented the looks and masculine charm of Ayub Khan. He may have also swum with Rice Mandy Davis, a girl one third his age. Christine Keeler was involved in the sex scandal of the early sixties that led to the suicide of Dr Ward. But Ayub had nothing to do with the suicide of Dr Ward. He was a simple man , out for fun. One can't grudge him that !

Death Penalty in Japan and Should other Countries Follow it.

Most countries in the world including the USA carry out executions fairly regularly. Death sentence is not part of punishments only in the EU. Japan is a progressive country with a very ancient civilization. The Japanese pride themselves on their ancient culture and its humanitarian and aesthetic values. This has not stopped the Japanese from executing hardened criminals. The executions have been fairly regular, except in 2011 when no execution took place. As reported by Sky news the Japanese Justice Minister Sadakazu Tanigaki rejected all mercy petitions of 3 accused rapists and murders and they were duly hanged on 21 February 2013. These were the first executions in 2013 after 2 hangings in September 2012. It is worth examining the crimes of the 3 men executed. - Kaoru Kobayashi aged 44 was the first to be sent to the gallows. He was accused of abducting and raping a 7 year old girl, before murdering her. He followed up by sending photographs of the girls’ body to her mother - The second man named Masahiro Kanagawa aged 29 was executed after he was convicted of killing one man and injuring 7 others in a knifing spree at a shopping mall in the capital city of Tokyo. He appeared to be habitual killer as he had earlier killed one man. - The third criminal hanged is Keiki Muto 62 who had strangled a bar owner to death in a premeditated act over a dispute involving money.
These 3 persons hanged and their crimes do not appear to be serious in the Indian and Pakistani context, as in India reprieves are granted for heinous crimes like the killers of Rajiv Gandhi and the associates of the dacoit Veerapan who killed 21 policemen being spared the noose. There are over 400 men on death row in India and over the last 10 years only 3 criminals have been executed. In Pakistan also I believe there has not been a hanging since 3 years. The adage justice delayed is justice denied holds true even in death sentences. To keep a criminal on death row for years and years without a decision, defeats the very purpose of having death as a punishment in the law books. In contrast to dithering on death sentences in India, the Japanese have been executing criminals regularly during the last 20 years (except in 2011). That could be the reason for the low crime rate in Japan.

Rare Photo: Nehru Smoking with English Girl

This is indeed a rare photo of the Indian Prime Minister. He is seen smoking. He also had many love affairs

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Meek and Mild Hindu


. I remember reading a editorial by Frank Moreas Editor in Chief of Indian Express that the myth of the 'meek and mild' Hindu is dead. This was after the 1965 war, when India had crossed the Wagah border. But the fact is different as even after 40 years down the line the Hindus have not shaken of that title. The Hindus govern India , but they are more concerned with minorities welfare( Read Muslims). Again they are in a majority but shun any action that refers to any golden age of Hindus.They still talk of the Muslim rulers at Delhi as 'Indians' and the leadership cannot answer as to why these same rulers ruled with a iron hand , supressed Hindus, imposed Jizzia, annihilated temples, abducted Hindu girls for sex etc.

Perhaps all this is in the mind of the Hindu.The name of the game is sheer survival even at the cost of a fellow Hindu or the nation itself.Can the Hindus rid themselves of this ? Even the new commissioner of Police , Mumbai has referred to India ( read Hindus) as a soft state against terror!

Any discussions?

