Thursday, January 30, 2014

Books That Please: ‘The French Lieutenants Woman’ and ‘Venus in India’

I have always been fond of reading. I remember the famous quote ’Reading Maketh a full man’, though off hand I cannot recollect who said it. I think it was Francis Bacon. Over the years two books have pleased me no end. That they have erotic content is beside the point. Both novels show case the period of the 19th century, often referred to as the Victorian age, when sex was talked off in hushed whispers. “Venus in India” by Charles Devereaux is the older book and concerns the exploits of an army officer in India. The man is a great lover and the book recounts his amorous adventures as he goes about seducing women and girls in the army cantonments in the North West Frontier.
The second book “The French Lieutenants Woman”is a more recent book by British writer John Fowles. It is a lovely love story which Fowles wrote, but he set the scenario in Victorian England. Incidentally this book has been recognized as one of the best books of the last century. Both books are wonderful to read. “Venus in India “is a straight forward narrative, but it brings the picture of British rule in India in the 18th century to the reader. The encounters of the Army captain with 3 sisters is the highlight and it makes wonderful reading.
John Fowles book is more philosophical and is a wonderful delineation of a romance in the 19th century England. The hero who is engaged, sees a forlorn woman while having a walk with his fiancée. Everybody claims she is a woman of loose morals, but he falls in love and discovers she is a virgin. This is the foundation of a lovely tale.

My Thoughts on Black Emancipation After Watching the Movie'Lincoln'

I have just seen the movie Lincoln. It’s a terrific movie and all credit to Lincoln who abolished slavery and tried to emancipate the black slaves. I say ‘tried’ as his dream looks to me not fully realized, at least in some parts of the USA. If you watch the movie there is much talk of the 13th amendment. This amendment related to slavery. Slavery was an accepted norm in the USA and the church which is supposed to represent truth acquiesced with it. It is inconceivable that good farmers who kept hundreds of blacks as slaves were allowed to do so by the church. Perhaps the parsons forget to lecture them on race and piety in the Sunday sermons which were attend by hordes of white slave owners.
Where is the black man in America today? Is he completely liberated? If so why are so large a number of blacks turning to Islam? Icons like Muhammad Ali among others all were Christians till they converted. Obviously this point has not been looked at and most whites just shrug it away. Let’s look at Louisiana. It’s a state with a large black population, but to my mind the racial divide is very much evident there. After the civil war Louisiana was under martial law, yet the fact remains that white Democrats blocked black voters from registering. How frightening this was, can be seen that in 1900 there were just 739 black voters in a population of which they constituted 47%. I don’t think this is funny and points to a fact that the whites never reconciled to black emancipation. Mind you Lincoln had been dead for 35 years at that time. This was a state where the most abhorrent crimes against blacks were committed. Crimes like lynchings and hangings. The Law enforces? They shamed their uniform by siding with the lynchers. Sometimes they arrested suspects mostly black on flimsy grounds and handed them over to a mob of lynchers all whites. I wonder where sanity had gone and where was the church?
To get an idea of these lynching’s which continued till the sixties of the last century, the Tuskegree institute has estimated and recorded 3446 blacks lynched from 1882-1968. How many know that these lynching’s were a spectacle and advertised. More like a Roman amphitheatre where the Lions or gladiators killed unarmed people. Lincolns dream in a way has turned sour. The blacks constitute 12% of the population, yet constitute 50% of all prisoners in state prisons. There is no reformist streak as advocated by Gandhi or Buddha. It is naked power play of racial supremacy. The church is silent as the parsons and the men in flowing robes all acquiesced with these abhorrent practices. Louisiana is on an edge even now and the poverty rate is 19.2% and a quarter of children live in poverty. A look at the child birth rates of blacks and whites is revealing. It is 5.7 for whites per 1000 births while for blacks it is 13.6. What does this mean? The civil war was over in 1865 and Lincoln dead for long, but despite Obama being the President of the USA a lot needs to be done. America could also stop preaching about equality and other things, till it sets it own house in order.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Who has the best legs in the World? I vote for Girls from Brazil

I have been a globe trotter and in my own way I have been a disciple of the God Kama , the love god. I have no hesitation in saying that Kama as per Hindu mythology is the God that promises eternal love. His full name is Kama Deva and he has dominated my ethos from the time I left school. Recently in the bar at the US club a fellow officer asked me as to who in my opinion of all girls had the best legs. I replied without hesitation “girls from Brazil”. People were taken aback at my answer. But this is the truth. How come?
Here Darwin’s theory of natural selection and mutation comes into play. The girls of Brazil are from a cauldron that has amalgamated many races like Spanish, Portuguese, Indian and Negro. This mixture of races has produced the most perfect specimen among women in the world. Needless to add they have the most beautiful legs. Any takers for my theory?

