Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Could Herman Cain another Black Oppose Obama ?

America has turned turtle since the early fifties. One could never think of a US President  whose roots were colored, but it happened as Barack Obama became president of the USA. The stage is now set and may be, I say maybe there is every possibility of two coloreds clashing for the US presidential chair.
The man is Herman Cain a black with roots in the slave plantations of the deep south coming up as nominee for President  of the Republicans. Cain was born in in 1945 and has had a checkered career with a stint in the Navy as civil employee.
 Cain has surged ahead in the primary polls this October, which is a surprise to many, but there are many Republicans who feel that Cain is their best bet to dethrone Obama. In case Cain gets the nomination, the stage will be set for the clash of history. Two blacks fighting for the post of the Chief Executive of the  most powerful nation on earth.
 Cain is a Baptist  and unlike Obama has no connection with Islam. He is American in every aspect and married  with 3 children and 2 grandchildren. But all said and done beating Obama will not be a cake walk as Cain has many acts of  sexual harassment coming up against him, but these are the hazards of seeking nomination.
If Cain gets the nomination the chances of beating Obama re slim, but any other candidate will perhaps be washed away. The US President election will certainly be a trend setter and lastly the USA of the early twentieth century is no longer there. It has changed and maybe it's a good thing.

Will Obama Win Again ?

The month of December has dawned and the day of the US presidential election is  approaching. President Barack Hussein Obama  will seek re-election. This is a momentous moment in American history as for the first time a man who is in effect a mulatto, with more non-white blood in him will seek re-election.

Obama has Muslim blood in him as his father was a Muslim from Kenya. He also attended  2 years  school in a Madrasa ( Islamic School), but I don't think he is a practicing Muslim. How much faith he has in Christianity is a moot point, but his rule has seen a greater determination to fight Islamic terror. In particular the drone attacks and overt action against Islamic sponsored state terrorism has also gone up.

Obama is the first President to have realized the danger of treating Pakistan with kid gloves and he has shown a tilt towards India. It is India's bane that no leader is there to think of India as a Global power and people like the pen pusher Man Mohan Singh  are unable to grasp a historical moments to put India on the Global watch as a world power.

 The acid test for Obama is the economy of the USA with a deficit of 3 trillion dollars. This is where Obama is floundering, but this state cannot be pinned on Obama who has inherited  the profligacy  of the past American Presidents, who spent like kings and saved nothing.  They supported  despotic  regimes and took part in innumerable wars that have now sapped the US economy. Obama  or even God cannot rectify it.

 Obama is making a try to balance. The Iraq episode is a bad dream and maybe he will extricate from Afghanistan.  But I am sure he will win again for the simple reason he doesn't have a worth while opponent. It could be a Pyrrhic victory as all the kings horses and all the kings men cannot put the USA back again. But Obama is perhaps the last slender hope for America.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Slap that Echoes Across India


Sharad Pawar has received a resounding slap, echoes of which are reverberating across the length and breadth of India. The man who did the deed is Harvinder Singh, a handsome Sikh. But that is immaterial, what is material is that there are thousands others all over India who feel that Harvinder should have landed a few more. There are others who feel they would like to do the same thing i.e slap some minister.
These are dangerous portends and show that the public at large is fed up of the shenanigans of the political class. The present Prime Minister   Man Mohan Singh has presided over the greatest corruption scams in Indian history, where cabinet ministers have been part of a great swindle. In fact it is nothing short of a loot and yet we have  Man Mohan Singh going around with a smile.
 Nobody can hold a brief for Harvinder and his deed, but the fact is the common man wonders what can be done. The antiquated judicial system where Bail is the norm and trials run for decades, the chance that the culprits will be brought to justice at a early date is almost like a pipe dream.
It is about time the political class took stock of where they are heading. They must realize that the Indian public is very tolerant, but it takes a match to light a haystack and one can never be sure.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Remembering "Ike' Eisenhower also Loved another Woman

 Great men have many loves and 'Ike' the Soldier-statesman was not an exception. It must be remembered that Eisenhower was a competent general and later president. Now 50 years after his death he is considered as among the top 10 US presidents of all time

