Friday, July 19, 2013

Desire is a lovely Word. Do Women Love this Word?

I recently read Ovid the classical Roman poet. He talks of 'gaze'. Yes the gaze is the start of everything. A man must first gaze at a woman and then only the other parts of his psyche like desire is activated. Ovid knew the psychology of man and his poems focus on this aspect. A gaze can lead to desire and sex. Maybe rape as well. What if a man did not desire any woman. What would all the women feel?

 I think they would be pretty sad that there is no one to desire them.A woman is happy when she is desired. But desire is a sword that can have two edges. Excessive desire can be an obsession and that will frighten women. Excessive desire can lead to murder, abduction and rape.Women are frail by nature and thus easily succumb to men.

In history we have the example of Jahangir, the Mogul emperor who got the husband of the woman he desired killed and then married her and gave her the title "Noor Jehan". Desire is a complex emotion. It can be accompanied by love . But desire can also be without love. The desire in that case is carnal and only gratification is when a man possesses the woman. These are some facets of life. But I do feel desire is a good thing and it makes our lives worthwhile. If you are normal, desire can be elevating and one can have the chance to try and seduce the woman to bed.

Desire is ingrained in a man and unless you are having a kink , a desire for a woman is a normal event. I know of my English colleague who desired of all persons the maid in his house, a 18 year old girl. Well what did he do ? That's another story. The clue is the movie'After the Rains' with Rahul Bose. See it and you will get the answer.