Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cricket and the Services

The recent cancellation of the cricket match between the services and J &K at Srinagar due to the refusal of the Services team to go to Kashmir for the match is a matter of intense sorrow. What message are we sending to the world at large if the services team refuses to play at Srinagar ?
The services are the face of India and their refusel to go to Srinagar is to say the least very sad.Why did they not want to play there? did they fear a attack or hostility from the populace at large? If this is so then India can say good bye to kashmir, for even after 60 years if a services team cant play at Srinagar then what is the use of all the propaganda of the central Government and the Army itself, that normalacy is restored in the valley.
Farukh Abdullah has rightly condemmed this stupidity.But the central government must take the services to task for this act, as it has lowered Indian prestige all over the world.