Sunday, March 31, 2019

The dilemma of the Indian military

There is a lot of talk of importing aircraft. As is well known India is the worlds largest importer of weaponry as we do not make any sophisticated war machinery like planes, guns, etc on our own. This is the clue as to why India can never be a world power. No nation without a military-industrial sustainability complex can be a world power only by importing war machines. 

This is very sad as we lost the battle to greatness because of a faulty priority by our first PM. In 1948 China did not even manufacture a bicycle but now they have produced a 5th generation fighter and launched a man in space. It’s about time people realized the reality of Indian military might, which is pretty hollow as we don’t manufacture anything of precision and have to rely on imports -the tap of which can be turned off any time.

One can remember that in the 1965 war the armies of both India and Pakistan ground to a halt as they were fighting with imported weaponry and the western powers turned off the tap of supply of further ammunition. The million dollar question is how does a country continue to fight when 99% of its sophisticated war machinery is imported. The blame for this is squarely on the political leadership that lacked a strategic horizon and the desire to dominate the world.

One can well realize the Indiahelplessnesses as even after the first demand in 2004 for the Rafale, 15 years down the line not a single plane has landed in India. What if we had built our own industry? A pipe dream?

Pakistan is a rogue nation but it thrives

I recently read a wonderful article proving Pakistan is a rogue nation. But the matter does not end by saying that Pakistan is a rogue nation. After all, rogues exist and they have to be dealt with. The 3 biggest rogues of the 20th century Hitler, Tojo and Mussolini were dealt with by the western powers, but nobody seems bothered about the rogue nation next to us-Pakistan. it has the formidable backing of China and I have a lurking feeling that when the chips are down the USA will also help Pak from disintegration.

Unfortunately, India has not built up the military-economic industry axis and thus is a lame tiger depending for all its military requirements on IMPORTS. It's not a good thought that India is the world's biggest importer of arms, because we make next to nothing of any sophisticated weaponry. So we can't even chastise Pakistan and show the world how a rogue nation is dealt with. Remember Saddam?

My blood boils when I think of the time Raja Kanishka and Chandragupta ruled on their military might all over North India and central Asia. The Hindus got power after 1 thousand years but there are many questions.

Predicant of the Indian army; led by pussy footed generals

The Author

Many interesting articles are doing the rounds about the treatment of the army by the MOD. But they are becoming something stale as repeatedly the same facts are presented by many writers mostly retired generals and there can be no solution. 
The difference between the MOD and MHA functioning is stark and the question remains what next? The generals don't raise an obvious point that the impasse can only be solved with the help of the COAS. True a tradition of 65 years of always saying"yes sir, three bags full" is hard to change but somebody has to bell the cat.
Why can't the COAS accompanied by the other two chiefs meet the PM and present their views and the consequences? 
Just talking to the DS  or writing a small note is not going to absolve the general staff of their responsibility to the nation and the men they command.  Nobody writes or suggests on these lines, why? Isint it time someone belled the cat?

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Why India cannot be a great power

Basically its lack of political will. One will recollect that in 1948 China did not even manufacture a bicycle while India was much advanced with steel plant, aircraft, and a car factory. China has gone ahead and even launched a spaceman in orbit while Indian are still twiddling their thumbs. China has copied most Russian planes and they are none the worse for it. India, unfortunately, did not build up its military-economic complex and talked of peace leaving India way behind in great power status. The situation is that India can not even sort out Pakistan which is 1/5th the size of India. Neglect of the military industry has serious ramifications as India is dependent on foreign suppliers for its planes and guns. it cannot fight a sustained war as it produces almost zero military equipment. How India reached this sorry state is because of the Indian political leadership. Now to catch up to China is almost like a pipe dream and in the bargain gone forever is great power status which rests on military-economic- industrial capability.

New Zealand: 49 Muslim worshipers shot dead
This is the height of absurd Islamophobia. Who will catch the cat by its tail?

49 Muslim worshipers were shot dead during attacks on mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. The country has previously been immune to this type of incident. The idyll is shattered as gunmen opened fire on a congregation of Muslim worshipers attending prayer sessions in a mosque. This was on Friday, a day considered holy by Muslims. The Sri Lanka cricket team on a tour of New Zealand had also visited the mosque before the shooting. CNN has reported that the death toll in the Christchurch mosque attacks has increased to 49 and police say one man has already been charged with murder in the wake of the terrorist attack.