Saturday, August 31, 2013

Obama will be Appeasing the White Lobby in Attacking Syria

War clouds are hovering over American armed forces. One feels sorry for the young men who are bravely serving the nation, but its hard to reconcile that thousands of them are sent to death to fight an impossible dream. Successive US Presidents from Johnson to Bush have sent them to fight wars thousands of miles from home, only to die. One need not look back too far and remember that 5000 US servicemen died chasing an impossible dream of George Bush in Iraq. In any criminal tribunal Bush would have been indicted and punished, but he is is enjoying his retirement. Not a crease on his brow for getting 5000 servicemen killed to satisfy his ego.
Obama was an opponent of the Iraq war. He got the US army out of Iraq, but he is now a prisoner to a white stranglehold. That is perhaps one reason he is talking of a 'limited' strike against Syria. Strike against Syria? what for ? The reasons sound similar to the WMD stockpiled by Saddam and later it showed there were none. It was a big lie. Now there is talk off use of toxic gas. Obama , may not on his own like to intervene in Syria. He is hesitant so far. Any other President by now would have unleashed war in Syria. but Obama is a prisoner of the White caucus, who want war and I am afraid as a Negro blood man he has to show that he can be aggressive for America. The Whites in his cabinet want it.That is the genesis of the attack on Syria as and when it comes. Obama must assert himself and remember his days as a senator, when he had opposed interventionist wars.

Halle Berry, Controversy, Swordfish and Nudity

Halle Berry deserves her place in the sun, for the simple reason that she is a woman with Negroid blood. I say this only because for a hundred years of Hollywood, the Negro actress never got her due. All the roles that were given to her were of a maid or a nanny on a plantation in the deep south. Good roles never came the way of negro actresses. Halle did well and from Bond girl to other roles like Cat woman, she was good. But I have another take on her.
In the film Swordfish she gave a nude shot of her breasts.I think if the rumor mills are to be believed she got half a million dollars for that expose. I have seen the movie and the shots, but the fact that she is a celebrity is the only thing going in her favor. The shot of the breasts is nothing extraordinary. Yet her celebrity status ensured that people went crazy to see them. That is stardom.

Halle won an Academy Award an did liked her acceptance speech where she dedicated the award to all the black actresses who never had a chance to win. The lot of the negro was bad in the South. Frankly later things changed and I don't think Negroes are badly off in the USA. I remember reading a John Wayne interview in which he had said that the negro had greater opportunities and really nothing to complain. tell me he had said where in the world can a Negro have a better opportunity than in America. How many will agree.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Militants Destroy Historic House of Jinnah, Founder of Pakistan at Ziarat

Mohammed Ali Jinnah suffered from tuberculosis during his last days. this disease was kept a secret and known only to Jinnah and his doctor. At that time he spent a lot of time at Zairat a hill station 120 km from Quetta. He bought a house there .This building known as the Residency was built in 1892 and was the residence of the Agent of the British Governor General during the days of the Raj Jinnah used to stay at this palatial building. After his death it was converted into a national monument.

.On 15 June last year militants from the Balochistan Liberation army attacked the bungalow and destroyed it. They planted 5 bombs and then opened fire. This building had been declared as a national monument by the Pakistan government.

The Balochistan Liberation army (BLA) are fighting for an independent Balochistan. In the attack one person was killed and the building destroyed with all the memorabilia associated with Mohammed Ali Jinnah.  When the security forces reached the scene the building had been gutted.

The security forces cordoned off the area and launched a search and  hunt operation for the BLA activists. The Chief of Police also informed that the BLA had left behind 6 bombs which were defused. The insurrection in Balochistan has gained momentum after the killing of Bugati, the Balooch leader in a helicopter attack on orders of the the then President general Musharraf. Pakistan has its hands full with extremists fighting in the tribal areas and now the BLA is seeking an independent Balochistan.

This is all very sad as all said and done Jinnah was a towering figure of the sub-continent. he was the creator of Pakistan though he acted on orders of the British government.

Is it a fact that Men and Horses never Age as far as Sex is concerned?