Nude Rugby between Men and Women

I remember once reading way back in 1965 when the Indian Army crossed the Punjab border -a write up by Frank Moreas EdiRugby is a demanding sport, which requires extreme fitness. It’s not played much in India and the sub-continent, mainly as the game involves a rough and tough tackle and Indians don’t like it. But recently there was an event, that is both hilarious and a tremendous advertisement for the game. A rugby match took place between men who were nude and women with clothes. But they also had to shed clothes as the match progressed. This rugby match was staged this September at Dunedin. An all women Spanish rugby team the Las Conquistadores tackled the Blacks in an international rugby game. The men players entered the arena nude and the match was a hilarious event. It ignited interest in the game .The women won, but I suppose the result does not matter, it is the spirit with which it was played that matters.
The Spanish girls from Barcelona based rugby players gave a good account of themselves and were not afraid to tackle the nude men. Who were perhaps a little careful? An injury can be devastating. But it was good fun. Wonder how many nations will allow it? There is another version of this Rugby match. here the women come in clothed and the men are nude. But as the match progresses and for every goal scored by the women the women players have to start shedding their clothes. They start by removing the Tshirts, then the shorts and lastly the bra and panty. Some however feel shy of taking the panty off. All in all its a nice sport and a hilarious pass time. But in one match a woman's panty was ripped off by her team mates to the vociferous approval of the crowd

The Don ( Bradman) was not the Greatest and He was no Friend of India

Don Bradman was Great but not the Greatest Donald Bradman played cricket for Australia. He played cricket at a time when the British empire reigned supreme all over the world. The Don has a test batting average of 99.94 and on the basis of this average many people consider him the greatest player ever in cricket. But a recent interpolation through the computers where all the innings of the Don were analyzed reveals that if the Don had played on all wickets in India ,South Africa and West Indies his batting average would have been considerably lower. For the Don played all his cricket only in England and Australia. Thus his experience was limited to playing on Australia and English wickets.
The Don and India; A sad Episode There are many people who opine that the Don had great love for India and he would have toured India if given the chance. but his attitude belies this claim. In 1948 while on the way to England his ship docked at Bombay( Mumbai). Many Indian cricketers including Vijay Merchant went up to the Don's cabin and requested him to come on deck to greet the many Indian's who were his admirers. But the sad part is the Don refused to come out of his cabin. A man who would not come out of his cabin to meet Indian is not expected to tour India even if given the chance. Bradman was a Fair Weather Batsman
The Don was a fair weather batsman and scored heavily on wickets conducive to batting. On the 1947 Indian tour of Australia Don Bradman failed on a rain soaked wicket in the second test. He was clean bowled by Hazare. In the other tests on batting wickets he scored heavily. The Don's average of 99.94 did not hold true when facing Douglas Jardine 'e team in the famous body line series when Harold Larwood ran into the Aussies as a tornado. He averaged just about 60 in that series and was effectively cut to size. At that time England had only one super fast bowler in Harold Larwood. I shudder to think what would have happened in case Bradman had to face a

Why not Hindu and Muslim Girls from India as Cheerleaders?

One of the best things that have happened to Indian cricket is the Indian Premier league. This is a cricket carnival replete with entertainment. The Indian masses starved of good entertainment have loved the IPL. The matches are a festive affair made more entertaining with the dances of cheer girls, who enliven the match. These girls are contracted by the board from Europe and England and are I suppose paid a hefty sum of money. The girl's wearing hot pants that show case their legs dance and cavort creating a wonderful and entertaining atmosphere.
The girls are all white as they have been brought in from England and the West. But I do feel it would be proper to give some Indian girls both Muslim and Hindu also a chance to be cheer leaders. After all Indian girls have won a plethora of awards in world beauty contests and thus one can safely reason that they would do a good job even as Cheer girls.
Granted Indian girls are darker than the Europeans, but then so many colored women also dance as cheer leaders in World Series in USA. Thus I see no reason why Indian girls cannot be cheer leaders. The board could try out a mix of Indian and European girls. Indian girls could also dance iin tradiational dress So I do feel in the next edition of the IPL some Indian girls may also cavort and dance in hot pants. The Indian public will love it

