Friday, August 29, 2014

Taslima Nasreen and the Fatwa against her

Taslima Nasreen is a writer from Bangladesh. She is a lady I admire and its unfortunate that she is exiled from Bangladesh and a Fatwa issued against her. Taslima lives in exile in New delhi and continues to write books. Her lates book 'French Lover' is published and earlier her novel 'Lajja' had catapulted her to the big league of writers.
Taslima was born in 1962 and her early life was non descript. She came into limelight after publication of 'lajja' and her anti Islamic views, though she is a Muslim. For this reason a Fatwa was issued on her. In Lajja she brought out the discrimination and persecution of Hindus in Bangladesh, which was not liked by many people. Its a pity that bangladesh does not recognize the greatness of Taslima. Her views on Islam should not come in the way of appreciation of her books. With the coming to power of the BJP and Narendra Modi, Taslima hoped that she would be granted Indian citizenship, but all she has got is a 2 month tourist visa. India needs to wake up and support Taslima as I do

Panchayat Dishes out Wife Swapping as a Punishment

In a village in India, the governing body is the Panchayat who are elected reps from the village. The president of the Panchayat is called the Sarpanch. The Panchayat is the adminstrative authority in a village and hears petty offences and also awards punishment. In a village in rural Utter Pradesh, the North Indian state the Panchayat has passed a unique punishment. One of the married men in the village eloped with the wife of another married man who was also a resident of the village.
The aggrieved man brought his case to the Panchayat, that his wife had been seduced by another man and she had eloped with him. The Panchayat after due deliberation gave a bizarre verdict. It authorised the man who had filed the complaint to keep the wife of the man who had seduced his wife. The Panchayat authorised the man to immediately take the wife of the man, as his own wife and have conjugal relations with her as well as have children. In other words it authorised wife swapping. The Panchayat also added a rider that the woman must concieve with child. A grace period of 90 days was given

Lovely Photos of Exotic Ladakh at Northern Tip of India

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My Thoughts on the Burkha worn by Muslim Women

All over the world it is not uncommon to see Moslem women in large numbers travelling by bus and train wearing a black cloak that leaves only the face or the eyes visible. The entire body is covered in a shroud and is distinctive attire that will arrest the eyes of any onlooker. This is dress peculiar to Moslem women and is referred to as the 'Burkha' or the Hijab and many do not also wear it, as it is not compulsory like in India, but in orthodox Moslem nations like Saudi Arabia wearing the Hijab is mandatory and there is no choice in the matter.
Attention on the Burkha has been riveted after the French Assembly banned it in France, as they consider it a form of subjugation of the woman. Moslem clerics there have up held the ban. This banning of the Burkha in public places in France, which is championed by the French President himself has brought the focus on this dress and the world has started taking note of this form of dress. However it must be pointed out wearing of the Burkha is not mandatory. Islam only mentions that women be dressed soberly and not show themselves. The Burkha is an invention of the hard line Moslem clerics.
Recently I had a date with a Moslem girl friend. Earlier she never wore the Burkha, but this time she came with a Burkha on. On my questioning her as to why she had worn it, she replied that it was not a constraint and all she wanted to do was emphasize her identity as a Moslem. As an educated lady she felt it was a symbol of her freedom as well as a mark of identity, and for that reason she liked to wear it. The Burkha is a matter in real terms to be left to the individual girl or woman. Though the security agencies have some apprehension of its use by terrorists as a decoy, yet it is really a harmless piece of clothing. It certainly is a statement of a separate identity and a lot many women will voluntarily wear it.
( This actress is also Muslim) The Burkha however has become part of politics with hardliners on both sides having divergent views. Some visualize it as mark of subjugation while others say it is a mark of individuality. Many European nations are moving ahead to ban the Burkha in the public place. Maybe they have a point, but in India it thrives and is a mark of identity and many women wear it. It cannot be wished away.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Seduction of Women. the Finer Points