Love Affair with Kathleen Helen MacCarthy-Morrough

Ike had an illustrious career in the army and was made Lieutenant General when he first visited London in December 1941. That was the time the Japanese armada had struck Pearl Harbor and drawn the USA into the war on the side of the allies.  For his entire illustrious career, one mystery has remained. It is reported that Ike had a secret love affair with a British girl name Kathleen Helen MacCarthy-Morrough.
Helen was a British girl who came to London in 1939 to try and get a break in the British Film industry. She worked as an extra in films and also modeled, but her career was going no where.  With war around the corner she joined the Mechanized Transport Corps of the British army. Thus Kathleen became a driver. When Ike came first to London in the fall of 1941 she was assigned to drive the general. This was a normal occurrence as the British provided women drivers for the American top brass.
Eisenhower it appeared liked Kathleen and now began to insist that she alone should be his driver for  the entire day. Thus Kathleen became close to Ike and was in the thick and thin of the war as well as being with him 24 hours. It is possible that a close intimacy grew between the two and Eisenhower took great interest in her becoming an American citizen.  He also saw to it that she was promoted to officer rank as captain.

Kathleen Served with his Love

Kathleen served with him through out the war and at the end became his secretary, when Ike was assigned to NATO. He took over as the first supreme commander of NATO, but Kathleen was always by his side.  It was rumored that she was also his mistress.
Kathleen wrote two books on her relationship with Ike.  In the second book written in 1975, when she was on her death bed is thought to set the record straight. In the book  “ My love affair with Dwight D Eisenhower ” she mentioned that she and Ike had a love affair.She also mentioned that she had kept quiet earlier as  she did not wish to damage the reputation of Ike.
There is further evidence available from writer Merle Miller, who was told by Harry Truman the US President that Ike had applied for permission in 1945 to divorce his wife Mamie and marry Kathleen, but the permission was refused as the US Army would not be able to stomach a scandal.  Truman mentioned that he had seen the correspondence. It must be mentioned that in the armed forces one cannot divorce or marry without permission. .
Many people are inclined not to believe this love affair. But there can be no doubt that Ike had some liaison with Kathleen. Secondly, you don’t expect a person on her deathbed to relate lies. Kathleen remains a foot note in history. She left the army in 1947 and after Ike became President she married. Ike was a great soldier statesman and this love affair does not in any way detract from his greatness, which is a normal human failing.
Helen visited Ike once when he was President. She was received graciously in the white house, but while leaving she was advised by an aide not to come again.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What is the Occupy Movement

There is much news of the occupy movement in the USA and the west. The movement consists of   people physically occupying  the citadals of the capitalist movement like stock exchanges and economic centres. 
 Historically the first occupy movement took place in 1789 when the French people occupied the Bastlle the symbol of opression of the government at that time and heralded the French Revolution 
  The present movement is a follow up of that revolution.Why did this movement take place ? The roots are in capitalism itself. When affluence was there the governments created a welfare state and even the weekly work time like in France was made 36 hours. The welfare state also insured free medical and a dole if you were not employed. Thus it brought out a group of people who got used to these social benefits and did not want to work. With the economy stagnating, the welfare measures were cut and that led to the present resentment. People felt that this was being done to save the big business and industrialists.
 People brought up on  free sops and less work were bound to revolt once the same measures were cut or denied. That is the essense of the occupy movement and it is not likely to go away soon. In fact in the time to come it will intensify. One can now see that Karl Marx was not nuts after all. He is as relevent today as when he lived.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mussolini, From National Idol to most Hated man in Italy

 As a boy I was fascinated with Benito Mussolini. Over the years I have wondered how Mussolini who was  a leader in his own right and was the senior of Hitler, went to seed.. He was the man who ushered in Fascism in Italy and led his 'Brown shirts' to seize power in Rome. 

