Sunday, February 23, 2014

White Women, Arab Sheikh's and Abductions

Recently there was news item that a young school from England had gone missing. The girl was not recovered and many people expressed apprehension that the girl may have been kidnapped. This is how my focus on the kidnapping of European girls caught my attention. The slave trade of Negroes to work in the plantations is well documented and is a fact of history. Forts like the one at Cape Castle in Ghana on the West coast of Africa stand as testimony to the black slave trade. But there was another slave trade which is not so well documented. This is referred to as the White slave trade and solely concerned white women.
This slave trade is to an extant still alive and INTERPOL is trying its best to break it.The slave trade of white women started from the 15th century and even earlier. It stemmed from the fact that the rich Arabs and Caliphs desired white women for their harems. The Caliphs and Sultans greatly desired European women. This was a commodity not easily available. Hence these Arabs hired agents and professional touts who for astronomical sums of money either lured or kidnapped unsuspecting young European girls for the harems of the Arabs. There is no end to the people who for a tidy some of money will lure an unsuspecting girl, drug her and take her away.
There were cases of young girls going for a walk and being spirited away. There was an elaborate mechanism and the girl could not escape. She would be taken to the Sultan's harem. The sultans were very particular that the girl being supplied was a virgin. No payments were made in case the girl was not a virgin. There is a very graphic account of this trade in the novel the Lustful Turk. The trade continued well nigh into the 20th century, but now is in decline. The hey day of this period was the 18th and 19th terms of numbers the white slave trade involved very few women, but it certainly did exist. Though this trade is on the decline, but again now and then cases surface of the kidnapping of a girl, who probably ends up in the harem of a Sheikh.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

No Harm in a Sexual Relationship with a Younger woman: It is Vatsyayana's Recipe for Youth

lets face it man, ALL and I mean all (except the Gays) are like me, who covet and lust after young, attractive women. Frankly there is nothing wrong with it, for it’s got a simple answer: biology. Men have an inherent desire to chase and breed with young, virile and sexy girls. Age is not a criterion, at least for the men as the biological clock is different. Women get checkmated by the biological clock, but not the men who can even when well past the prime produce off spring. I read some where that Anthony Quinn the Hollywood star had one when he was 82.
The world however sometimes sees this differently and many old guys are the butt of jokes and some get sneered as well. You have words like ‘pervert’ and worse being bandied about for an older man who covets younger woman. But many older men marry younger women and the couples are happy. It’s a biological need and one need not be ashamed about it. I can’t write from the women’s angle. But I suppose all relationships can only take place if there is mutual attraction, and sexual desire. So I will concede one rider that an older man coveting younger woman must insure it’s not an unrealistic relationship where other considerations are involved. Though sadly sometimes it happens.
At the end of the day an older man will not be as attractive as a younger man. That can’t be helped, but an older man can in his own way win younger woman. You got to give it a try and you will find that conquests are sometimes so easy. I have no apologies for the fact that I love younger women. What’s wrong with it? But since I do not drive a Rolls and have wads of money, I know that when a younger woman accepts me,it is not for money. I hate a business relationship. Coming back to the theme of this post, older men do desire younger women. Nothing wrong with it. It’s a biological need and lastly don’t give up. A lot of younger women prefer older men, why? I am stymied for an answer. But I am happy as I am, as I look for younger women. Any objections?