Don Juan is recognized as one of the greatest lovers of all time. In all probability his love life centered on his charm and ability to seduce the women he desired. It was an act of tremendous finesse bordering on art itself and certainly is something which many men would like to emulate. Seduction of women has been going on from time immemorial. It is something that has never been defined and is not something tangible. In fact it has a lot to do with the mind and emotion. A man would like to only seduce a woman who he likes or fancies. In that respect it is a part of sex and desire as well. Thus as desire has no bounds, seduction also has no set rules. Bear in mind that seduction is not gender oriented and a woman may also seduce the man she likes.
However in case you do desire a woman and you know her well, it will be a good idea to get to know the background of the person concerned. A little home work would hold you in good stead. Thus do a little snooping and get to know her place of stay/residence, the members of her family as well as her routine of work and leisure. A very important point is getting a whiff of her interests and likings. If possible in conversations try and get to something intangible like her dreams and fantasies. Once you have the necessary details about the object of your desire, you can now proceed to the next step. Remember that coercion or other forms like spiked drinks and food need to be completely eschewed. The entrance of such elements will make the act criminal and can invite a charge of rape. More over it is not something a genuine lover will relish.
Follow up by talking regularly to the woman. Make it a point to gift chocolates and flowers. Learn what she likes and offer to be her escort.Take her to a restaurent or for shopping. In short you must build up trust. Once you have built up trust the next step will flow naturally. The woman may even accompany you to your apartment or invite you to hers. Above all tell her that you love her. It should be the beginning of a romance. That is one ingredient that is essential to move forward. Seduction is an art that deserves a lot of finesse and tact. It is important that one keeps the susceptibilities of the woman or man in mind. Do not force any thing and let the act flow like the river Ganges, slowly and surely in a tranquil manner.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

What a Black Feels when he abducts and rapes a white woman.

The black man in America is physically strong and also virile, this is because of the theory of natural selection as enunciated by Darwin. the precent species has evolved from a process of natural selection and is very virile and fit male. Add to this the subjugation of 200 years as a slave and the black man must have an outlet to avenge his slavery.
Nothing could be better than raping a white girl or woman to make his point. It is a form of revenge and pleasure and desire go hand in hand. The black man is thus prone to raping white women. Thsi is not a a fiction but a fact. In 2005 Blacks raped almost 5500 white women, while whites raping black women is zero. Statistics of later years are not available as they are under wraps, but tere is no doubt that blacks enjoy the most when they rape a white woman.
What does a black think when rapinga white woman ? Possibly it gives him a feeling of power and also satisfaction at having attained an object denied to him for long. The world in the USA is changing, but rapes of white women by blacks have not gone down.

Let's Face it the Seeds of the Beheading of US Photo Journalist lies in the Teachings of Islam

I have seen the video on You Tube which depicts the beheading of a defenceless American reporter with a knife by a Jihadi. I understand the Jihadi is now identified as a British Muslim and obviously he takes great relish in beheading a defence less man. The civilized world is appalled, but I have yet to hear a condemnation of the beheading by any Muslim anywhere in the world. This is the sad fact. What is the reason that makes Muslims so heartless and cruel where they ignore the basic requirements of a civilized world? Unfortunately the answer lies in the double speak of the religion itself. Islam advocates killing of kafirs and the Sharia advocates the execution of a death sentence by beheading. Incidentally this is not the first beheading of a western as earlier in Pakistan Daniel Pearl another reporter was also beheaded.
Islam talks of Jihad or a religious war and I can safely say no other religion advocates a war on religious grounds. Since there is double speak in the religion, hard liners interpret it their own way and draw their own conclusions. Its about time the moderate Muslims banded against this hydra which is represented by teh ISIS. Come to think of it all this may not have happened if Bush had not removed saddam Hussein and hanged him. He was the man who kept extremists at bay and hanged dozens of them. The USA lost the plot, when they hanged Saddam and though I am saddened by this killing ,the blame in a way lies at the door of George Bush.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Killing of a Black needs investigation, but what about Looting by Blacks?

There is news that in America in the city of Ferguson a young 18 year old black boy named Micheal Brown was shot dead by a policeman. The incident has acted as a ignition point and many people have questioned the approach of the police. Perhaps they have a point in this as the US police is trigger happy. In life everything is not cut and dried and once when you examine an incident a different perspective emerges. It is now known through a video that Brown had stolen cigarettes from a convenience store and threatened the owner. This makes very sad news. The boy in all probability would have done such acts earlier though I am sure it cannot be proved, but can anyone say that this was the first crime committed by the black boy ?
The shooting needs to be investigated, but the reaction of the blacks to the killing by starting a looting campaign is inexcusable. My friend has informed that gangs of blacks began a systematic looting of the stores and shops and many shop owners had to arm themselves against this black hooliganism. Why should blacks start all this? This makes sad reading and I agree with Governor Jay Nixon that curfew had to be imposed. In curfew it's the job of the police to maintain law and order and nobody should fault them if they shoot a few more blacks indulging in looting. Yes, all shooting incidents need to be investigated, but who will justify Black looting ?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Abducting a Woman for Love. Justified? Hindu Scriptures say Yes, Modern law say its a Crime

