Sunday, September 29, 2013

Horses and Men don't Age: Sex Drive Remains

My Uncle is 68 years old and surprised all of us by announcing grandly that he was marrying a fashion model 35 years his junior. That was a year back and the product is a daughter now 2 months old. I have been wondering whether the age old adage that horses and men never age is true. There are umpteen cases like this. The great actor Anthony Quinn ( Now no more, bless his soul) had a child when he was 82. He must have been a virile man. So many other cases have come to the fore.
The latest is of Rupert Murdoch who married a Chinese girl Wendy who was 38 years younger to him. She has given Murdoch 2 daughters. The couple are now divorcing.

 One can’t forget the Playboy owner Hugh Hefner wedding a model just a few months back. These are famous people, but what about the common man? Frankly this virility is not confined to the rich and there is no reason why a poorer man cannot have a similar relationship. 

The fact is that biologically, man in case he exercises and remains fit has his sex drive intact. Thus we see so many older men women marrying or having a relationship. Vatsyayana the great Hindu writer in his Kamasutra has recommended that older men have a relationship with younger women for a longer and healthier life. This perhaps is the answer to the question. I am told there is some research done in Denmark and the conclusion is that men who have sex and relationship with younger women live longer.

Ken Norton Vs Muhammad Ali: Another View

Norton is one of the great boxers from in modern history, but he is ranked considerably behind Ali who described himself as “The Greatest”. Norton was a different man—as you will see from the following paragraphs.
( The blow that Broke Ali's Jaw?) a) Norton did not evade the military draft and was a member of the Marines from 1963-67. Ali objected to the draft on whimsical grounds. He claimed that as a Muslim, his religion forbade him to fight wars. Norton was inducted into the United States Marine Corps Sports Hall in 2004, a recognition he deserved. b) Ali—born Cassius Clay—converted to Islam and changed his name to Muhammad Ali. He claimed 'Cassius Clay' reminded him of a slave hangover. His constant jabs against whites are worth consideration even today as it demonstrates his bent of mind at the time. c) Norton was a family man and lived his life within that bound. Ali on the other hand married 4 times and fathered 9 children as well 2 outside marriage. Ali was like Lothario—an unscrupulous seducer of women.
Ali—despite all of this—received greater recognition among those of the American nation. It was more than apparent that Ali was preferred to Norton in their 3rd title bout when he was declared the winner in a split decision. Norton felt he'd won the fight and so did many others, including Harry Carpenter, Britain’s top commentator who told his listeners that the decision was simply not right. Norton died a few days back at the age of 70.

Major Skorzeny- The Para trooper who rescued Mussolini

What is bravery? It is an act of attempting to do the impossible. One such episode has caught my imagination. The man who carried out this act was a German Para Major named Skorzeny. He was specially selected by Hitler for this act. A man of infinite courage and a dare devil, he was asked by Hitler to rescue Mussolini the Italian dictator from a mountain ski resort in Central Italy. The Italians who made Mussolini retire were aware that an attempt would be made to rescue Il Duce and so were shifting his residence every 2 months. However German Intelligence was able to pinpoint that Mussolini was held at the ski resort in Central Italy. Major Skorzeny assured Hitler; he would rescue Mussolini and get him back to lead the Axis powers. In real terms Hitler was well aware that the Italians were just waiting to make peace with with the Allies and would also hand over his best friend to them.

Thus in September 1943 Skorzeny made a daring plan to free Mussolini. It must be noted that the ski resort was only accessible by cable car and there was no road. So a decision was taken to land Gliders on the resort. The Major himself led the assault as the Gliders were airborne. It was a risky operation to land a glider on the small ground of the resort, but the German Para troopers did just that. Only one paratrooper lost his life in the landing. A master stroke was to take a senior Italian police official who on emerging from the glider shouted in Italian 'don’t fire... don't fire '.This sowed confusion in the hearts of the guards who were quickly over powered and Mussolini was freed without firing a shot.

Mussolini and his girl friend Clara were then whisked away by a small German light plane to Germany. It was feat without parallel in terms of audacity and bravery. Somehow this feat is not given much importance and Hollywood which has been making all sorts of war movies has conspicuously ignored this romantic saga of bravery. Maybe, because they would not like to propagate an episode of bravery from the Nazi era. But then Hollywood has never been known to be objective. But why rely on Hollywood, why can't some other producer translate this act of bravery on celluloid ?