At that time he was a role model for Hitler, but his charisma began to wane after Italian defeats in the Second World War and this came to a head in 1943 when he was deposed and arrested on orders of the King of Italy. .
By this time Mussolini of the thirties, a man had led the brown shirts in the famous march on Rome was dead and in his place had emerged a broken man. Hitler however had vowed to rescue Mussolini and accordingly he launched plans to save Mussolini. Intelligence reports told the Germans that Mussolini was kept imprisoned in a mountain Chateau in North Italy. This was an inaccessible place , but a daring operation by glider borne troops rescued Mussolini.

But the Mussolini who was rescued was a shadow of the earlier Mussolini and all he desired was to be with his young mistress Clara. He abdicated all responsibility and despite being re-installed as Il Duce in North Italy did everything at the behest of Hitler. He on orders of Hitler had his own son-in-law Count Ciano executed. He was now a real puppet and in all meetings with his German advisors he just sat and listened and signed decrees as desired by them. This was a far cry from the man who sat in an imposing office in Rome and created the aura of power and invincibility.

Italians were incensed and looked to capture him. He was captured in early 1945 by the members of the Italian resistance and shot dead with his beloved Clara. It was a sad end to a great man who had plummeted to the depths of despair. The last phase of Mussolini’s life when he became a de-facto puppet of Hitler is very sad indeed. But one reason could be the hypnotic and mesmerizing character of Hitler. If Chamberlain could be charmed by it , so could Mussolini be faulted. But Mussolini's descent from leader to puppet is something that just happened and shows that man can have many facets in his character.Sad End

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Magical Hold over Nehru of BM Kaul and BN Mullick

 Lt General BM Kaul

 Recently there was a news item that Indian government has sanctioned an additional 5 mountain divisions or 100,000 troops exclusively to face China in the Northern border. This shows the leadership is alive to the threat  from China. Perhaps 1962 will not be repeated. But at this juncture one can look back to that period  and see that it was an unreal time and the 3 principle characters in this sordid drama were Nehru, BM Kaul and BN Mullick.
The popular perception in India among the people  is that China launched an unprovoked attack on India in 1962. Two Books one by Brigadier Dalvi titled ‘Himalayan Blunder’ and the other by Neville Maxwell ‘India’s China war ‘however belie this claim. From these accounts one can gauge that the immediate provocation for the Chinese attack was the ‘forward policy’ enunciated by Nehru on the advice of two people namely his distant cousin Lieutenant General BM Kaul and BN Mullick, the then chief of the Intelligence Bureau. Both these men completely misled Nehru.

Nehru and BM Kaul

Lieutenant General BM Kaul had won the confidence of the Prime Minister Nehru and though he was a Sandhurst graduate, he had passed through the Second World War without battle action and had spent time  mainly as a PRO (public relations officer). This man could inveigle into the inner circle of Nehru and became the main advisor on all military matters. The forward policy as defined by Nehru was to set up border posts in areas which India claimed as their own, in close proximity to Chinese troops who were in over whelming strength The posts manned by 8-10 soldiers were unsustainable in a conflict, yet Nehru and Kaul insisted on their inception. This obviously alarmed the Chinese who began a massive build up against India. The result was a border war that tarnished the reputation of general Kaul and Nehru and the Indian Army cut a sorry face. Kaul has gone down in history as a losing general, while Nehru has had his reputation tarnished at the door of history.
 Now that 50 years have elapsed, it is important that the lessons of history are learn't to avoid arepitition of the blunders of 1962.

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Good Done By Gaddafi: Difficult to Swallow for the West

 Some times I wonder whether the good done by men lives after them.Also do people remember it? But generally I find the bad is highlighted and the good hidden. This is the case of Maummar Gaddafi, the Libyan dictator who was sodomized and done to death. Did he do any good ?
 Despite sticking my neck out, I must high light a few points which the TRA ( transitional authority) is trying to suppress.
a) Gaddafi raised the percapita income of Libya to almost $15000, the highest in Africa.
b) He emancipated women against the grain of hard line Islamic parties by doing away with polygamy, giving women equal rights, allowing then to work and even join the elite body guards.
c) All Libyans on marriage were given a grant of $50,000 to set up home and house. In addition  when a Libyan bought a new car he was given a 50% subsidy.
d) Education was free for all including medical treatment in government hospitals
e) There was no inflation and petrol cost 14 cents. In addition Libya had no foreign debt and had reserves running into billions of dollars.
 There is much more  and one can see that Libya was moving ahead.More important he was against Al Qaeda. Not many know that Libya  issued a arrest warrant for Osama bin Laden in 1998 , 3 years before  9/11.
Yet as I said he was overthrown,  as the western powers led by the USA  could not tolerate a Libya with billions of reserves in oil. They wanted the oil and a subservient Libya. They won't get it because the regime that will emerge is an Islamic regime. The west would have cooked its own goose.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Soldiers, Death and Immortality