Mickey Spillane's "I The Jury": Age old Thriller, Still Thrills

It’s 2011 and I went into my old college library and asked the librarian and old friend whether I could get Mickey Spillane’s book ‘I the Jury’. It was my way of paying tribute to a man who set up the genre of the action novel.He rummaged and brought me an old dog-eared book. It was a 1953 edition and I signed for the book and took it home. I read it in one sitting and mind you I was reading the book after almost 3 decades. I am convinced this book is the best Mickey Spillane ever wrote. Mickey died in 2006 and not much was heard about him even at that time. Mickey Spillane was a master of the art of creating a pot pourie of sex, love, revenge, murder and violence. He created a character in Mike Hammer, who in real terms was a sledge and a hammer himself. For the reader let me recap the story. It’s a simple tale of a man going out to avenge the death of his close buddy Jack who has been brutally murdered. Incidentally, Jack had lost his arm in trying to save Mike Hammer during the Pacific war against the Japs. So Mike is all out for revenge and he starts from the last party Jack had attended. He hunts to death each of the attendees of that party with fiendish glee. The killer is also hunting Mike and it has all the makings of a thriller par excellence. This novel is Mickey’s forte as he creates a heady cocktail of revenge and sex. We talk of Harold Robins now, but man you can’t beat Mickey Spillane. The book sold 20 million copies.

I the Jury is I feel the best book Mickey wrote. It was also made into a movie and millions read this book. The prose is simple and the language earthy. Yes, there is very little finesse in it and the critics will pan him for it, but in I the jury he creates a thrilling tale and one can agree with Mike Hammer that crime does not pay. The book is now out of print and that is sad. Maybe people have outgrown the brand of sex and violence as brought out by Mickey. But who can forget that he was the man who launched a new era in the field of fiction?
 I think the best tribute to Mickey is that he was a writer who brought the period of guns, molls and crime so prevalent in America after the war alive for the reader. He mirrored society and created a man in Mike Hammer who I don’t think will die away. Not in the genre of Sherlock Holmes, but something more earthy, a hood who could tame a bigger hood.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Concept of marriage in "The Black Prince" by Iris Murdoch

Murdoch wrote ‘The Black Prince’ in 1973. The novel is an exceptional study of erotic obsession. It is also subject to multiple interpretations. One of the subjects of study and interpretation in ‘The Black Prince’ is marriage. Dame Murdoch created a character named Bradley Pearson, who is the narrator in the novel. Murdoch creates a fantasy by having Bradley relate the story. Murdoch refers to Hamlet in the, ‘The Black Prince’ very frequently. It is apparent that the initials of the Black Prince are B.P which is the initials of Bradley Pearson. This indicates that Bradley Pearson is a black prince in his own right.
In the novel Iris Murdoch describes three marriages. She adds her own commentary to these marriages, through the words of Bradley Pearson. She paints a bleak picture of marriage in her novel. She portrays three marriages between Arnold and Rachel, Christian and Bradley, and Priscilla and Roger. All the marriages have a painful ending. Arnold and Rachel are supposed to have the best marriage. They are both strong and believe that they have the strength to make their marriage survive. But sex comes to the fore as both want to have love affairs and Rachel kills Arnold. It’s a tragic end to their marriage. The marriage between Priscilla and Roger is much worse. Roger had married Priscilla thinking he had impregnated her, though that was not the case. The marriage was thus a failure from day one. They stayed miserably for 20 years and had no children.
Murdoch makes her opinions about marriage as an institution come out through the commentaries of Bradley. She brings out many flaws in marriages. Bradley suggests marriages are inconsistent with human nature. From the novel one can surmise that Iris Murdoch does not have a high opinion of marriage as an institution. Murdoch believes sex as a part of marriage. She brings lust to the fore when Julian dresses up as Hamlet and Bradley is aroused and makes violent love to her. The Black Prince begins and ends with a domestic quarrel between a married couple. This is the clue to the mind of Iris Murdoch in the novel. She is obsessed with marriage and at the same time does not think it to be an ideal institution. The reference to Hamlet who led a tragic life underscores the theme of marriage in the novel.

