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Retreat from Afghanistan: USA Beware * 67

Jun 26th, 2013

The Retreat from Afghanistan will just change the Frontier

Afghanistan is a country that has only been subdued twice in its history. The first time was when Alexander the Great invaded Afghanistan and subdued the tribes and the second occasion was when the Sikh General Hari Singh Nalwa conquered the Afghans and created fear in their minds. The British and later the Russians failed as also the United States.
The USA has completed 15 years in Afghanistan and victory is as elusive as catching an eel in one's hand. America has now decided to withdraw from Afghanistan and there is the fond hope that the Afghan government armed and trained by the US army will be able to hold its own against the Taliban and Al Qaeda. This reminds me of Vietnam when the same thoughts went through the mind of Nixon. The result was catastrophic as the US-backed South Vietnam government collapsed in no time and the entire state was unified with North Vietnam.
But here the similarity ends as the battle in Vietnam was not a religious war and now the Vietnamese are welcoming Americans as tourists and investors. The war in Afghanistan is a religious war where the hard-line Islamic groups have branded America as the 'Great Satan' American withdrawal from Afghanistan will not end the war between the Islamic groups and the USA , only the frontier will be changed closer to American shores.
The reason is not far to seek as most Muslims in the Middle east are not too enamored of America. Iran is breathing fire and hard-line Islamic groups in Pakistan routinely denounce the USA. Many Americans have been beheaded in this war. Retreating from Afghanistan will just mean changing the goal post and making it closer to America.
A religious war is different from a normal war. Here the religious zeal however misplaced is the driving force. In particular ,the dream as enunciated in the Koran of beautiful virgins for the Jihad groups adds its own connotation to this conflict.
The US think tank must understand that a retreat from Afghanistan will not solve America's problems. The recent coordinated attacks all over Afghanistan are a pointer. This happened when NATO and the USA are still there. Once they exit in totality, the hard line Militant groups will take over in no time. That will be the signal to shift the war to another frontier.
However with Trump on the horizon and in case he wins the Afghan problem will be looked afresh.


Sunday, April 24, 2016

Assessment of the Presidency of Barrack Obama

President Barrack Obama has been President for the last 7 years and now is coming to the fag end of his tenure. After the amendment passed by congress, the term of a US president has restricted to 2 four-year terms. This is to prevent the recurrence of a situation like when Roosevelt was elected president for 4 terms and died after nearing the end of his term.
Obama was the first colored American Negro to be president of USA, though strictly he was not a pure black as he had a white mother. Obama’s father was Moslem from Kenya and he earlier went to a Muslim school (a Madrasa). But later he converted to Christianity but many have had lurking suspicions about his real love for Christianity. Many wonder whether he in his heart had a soft corner for Islam Many Americans have brought forth evidence that  Obama sold the American state and the reason they  cite is his belief in Islam.
Frankly I don’t think Obama is a Muslim, but there is no doubt that he had a soft corner for Islam and he had little love for Israel. If I remember correctly he only visited Israel once and that also only in his second term. This just about shows his bias.
One wonders whether his bias in favor of Islam actually affected America’s interests in the world. One can see that he adopted a strong stand against North Korea but he almost treated the ISI with kid gloves till the Russians showed by a severe bombardment how the ISI could be beaten.
Obama was not a strong president, but one really can’t blame him for this as Congress was always ranged against him and many of his good intentions were squashed by Congress which had the Republican majority. Thus, Obama achieved nothing significant. Perhaps one aspect of his foreign policy is the patch up with the communist regime in Cuba. This was the gigantic step forward and after 60 years he reversed the irrational American policy. But in other spheres, he was tongue tied and some actions of his like bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia are difficult to explain.
Obama also mended fences with India, but his support to Pakistan was inexplicable. Especially as it were running terrorist camps. Obama blundered in removing the dictator of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, and this folly allowed the Muslim brotherhood to have a say in Cairo, till the army jailed their leader Mohammed Morsi. His failure in Libya is palpable and his crude attempts to cover the killing of the US ambassador in Benghazi are an eye opener and one wonders whose interests he had in mind.
In short Obama was a lackluster president and achieved little. He just sat and went away and I am afraid his only contribution is that the USA came down in world esteem by a notch or two.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Chidambram Commits Treason * 77

One incident that has rocked India now is the act of the then Home Minister Mr. P Chidambram. This man was the Finance minister earlier and is a qualified lawyer, so he must be aware of the magnitude of his crime. the case is straight forward. The Lashkar e Toiba , a terrorist organization dispatched a hit squad to kill the Gujarat Chief Minster Narendra Modi. one of the members of the party was a girl named Ishrat Jahan.