Throughout Indian history the refrain is that a warrior is a respectable profession and must be held in high esteem. This also echoed by western writers and poets who have eulogized the soldier.
A soldier officer is a man whose profession is to fight, yes fight, but the undercurrent is one of honor and loyalty. Underneath all this is the ethos of a gentleman. A gentleman and an officer go hand in hand.
A soldier is only remembered when war is there. Then he is an indispensible commodity, as he is the one who must die so others can live. The sad part is that in the ultimate analysis when death envelops a soldier on the battlefield, he perhaps will never know that the reason for his death the task at hand was achieved or not. Thus the soldiers facing the Imperial army at Kohima who died would never know that the Imperial army was pushed back and the siege broken. Even the soldiers of the Imperial Japanese army who besieged the British Indian army and died would be in the dark whether their army had reduced the surrounded garrison.
What did death achieve? The cynic will comment that these soldiers died because this was their fate. But that is a naive argument for in death the soldier achieves immortality and that is the essence of the Bhagwad Gita, the song divine as spelt out by Lord Krishna preaches. This is the message of the Lord to Arjun on the battlefield of Kurukshetra.
The soldier needs to be remembered and the kin left behind by him need to be looked after. Men of the United States army fighting in Afghanistan and dying have made the supreme sacrifice. Their sacrifice should not go in vain and their near and dear ones are the responsibility of society. This goes for all soldiers like the Indian army fighting the Pakistan sponsored Islamic Jihadists in Kashmir an dthe heights of Siachen. The fact is that death is the great leveler. I am reminded of a verse in the poem Lady of the lake by Sir Walter Scott.
Soldier, rest thy warfare is o'er,
Dream of fighting fields no more;
Sleep the sleep that knows no breaking,
Morn of toil, nor night of waking.
It is my belief that soldiers who die in combat go to Valhalla the abode of the gods and there they mingle with their kin as the Gods smile on them. That is the interpretation from the Gita.

Friday, November 11, 2011

My Favorite Mickey Spillane * 76

Many years back when I was a student of the Air Force School at New Delhi, I was introduced to a novel by Mickey Spillane by a friend of mine.  After I read the book I was convinced that Mickey Spillane was my kind of writer and I loved his books. The thing that most impressed me about  Mickey Spillane was a  character that he created with a macho image named Mike Hammer.  Mike hammer was a strong man who fought for justice. He fought evil by his own methods which were violent and also took revenge on the evil doers in a manner that can only be described as chilling. 
In this ride to fight the criminals, Mike came across innumerable beautiful women whom he seduced with his macho image and without a second thought. The women loved being possessed by Mike Hammer. This was the general theme of the Mike hammer novels of Mickey Spillane- women, guns and death for evil doers.
Spillane as a Writer

How good and popular a writer was Mickey Spillane ? If figures have any meaning, than it is worth knowing that more than 225 million copies of his books were sold world-wide.  If you add a readership of 4 per book ( which is a conservative estimate) the astonishing figure of a billion readers emerges. This is to say the least, is not an insignificant figure.  Not many writers of the 20th century can match these figures.
Remembering Spillane

Many of Mickey Spillane’s books are read even now. His most famous books are   ’I the jury’ My Gun is quick, Vengeance is mine, one lonely night and the long wait.   In fact the novel ‘I the jury’  was completed in just 3 weeks. That will be hard to match.  Violence, sex and crime were the staple diet of Mickey’s novels and by writing this he had his hand on the pulse of the people. He was certainly a master story-teller.  I have a lurking feeling that many later writers who wrote action books like the famous.James Hadley Chase and even Harold Robbins took a leaf out of the books of Mickey Spillane.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Girl on a Motorcycle, a Poem on Celluloid * 63