Lions and Hippos at the Al Alain Zoo in Abu Dhabi

Al alain is the top zoo in Abu Dhabi. But Tigers are missing

Monday, February 10, 2014

Week Gone By. How I spent It

My Journal of the week View from my Flat View from my Flat
I thought I will post a few lines about my stay in Abu Dhabi. Firstly my girl Marie moved in with me in my apartment on Al Bateen Marina. My flat overlooks the bay and gives a wonderful look and feel. I like the UAE, though I frequently flu down to Mumbai a mere 3 hour flight from Dubai or Abu Dhabi. My flat overlooks the bay and from the 5th floor one can get a panoramic view of the boats and powerboats. I do not own one and hope in due course I will own one. My friend a Sheik Mohammed Bin owns one My Driving Force
Me and my Mustang When I was a pilot, my first love was flying fighter jets. Even now nothing is better than to fly a MIG 21 (BIS) or MIG 23 at supersonic speed Mach II and after that drink Chivas Regal accompanied by Chicken Tikka with a warm girl in bed. But, now I love driving fast cars and I am attaching a photo of my blue Mustang. I love to race it at 150MPH on the Dubai –Abu Dhabi highway. Week end at the Mercure Resort at Al Ain (Jebel Hafeet)
This Friday and Saturday spent time with Marie at the Mercure Resort at Jebel Hafeet. This located in the mountains and is at a height of 4000 ft. Why Friday/Saturday ? Simple Sunday is a working day and Friday Saturday are holidays. This is a 5 star resort with a heated swimming pool as the temperature is low at 15 degrees. It was fun. As an added attraction a belly dancer regaled us in the bar and we danced after that.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

I am in Abu Dhabi : Cars Galore

I am in abu Dhabi and I find that luxury cars are galore here. I mean the super luxury cars like Rolls Royce and Bentley.
I also have a Ford Mustang. Its a 8 cylibder car and I love to move about in it at 150mph around the United Arab emeritus. Great fun .

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Congress Party Took Help from Britain for operation "BLUE STAR"

It is a matter of regret that in 1984 when Indira Gandhi ordered the storming of the Golden Temple by the Army with Tanks and heavy Artillery, she was a very insecure woman. this is borne out by the fact ( as revealed by the British Foreign secretary) that she took and requested advice for the operation from the British. It appears a recce of the temple complex was carried out by the British intelligence and the government of India advised on the proposed action. This shows the Congress party always had a devious mind against the Sikhs and Indira Gandhi wanted to create a fear psychosis against Sikhs among the Hindus to win the next election. This really shows she was a petty politician and it will be wrong to label her as 'great'. The British have come clean on this operation, but the Congress party as usual is trying to hide its actions under a smoke screen. There is no doubt that "operation Blue Star " was uncalled for and the army top brass must have themselves not accepted this dictat to kill Sikhs from the Congress party and its leader Indira Gandhi. So sad really

Roars of Tigers and Lions

I am sure everybody loves tigers and lions. They are such wonderful animals, also called the big cats. Both the big cats thrive in India, though the lion is confined to one large game reserve at Kanha in Gujarat. The tiger is abundant and there are many species of the Indian tiger. The tiger is available all over India and there are hundreds inhabiting the length and breadth of India. The Big Cats in Folk Lore and Comics
Both the lion and the tiger are part of ancient Indian tales and stories. An image of the she tiger is worshiped in the villages of the Sunderban in Bengal. Rudyard Kipling immortalized the tiger in his ‘Jungle Book’ as Sher Khan. Edgar Rice Burroughs created Tarzan and his two lion pals Numa and Jad-bal-ja . India is also a blessed country as the tiger and lion are both the natural habitats of this land. Really sad, that most western countries, do not have these lovely beasts. The Roars of the Big Cats
Having seen both these big cats in their natural habitats in the game park, I was intrigued whether the lion and the tiger roars are different. Hence I spent some time in the game reserves, trying to figure it out. I visited the lion park at Gir in Gujarat and the tiger sanctuary at Kanha in Madhya Pradesh. Well, the lion has a majestic roar. It’s deep and sonorous. Its reverberation is far and wide. But it does not scare me. The Tiger also roars, but it’s a bit measly. Sometimes it’s almost like a snarl and it does scare me. There is a subtle distinction as well. The Lion will only roar when he wants to, or is provoked. But a tiger will do it off and on as if he wishes to scare his enemies all the time. That is why perhaps the lion is known as the king of beasts.
Last Word The most ferocious of the big cats is the Bengal tiger. He is also the most cunning and frequently turns man eater. Not the lion. He will not attack if not hungry and will let visitors pass him. But both cats are wonderful. The world would be poorer without the roars of these big cats. Frankly I don't want to see them caged in a zoo. They look so sad there and their roars are muted too