What about the famed major? He was arrested after the war, but he escaped to Spain, where General Franco gave him refuge. He died in 1975.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Romance of Indian Rail: Train to Peshawar, The Frontier Mail

Some relics of the Raj have survived and one of them is the Frontier Mail. this train which commenced operations in 1928 ran all the way from Bombay to Peshawar, now in Pakistan. It specially catered to passengers who disembarked at Ballard Pier and wished to travel to Punjab and the North West Frontier. The Frontier Mail is one of the oldest trains running in India. This train was the replacement to the earlier Bombay-Peshawar mail.

The train had 3 classes namely a First , second and third class. The journey to Peshawar took two days and the train was hauled by locomotives which were imported from England. Its final destination was Peshawar (which is now a city in Pakistan). After 1947, the train was curtailed to Amritsar. It now does the run to Amritsar in 33 hours. Amritsar is close to the Pakistan border.

 The Frontier Mail got its name since Peshawar was close to frontier of British India in those days. In the year 1930, The Times of London described it as the "one of the most famous express trains within the British Empire." This train was claimed to be the fastest long-distance train. This train got its air-cooled coaches in the year 1934. In 1996 the then government in India renamed the train as the Golden Temple Mail, a decision that is not at all pleasing.

Friday, September 20, 2013

How Does an Older Man Feel Once he Deflowers a Younger Virgin

Older men and younger women is a relationship that is very much prevalent.Frankly, such a relationship cannot be sustained without the consent of the girl. So one can't blame a man for seducing a younger girl. My thoughts however concern how a man feels when he deflowers a girl who is old enough to be his daughter. How does he react after the breaking of the hymen?
To start with a older man may desire a a girl who is perhaps 18 or 20. There is an excellent movie by Ram Gopal Varma titled "Nishabd" which recounts a love of a 60 year old man played by the legendary Amitabh Bachhan for a 18 year old girl who is his daughters best friend. it's a lovely movie and I shall recommend it to all buffs who are fond of movies on off beat subjects.
Talking of personal experience, I did once seduce a girl half my age. At the back of my mind I never thought I was doing any wrong as I felt the girl must have slept with others earlier. I was in a for a shock as I realized she was a virgin and some blood resulted. How did I feel ? Frankly after it was all over I had a sense of regret for the act. Perhaps if I had known she was a virgin, I would have refrained ? would I have? There is no clear cut answer, but men react to such situations individually. I wonder if anybody can share such an experience on this blog.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Do Black Women Desire White Men in USA?

This is a thorny question and one cannot give a clear cut answer. But there are some pointers, that can give an indication. Before I write further ( as I have already written) the black man is the finest specimen of physical fitness in the USA, as he has evolved through the theory of survival of the fittest in an age where the chances of a Negro surviving were very less.
The Negro woman in case she married a black was condemned to perpetual slavery. It was life long bondage, that only ended with death. In such a situation in case a beautiful black woman could sleep with a white man and conceive from him, there was a chance her offspring would face less discrimination compared to a totally black child. True some negro children from white fathers were treated as slaves, but some did get a higher status as well. This is the genesis of a secret desire among many black Americans to mother a child from a white man. This is explosive stuff, but in my visits to USA, I have been able to sense it. I think this subject call for research from social scientists. Nobody has researched on this aspect of black women white men sex relations. But it is worth a look.