Getting a Black African Girl into your Bed and Have a Relationship

When I was in America on a visit with the USAF, I found many men wanted an exotic relationship and everybody felt that a black African girl will fill the bill. Well how to go about it? I can think of a dating site as a door to getting a African girl without any hassles The site has profiles of hundreds of black girls from Africa which can be scanned for a selection It is in fact the largest black women dating site with the largest no of black women/African from all over the world and thus the chance of your finding a match for yourself are better. The site has hundreds of beautiful girls with their photographs and bio data as well as contact telephone numbers for a member to choose and follow up. Video profiles are also available and a man can hope for a date with a girl from Accra or Nairobi.
The site has a "Date a Lady" program, which means writing 5 letters to a lady .Once she replies and the exchange of letters is complete, you may proceed further This website is a premier dating site but cannot cater to the vagaries of human emotion. The website services are thus provided on an “as is” basis. The site provides no warranties of any kind express, implied or statutory. Generally is considered as the no 1 site in its genre for dating, friendship and a longer liaison like marriage. It is popular and there are many success stories of relationships between black women and men from the States. Surprising but my colleague struck up a relationship with a African girl.

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There are only 500 white tigers in the world. See this white TIGER. He is healthy

Thursday, November 21, 2013

How did the word Lesbian originate?

Lesbian is a word that is common now. It denotes love of a sexual nature between women. There was a time when being a Lesbian wad thought to a aberration. But now people understand that sexual love between two women is normal though deviant.

The word Lesbian is over 2500 years old. It is connected with the Greek poetess Sappho. She lived on the island of lesbos. The word Lesbian is based on the island of name where Sappho lived.

A painting of Sappho by eroticist Édouard-Henri Avril depicting lesbian sex.

Sappho wrote passionate poetry about love and women. She believed that loving another woman in a sexual way was a normal affair. Her poetry is lovely and passionate. The word Lesbian thus is a tribute to the poetess Sappho who wrote passionate verses eulugising women. I am thankful that Sappho wrote these verses, for life is now that much more interesting. Hats off to the

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Olympic Torch is Hitlers Gift to Posterity

Not many people know about the origin of the Olympic torch from Greece to the Venue of the Olympics. Credit for this Olympic torch must go to Adolf Hitler who along with his propaganda Minister Dr. Goebbles conceived and executed the idea of the Olympic torch. It must be mentioned that before the 1936 Olympics there was no tradiation of a Olympic torch being carried from Greece to the venue of the Olympics. There was a flame in the 1932 and 28 Olympics but it was not carried from Greece.
In 1936 the Olympics were held in Berlin. Hitler wished to make this a memorable event for Germany and more so of the Nazi party. He and Dr Goebbles conceived the idea of a Olympic flame that would be lit in Greece and carried by relay runners through German dominated areas like Austria and Czheckoslovokia to Berlin. The idea was to create a favorable impression about Germany and distract the world from the anti- Jews and other negative policies of Hitler. The runners were chosen with great care and special German race men with blonde and Aryan features were chosen to carry the Olympic torch. This was a revolutionary step and Hitler was able to rivet the attention of the world to this new innovation. Dr Goebbles was able to create a aura with the torch as an example of Nazi socialism.
This was the first ocassion that a torch from Greece was taken by relay runners. Hitler received favorable comments for this act and his popularity all over the world went up. After the defeat of Germany this was one relic of Hitler that was not discarded. In the 1948 Olympics at London the torch was duly lit at Greece and carried by runners to London. Hitler after all did leave something durable behind.

Ancient Hebrew Mythology:Lilith, The First Wife of Adam

Mythology has its own charm. Every myth may not be true but all myths have some basis and they enliven mans life. One such myth concerns Lilith who is a beautiful woman from pre-biblical period. As per Hebrew mythology Lilith was the first wife of Adam. This is against the popular grain of Eve being the wife of Adam. This myth does not deny that Eve was the wife of Adam, but ancient Hebrew chronicles mention that she was the wife of Adam after Lilith The Myth tells us that Lilith was a very beautiful woman. When God gave her to Adam, she refused to submit to Adam in any matte r. Adam was exasperated and tried force, to make Lilith submit to him. This had an adverse reaction and Lilith ran away from Adam. A distraught Adam appealed to God, who instructed 3 angels to proceed and bring Lilith back to Adam,
The 3 angels pursued Lilith and reached her. They advised her to return to Adam, but Lilith refused. The angels then told her that in case she did not return to Adam all her children would die. This had its effect and the Angels were able to bring Lilith back to Adam. Adam duly exercised his right over Lilith. But Lilith was angry and she cursed all young children v born in the future. She cursed that boys in their 8 day and girls after their 20 Th day from child birth would be cursed. This was the reason that Jewish women used amulets and charms to ward of the evil effect of Lilith on new born children
Lilith thus became to be classified as an ogre and the myth took shape. Later she left Adam and God to console Adam gave him Eve. Thus as per mythology Lilith was the first wife of Adam