The hit squad failed in its purpose and as a counter measure was eliminated by the Gujrat Police. Initially, the Congress government accepted this an filed an affidavit stating that Ishrat was a Let operative. Later on, instigation from a higher source a different affidavit was filed under the home minister signature that the girl had been killed in cold blood at the instigation of Narendra Modi. No mention was made that she was a member of a terrorist group. The aim was to destroy Modi as a political opponent.

The then Home Minister Chidambaram himself amended the draft  knowing fully well that Ishrat was a terrorist. Consumed by hatred the Congress party true to its nature falsified all the files and documents to make it appear that the girl had been killed in cold blood as she was a Muslim. This has been devious propaganda by the Congress party for last 65 years. this act of the HM is nothing short of treason and he needs to be tried for it. I wonder as to what depth the Congress and Chidambaram can stoop to nail a political opponent. In any case, Modi destroyed the Congress and now the time has come for the arrest of Chidambaram and trial for treason. There can be no short cuts.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Horse Polo in India : A game of Skill and Strength

Polo, a Game on Horseback

I first entered the Military academy and the day commenced with our reading a quote ‘If you sweat in peace, you will bleed less in war’ this about summed up the background of the training, which was tough. One of the regimens was learning to ride a horse. This is one of the traits of an officer and right from ancient times a horse is a symbol, both of a gentleman as well as a warrior.

As we learnt to ride the horse and mastered the many intricacies of riding, we were introduced to the game of Polo. This is a game played riding on a horse. The game is popularized in India by the Army which has a special corps looking after horses called the Remounts and veterinary corps. The game of Polo is played generally by the rich and affluent like maharajas and the Officers of the Indian Armed forces. I feel sad that the vast majority of Indians have no access to this game at all and may be millions haven’t heard about it or just have a vague idea, having watched it only in films or some shows on TV.

People who do not know much about the sport can watch an excellent movie Zubieda(2001) with Manoj Bajpai playing a polo-loving Maharaja Vijayender Singh. The film is available on the net. Polo is a manly sport and the first requirement is extreme physical fitness. We learnt it the hard way and on days, we were to play Polo and go horse riding we were up at 4 in the morning and got ready to hit the stables before 5 am. Frankly we loved it, but as always we had a couple of scroungers.

The game of polo has a checkered history. Historians tell us the game originated from Iran in the 5thCentury BC. That’s a pretty long time ago, but the modern game is developed by the British and by corollary it was popularized in India also by the British. Sometimes I wonder how much we Indians owe to the Raj. It was a priceless period that saw the British introduce almost all sports like Polo, Cricket, Hockey and tennis to India. Where would be without the Raj?

Polo and its development in India

Though the Kings of Manipur did play the game it was not popularized all over India and neither were the rules of the game framed. All this was done by the British who set up the first Polo Club in India at Silchar in Assam in 1834. Subsequently apart from the Armed forces officers, the Princes of India notably from Rajasthan took to this game in a big way. Incidentally, the Nawab of Pataudi (Sr) was a good polo player as well. The husband of actress Nafisa Ali, Colonel Sodhi popularly called ‘Pickles’ was also a national level polo player.

Polo is a game played on horseback. As I have mentioned the first requirement is physical fitness and the second is the ability to be a good rider. As in all games, Polo also has to be learnt. All the rules of the game are so framed so that the safety of the horse and rider is paramount.



The polo field is one of the largest in terms of area and encompasses 9 football fields. It is generally about 300 yards long and 160-200 yards wide. These are international standards and Polo cannot be played on a smaller field. The polo field will have a goal post at one end like in a football ball field . The goal post is 7 ft wide and in addition, the field must have fine grass grown all over. This grass has to be specially looked after, hence setting up a polo field and its maintenance is quite an expense. Along with this, the clubhouse must have all amenities for the players and one can’t have a polo club without a clubhouse.