 Now it is the 21st century and cinema has taken great strides. But there is one movie that still fires my brain. Made in 1968 the movie  'The Girl on a Motor Cycle'  remains an icon .This Jack Cardiff movie starring Alan Delon and Marianne Faithfull has survived the ravages of time as a cult movie that can still not fail to excite a movie buff.
The Movie based on the novel by Andre Pieyre de Mandiargues is a faithful adaptation of the book. It relates a story of a young woman who just into two months into her marriage rides a motorcycle from France to Germany, to have a rendezvous with her lover. The story is simple but the presentation and its adaptation from the book brings out the forte of the director. He recreates a vivid picture of Europe at that time as well as the psyche of a young woman who is enamored of motorbikes.
The Bike is the central piece to the film and the story revolves around it and the thrill it gives akin to mating with a lover. The motorbike riding scenes through the hills and dales as well as the European highways of those days are excellently shot. Marianne portrays the motorcyclist with gay abandon. She literally breathes life into the role. Wearing her motorcycle gear replete with gloves, riding suit and boots she creates an alluring and enticing picture.In one shot she gives a fleeting shot of her bust and nothing can be more lovlier than that.
Among the other stars the French actor Alan Delon lends his suave presence to the role, though he for once is overshadowed by Marianne. But within the limitations of the role he turns in a creditable performance.
The significance of the movie lies in the fact that life itself is like a motorcycle that speeds along the highway. The movie razes pertinent questions of free love and fidelity in marriage. But over all the impact of the movie is also on the mind.
The visuals of Europe are exciting and the scenic beauty is captured by the camera in a telling manner. But the motorcycle a monster with a self start holds its own. Marianne of course turns in one of her best performances ever. The movie does have some nudity, but it is carefully integrated into the movie and again Marianne scores in these scenes.
Though over 40 years have passed the movie is still relevant today and certainly one cannot be the loser by watching it

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Enigma of Vidkun Quisling * 75

Adolf Hitler and Quisling
 In a discussion at the United Services Club bar, a Colonel mentioned the name of Quisling. Frankly the gathering drinking beer had never heard of him.  I however have an inquisitive mind and i thought to dig deeper. here is some information of a man who is considered a puppet of Adolf Hitler

Vidkun Quisling

 In the English language one word has been coined after this name and is synonymous with a puppet and traitor.Quisling is a term used as a  reference to fascist and collaborationist political  leaders.
Quisling was a Norwegian leader who sided with Hitler during World war II. In 1940 Hitler turned his attention to an invasion of Norway. In a brilliant military operation he landed German troops at 5 places on the coast of Norway. Quisling who had headed the Norwegian National Socialist party immediately ordered on 23 April 1940 for all resistance to cease against the German invasion force.  However the Norwegian army fought on despite the order by Quisling.
Subsequently Quisling visited Berlin and met Hitler. As a reward for his collaboration he was appointed Prime Minister of Norway  in 1942. As the Prime Minister Quisling faithfully carried out all orders of Hitler and many members of the Norwegian resistance were shot dead on his orders. At that time Quisling became a most hated man in Norway.
Quisling had along history of being a sympathiser of the philosophy of Hitler and perhaps that was the reason he was blind to everything. During his time all political parties were banned and the Nazi party of Norway was declared the only political party.
In 1945 Quisling had realized that Germany and Hitler would lose the war and he tried to make overtures to the allies. But the past caught up with him and he was arrested in 1945 at the end of the war and put on trial as a traitor and collaborator of Hitler. Charges of murder were also framed against him. Quisling was held guilty and sentenced to death. He was executed  by a firing squad on  24 October 1945.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I like Younger Women, No Apology for this 62