My Uncle is 68 years old and surprised all of us by announcing grandly that he was marrying a fashion model 35 years his junior. That was a year back and the product is a daughter now 2 months old. I have been wondering whether the age old adage that horses and men never age is true. There are umpteen cases like this. The great actor Anthony Quinn ( Now no more, bless his soul) had a child when he was 82. He must have been a virile man.
So many other cases have come to the fore. The latest is of Rupert Murdoch who married a Chinese girl Wendy who was 38 years younger to him. She has given Murdoch 2 daughters. The couple are now divorcing. One can’t forget the Playboy owner Hugh Hefner wedding a model just a few months back. The fact is that biologically, man in case he exercises and remains fit has his sex drive intact. Thus we see so many older men women marrying or having a relationship. Vatsyayana the great Hindu writer in his Kamasutra has recommended that older men have a relationship with younger women for a longer and healthier life. This perhaps is the answer to the question

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Meeting Acharya Rajneesh:My Moment of Truth

Acharya Rajneesh is in the view of many persons a great philosophical messiah. He brought in new techniques in mediation based on the Hindu Tantra, where sex had a major role. Western doctors have vouchsafed for his techniques that brought in bliss and relaxation. I as an officer of the IAF was forbidden to meet such persons, but as a young officer I ventured to meet him. I met him twice and I can say that it was a defining moment in my life. The first time I met him, it was a simple meeting. His eyes were hypnotic and they seemed to bore into my soul. He asked what I wanted and all I could say was "nothing".

The next meeting was a time when I was in some tension. It took place a few months later in Pune, just before the great man left for the USA. As I sat before , I saw another American girl ( Known as Sanyasins) also kneeling and getting the blessings of the living god. She was young and the state of mind I was, I desired her.What a word 'desire', but can one get away from it?
Next what happened was magic, the Acharya looked at me and said" don't be agitated, I will soothe you". I just nodded, dreading that the Acharya had read my mind. His eyes bored into me and what he said is something I can never forget " Come and take her hand and take her to the land of bliss". He took her hand and put it in mine. I bowed and both the girl and I left to an adjacent room for the most satisfying sex I have ever had. What does one make of it ? I never met Rajnish again, but there is no doubt he was a messiah who was a clairvoyant.

Rags to Riches: Train Urchin Girl Rises to Sing in Mumbai Films

One has heard of the famous fairy tale of Cinderella. Cinderella was a poor girl but magically she rose from rags to riches with the help of a fairy. Well here is a similar story in a slightly different scenario of a young 16 year old singer called Durga. This girl who hails from Andhra Pradesh made a living by singing songs on the Mumbai local trains. She sang on both the suburban sections of the Central and Western rail. She supported her family of 2 sisters by earning meager amounts of money by singing on the locals.
While travelling by local train Mumbai film music composer Sneh Khanwalkar, heard the young girl singing. She was struck by the rustic quality of the voice of Durga and promptly auditioned her for a song for the film “Gangs of Wasseypur” where she sang ‘Dil Chi Cha Ledar’. The song was an instant hit and set the sales charts afire. The rest is history as Durga has become a national icon. The 16 year old is now launching her debut album under the guidance of Bollywood film maker Anand Surapur on which she is working for the past 2 years. Surely there can be no tale more exciting than that of Durga who sang songs on the Mumbai local trains for a living and now is rising as a popular singer on the national circuit. The girl was singing on Mumbai locals since she was 9 till god smiled on her and turned her life from rags to riches. This is a true tale, that has an element of romance and the girl deserves our support.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Western Man's Guide to Loving a Hindu Woman

Hinduism is the ONLY major religion in the world that worships God also as a woman. In Hinduism the Devi (woman Goddess) plays a pivotal role. It is only in Hindu religion that Dharma, Wisdom, Knowledge, Prosperity; Power etc which are the epitome of Human life are represented symbolically by feminine Hindu deities Feminine spirituality is not something that needs to be grafted onto Hindu Dharma. It has always been a core part of Hindu faith. Having understood this a western man may think of making love to a Hindu woman. It will be a good idea to come to grips with Hindu thought before you love a Hindu woman. Firstly the form of dress or attire is distinctly different from the dress of a western woman. A Hindu woman will usually be dressed in a sari which is draped around the lower limbs with blouse, leaving the mid riff bare.

Before making love to Hindu woman it is best to be a little aggressive without being overbearing. Unlike western women Hindu girls are a lot shyer. So as a start it is imperative that you look the girl in the eye and establish eye contact. Follow up by words of endearment and let her know you know the Hindu gods and relate to her the love of Lord Krishna -Rukumani. Tell her how the Lord carried away Rukumani from her palace. Kiss her eyelids and lightly her lips and follow up by enveloping her in your arms and carry her to the bed in one composite motion.
See that the bed is draped with clean sheets and have some incense burn in the room. Dim the lights , but do not darken the room. If possible have a tape run the Hindu prayer 'om' in low voice. Create an atmosphere that sanctifies the occasion. Dwell long on her lips and take the next steps as slowly as possible. Disrobe the Hindu woman slowly and see that the sari does not get entangled in any way. Continue to divest her slowly of her blouse and bra. All the while follow up by comparing her beauty to that of a goddess. Remember in Hindu thought sex is one of the paths to attaining God. Do not think of the act only as a human weakness but as a potent recipe to higher fulfillment.
Slowly do the homage with your tongue and lips and in case you feel a rush of blood calm yourself. The sex act at its highest can also lead you to your previous birth as Hinduism believes in reincarnation of the soul. So treat this moment as a god given gift. The act proper should only be commenced when the woman is warm and ready to receive you. Enter her languorously and move slowly till you build up to the peak.\ So insure that you use no contraceptive and pay your tribute to the womb of the Hindu woman.
In Hinduism the temples and the ancient texts all say that one of the paths to god is through sex.Believe in this yourself and you will make this day a memorable one in your life. Close