The game is played in 6 sessions of 7 minutes each .Opposing teams consist of 4 players on horses and there are also two mounted umpires. Thus, umpires have to be good riders who have played the game before. The polo stick can vary in length as per the height of the horse. It is like in Billiards where there are cues of different sizes. Generally, the length of a club or stick is from 48-53 inches. At one end of the stick is a mallet which is used to hit the ball. The stick may be made of bamboo, but now fiber is used

One thing, however, needs emphasis and that is this game can only be played by a right-handed person, left handed persons are not allowed to play horse polo. In addition, trained horses are a must. The Polo club in Jaipur maintains its own horses.

The Game

The game starts off with both the teams assembling before the public on horses. Equestrian helmets and dress are worn and one cannot play in his own rig. The referee will blow the whistle and the game starts. It involves trying to hit the ball from horseback and net a goal. It’s something like hockey, but here a horse is the means of moving on the playing field.

The ball used in Polo is made of high impact material and is about 4 ½ inches in diameter. Riders gallop forward and try and hit the ball into the net. Polo is a fast paced game and one session of 7 ½ minutes can tax one's physical fitness. However, it is an exhilarating sport. A five-member jury sits outside the playing field and any disputes are adjudicated by them.

Last word

Polo is played in 77 countries and Indian polo team takes part in many worldwide competitions. The game is popular in the USA, where it is controlled by the United States polo association. In India, the game is gaining in popularity but is not a mass-based game yet. It is sustained by the Indian Army, but now corporate sponsorship has come in and that is good news. I hope more people can learn to ride a horse and so take to Polo.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Fertilization" of European Women

The exodus from Muslim lands to Europe was initially taken lightly. People in Europe were in fact, happy that some migrants would be available for labor. Europe is facing a manpower crunch and labor force to run services like public health and sanitation is not available. This is because of 2 basic reasons. Firstly, the new breed of European men does not fancy doing hard work, in particular, menial jobs. The second reason is the low birth rate. The present birth rate for entire Europe is 1.5. To sustain a healthy population growth the birth rate required is 2.1. Europe is aging and requires a young workforce. With falling birth rates, Europe needs young men for labor.

The Exodus
History is witness to many mass migrations. Migration also took place during a time of calamity. Most migrations consisted of both men, women, and families.From Europe, we had the migration to America, but women in almost equal numbers migrated along with the men. In addition, there was no religious zeal behind these migrations, for which the main reason was economic.

Compared to the old migrations, the present exodus from the war-torn lands of the Middle East namely Syria and Iraq has a slightly different connotation. Here the migration is not homogenous but concentrated in males crossing and seeking asylum. As per figures 90%+ of the migrants are men and women are just a sprinkling among them. It appears strange that the men alone are escaping from the war-torn lands and women are being left behind.

The Islamic clergy has now decided to use this exodus to further the spread of Islam in Europe. As already pointed out, the Islamic religious scriptures look favorably on migration as means for conversion to Islam. Muslim clerics are now exhorting their men to go to Europe and Islamise the continent by 'fertilizing' the European women.
Fertilize means to sow the seed and it means to impregnate the women. The Imam of Al Aksa mosque has harangued the Muslims to do their duty as the Europeans need labor and this influx must be used to procreate children who will ultimately Islamize Europe.
The Future
As things stand the majority of the Muslims who have entered are men. Whether they believe in the exhortations of the Muslim clerics is a moot point, but with thousands of men roaming around without women, the chance of rape and forced cohabitation with European women has increased.

The future for Europe is thus bleak. The bigger culprit is the shortage of labor and that in the first instance led to the influx being welcomed.

I have not touched on another aspect of this exodus and that is the infiltration of the ISI cadre. All one can say is that Europe faces a testing time and perhaps too much affluence leads to complacency, that is not a good thing

Sunday, April 10, 2016

The GOP are in a Death Wish as they Oppose Donald Trump

I have been following the US election  scenario with more than a passing interest. What I find is that the Republican party  who lost to Democrat Obama and sat out of the Presidency for 8 years may have to sit back for another term. The reason is the old guard of the party led by the losing candidate in the 2012 election Mitt Romney. They have not supported Donald Trump,who incidentally is the leader at the moment. He is much ahead of Ted Cruz his nearest rival. But Donald does not inspire confidence in the old guard and they are trying their best to derail his lead; fair or Foul.