 Firstly I want to state an obvious fact.Lets face it man, ALL and I mean all (except the Gays) are like me, who covet and lust after young, attractive women. Frankly I hunt for younger women and I have no apology for it. There is nothing wrong with it, for it’s got a simple answer: biology. Men have an inherent desire to chase a breed along with a young, virile and a sexy girl.  this is because  for the men  the biological clock  is different. Women get checkmated by the biological clock, but not the men who can even when well past the prime produce off spring. I read some where that Anthony Quinn the Hollywood star had one when he was 82.
The world  sometimes sees this differently and many old guys are the butt of jokes and some get sneered as well. You have words like ‘pervert’ and worse being bandied about for an older man who covets younger woman. But a lot many older men marry younger women and the couples are happy.  It’s a biological need and one need not be ashamed about it.

 Frankly as I am not a woman, I can’t write from the women’s angle. But I suppose all relationships can only take place if there is mutual attraction, and sexual desire. So I will concede one rider that an older man coveting younger woman must insure it’s not an unrealistic relationship where other considerations are involved. Though sadly sometimes it happens.
At the end of the day an older man will not be as attractive as a younger man. That can’t be helped, but an older man can in his own way win younger woman. You got to give it a try and you will find that conquests are sometimes so easy.
 I have no apologies for the fact that I love younger women. What’s wrong with it? But since I am not rich and have wads of money, I know that when a younger woman accepts me,it is not for money. I hate a business relationship. Coming back to the theme of this post, older men do desire younger women. Nothing wrong with it. It’s a biological need and lastly pals don’t give up. A lot of younger women prefer older men, why?  It's a fact, but  I am stymied for an answer. But I am happy  as I look for younger women and so many respond.

Helen of Troy, Another Version

All of us are aware of the famous epic love story ‘Helen of Troy’. It forms the theme of an epic of immense proportion. 

Homer’s Version

The story as narrated by Homer is well known. But the there is another version which I shall discuss in the succeeding paragraphs.  In this version Helen elopes with Paris to Troy an dthe Greeks follow up with an invasion to get Helen back.

The Version of Herodotus

The above is the popular version of the story and has been depicted  on celluloid many times. But some historians however give a different account of this battle and story as depicted in The Iliad.
The source of these researchers is the writings of the Greek historian Herodotus who lived around the 5th century. This is a period about 300 years after the era of Homer. Herodotus is a much respected figure in world history and he in his Book2 of the Histories depicts an entirely different scenario of the love of Paris and Helen.
The first part of the Iliad and the history by Herodotus are synonymous. The tale of Paris being shipwrecked and falling in love and eloping are similar to the Iliad.  But as per Herodotus the ship carrying Paris and Helen ran into a sea storm of immense proportion.
Herodotus mentions that this great storm threw Paris off course and he was wily nily forced to reach the coast of Egypt. When Paris reached the Egyptian coast some of his slaves and servants revolted against him and informed the King at Memphis, Proteus that a Trojan stranger has come from Greece where he has abducted a beautiful queen and stolen treasures.
Proteus immediately had Paris arrested and brought before him in court along with Helen. After due deliberation he was convinced that the complaint was correct. He ordered Paris to leave Egypt and kept Helen and the treasure back in Egypt, till such time king Menelaus could come and claim his right.
As a proof of this Herodotus mentions that there is a temple at Memphis dedicated to Helen the Spartan queen, who was resident for some time in Egypt. As per Herodotus Homer knew of the true tale, but gave it a romantic tint as an imaginative writer will do. Herodotus mentions that he had  visited the temple and met the priests there who had vouchsafed that the temple was dedicated to Helen and not Aphrodite.
Thus when the Greek army reached Troy and asked for the return of Helen, they received a reply that there was no Helen as in real fact she was in Egypt. The Greeks did not believe the Trojan king and thus resolved to go to war. Herodotus argues that when the Trojan king replied that there was no Helen he was speaking the truth. If Helen was really there he would have handed her to Menelaus to avoid war.