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sinking of Indian Submarine in Bombay Naval Dock

A few days back the inadequacy of the Indian navy was exposed. A Kilo class attack submarine exploded in Bombay dock killing 18 sailors including 3 officers. The submarine was a Russian submarine( purchased from Russia) and had just returned after an extensive refit. The cause of the armed submarine which was to proceed on a simulated attack mission of the coast of Pakistan is a mystery. Naval experts have pointed out that teh submarine could not have exploded on its own as there are many safety layers.
One can't help feeling that this could be a case of sabotage. But in case it is sabotage it could only be done by one of the sailors on board. The navy sank in the dock and the Navy divers just could not reach and open the hull. This showed that naval divers lacked experience and also did not have eh necessary equipment for a salvage operation.
An attempt was made to float the submarine and bring it up, also failed. The navy just did not have the expertise for eh task. This is sad as eh submarine has taken 18 sailors to their grave. The Indian navy's pretense of a blue water navy looks hollow when it just does not have the expertise to take care of a disaster like the one that overtook INS Sindhuralshak in Bombay dock.

Baghel Singh: The Sikh who Captured the Red Fort ( Delhi)

A fact of history not much publicised is the Sikh capture of Delhi and the Red Fort, the seat of Muslim power in North India. The man who carried out this audicious task was general Baghel Singh Dhaliwal. He was a Jat Sikh and was born in 1730 in a village close to Amritsar. Not much is known of his early life, but he came into prominence as a leader of one of the Sikh clans called Misl. He followed up by organizing a Sikh army and very soon he had a force of 40000 battle hardened troops of the Khalsa. With their rousing cry of 'Sat Sri Akal' this force was a formidabe adversery for any opposing army.
At that time the Mughal empire had weakened with successive invasions by Ahmed Shah Abdali the Afghan warrior. Baghel Singh took advantage of the weakness of the Mughal emperor Shah Shuja amd in 1765 occupied Saharanpur close to Delhi. Shah Shuja sent a force to face Baghel Singh, but was defeated and in 1773 Baghel Singh did the impossible; he captured Delhi and the Red Fort. This event in Indian hitory must be given as much importance as the crowning of Samrat Hemchandra Vikramaditya as Emperor of Hindustan at the Old Fort( Purana Quila) in 1555. Shah Shuja sued for peace and signed a treaty with Baghel Singh and agreed to pay him 6 annas from each rupee earned as revenue in Delhi. Considering 16 annas made a rupee, Baghel Singh was entitled to 37% of all revenue from the Mughal coffers. Thus Baghel singh was master of almost the entire Punjab from the Doab downwards to Delhi.
During his sojurn in Delhi Baghel constructed 6 gurudwara in Delhi and also marked the place where Guru Teg Bahadur was beheaded with a Gurudwara known as Sis Ganj. Baghel singh lacked strategic vision and he left Delhi to fight wars in Punjab and died in 1802 at Hosihiarpur. But Baghel did enough to lift the hearts of Sikhs and Hindus with his capture of the Red Fort, a

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What do Liberated Muslim Women Feel about the Nikab or Burkha ?

The Nikab is black cloak which covers a woman from head to toe. It even covers the face leaving just a slit for the eyes. Nowhere in Koran is it written that women are to keep themselves covered like this.Yet in most Muslim societies this is enforced though women may not want it.

In Bhopal a woman was murdered as she refused to wear a Burkha. This shows the bent of mind of the Muslim male which is not open to reason at all. I wonder why Muslim men do not cover themselves. The Koran only advises that women dress modestly, not cover themselves. Things are taken to an extreme and in Saudi Arabia a woman can be executed for not wearing a Nikab when venturing out of the house

Some countries like France and Sri Lanka are legislating against this covering of the woman. In real terms it is a sign of subjugation of the woman. From reports that I have received Muslim women in Lanka are mighty pleased that the Burkha is being done away with. Muslim women in France and other European nations are also happy that coercion to wear a burkha is a crime.

Its about time the Muslim clergy and enlightened Muslims made a law that wearing Burkha is voluntary. Will it happen ?

