Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What do Liberated Muslim Women Feel about the Nikab or Burkha ?

The Nikab is black cloak which covers a woman from head to toe. It even covers the face leaving just a slit for the eyes. Nowhere in Koran is it written that women are to keep themselves covered like this.Yet in most Muslim societies this is enforced though women may not want it.

In Bhopal a woman was murdered as she refused to wear a Burkha. This shows the bent of mind of the Muslim male which is not open to reason at all. I wonder why Muslim men do not cover themselves. The Koran only advises that women dress modestly, not cover themselves. Things are taken to an extreme and in Saudi Arabia a woman can be executed for not wearing a Nikab when venturing out of the house

Some countries like France and Sri Lanka are legislating against this covering of the woman. In real terms it is a sign of subjugation of the woman. From reports that I have received Muslim women in Lanka are mighty pleased that the Burkha is being done away with. Muslim women in France and other European nations are also happy that coercion to wear a burkha is a crime.

Its about time the Muslim clergy and enlightened Muslims made a law that wearing Burkha is voluntary. Will it happen ?