Killing at Washington Naval Base is a Reminder the USA look Inwards

There is a photo of a Negro reservist who had got an honorable discharge from the navy. This man is alleged to hav entered the high security naval establishment at Washington , just 3 km from the white house and gunned down 12 Americans. The incident is sad, but calls for deep introspection.
The USA has all along been concerned with wars outside. Now the stress is on Syria and the white think tank surrounding Obama an Afro American is beating the war drum. But there is a need to look inward, at the soul of the US armed forces. All is not well there. There is the case at Fort Hood where an Army doctor gunned down 13 soldiers. He has been sentenced to death, but how does this console the dead?.
This incident is now being white washed as the man is supposed to have needed treatment for psychiatric disorder. Frankly it's all trying to cover up a fact that the Negro is not part of American society. He is the rebel who is revolting against a white discrimination of 250 years. It was not long ago in the Second World War, when the blacks were not allowed to have jobs on deck in the warships and they remained below deck. The incident is sad and is a clear pointer that the US armed forces must look inwards and restrict the entry of undesirable elements into the ranks. This is easier said than done as the US armed forces in the absence of the draft, is facing a man power crunch. What is to be done ? The answer is simple, most blacks and Muslims need to be subjected to an intense psychological test before recruitment. Perhaps that is not possible in a democracy like the USA. But the fact remains the US armed forces will always have one hand tied behind their back in a conflict. This may well sound the death knell of a great force.

Friday, September 13, 2013

I say to Obama, Don't Start What you Can't Finish

The US is beating the war drum. But before Obama and the USA bomb Syria they must look at their past. At least 3 Major conflicts stand out. Firstly there is Korea, nobody talks of it now, but it was a war the US fought for 3 years with 'ZERO' gains. At the end of it all it was back to square one and the 38 parallel remained as the border and so did North Korea. Then came Vietnam. Lyndon Johnson a man with a limited horizon ordered an escalation and later the US withdrew having suffered a colossal defeat. It was 10 years for nothing and thousands of US young men died in an elusive cause. Nobody again wants to talk about it now. Then came Afghanistan. Obama , the realist has realized there is no victory there and so has beat a hasty retreat. The USA will be quitting Afghanistan and more than likely the Taliban will take over. The US is now talking of Syria. This is sad as the US white think tank does not realize that such a campaign will suck in Israel and a bigger war cannot be ruled out. What will the USA do? Run turtle again? The attack on Syria will be a watershed and the Muslim ulema will have another handle. I pity Israel, friendless in the Middle east a country so tiny that one nuclear device will obliterate it. Obama better think !

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Have you Desired a Woman that you Just see or met ?

This is not a difficult question, but the answer is not easy. At least most men will shy away from an answer. Nobody will admit that a man may like to have sex with a woman he has just met. Many men will of course think about it, for that is human nature. A man may develop a desire to bed a woman by just talking to her. But its not easy and one can't just say'Hey I want to sleep with you'. It may have sad repercussions.
But there is nothing wrong with these thoughts and the answer lies with the interpretation of the Tantra theory of Hinduism as given by Acharya Rajneesh. He was a messiah and now many realize that what he said was true. Man and woman have a chemistry and sometime in case that chemistry works, it can lead to great happiness, bliss and even Moksha( salvation). The question is what should a man do in case he meets a woman and likes her and has a thought she would be his grace in bed. The Acharaya felt that that such a union is blessed, though the couple may not know each others name. In other words he sanctified the sex act.
The Ashram at Pune of the Acharya is worth a visit, to realize oneself. Here a woman and a man can mate, just because they want it. I spent some time in a asharam at Pune and that was 2 decades back or even more. I desired an American girl taking the blessing of Rajneesh. He was a man with a gift of telepathy and he read my mind. He just took my hand and put it in the American girls hand. it was the most electrifying experience in my life. Friends try it and then let me know on my blog how it went. Cheers !

Obama is Beating the War Drums over Syria, Most unlike the man

The world is watching. Its a matter of regret that a man who opposed the war on Iraq as a senator and made momentous decisions on disengaging from Afghanistan and Iraq, is now beating the war drums over Syria. The USA is being goaded into a bombing of Syria. Frankly it is most unlike Obama. To my mind it appears that a small coterie of whites that surround Obama are pressing for an attack and Obama is swayed. The US attack on Syria is uncalled for . Then why is the USA intervening. One reason could be that after a succession of defeats ( Vietnam, Afghanistan and Korea) and Pyrrhic victories like Iraq, the US armed forces are short of confidence. What better method to bolster the ego of the USA than an attack on a small nation like Syria. Would the USA and Obama ever touch China or even North Korea backed by China? Obviously not, as they would get a resounding slap. But all this makes me sad. Assad has threatened a wider conflict if the USA attacks. Maybe World War III could be around the corner. What say you ?