Sunday, September 28, 2014

Some Facets of Ms Jayalalita the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister sentenced to a 4 year Jail term

Ms. Jayalalita the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, now sentenced to 4 years in jail. This is the first case of a Chief Minister being sentenced to jail for corruption. Kudus to the Indian judiciary. A llok at the life of the Chief Minister will perhaps throw some light on her psychological make up. Many forget that she was not from an affluent family and had started her career as an actress. Her father died when she was 2 years old and at the age of 15 was introduced to Tamil films.

This was the clue to her later actions. She caught the eye of the faamous actor MGR who had a penchant for virgin girls and she promptly went to bed with him and became his mistress though he was 30 years her senior. She started acting in Tamil films but her hero was only MGR. MGR gave her permission to work in a Hindi film opposite the he man Dharmendra. She was the heroine of the film "Izzat".

The film did average business and MGR never permitted her to act in any other film. he was a possessive man and jayalalita is not known to have had any other lover or relationship. The sad part is MGR never married her and she has no children.After the death of MGR she donned the robe of his political heir as MGR had entered politics and become Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

 Two things stand out, her relative penury and a mistress of a man old enough to be her father. Probably after the death of MGR and with unbridled power she indulged in her dream of riches and glory. This was her doom. Did she realize that without any children or heir, what would she do with all the wealth she had amassed ?

Are there any Virgins in America above 18? * 73

Who is a virgin girl? In classical thought and philosophy a virgin girl is one who has her hymen intact. It is the classical connotation of virginity. Yes. A virgin could have her hymen perforated by strenuous physical activity like cycling, but the chance of that is one in ten. Generally a hymn is perforated after sexual intercourse.

 One of my friends popularly remarked that there are no virgins in America beyond the age of 18. This statement is factually correct and many American friends have confessed they would love to have a virgin but none were around. How come this has happened?

The fact is that in America its a permissive world and girls lose their virginity before they touch 14 or 15. So the chance of getting a virgin with an intact hymen on your bridal night is a big zero. What if you desire a virgin on your bridal night? The only option is to come down to India and marry a Indian girl. You are sure to get a virgin with hymen intact and that is a matter of pleasure. Can one have a virgin in America. That's a thousand dollar question as virgins are just not there.

This is not applicable to America alone, but to most of the advanced world and even Africa. I recollect that Richard Branson chose the word "virgin" for his airline , when at a party a lady friend mentioned to him that there were not many virgins around.

China Changes: Abolishes One Child Norm and Notorious Labor Camps, But Iron Fetters Remain

China is changing. At the coming session of the Communist party in Beijing two important resolutions are on the cards. First there is likely to be a relaxation of the one child policy that is in force for the last 55 years. Couples will be allowed to have one more child, but there are restrictions on that. Its not clear if it will be a universal policy.
The Chinese also plan to do away with labor camps called “Laojiao". These camps have held millions of Chinese in forced labor for years. Some have not seen their family for decades. The persons incarcerated in these camps are those charged with petty crimes. Again its not clear, if these camps will be totally abolished or only scaled down.
China is a draconian state and despite these small whiffs of change, the life of the average Chinese is hard and tough. He knows nothing of freedom of speech and life. He cannot even own an air-gun. It’s a state where ‘Big Brother’ controls everything. That’s the reason I say that China represents evil and despite the USA having a fear of China, it will lose in the world. In the long run India with its rich cultural heritage and spiritual ethos with a working democracy will outpace China.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Gustav Coubert, His paintings and the Realistic movement

Gustav Courbet was a french painter who lived during the 18th century. He is remembered as the man who was a pivot of the Realistic movement in art. The aim of this movement was to paint the human body as we see it. In addition it also involved painting real life images of slums and poverty. 

Gustav believed that women should be painted as seen with pubic hair. In this he differed with the classical Greek art which considered that women be drawn, painted or sculpted without hair. Thus we have Greek images of art of women without hair, more as white plaster images. Gustav Courbet painted what he liked best and believed in. He painted women in the nude. many of his paintings adorn the art galleries in France and millions of his prints are sold world wide. Some of his paintings are reproduced below
painting displayed at the paris Art Museum

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Last Mission over Kargil and the grand Finale : A Golden Girl in Bed

