Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Obama is Beating the War Drums over Syria, Most unlike the man

The world is watching. Its a matter of regret that a man who opposed the war on Iraq as a senator and made momentous decisions on disengaging from Afghanistan and Iraq, is now beating the war drums over Syria. The USA is being goaded into a bombing of Syria. Frankly it is most unlike Obama. To my mind it appears that a small coterie of whites that surround Obama are pressing for an attack and Obama is swayed. The US attack on Syria is uncalled for . Then why is the USA intervening. One reason could be that after a succession of defeats ( Vietnam, Afghanistan and Korea) and Pyrrhic victories like Iraq, the US armed forces are short of confidence. What better method to bolster the ego of the USA than an attack on a small nation like Syria. Would the USA and Obama ever touch China or even North Korea backed by China? Obviously not, as they would get a resounding slap. But all this makes me sad. Assad has threatened a wider conflict if the USA attacks. Maybe World War III could be around the corner. What say you ?