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hindu Men Lust for Muslim Women

In India there is a great social divide, where Hindus and Muslims do not have much social intercourse and both communities live together in water tight compartments. This social divide creates fantasies and Hindu men fantasize about Muslim women and vice versa. Most Hindu men will die to know what a Muslim woman is wearing under her Burkha. Is she wearing lingerie , simple or plain or none at all ?. The reason is the almost zero social contact between Muslim girls and Hindu men. That is the reason in films Muslim heroines are the heart throb of Hindu masses.
A few Hindu men who do marry Muslim girls have to convert to Islam.This they do willingly as it is the door way to sleep with your fantasy. My own friends son a doctor converted to Islam to marry his colleague a Muslim dentist for whom he lusted. Well friends this is a fact of life. Hindu men for centuries have lusted for Muslim women and even I at times wonder what fun it must be remove a Burkha. The burkha adds to the mystery of a Muslim woman and for that reason I am all for it. Agree ?

Men always fantasize about the women they meet

If you are a married man and happily married at that, how would you feel you had a crush on the girl next door or a lovely sales girl who may visit your home with a product? Do you feel guilt about it? Social scientists opine that in case you do feel attracted to another girl or woman then you need not feel guilty about it. Andrea Sytash a columnist writes that ‘being attracted to other people after you’re taken is normal’. Thus in case a sales girl arrives and your wife is out on a shopping errand and you have to attend to her and start feeling how good she will look naked, then there is no need to feel guilty about it. This is the mental make up of a man as by nature man is polygamous. It’s normal in case you don’t attend to her sales pitch and visualize her breasts and make a fantasy. Don’t be alarmed, as it is a normal human physiological activity.
Sometimes men feel burdened by the guilt complex and feel that coveting another woman who is not your wife is wrong. But a man can be happily married and yet have a crush on another girl. There was the case of my friend an Army captain who was happily married and he had a crush on a girl next door. He lusted for her and when he did he prayed to god to get over his mental thoughts. But I suppose he was wrong and Hindu scriptures do not condone it. Tantra sex in Hinduism is without bonds and trappings and I suppose the captain would have been better of in case he had got over his lascivious thoughts by talking to the lady next door.
Remember if you are in the proper frame of mind all this can be fleeting fun. Man is a social animal and needs to connect to others. One can’t keep hidden desires piled up in the recess of your minds. In fact in you have a crush on a woman and fantasize about her, there is a good chance you will come home happy and translate the crush to your wife for some great sex. Remember it’s normal to fantasize, but to go one step further and start another relationship is another story. That may be a signal that your relationship at home needs some special attention.

Did Hitler Have a Love Child

I am now going to write on an explosive subject. The world over it is recognized that Hitler loved many women, but none conceived from him. The rumors are that about 6 women crossed the path of Hitler, who at some stage were his lovers and shared his bed. His affair with one English origin girl merits consideration. She was Unity Mitford who came to Germany in the summer of 1934 and enrolled at a language school in Munich which was close to the Nazi Party headquarters. There are reports that she was obsessed with meeting Hitler and often followed him like she puppy. Hitler met her after 9 months and invited her to lunch. He was enamored with the blonde English girl, who began to adore Hitler. She also became Jew hater and Hitler rewarded her with an engraved golden swastika badge as well as a private box at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. She now became a close confident and member of the inner circle of Hitler. After war broke out in 1939, a distraught Geli took a pistol gifted to her by Hitler and shot herself in the head. She was hospitalized and Hitler paid all her bills. Later she was repatriated to the UK
A controversy in December 2007 came to the fore. A caller named Ms Val Hann claimed that her aunt, Betty Norton, had operated a private maternity hospital in Oxford where Mitford had been a client. According to Han’s family legend, passed from Betty to Val's mother, Mitford had checked into the hospital after her return to England where she had given birth to Hitler's child. This information was passed to Val by her mother. As per legend the child was subsequently given up for adoption.
An investigation was conducted, though the nursing home was intact, yet it was informed that as the war was on many births were not registered. Though no records of Mitford were found, yet there is speculation as brought out in the BBC documentary “Hitler British Girl” that Hitler's child could be living in the United Kingdom