Many friends have asked me to write a memoir. Perhaps one day I will, like Nirad Chaudhury. His book “ Autobiography of an Unknown Indian” made him famous. I rarely write of my battle experiences though I have mentioned fleetingly of women in my life. In particular, fair and glowing goddesses who along with the Mach II planes had been my world for long. In 1998 I had put in my papers and the ‘old foggie” had promised to follow them up. I was staying in the DSOI with my American Captain Gal who was on furlough leave. The old foggie rang me up and as usual he was terse and to the point
“Look MG, “ he said” I am holding up your release, so within 3 hours fly to Srinagar and take command of the MIG s squadron”. That was it, an order to be obeyed. The phone rang again. “Hello, he said “ I suppose the lady captain is still with you , take her as well as she is the LO of the USAF now.. I have rung up the AOC to hook you a nice pad in the Badami Baug mess. I told S.. about the conversation and she was delighted. “Yes, “ she said “I am your new LO now, but how did the old man know?” I reached Srinagar and took command of the squadron. There was a furious battle raging between the Indian army and the Pakistan Northern Light infantry. The enemy had the advantage as he had the heights and an airstrike was called for.
I made the battle plan and we took off at first light. The plan envisaged me and my buddy to face the x15 in aerial combat while the rest attacked in ground support role. Beating the PAF in the air was of paramount importance as then only the ground support role would work. I was up and then saw the X15 coming. The adrenal rushed to my brain. We dogged each other and then I realized the man facing me was also an ace. We both fired and missed. I then did a long loop and came diving at 2.5 mach. I had a 2 second view of him and I fired. I hit him and I saw the smoke arise. The X15 was on fire. I saw an ejection and soon a parachute opened. I was glad the pilot was saved. I slowed down and circled the parachute and like a true soldier he held up his thumb, signaling he had lost and I had won.
I landed back and learnt that the Indian army had taken the heights thanks to my boys who had opened unfettered fire in ground support. I reached the mess and rushed into Captain S arms. Yes she was the second adrenal now though 20 years younger. I also received a call from the old foggie “ well done “ he said” the man who opposed you was Wg Cdr K….. You know he was the topmost ace of the PAF”. The waiter knocked and as he entered he carried a gift hamper from the old foggie, now a Marshal. I was expecting it. A bottle of the rarest Scotch “Royal Salute:” There was a tongue in cheek message” Hope it helps you to perform better”. After that it was my private moment of bliss. Anything better than a combat at Mach 2.5 and good scotch whiskey and kebabs with a lovely golden girl in your arms? What do my readers think?

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The battle Between Karna and Arjuna: Was it a Battle Between Good and Evil ?

I would like to introduce to my American friends two characters from the Mahabharta, who were both brothers. they are Karna and Arjuna. Both became adverseries and that by itself is another tale. One aspect of their life is the most celebrated battle between them in the Mahabharata. This was a fantastic duel between the brothers.Karna was the elder brother, but as he was born out of wedlock, his mother Kunti set him adrift in a boat in the river. He was recused by a Charioteer and brought up as his son. Arjuna was the third son of Kunte and was much respected as a warrior and great archer.
The Mahabharta relates that Karna was humiliated time and again especially during the swayamvara of Draupadi and driven away as he was supposed to be of menial caste. He was given shelter by Duryodhana the evil genius and enemy of the Pandavas( Arjuna and his brothers). Karna was thus beholden to Duryodhana and he promised Duryodhana he would kill the Pandavas. When Kunti the mother came to know of the oath of Karna she went at night to Karna and told him he was her son and he should join his brothers. Karna politely refused but promised her that he would only kill Arjuna and spare the other Pandavas brothers. He thus said that either he or Arjuna would die and yet 5 Pandavas would remain.
It is recorded that the mighty Bhīma the third brother of the Pandavas was defeated in battle by Karna, but as per his promise to Kunte he spared Bhīma.
Karna became the commander of the army of Duryodhana and the Pandavas were scared as Karna was a mighty warrior. He and Arjuna met in single combat. Arjuna‘s chariot was driven by none else than the lord himself Krishna. In repeated battles Arjuna was defeated and Krishna was worried. Then a miracle happened the Chariot of Karna sank in the mud and Karna was incapacitated. He requested Arjuna to wait a few moments till he pulled the chariot out of the wet mud.
The Lord has his own ways, he exhorted Arjuna to kill Karna when he was pulling the chariot out of the mud and was defenseless. Arjuna hesitated but the lord told him it was essentially a fight between good and evil and killing Karna was essential to defeat Duryodhana. Arjuna then killed a defenseless Karna. This episode makes me think. Karna was greatly wronged in life and he was killed when he was defenseless, yet his killing was essential to defeat Duryodhana. Such is life!

