Saturday, July 27, 2013

Riding Horses and Women: Whats the Connection ?

Horse riding is an invigorating sport. It is a sport that brings out the masculinity in man. There are riders who have ridden horses for more than 20 years like me. So I am certainly qualified to write something about riding a horse. My experiences with women are also manifold as I have interacted with many of them during my life. At this stage I can conclude after comparing women and horses that there is a lot of commonality between the two as far as riding is concerned.
Girls and horses I remember once taming a wild horse at Pune at one of the stud farms of my friend. The horse was young and needed to be ‘broken in'. The beast was a magnificent animal and I set about my task of taming him, which I did but not before I had sweated profusely. As I wiped the sweat of my body with my shirt the young daughter of the stable man entered and saw me standing bare chest next to the horse. Something electric happened and the girl young and energetic enticed me to deflower her. She was a wild one and reminded of the beast that I had just tamed. After it was all over, I could not help thinking that deflowering a wild woman is akin to "breaking" a young horse. Some other similarities also came to my mind which I shall relate now for the benefit of the readers.
Similarities of Riding;Women and Horses When riding a horse it is important for the rider in the saddle to grip the animal with his thighs so that they clasp strongly around its flanges. This is important for stability. Likewise hold a woman firmly during sex with your thighs. Give no quarter when you press home your advantage. The grip of your thighs is almost similar to the way your thighs grip the horse. When riding a horse he is likely to buck up and down. This is the acid test of your riding skill for you will have to be in control of the animal. Only then can you ride him to your satisfaction. Hence you will have to adapt your body with the movements of the horse. Likewise if you are a man and can rouse the woman to a high feverish pitch, then the woman will also buck, wriggle and cavort in passion. That is the time to hold her tightly and move in rhythm with her.
The Bond After a ride pat a horse on his head to convey your appreciation and love for him. This is the bond you build with the animal. Likewise after you have possessed the woman establish a similar bond by caressing her forehead with words of endearment and love. It will be a bond she will cherish. Build a bond of trust with the horse and understand him. Likewise a bond of understanding and love needs to be established for riding a woman also. I dare say that both require a lot of skill. Perhaps many people will agree with me.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Desire is a lovely Word. Do Women Love this Word?

I recently read Ovid the classical Roman poet. He talks of 'gaze'. Yes the gaze is the start of everything. A man must first gaze at a woman and then only the other parts of his psyche like desire is activated. Ovid knew the psychology of man and his poems focus on this aspect. A gaze can lead to desire and sex. Maybe rape as well. What if a man did not desire any woman. What would all the women feel?

 I think they would be pretty sad that there is no one to desire them.A woman is happy when she is desired. But desire is a sword that can have two edges. Excessive desire can be an obsession and that will frighten women. Excessive desire can lead to murder, abduction and rape.Women are frail by nature and thus easily succumb to men.

In history we have the example of Jahangir, the Mogul emperor who got the husband of the woman he desired killed and then married her and gave her the title "Noor Jehan". Desire is a complex emotion. It can be accompanied by love . But desire can also be without love. The desire in that case is carnal and only gratification is when a man possesses the woman. These are some facets of life. But I do feel desire is a good thing and it makes our lives worthwhile. If you are normal, desire can be elevating and one can have the chance to try and seduce the woman to bed.

Desire is ingrained in a man and unless you are having a kink , a desire for a woman is a normal event. I know of my English colleague who desired of all persons the maid in his house, a 18 year old girl. Well what did he do ? That's another story. The clue is the movie'After the Rains' with Rahul Bose. See it and you will get the answer.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Zimmerman Verdict:Is it a Blot on American Justice ?

The Zimmerman trial is over. As expected the man who stalked a 17 year old boy and then shot him dead is acquitted. There is a sense of despair in America. My friend from New York emailed me just one sentence "What a perversity of Justice". I have been reading a lot of posts on various writing sites and I find that most whites support the verdict, while all coloreds and some whites have written against the verdict. This shows a clear racial divide in the perception of the trial and verdict.
I would like to point out 2 cases which are a landmark in India a) The Priyadarshani Mattoo Murder case (2006). In this case a young man had stalked a girl named Mattoo, raped and then murdered her with a telephone wire. The murderer was the son of a high ranking police officer. b) The Jessica Lal Murder Case. In this the son of a well known politician had shot dead a bar girl in Delhi after she refused to serve him another glass of whiskey, as the bar timings were over.
In both the above cases the sessions court( lower Court) in a perversity of justice, acquitted the assailants and they went Scot free. But the Delhi High Court after a public outrage, took cognization of the case Suo moto and re-heard the case. The high court awarded death in the Priyadarshni case and life imprisonment in the second case. Here was justice executed after a lower court had gravely erred. One wonders whether there is any such provision in American law. Can a high court in the USA take over and hear this case like in India? Indian law is based on the English common law and in England this is often done.
The facts of the Zimmerman murder case are too well known and need not be recounted here, but the general feeling outside the USA is one of disbelief. I for one was sure that Zimmerman would be acquitted as in the South of the USA, the roots of discrimination against blacks run deep.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Gender Inequality: Rapes in Tahrir Square, Cairo