Saturday, November 16, 2013

James Bond, Ian Fleming and Movies

Ian Fleming was a naval commander with British military intelligence during World War II. He drew on his experience and created a secret agent named James Bond. He also created a number for him 007, which specified the right to kill in the line of official duty. Fleming wrote about 12 books and it was not long before Hollywood decided to film them.
The start was with the film 'Casino Royale'. This was the first film on James Bond and the subject caught the imagination of the public. Now 5 decades down the line the character 007 James Bond is as popular as ever, may be more that when he was created. Hollywood has been making films on James Bond for the last 50 years and all of them have been money grosser's. In this spate of films some heroes have left a niche in the role of James Bond as portrayed by them. My favourite is Sean Connery. He starred in some notable James Bond films like 'Dr No'. 'Goldfinger', Thunderball', From Russia with Love and You only live twice. the setting for the last film was the South China Sea and japan.
Sean Connery was replaced by Roger Moore. He was good , but I would put him a shade behind Sean Connery , but some of his films like Octupussy,The man with the Golden gun and many more endeared him to the masses. Roger moore was followed by a spate of heroes playing James Bond like Timothy Dalton and others. All of them were good , but as I sid my favorite is Sean Connery. His last film ' Never say Never again' when he had aged considerably showed that Sean still had a lot of fire in him.
One other aspect of Bond that dominates his films is the bevy of beautiful girls. Bond is a great lover and he loves and leaves. Most films have some erotic scnes which have a subtle shade and add to the allure of a James Bond Movie. James Bond as a character will not die away and one can expect many more films on the subject in the years to come

Alligators at Indore Zoo * 79


Photo is taken with my Black Berry Bold. The alligators are fine animals and live for hundreds of years. The picture is of the Indian alligator that infests the rivers and lakes of India. its afresh water species. The same type of alligator devoured two British boaters in the Cauvery river in Tamil nadu

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Rare White Tiger at Indore Zoo

Recently went to the Indore Zoo and saw two white tigers. They are a gift from the maharajah of Rewa. Only about 500 white tigers are available world wise. This photo is taken by me with a blackberry bold camera. Like it ?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hitler's Sex Life

Adolf Hitler is a man whose name will be bracketed as one of the men who strode the world stage as a significant character. Obviously he will be looked at as a negative character, but the fact remains he will be part of world history and cannot be ignored. Hitler was a man with normal human failing as far as sex is concerned. In his youth he was a painter in Vienna and tried to eke out a living by making paintings. There re rumors that at Vienna he did often sleep with prostitutes for sex gratification.
In his youth he also fell in love with his half niece Geli Raubal. She later committed suicide in 1931. Hitler had relationships with about 6 women and finally met Eva Braun a German actress in 1929. He married her in 1945 and then both committed suicide. During the time he was with Eva Braun, he was monogamous and took no interest in any other woman. Earlier Hitler did have a sexual encounter with Renate Muller. This appears to be one of act, later the girl committed suicide in 1937.There is much speculation about Hitlers sex life. Many have alleged he was a homosexual, but all these can be dismissed as anti-Hitler propaganda.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Getting to Know a Philippine Girl