Friday, September 19, 2014

In Muslim Law a Woman who cannot prove Rape is tried for Zinna( Adultery).

I must explain to my friends and readers bring out a point that they may not be aware off. Firstly as per the Sharia in Islamic Law, a wonan has to prove the offence of rape has to bring forth 4 witnesses. Now rapes are not done publicly and from where the woman will bring the witnesses. Secondly a woman's evidence is half of a man , thus to even corroborate her statement she must bring another woman. Really silly. No way a woman can prove rape. In case a woman cannot prove rape, the consequence is terrible. She will be tried for Zinna or adultery and the punishment for this is death by stoning. These are medieval punishments and yet they are on the statute books of most Islamic nations and even those nations who are considered progressive like Pakistan

Daughter of Nawaz Shariff Marries Gandson of King Fahd

Everybody loves princesses and royalty and so do I. Now the daughter of Nawaz Sharif , Prime Minister of Pakistan has married a Saudi Prince. He is the grandson of King Fahd. Nawaz was exiled for 10 years by General Musharraf to Saudi Arabia and probably at that time this romance germinated. Saudi Arabia is important for Nawaz Sharif and thus this marriage has political overtones Nawaz has 4 children , 2 sons and 2 daughters. One son is already in Arabia and looking after business there. Now his daughter has also married a Saudi Prince. All good wishes to the couple.

I have a problem which I must pose. The girl was brought up in a comparative liberal atmosphere in Pakistan. Looks a little difficult for her to adapt to in Saudi Arabia where the religious police keep a watch on all women and insure all wear Burkha. Women are also forbidden to drive. I hope the poor girl adjusts, but all happiness to the couple.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Can Sex unite the Human Race

The human being is a complex piece of Gods invention. It has varied emotions and one of them is sex and desire. Generally it transcends all barriers at the given moment of the sex act. But the prelude to it and the aftermath develop different emotions. In the middle of the last century a gentleman named Dr Ward made news. It appeared he lived of prostitutes and that was the crime for which he was charged. Dr. Ward committed suicide, but one statement of his that all he was trying to do was to break racial barriers through the sex act needs examination. He felt that copulation between black and white and white and black would break barriers and the races can integrate.
On the face of it, this looks a very plausible hypothesis because Dr. Ward has simplified a complex chemistry and reduced it to a single act. In real terms this is not possible as there is another quality of human beings that cannot be ignored and that are jealousy and racial superiority, not forgetting religion. These are the divisive forces and till they are erased this theory cannot function. The sex act is a representation of this thought process and the chance that a man or woman who considers himself or herself as belonging to a chosen race or religion will accept sex as a common denominator is well nigh impossible. Thus the Muslim Moghul rulers could countenance sex and marriage with Rajput princesses, yet they could not allow the same privilege to Rajput Hindu kings to have sex and marry Muslim girls.
Thus the Germans during the reign of Hitler and the Moslem invaders and much later the white race have ingrained ideas of sex and race. Matters went to the extreme in South Africa where the policy of Apartheid firmly debarred sex between black and white races. In the USA also organizations like the KKK( ka Klux Klan) believed in purity of the white race and murder
ed blacks who had sex with white women. Thus the fact is that though sex is extremely desirable, yet it cannot form a basis of unity of the races in the world. Perhaps the complexities of relationships between man and woman have as yet not been deciphered.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What is the triple Talaq( Divorce) in Islamic Law.

When I was studying law in Bombay University, one of the subjects covered was Islamic law. This is so as personal law of the Muslims over rides the Indian constitution that stresses a uniform civil code for all Indians in its 'Directive Principles'.In any case the most contentious of Marriage and divorce law is teh 'triple Talaq'. This hass been negated by legislation in many Muslim countries, but many still practice it as it is part of the Sharia.
The law states that a Muslim man may divorce his wife by utterign the word 'Talaq' 3 times. It is important that the word Talaq is heard by the wife and a recent interpretation by Islamic scholars has said that triple talaq is valid even if conveyed on the Telephone. Triple Talaq is done away in many Muslim nations and is not valid in the Western nations and Russia and for that matter in China, where a sizeable Muslim majority exists in Sinkiang. I have no personal opinion on Triple Talaq, except that it is part of the Sharia and is one more law that relegaates women to second class status in Islam. Triple talaq is not a right granted to Muslim women. In India it is high time that this personal Muslim law was made redundent. After all the criminal law as espoused in the Sharia is null and void in India, why not perssonal law that is not in tune with the modern scientific age and teh age of realization and rights. '