The recent agitations in Cairo is a pointer to the vulnerability of women in society. I am all for rights of women, but it requires men to enforce them and in case men do not do it, what happens next ? Th recent demonstrations in Tahrir Square are a pointer to the way some men think. In agitations against Mohammad Morsi many women came out to protest.Egyptian civil rights activists say that at least 91 women were sexually assaulted or raped in Tharir Square during protests, which began last Sunday. The men who did it were Islamist, who perhaps wanted to teach a lesson to the women for opposing Morsi. Maybe it was plain sexual urge. The fact is nearly a 100 women were grabbed from the crowd and their burkhas and Hijabs stripped followed by their clothes and publicly raped in front of onlookers. One woman recounted her horror when for almost an hour she was publicly gang raped
The assailants operated in a climate of impunity – encouraged by religious zealots within the government who had called female protesters whores and who had blamed rape victims for not staying home. It is even believed that the gangs were paid by the Muslim Brotherhood. There are reports when some men could not immediately get the jeans of they slit the jeans with their knives. It's all very sad and one wonders how the women can be the equal of man. Finally it is good that Morsi is overthrown, as he was taking Egypt backwards.Morsi’s government had moved to deny women the right to right to seek a divorce under Islam, supported female circumcision, sacked women in top government jobs and tried to lower the age of consent for girls to marry from 18 to nine. God save Egypt !

Want a Russian Girl as a Date ? Try

One of the dreams of a man is to have a lovely, fair and auburn or golden hair girl as a friend and date. Another desire of man is to savor a relationship with an exotic woman, someone who is far away and creates an aura of mystery. Anastasia web caters to this desire. It shows the door to exotic women from Russia and periphery countries like Ukraine and the Baltic states.The site caters to an exotic dream of a Western man for a Russian girl as a date and even as a wife.

Russia for long was under Communism and as Sir Winston Churchill called under an ‘Iron Curtain’. At that time it was very difficult to date Russian women. This was a period when an aura was built up around Russian girls and women. It is human nature to look for something inaccessible and Russian women behind the Iron Curtain were greatly desired. The collapse of communism opened the way to Russian women as dates and friends and even marriage. Anastasia web panders to this taste of the American and Canadian men for Russian women.
The site is a family run business that is committed to providing great value and service to its clients all over the world. The site is a member of the American Society of Travel Agents and the Central & Eastern Europe Travel Board, The site is owned by David and Elena Besuden who met in 1992.
. Anastasia Web has been in existence since 1993. The site is a fast letter based international dating service, featuring beautiful women from Russia and the Ukraine. The site caters to an exotic dream of a Western man for a Russian girl as a date and even as a wife.

Friday, July 12, 2013

The Lone Ranger: Excellent Movie, Why are critics Panning it?

The Lone Ranger is a character that I have loved for decades. The masked man with his side kick Tonto and horse silver is simply wonderful. The latest movie 'The Legend of the Lone Ranger', a Walt Disney production lives up to the legend.
There is a subtle change in emphasis as the focus is on Tonto, played by Johnny Depp. Tonto is a magnificent character , a Red Indian who befriends the Lone Ranger. The movie is extremely fast paced and the direction simply superb. Lovely realistic scenes of the development of the rail road through out and people will love the horse with the Lone Ranger astride it, galloping on the train roof. The movie is in my view worth even a second viewing and I wonder why the critics gave it a thumbs down verdict. But I suppose critics have to make their presence felt with some outlandish comments.
film, lone Ranger The Lone Ranger is a film that entertains with music in particular the theme of the Lone Ranger superb. Topping all is Johnny Depp as Tonto. This man really lives the role and makes him come alive on the screen. He is the real hero of the film and the focus is not on the Lone Ranger, but Tonto.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Which Women in the world are the Most Satisfying in Bed

Women are gods greatest gift to men. This is from time immemorial and even mythology records that Eve was created for Adam only. In the present age there is greater emancipation and women are having a few rights, I say few as many are still enmeshed in dogma and religion and much of it is against sex and orgasm. I have been wondering that women come from diverse races, nationalities and religions spread over a 150 countries. It is well nigh impossible to pinpoint which class of women can be the most satisfying in bed. This for the simple reason that it is impossible for one man to sleep with so many women even in his life time to form a judgement.
Having said that, a few generalities can be stated which can be a pointer. In India itself there are diverse racial women from Punjabi to Tamilian and Maharashtra to Muslim. Then we have Russian and American, Scandinavian and South East Asian. I confess but my limited experience shows that in India the Tamil woman is the most receptive to sex. She is most volatile ( Maybe because of the tropical climate). Women from the tribal areas of Assam also orgasm faster.
Out of the other women nothing beats the American woman. She is liberated and not sexually repressed. American woman as a rule are most satisfying in bed. I would put the Scandinavian women at the bottom of the scale, maybe because sex is so free there that it has become clinical.
Well these are just musings of a globe trotter and not any authentic research. Yes Italian women enmeshed in Catholicism are a just a point below the American women. What about a comparison of a Tamil woman with an American? I think that should wait for the next installment of my writing. Keep reading my blog.

The Army has ousted Mohd Morsi in Egypt

Egypt is in turmoil. President Morsi a member of the Muslim brotherhood has been deposed by the army and a new president is sworn in. Frankly this is not surprising as the army in one form or another has ruled Egypt ever since Gamal Nasser overthrew King Farrukh in the early fifties of the last century. Another thing going against Morsi was that he was pursuing a policy that furthered the brotherhood. Economy is in shambles, tourist traffic has fallen, hard currency reserves are depleted and there is total unemployment. It should not be forgotten that teh Muslim Brotherhood was banned in Egypt for close to 40 years and had carried out the assassination of President Anwar Sadat.
Morsi has paid the price. One hopes he is not tried for treason or something as the Arabs are notorious for trying their deposed rulers. Look at the case of Hosni Mubarak.Poor man was made to sit in an iron cage. Think, that he was President for 30 years. I hope the army will control the situation and I have a lurking feeling that this coup is blessed by America, alarmed as it was with the sectarian policies of Morsi and the chance that the 1976 agreement with Israel could be ruptured.