India and Philippines have been distant but friendly neighbors. However there has not been much interaction between the two nations for a variety of reasons. But things did change once Ms Aquino the President of the Philippines was guest of honor at the Military parade on Republic day In Delhi. Though Philippines are not yet on the tourist circuit of Indians but many Philippines do come to India to attend conferences and seminars. A few tourists also come. In a recent conference on third world problems a young girl PH. D (she must be about 30) attended the conference. After a casual introduction the girl impressed me greatly. She was lovely with a glowing skin. As the conference continued we took time off to see the historical sites of Delhi. She was shocked that Delhi was 3000 years old. We got closer and after a few days were holding hand.
At the end of the conference I suggested she come to my estate in the hills in Simla. I assured her she wouldn’t have seen anything like that in the Philippines. She agreed for a day. So we drove after the seminar to the hills. It was strictly a day but she was so pure and beautiful that we never touched beyond holding hands. It was soon over and she was to go back. She went and wrote to me and talked to me often. She reminded me that she had come to my estate for a day and now she invited me to her home. I agreed and flew to Manila. As I came out of the swanky airport there was my girl and this time she just held her arms and we kissed. It sealed a friendship that I hope will last for all time to come.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Painting a Woman in the Nude* 75

 As a youngster, I did have some talent to paint. More important my uncle Parduman was an excellent painter. It is a sad story that he died unsung and unheralded, but he was the man who ingrained in me the ethos of the art culture. Though I gave up painting, yet my interest in painting remained. My uncle also showed me the beauty of the female form.
I remember as a young boy, just growing up when he took me to an art class in the art school at Mumbai where a nude woman was being sketched by at least a dozen artistes.  The girl a darkish lady sat with bowed head and closed thighs as the artistes sketched her( including 3 lady students). There was no voyeurism involved and  everything appeared a clinical affair.
But now I can say that painting a nude is certainly not a clinical affair, but a labor of love and the expression of creativity. that is perhaps the reason that artistes like Amrita Shergill, jatin das,  Raja Ravi  Varma  in India and Dali and Picasso abroad have painted nudes. I remember in school we were taken to an art exhibition by the Russian painter Roerich.  He had a wonderful collection of nudes in the exhibition, which for all of us was a novelty.
The ancient Greeks and Indian all pained the female in the nude. perhaps while painting a nude an invisible spark emanates from an artistes brush. This can be the only reason that painter after painter has painted or sculpted nudes.
Lastly my uncle also had painted a nude and he showed it to me. I never asked who she was, she was certainly not my aunt.  Painting a nude is an expression of genius and everybody cannot rise to that level.

The Art of Undressing a Hindu Woman

This post was published earlier by me on Yahoo contributory network and has gathered over 6000 views. Friends read on and let me know how you fee. The Hindu religion is like an ocean. It is very difficult to fathom its depth as it encompasses all aspects of human life from metaphysics of worshiping God to man's quest towards self realization through sex. This is the art of Tantra.Tantra is recognized as distinct part of Hindu thought.Thus in Hindu philosophy sex itself has a special niche.Hindu writers have accepted sex as something sublime. They also mention that that undressing a woman is an art by itself. It is the first step in the path to eternal bliss.
Vatsyayansa the high priest of sex mentions that undressing a woman is of paramount importance. It is the path to gladden a woman. Hindu women have a different attire from the western and African women. The most common dress is a sari -which is a long wrap that is draped around the body and a blouse that fits the upper torso leaving the midriff bare. Some women may dress up in a ghagra which is in reality a loose skirt that touches the ankles and a chole or a blouse on top. Remember Hindu women are very fond of jewelry and high caste women will deck themselves with gold necklaces, ear rings and bangles. Even women of lower castes will adorn themselves with silver jewelry. A man must face the woman at the start and look her in the eye. This eye contact is important as it is the precursor to the next stage. This should be followed up with small kisses on the lips and soft words of endearment. It is important to carry the Hindu woman or lead her to the bed .
As a next step her blouse and bra unhooked . A lot of Hindu woman do not wear a bra and in that case slowly pay your homage to the peaks with your lips till the realization dawns on the woman that she is desired by the man. At the same time slowly take off her earrings and nibble the ears. Going down kiss her navel and then undo the cord of the Ghagra or the folds of the sari.
Once the woman has accepted you as her lover then remove her inner wear and gently part her thighs. Once you have done these things, you are on the way to possession of the woman.
The art of undressing a woman should not be thought of as an unnecessary appendage. It is something vital for the act of procreation. Hindu tantra theory shows sex as a path to God and that can only be possible when you follow the step by step initiation of the Hindu woman for the ultimate act.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Probe to Mars: What about Suicides by 10,000 Farmers