Deflowering a Virgin and the emotions Involved

Older men and younger women is a relationship that is very much prevalent.Frankly, such a relationship cannot be sustained without the consent of the girl. So one can't blame a man for seducing a younger girl. My thoughts however concern how a man feels when he deflowers a girl who is old enough to be his daughter. How does he react after the breaking of the hymen?User
To start with a older man may desire a a girl who is perhaps 18 or 20. There is an excellent movie by Ram Gopal Varma titled "Nishabd" which recounts a love of a 60 year old man played by the legendary Amitabh Bachhan for a 18 year old girl who is his daughters best friend. it's a lovely movie and I shall recommend it to all buffs who are fond of movies on off beat subjects.
Talking of personal experience, I did once seduce a girl half my age. At the back of my mind I never thought I was doing any wrong as I felt the girl must have slept with others earlier. I was in a for a shock as I realized she was a virgin and some blood resulted. How did I feel ? Frankly after it was all over I had a sense of regret for the act. Perhaps if I had known she was a virgin, I would have refrained ? would I have? There is no clear cut answer, but men react to such situations individually. I wonder if anybody can share such an experience on this blog.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

My 3 most Erotic Books in English

A Selection of English Erotica Erotica is also recognized as art, only its genre is different. Many books with erotica as the theme have been part of the literary world for many decades, even centuries. The list is varied and includes names like Fanny Hill, Kamasutra, Night in a Moorish Harem, Madam Bovary and the books by Henry Miller and DH Lawrence. However my three most erotic books are The Lustful Turk (anonymous), Night in a Moorish Harem and Sheikh Nefzawi the Perfumed Garden. It is a matter of chance that all the 3 books have a setting with a Moslem background, but that cannot be helped.
The lustful Turk is a wonderful book and once the reader starts reading it, perhaps it will be difficult for him to put it down. The book is from the pre-victorian era and was first published by John Benjamin Brookes in 1828, but in 1857 the book was reprinted by William Dugdal and he ended up being prosecuted by Lord Chief Justice Campbell for obscenity. The story concerns the life in the Harem of the Bey a ruler in North Africa. The book is in the form of letters from one of the women in the Harem to her friend. The book is interpolated with some sub plots and stories but all are firmly integrated with the theme of the Bey and his exploits in his harem. The Ruler, who is a Moslem, is an insatiable lover who treats the art of love and sex as a religion. The book makes excellent reading and I will rate it as one of the best books with the theme of erotica The next book in my list is Night in a Moorish harem.
The story by George Herbert is a simple tale of sex and adventure. It is the tale of an English sailor who by a quirk of fate lands in Moorish harem, when his ship runs aground nearby. There he spends an entire night in rare transports of love and sex. The ladies of the harem are greatly gratified by the prowess of the sailor who satisfies most of the sex starved ladies in the harem. The prose of the book is a bit archaic, still makes pleasant reading. My last choice is not a work of fiction but a sex manual again from the Moslem world.
The book the Perfumed Garden written by Sheikh Nefzawi on the orders of the ruler of a Moslem state is however interspersed with a set of delightful tales of extreme erotic content. The stories in the Perfumed Garden are the piece de resistance of the book and one can even read them directly with out reference to the other parts of the book. The book is in Arabic but was translated by Sir Richard Burton and first published in 1886. Any man can have his own choice of erotic books, but the above 3 are certainly a class apart and sure to titillate any reader. More important they have stood the test of time and can be classified as literature in the real sense. These books are definitely not pornography, which again is a different genre all together.