Herodotus believes that the version written by him is the correct version. Historians are still debating the stories but generally the version of Herodotus is given greater credence.  But all said and done the tale of the Trojan War and the abduction of Helen by Paris is one of the great romances that have enlivened the lives of millions all over the world as an example of true and passion.
. Old Painting of Helen in Troy

Understanding Pre-Mature Ejaculation. It Does Have a Solution

What is premature ejaculation?  Does it have anything to do with time? Can we quantify it ? 
Pre-mature ejaculation is a male problem. It basically concerns the period a man holds off during a sex act: in other words his power of sustenance. The problem becomes acute when during a sex act the man ejaculates pretty early leaving the partner cold and perhaps distraught. The word pretty early is complex and one wonders how this can be quantified.
The Journal of sexual medicine is a  forum that has high lighted this aspect of time in its representation of research. Three major studies have been brought to the forefront by this journal. The journal of sexual medicine is the official journal of the society of for sexual medicine.

Studies in Premature Ejaculation

The first study conducted in 2005 in 4 different countries of Europe gave some startling information. The study highlighted that the average time a man took to achieve ejaculation was 5.4 minutes. The study did not give the figures for the data and the numbers involved, but as a representative figure it certainly is revolutionary. The time of 5.4 minutes on a distribution curve would have 1 and 10 as the extremities.
The second study was conducted in the U.S during 2006. In this study researchers targeted a  base of 1500 men for experimentation.  Readings were taken from the time of penetration till the ejaculation.The figures that emerged showed that men who were considered to ejaculate prematurely did so in an average time of 1.8 minutes and those that did not the average time recorded was 7.3 minutes.
The third study in 2007 was more specific. As a pilot experiment it limited its research to men who were known to suffer from pre-mature ejaculation. The research revealed that a vast majority of men tested ejaculated in under 60 seconds. The time was calculated after penetration.
This research has led the International society of Sexual medicine proposing to quantify a period of one minute or less as the bench mark for premature ejaculation.

Acharya Rajneesh on Premature Ejaculation

The phenomenon is complex and there is no simple answer. Perhaps the best course to deal with the problem of premature ejaculation is the one enunciated by Acharya Rajneesh in his interpretation of tantra sex where orgasm and ejaculation is not the goal but only a milestone on the path to salvation.
Generally premature ejaculation does have some bearing on a woman’s orgasm. In case that is the aim then the mantra of Rajneesh which stresses extensive foreplay for  a long time is the one that could be a solution.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Did Gaddafi's Amazon Guards have Sex ? * 65

 Colonel Maummar Gaddafi is gone to the next world and perhaps Libya may never see another like him. Yes! He was a despot, but then one can’t overlook the good he did. Most important he held the hard line Islamic groups like Al Qaeda under his boots. They tried to kill him at least 5/6 times, once with the aid of the British Intelligence, but failed. Gaddafi hanged quite a few of them.
Gaddafi struck a blow for women’s lib by recruiting retinue of women guards, who handled automatics with ease. They were chic looking and wore lipstick and make up and did everything that the hard line Muslim clerics found distasteful. Give Gadaffi credit for that.
But where there are beautiful girls there will be sex and that is one commodity that cannot be caged. So it stands to reason that this Amazon brigade were certainly sex symbols and pandered to the taste of Gaddafi. Nothing wrong with that, for he gave them food, shelter, clothing and cash and they joined of their own free will. In fact I understand that there was quite a rush to be a body guard of Gaddafi.
The women were all virgins when recruited, whether they continued in that state is a moot point. It is now known that quite a few of them slept with Gaddafi in his ornate bed. It must have been like a fantasy from the past as the girls beautiful and chic slept with the omnipotent lord on a giant bed in a magnificent bedroom in the nude two at a time by rotation, while another two stood guard near the bed.
 He also trained quite a few as executioners and one named Nisreen has just been captured. She had executed 11 or 12 of the revolutionary guards.  That was the staple diet of these women Amazon guards who also accompanied Gadaffi on his visits abroad. It was quite a sight with the foreign rulers eyeing the bevy of beautiful women with Gadaffi. It was certainly a sight for sore eyes.
Well friends Gaddafi is gone and so are his women guards, but the memory of the young girls holding rifles and looking chic won’t fade for sometime to come.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Reviewing Zane Grey's ' Riders of the Purple Sage'

