Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Militants Destroy Historic House of Jinnah, Founder of Pakistan at Ziarat

Mohammed Ali Jinnah suffered from tuberculosis during his last days. this disease was kept a secret and known only to Jinnah and his doctor. At that time he spent a lot of time at Zairat a hill station 120 km from Quetta. He bought a house there .This building known as the Residency was built in 1892 and was the residence of the Agent of the British Governor General during the days of the Raj Jinnah used to stay at this palatial building. After his death it was converted into a national monument.

.On 15 June last year militants from the Balochistan Liberation army attacked the bungalow and destroyed it. They planted 5 bombs and then opened fire. This building had been declared as a national monument by the Pakistan government.

The Balochistan Liberation army (BLA) are fighting for an independent Balochistan. In the attack one person was killed and the building destroyed with all the memorabilia associated with Mohammed Ali Jinnah.  When the security forces reached the scene the building had been gutted.

The security forces cordoned off the area and launched a search and  hunt operation for the BLA activists. The Chief of Police also informed that the BLA had left behind 6 bombs which were defused. The insurrection in Balochistan has gained momentum after the killing of Bugati, the Balooch leader in a helicopter attack on orders of the the then President general Musharraf. Pakistan has its hands full with extremists fighting in the tribal areas and now the BLA is seeking an independent Balochistan.

This is all very sad as all said and done Jinnah was a towering figure of the sub-continent. he was the creator of Pakistan though he acted on orders of the British government.