I wonder whether the old guard realizes that opposing Donald may well be the double edged sword and in the process they will divide the party and whosoever is the candidate   will be he will bite the dust against Hillary  the likely candidate of the Democrats. This is the harsh truth. I am sure if Donald is denied nomination he has the capacity to break the party and that is not a good thing. Worse is the machinations of the old brass who are trying their best to deny Donald a nomination.

I wonder why the party elders cannot allow the elections for nomination to continue and allow Donald if he wins a crack at the Presidency. There is no doubt that Hillary is like old vinegar rancid and stale and Donald for all his maverick ideas may just about lift the USA from the abyss it has fallen into. 

Girls from Subcontinent and Beauty of Legs * 61

Legs have for long been regarded as an adjunct  to the beauty of a woman. Unfortunately, in Indian and Pakistani society the culture is to cover the legs. Thus, a sari or a salwar Kameez is the dress in vogue. This effectively covers the legs and women from the subcontinent are apt to neglect this part of their anatomy.
The Greeks and Western society, in contrast, lay great stress on legs and one reason is that almost all of them bare their legs. Shorts, Skirts, and dresses highlight the beauty of legs. Having written this it is still important that Indian women look after their legs. Times are changing and the new breed of younger girls would like to display their legs. But this requires some hard work and the steps outlined below will go a long way in helping an Indian girl develop beautiful legs.

Step I. Undress yourself before the mirror and see how your legs look. Try and get out of the syndrome of covering your legs. This is important and once you are convinced that you would like to showcase your legs the first step is taken
Step 2. The next step is to get your legs a smooth look. You will have to shave the hair on your legs. You could use a woman’s razor or if you don’t want to shave you could use the waxing method or the hair remover creams. It is better to shave or wax at night as your legs will get a nights rest and you can start the day straight away.

Step 3. The next step is to get up in the morning and after a bath use leg makeup. You could use a moisturizing cream and gently rub your legs with it. Maybe use could use a pinch of olive oil and massage your legs for a shiny look. This will entail some effort and you will have to spare time for it. In case you notice some skin problems like visible veins or pimples, consult a qualified dermatologist. Do not neglect anything.

 Step 4. This involves a regular exercise regimen for your legs. You could do it at home or in case you can afford it join the local gym. You will have to do special exercises that tone up the legs. The exercise you could think of are heel raises, squats, jumping, jogging, cycling, or weight training. The clue to weight training is low weights and more reps.Take the help of a physical instructor. In case you know how to swim then a dip in the pool will be beneficial. But unfortunately, the majority of girls from the subcontinent because of lack of opportunity and social mores do not know how to swim.

Step5. Additional care. As Indian women always have their legs covered there is a good chance the legs will have a lighter shade than the arms and neck. Hence, in case you plan on wearing a short skirt or dress and you are fair, make it a point to apply a light color tan to the legs

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Can an Abducted Woman Love her Abductor * 64

One of the forms of marriage recognized in Hinduism is Asura Vivah or marriage by abduction. Perhaps the ancient Hindu saints recognized that a man may desire a woman so much that he could abduct her. So they sanctified it and accepted it as a form of marriage. This is a piquant situation and I wonder from the woman’s point of view of how she would feel if she was abducted and married by any man. Would she accept him? My thinking is positive on this issue though I am aware as per the modern law; it is a crime to abduct a woman. 

Throughout history, there are examples of women being kidnapped and abducted for marriage. The emperor Jahangir loved Noor Jahan so much that he got her husband killed and married her. History tells us that Noor Jahan became a favorite of Jahangir and advised him on all state matters as well as bearing his children. How did she forget her killed husband?
Perhaps it has something to do with psychology, mental makeup, and sex. When all these add up, then a woman is likely to accept the man who may be her abductor. There was a peculiar case before the Madras High Court, where a woman who had accused a man of rape wanted to withdraw the charge as the man wanted to marry her. The court obviously did not accept her plea.
Women by nature are soft and whether in America or India the psychology is same. There are so many cases of women loving their abductors even in the west. The famous books on  Angelique  Series by Sergeanne Golan lucidly elucidate this point, where Angelique starts loving her abductors.
I feel if abduction is dictated by love, and then there is every chance that a woman will love back, but violence and force can leave a woman scarred for life. Islam, in particular has a lot of abductions, but nothing is done about them