I must confess that two things which I have loved are,  western films and books of that turbulent period referred to as the ‘wild west’ in American history of the 19th century.  This was a period that created legends of its own in the shape of Doc Holiday, Billy the Kid and a host of other characters.
One writer who brought that period alive was Zane Grey and I positively love him.I have read at least 25 of his books, but the book that has made the most profound impression on me is his ‘Riders of the Purple sage’. This novel is written in a racy style and once one starts reading one   can’t put it down.
‘Riders of the Purple Sage, ‘is a book that more than any other novel of the Wild West has contributed to making the legend of the Wild West come alive.  Just for information the period of the Wild West refers to the period after the American civil war
The book has all the ingredients of a pot boiler with a gunfighter in a black dress, an outlaw boss and a lovely frontier woman torn between love and law. Zane Grey brings these figures alive. This novel of Zane grey is just not a western, but a novel that brings to the fore the deepest emotions of the human heart like love, honor and bravery
The plot runs something like this.  There is a young and beautiful girl named Jane Withersteen, who inherits a ranch on the death of her father. The sad part is that the ranch is located in Cottonwoods which is an area dominated by the Mormons.
The Mormons were an offshoot of Christian faith and had some Bizarre customs and rituals that included multiple marriages in the same clan.  The story is set in Utah in 1871 when the area was not properly policed.
There is a small rivulet called Amber spring that runs through her property and this is coveted by the Mormon Church. This rivulet supplies all the water to the settlement of the Mormons
The Mormons elders land on the ranch and wish to force Jane to marry another Mormon named Elder Tull. She refuses and the Mormons led by Elder Tull enter her ranch and arrest her foreman.  They plan to whip him. A helpless Jane prays to Jesus for deliverance and lo and behold a rider in black appears. He is Lassitor, who is after the Mormons who have abducted his sister.
Zane Grey has created a most masculine and lovable character in Lassitier. A man who is quick on the draw and can fire guns like greased lightning. He is the archetype of the mythical Western gun fighter
This is one of the finest books of Zane grey. He is still very popular in the States. He is a master story teller who brings the Wild West alive. It is also one of his best sellers and sold millions of copies. The best part is his prose that is simple and direct. He knows how to relate a story.
I have read this book thrice and every time  and I have marveled at its grip on the reader. I think it is as a classic of American frontier fiction, colorful and authentic. It caters to the dream of an average man of a beautiful heroine and a strong man. Certainly Zane Grey has carved a niche of his own. Last but not the least Zane Grey has a clientele in India as well.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Why can't we see the Good Done by Gaddafi ?

 Recently a friend mentioned to me at the United Services Club  bar, that Gaddafi had done a lot of good in Libya and the only reason he was removed by NATO was OIL. The West wanted to lay their hands on oil and so the campaign to oust Gaddafi. It helped that he  acted like a buffoon and played into the hands of the West. Gaddafi was the first Muslim ruler who empowered  women-no mean feat in the teeth of opposition from hard line Muslim fundamentalists( They tried to kill him 6 times)
a) Gaddafi increased the attendance of women in primary education from 16% to 46 %
b)  He abolished triple TALAQ and raised the marriage age to 18. Child marriages were banned. Women could get a divorce and could not be forced to marry
c) Women had all avenues of jobs opened to them and could serve till the age of 55 and get a pension too.  They were encouraged to work and the government had opened special day care centers for working mothers. Women also could not only drive cars , but many became pilots. All avenues were open to women.
In addition Gaddafi reserved seat in the cabinet for women and all because of a promise he had made to his illiterate mother that he would improve the lot of women. woman Pilot

It is easy to condemn Gaddafi , but the good he did cannot be wished away. The NTA which has come to power on the back of NATO has already announced that the basis of law in Libya will be the Shariat and men can have 4 wives. Gaddafi had forbidden it ! Is this what NATO fought for ?
Lastly Gaddafi had set up a Women's Military academy  which trained his Amazon brigade. Another eye sore to Muslim fundamentalists