The Indian space mission to Mars is on its way and will reach the red planet sometime in 2014. That is a wonderful achievement, but I must strike a discordant note. I wonder how this mission and the money spent which must run into millions of dollars is going to alievate the hunger and penury of the Indian farmer, at least in some arid regions.

Take the case of Vidharba a backward and arid region of Mahrashtra. As per the Indian government statistics more than 10,000 farmers have committed suicide, due to hunger and inability to pay back loans. Crops have failed and thousands have committed suicide. How does this Mars mission help these destitute men?

The countries that have ventured into space research have first solved the problem of food in their nations. China is an excellent example. Its space program is also 2 decades ahead of India. Its about time some one belled the cat and restated the priorities of the Indian nation.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Beautiful Legs for Girls from India'/Pakistan/ Bangladesh

Legs have for long been regarded as an adjunct to the beauty of a woman. Unfortunately in Indian and Pakistani society the culture is to cover the legs, thus a sari or a shalwar Kameez is the dress in vogue.Muslim girls in particular are secluded. This effectively covers the legs and women from the sub continent are apt to neglect this part of their anatomy. Times are changing and the new breed of younger girls would like to display their legs. But this requires some hard work and the steps outlined below will go a long way in helping an Indian girl develop beautiful legs.
Step I. Undress yourself before the mirror and see how your legs look. Try and get out of the syndrome of covering your legs. This is important and once you are convinced that you would like to show case your legs the first step is taken Step 2. The next step is to get your legs a smooth look. You will have to shave the hair on your legs. You could use a woman’s razor or if you don’t want to shave you could use the waxing method or the hair remover creams. It is better to shave or wax at night as your legs will get a nights rest and you can start the day straightaway. Step 3. The next step is to get up in the morning and after a bath use leg make up. You could use a moisturizing cream and gently rub your legs with it. Maybe use could use a pinch of olive oil and massage your legs for a shiny look. This will entail some effort and you will have to spare time for it. In case you notice some skin problems like visible veins or pimples, consult a qualified dermatologist. Do not neglect any thing.
Step 4. This involves a regular exercise regimen for your legs. You could do it at home or in case you can afford it join the local gym. You will have to do special exercises that tone up the legs. The exercise you could think of are heel raises, squats, jumping, jogging, cycling, or weight training. The clue to weight training is low weights and more reps.Take the help of a physical instructor. In case you know how to swim then a dip in the pool will be beneficial. But unfortunately the majority of girls from the sub continent because of lack of opportunity and social mores do not know how to swim. Step5. Additional care. As Indian women always have their legs covered there is a good chance the legs will have a lighter shade than the arms and neck. Hence in case you plan on wearing a short skirt or dress and you are fair, make it a point to apply a light color tan to the legs

Puneet Agarwal and his Creation Savita Bhabhi

Savita Bhabhi is a character that has revolutionized the net as far as India is concerned. A country steeped in morality has awoken like a giant from a slumber to the charm of sex escapades on the net. The man who created this character is Puneet Agarwal, who is an Indian settled in London.
He rightly realized that Indian men are a repressed lot sexually and thus concieved of this site. In addition a "Bhabhi"( Brothers wife) is a sexual fixation like "Saali"( Sister in law) in Indian folklore. He tapped this vein and produced Savita, a buxom and lovely Bhabhi. The site is easily accessable and all one has to do is to type this name in google and in less than 30 seconds the site will throw up the results. The cartoons are beautifully created and look appealing. Savita has astring of stories in cartoon form with love encounter with her younger brother in law, milk man, News paper boy and husbands friend.
Compared to western cartoons its quite tame , but for Indians they are a wonderful release. I do see teh cartoons some times and they are stimulating.