The Laws of Manu justify abduction of a woman for marriage. The laws of Manu have been the cornerstone of Hindu jurisprudence for close to 4000 years. When Lord Krishna abducted his lady love the Princess Rukimini can be treated as the stepping stone for such acts for Hindu lovers. A lover could abduct his love or the woman he desired and marry her and then take her to the bridal bed. The rights of the woman did not matter, but perhaps in a society dominated by this ethos, women accepted abduction as part of ‘Dharma’. During abduction a warrior had sometimes to fight with the kin of the princess and he could carry out the abduction, only if he won the battle.
The great warrior Bhishma also abducted 3 princesses from a swayamvara and in the process defeated all the warriors who had come for the swayamvara. Thus marriage by abduction was a legal right and recognized in the Laws of Manu as an act as per ‘Dharma’. The arrival of the English changed all this and abduction from 1861 became a crime when the Indian Penal Code was passed. Now if you were to abduct anyone , it can land the man to a still jail term for 7 years. Al the same its fun to read of abductions and love and sex in olden days.
Come to think in case a man abducts a woman, I wonder what are teh thoughts of a woman who knows that the man loves her ? I can't hazard a guess.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Two Eternal paitings by Rani Rukmini Varma , Princess of Travencore

Another Painting
Rani;s painting
The painter her Royal Highness the Princess of Travencore

How the Egyptian Generals Built up Morale by Offering Jewish Girls to Soldiers 1967 War

The 1967 war is important for a student of military history. It shows how a morale is built up and then shattered. In 1967 Gamal Nasser, the Egyptian President had armed his troops with the latest weaponry from Russia and his Air Force with the latest Soviet MIGs. He was sure that in case he provoked a war with Israel, his army would annihilate the Israeli state. He was bent on the destruction of Israel.
Gamal Nassar, the dictator of Egypt
The morale of the Egyptian soldiers was built up with a promise of Jew girls as consorts and concubines. in fact, many senior officers privately thought of getting Jew virgin girls for them. This did build up the morale, yet in actual combat, the Egyptian forces just ran away. Particularly after a 24-hour assault that destroyed 90% of the EAF on the ground. As quickly as the morale was built up, even more quickly it evaporated and Egyptian soldiers surrendered in vast numbers.
Gamal Nasser, realizing he was routed and fearing the anger of the masses and possible capture by Israel went into hiding. He never recovered from this defeat and died a short time later from a heart attack

Halloween and Shraddha are similar festivals

Halloween is a Christian festival ( though it has a Pagan origin) that generally falls on 31 October every year. It’s a day dedicated to remembering the dead, including Saints. Many of my American friends have asked me whether Halloween is celebrated in India. Well, frankly in India which has 85% Hindu population the festival as understood in the Christian west is not celebrated or followed. Having said that, there is a similar festival in India also. This is called the "Shraddha" or "Pitra Paksha". This is a 15 day long festival that usually occurs during the month of August -September. In this festival the Hindus will remember their departed souls and ancestors.
For Hindus departed souls are not an object of fear or dread. As Hinduism believes that a soul is immortal this festival is followed to placate and please the departed souls. Generally many Hindus will make a footprint facing towards the house. This is a sign that the departed soul is welcome inside the house. Sweets and tasty vegetarian food is prepared and distributed to poor people and animals.
At the end of the festival footprints are again made outside the house, but facing away, so that the departed soul can leave the house with ease. The "Shraddha" is basically a festival to honor departed souls of the ancestors. In a way the festival has a similar ethos to the Halloween as celebrated in Christian nations. It shows that the world is in reality a small place.

Monday, August 11, 2014

War in Gaza is Jew- Moslem War * 73

The War in Gaza is a Religious on between Israel and the terrorist organizations like Hamas in the Gaza. Is a no hold barred war and the Palestine Arabs are suffering heavy casualties. Will this war ever end? Firstly we must remember despite all talk against this concept, that this is a religious war fueled by religious hatred. It's a battle between Jews and Muslims in Palestine and so far the Muslims are the losers. In fact they lost 3 wars against Israel despite over whelming numerical superiority in men and war material.

One reason for this defeat is that the Arab Muslims are not united and nations like Egypt have broken ranks. Never the less it's a religious war and I do not see the Palestine Arabs ever winning it. I am also sure it will be a war to the finish and and no early end will happen.