My Tribute to Yul Brynner: a Hollywood Great

One actor in Hollywood who exuded a masculinity and macho appeal was Yul Brynner. In the fifties and early sixties Yul Brynner was one of the top stars of Hollywood. He was a star who appeared in numerous films with bald head, with not a hair on his scalp, yet he was adulated by the masses and he gave some stupendous hits.To get a measure of the sex appeal of Yul Brynner one has only to see the movie "Solomon and Sheba', where Yul Brynner played the role of Solomon the great Jew king who loved the queen of Sheba played by the sexiest star on the Hollywood screen- Gina Lollobrigida.

Yul Brynner was born in Russia in 1920 and his real name was Taidje Khan. He migrated to the US and became an American citizen in 1943. Before that he had worked as a radio announcer for the US Army. Yul Brynner is known for his roles as the bald gun man in 'The Magnificent Seven: and the Egyptian Pharaoh in "TheTen Commandments'.Earlier he had made a tremendous impact in the movie'The King and I'. Among his other films is The brothers Karamazov, Taras Bulba, Death Rage, The Ultimate warrior among others

Brynner was a natural actor and died in 1985 of cancer. He was an inveterate smoker and contracted lung cancer.But all along he led a checkered life and was married 4 times. In 1965 he renounced his American citizenship to escape the tax laws of the USA.
Yul Brynner was acknowledged as a great actor and won the Oscar for the best actor for his role in 'The King and I'. Now that the dust has settled critic do acknowledge that Yul Brynner was an actor par excellence and deserves a place in Hollywood's hall of fame.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Fatehpur Sikri, Akbar's Palace and Mosque on a Hindu Temple

Fatehpur Sikri is about 50 km from Agra and for about 15 years was the capital of the Mughal empire. This was during the time of Akbar the great, who became emperor of Hindustan after defeating Samrat Hemu in the 3rd battle of Panipat in 1556. After some years Akbar shifted to Agra and later to Fatehpur Sikri. The place at present is looked after by the ASI ( Archeological Society of India). Incidentally the ASI was set up during the days of the Raj. One monument however is alive and that is the Jama Masjid. This mosque was erected between 1571-76 by Muslim saint named Salim Chisti. The mosque is made of red sandstone and has an outer wall and a large courtyard.
The sad part is that this mosque from accounts given by the local people stands on the ruins of an Hindu temple. It is surmised that this mosque was dedicated to Lord Shiva. One of the banes of Muslim power is the destruction of Hindu temples and the erection of Mosques over them the samething happened at Fatehpur Sikri. The mosque is known as the Jama Masjid and dedcated to Salim Chisti who is entpmbed here. A look at the walls and the main gate will show typical Hindu structures like 'chatris' with Hondu motifs. These are a giveaway and point to the origin of the Jama Masjid being on a Hindu temple.
The mosque is a besutiful piece of architecture and has a Buland Darwaza ( large doorway) with paintings on its walls. The paintings are somewhat faded and need restoration work. The mosque proper has the mazar of Salim Chisti. Akbar it appears was fond of this mosque, hence it lies in close proximity to the Royal Palace where his favorite queen Jodha bai resided.

Try This for Sexual Vigor.You will be a gainer

ecently a friend of mine confessed to me that he was not able to ‘perform’ in bed. He was little despondent as he was feeling a lot insecure. This is one trait that comes up in case your distribution curve shows a deep dip in your nocturnal performance. I remember what my guru Swami Shradanand had told me some years back. He had then told a small congregation that what to do in case you wanted to perform better in bed. I reproduce what the swami told me below. The swami gave a combination of bio- chemic tonic and natural food for this purpose.
a) The first step is to go to a bio- chemic shop and buy compound no 27. This is a bio chemic tonic available across the shelf in most medical stores dealing with homeopathic and bio chemic medicines. It has no side effects and is safe like a cucumber. In any case do not take any drug like Viagra or associated products. Take 4 tablets 4 times a day and let the pills dissolve in your mouth of their own accord. b) Follow up with a diet of almonds, dates mixed in warm honey twice a day. This is a nourishing diet and needs to be assimilated carefully. Eat ii slowly to savor the taste as well as a chance to the body to assimilate this food.
c) Take at least 3 farm eggs fried in butter with plenty of onion and grounded red chilies. This could be taken in the morning. Garnish the fried eggs with chopped almonds and raisins with a slice of bread. d) At bed time take a glass of warm milk with honey. Lastly make it a habit to exercise daily for 30 minutes. You could do anything like a jog or go to the gym or cycle. Do what ever you like and follow this regime of diet and exercise and the results will show in the first week itself. All those who read this post are requested to try it out and give me a feed back. It can only be positive.

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The overall customer feed back of the site is good. Generally is considered as the no 1 site in its genre for dating, friendship and a longer liaison like marriage.