The US has no policy to Counter IS under Obama

The ISIS ( Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) is now transformed into the IS( Islamic State). It is an organization that has split from it parent organization the Al Qaeda, but its doubly fearsome as it has a dedicated following and its appeal for an Islamic Caliphate runs across all sections of Sunni Muslims. I say Sunni Muslims , because the very nature of the IS precludes any accomodation with the minorities or the Shia minority in Islam. Thus the IS is waging a two front war, one against the decadent West and second against the Shia and other minorities. The IS is getting recruits from all over the world. Large numbers from the UK and the USA have enrolled to fight for the IS. In fact the recent beheadings of 2 American reporters were the handiwork of two British Muslims. Obviously these men kept their faces covered as they feared reprisel and like all cowards they want to live.Yet these men have been identified and one hopes they can be brought to justice.
'Brought to justice' is a fine phrase, but who will execute this? The one power capable of taking on the Sunni fanatics is the USA and strangely with Obama at the helm of affairs a strange paralysis has encompassed the US government. They have no policy to counter the IS and Obama has admitted this in so many words. Its frightening that the number 1 power is clueless how to deal with the IS, except a sporadic aerial bombardment that is not having the desired effect. The USA under Obama is more like a toothless tiger and I feel the American think tank must be berefit of ideas. Otherwise they would never have toppled two bulwarks aagainst al Qaeda and its ilk namely Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein. By toppling these men, the USA has opened a can of worms that will enter in the long run the US stomach. They continue their shortsightedness by opposing Assad. The so called moderate Islamic rebels the US is arming are the very men who sold the US correspondent to the IS for $ 25000-30000. What a mess created as this poor man was beheaded and a video circulated.
America needs a great President now, one who can salvage US pride and face the danger of a resurgent Sunni Islam. Obama is not the man, I wonder how the American people could have voted in a man who is half Muslim and studied in a Madrasa( Islamic religious School) for 2 years. His statement which I have reproduced above is not in the best of taste for a man who is supposed to lead the free world.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Why Married Women have Love affairs

Recently a friend at the US club asked me a question as to what was the reason that a married woman has love affairs outside marriage. Its not a simple answer, but at the same time it's not complex as well. Married women are generally taken for granted by their husbands and that includes sex. This is a very significant point and my study brings out that 98% of married men do not have oral sex on their wives. This is someting which the Kama sutra advocates, worshipping a woman body with tongue and lips.
Sexual dissatisfaction is one of the major reasons for women to have sex out of marriage. A new lover in a fit of passion is more than likely to have oral sex with his tongue on the woman, which a husband will invariably not do. The prolongation of the sex act is only possible with a new lover and as such women are likely to succumb for sex outside marriage. Along with sex an emotional release is also a reason. Over the years men generally take certain norms as granted and variety in daily life is missing. Women want to be cuddled , hugged and given importance. They need attention and when a woman has a love affair with another man, the law of attraction and passion works and not only will the man lavish attention on the wife , but will also endeaver to give her an orgasm with liberal use of tongue and lips. The fact is sex is so wonderful, but there has to be a novelty in it.
Does it mean that married couples cannot have a good sex life? Its difficult to answwer, but the fact is if a couple can get some variety in their sex life and pay more attention to each other there is a good chance that a married woman will not have sex outside marriage. But again another fact is that another man who is not a husband is more likely to explore a womans body and give satisfation than a husband.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Paradise, Islam and Virgins, a Tremendous Motivating Force

Recently one of the fighters fighting for the ISIS commented that he could not spend much time with his wife, but there was nothing to worry as once he went to paradise his wife would join him there and he would have plenty of time to talk to her. This concept of paradise where women will greet the holy warriors who have sacrificed their lives for Islam is one of the basic tenets of Islam. In fact Islam promises the true believers 72 virgins as wives in paradise. There are varied descriptions of this paradise and women in the Koran as well as the Hadiths. In fact the Koran does not mention any number, which is mentioned in the Hadiths. The concept of virgins after death in paradise for the true believers is atremendous motivating force in Islam. One can write reams and reams on this subject but most Islamic writers agree that the concept of paradise in Islam is sensual in nature.