How Tibet the Forbidden Land was Explored

The Power Game In the 19th century a great power game was on in Central Asia. China was weak, but Russia was expanding its influence in Central Asia. This alarmed the British who had colonized India. They wanted to checkmate Russian influence and at the same time create a buffer state in Tibet. For this it was important to explore Tibet and create maps for the British.
Secret Surveyors for Tibet The British decided to send secret surveyors to Tibet who would physically map the area. Obviously they wanted to send people who could not be easily recognized. For this purpose they chose Indians to execute this work. We must remember that Tibet was a forbidden land and in case a man who was not a Tibetan was caught doing any illegal work, the danger for him was great. The British selected some educated local Indian’s from Utter Pradesh, a province adjacent to Tibet for this job. The British trained these Indians who later entered Tibet to study the topography and make exploration maps.
Chain Singh and Nain Singh: First Explorers One of the most famous of these was Chain Singh, a school master from Utter Pradesh. Another well-known Indian explorer was Nain Singh. These brave Indians went deep into Tibet and brought back invaluable information which was correlated by the British and the first maps of Tibet were got ready. It must be remembered that Tibet at that time was a forbidden land and mostly unexplored. The travels of Chain Singh and Nain singh are what stuff legends are made off. These intrepid travelers traveled the length and breadth of Tibet and made maps of the areas. Their travels took many years and helped the British immensely. Both of them traveled in the guise of a Tibetan monk. They were instrumental in getting the first maps of Tibet ready for times to come.
YoungHusband Expedition On instructions of the British government the then British leadership drew up plans to ensure that Tibet would be a buffer state. But obviously the Dalai Lama would not listen to the British representative in Lhasa. The British as is their wont decided to launch a military expedition against Tibet. This was the genesis of General YoungHusband’s military march to Lhasa in 1903-04. The maps prepared by Chain Singh and Nain Singh came in handy for this expedition. Chain Singh and Nain Singh were well compensated by the British with land grants and titles. Their descendants still live in the Indian state of Utteranchal. One can't think of a more romantic tale than the adventures of Nain Singh and Chain Singh

Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Most satisfying Women in Bed . Who can she be?

I have plenty of experience with women and sometimes I wonder why I should not put them down on pen and paper. so here it is: firstly in my travels around the world, I have slept with Russian, East European, Nordic, French and British, American and South American and SE Asian women, not forgetting women from the. various parts of India.
These experiences cannot be the basis of any research and its best to treat them as the personal impressions of a man who tried to live life to the hilt. In fact in an earlier post I have already written that Tamil Brahmin and American women take the cake as far as I am concerned in bed. Again this is not a research paper, but just an experience that shows the world is one. I have found the Nordic women, despite the free sex extremely cold. In contrast an American or a Brahmin Tamil girl is volatile like hot bubbling water. Who would I prefer between a Tamil Brahmin girl and an American? Firstly let me set the issue straight as far as color is concerned. I am not a racist, but I always eschewed black color women, irrespective of religion and race. Out of the white the extreme pale faced women are again ones that I would avoid. Coming to the million dollar question as to who is more satisfying in bed, an American girl or a Tamil Brahmin? There is no easy answer and both women from America and Tamilnadu are good competition. A Tamil Brahmin girl will be a little shyer, while an American woman will be the greater participant. If one goes by the Tantra theory, an American is more likely to understand Tantra sex than a Brahmin girl from Tamil Nadu. But an American may not be a virgin, while in 98% of the cases a Tamil girls will be a virgin, complete with hymen intact.
the sex itself is a volatile elixir and one that is the fountain of good health. This is stated in the Tantra and if one wants good health, then sex is the elixir and to remain young you will need different women and preferably younger ones as well. The question of who is better, an American or a Tamil Brahmin is one that is like the scales and can swing up and down. It also depends on the mood of the man and that means me. Maybe by a whisker an American girl would be ahead by a half a point in most scenarios. Loving her as per the Tantra is the greatest gift for a man, while deflowering a Tamil Virgin girl has its own aura and glory. Frankly why not the two of them simultaneously? It’s not easy unless one is a Hercules and I am not one.

Men Need Women Dates: Try Double

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Stalin's Victory Parade at the end of World War II

The Second World War is receding from the minds of the younger generation. It is becoming more and more distant, but some events of that period can even now rouse the spirits of old soldiers. One of the famous events was Stalin’s victory parade at the end of the war. The parade took place on 24 June 1945 more than a month after the surrender of Nazi Germany to Russian commanders. The order for the parade was issued by Josef Stalin himself. Earlier as per noted historian Anthony Beevor Stalin himself wished to lead the parade, but then gave up the idea as the horse on which he was to ride unseated him. After that he commented that let Zhukov lead the parade as he is from the cavalry.
Stalin thus in his operational order appointed Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov as the parade inspector and MarshalKonstantin Rokossovsky as the parade commander. The organization of the parade was the prerogative of Colonel General Pavel Artemyev. The parade took place on a rainy day and later the fly past was cancelled. Stalin himself took the salute standing atop Lenin’s mausoleum. Units of all Russian federation groups as well as a small Polish contingent took part in the parade.