Tantric Sex, Hinduism and Acharya Rajneesh

The Path to Eternal Bliss Acharya Rajneesh was a very brilliant man. He was a professor of Philosophy at Jabalpur University before his inner voice took him away from the teaching profession. A reading of his biography’Osho the Luminous Rebel’ by Dr. Joshi reveals that right from his early days Rajneesh had an inquisitive mind. An excellent incident is recounted in the book when Rajneesh asked his professor as to how many wives Aristotle the father of Logic in western thought had. The professor who was teaching logic was surprised and asked Rajneesh what he meant. Rajneesh replied that Aristotle had stated that women had fewer teeth than men. The professor asked what he meant by this. Rajneesh replied that Aristotle had two wives and yet made a statement that women had lesser teeth than men. He could have at least counted. This shows the brilliance of Rajneesh.

In his hey day his meditation techniques caught the imagination of many people and he did amass a vast following. What ever his faults Acharya Rajneesh did interpret the Hindu scriptures in a different manner. He was the man who gave a different connotation to tantric sex. In fact, he refined this age old theory of achieving God through sex. As per Hindu thought the spermatozoa of the man have divine capability and can generate ESP and other powers. As per tantric theory, the sperms of a man can collect at the base of the brain and ignite ESP powers. Rajneesh gave the sex act as per Tantra a different connotation. It differs greatly from the normal sex act. His theory was to conserve the sperms of a man for achieving eternal bliss.
The normal sex act as is the practice in the west results in a build up of excitement followed by a peak and then once the man reaches his peak the act is over. It is like a distribution curve with a high point in the centre. Rajneesh advocated tantric sex and conservation of the spermatozoa. He talked of eternal sex without orgasm. He wished man and woman to understand that sex was not a short term affair but a prolonged exercise without orgasm. He taught that a couple should remain in the act at the end as it was in the beginning. Osho taught that a man and a woman can have not one peak like in a normal sex act but a series of peaks in case you can control the sexual energy. You reach a peak and then calm down and then re-start. In this way, you can reach many peaks. The man and woman remain conjoined together. Movement only takes place when it is required to continue with the erection. Lovers can thus prolong their embrace for hours. This is in sharp contrast to a normal sex act which can appear furitive. The tantric orgasm, on the other hand, is deep and relaxing

As per Rajneesh, Tantric sex is different from a normal sex act. But it has to be learned. The difficulty is in getting a proper teacher. Tantric sex propels the lovers to a higher plane. When they reach this higher plane they will experience total bliss. Rajneesh felt that ejaculation as a waste of energy. But in case you follow tantric sex, the result will be a deep relaxation that will last for a long time. The end result is that your sexual energy is conserved and can be channelized to ignite the latent power inherent in the brain. Acharya Rajneesh is no more but his books and CD’s are available for all to read.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Devyani Video on Strip and Cavity Search is on You Tube: No American Can be Proud of it

There is a video doing the rounds of You Tube.The video shows the Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade being subjected to a strip search and her privates being opened up. Its a shocking video and is a violation of human dignity. One wonders that for a an offence of visa violation and underpayment to her maid this sort of behavior by the NY Police is just barbaric and inhuman or not ?
Too long has the USA acted in a a arbitrary manner with its well wishers and allies. Though the state department has claimed the video is a fake, I don't think so. It shows a woman screaming and shouting while the her body search was being done. I fail to understand why it was done ? A police personal opening her thighs is a shot that can be termed shocking( it was part of cavity search) The US diplomats have lost many privileges in India now and for once India has hit back. It is about time the USA realized that India should not be trifled with and it must act the way it does with China of who the USA is mortally scared.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Girls From Brazil are the Most Volatile in the World

I had proceeded to Cuba for a trip sponsored by the Government of India. Havana was a fine place and I was happy to be in the land of the Castro brothers. Havana however had an old world charm with taxi’s running that were models in use 4 or 5 decades back. Having reached Havana we decided to make a trip to Rio de Janario. I had heard a lot about this exotic place. For one it was a very modern city and everything was spick and span. A far cry from Havana.
Our guide suggested that as an Air Force Officer of the Indian Air Force, whether I would like to meet a Brazilian girl. Yes, I would love it. Frankly in all my travels abroad I have never seen girls as beautiful and sexy as In Rio. Perhaps it’s the amalgamation of blood of different races and Darwin’s theory of evolution, that the girls in Rio and Brazil are perhaps the loveliest in the world. I was introduced to a nice girl. She was half my age, well I am 40 and she was as she told me 21. But there was an animal charm about her. I could make out she was a mixed breed, but very lovely.
I spent 4 days in Rio and my friend; I cannot tell her name let me worship her for all the days. It was the most satisfying relationship I ever had. She even took me to meet her mother in a small shanty. They were delighted I was from India, for them a distant and exotic land. All I prayed was that I should have a child from her. But that is another story.

Why the Yellow Race ( Japanese, Korean and Chinese) have a Cruel streak.

There is a news item that the North Korean dictator got his uncle executed. This is true, but disturbing news has emanated that he got his uncle executed by feeding him to a bunch of hungry dogs. In retrospect one realise that the entire yellow Race of Chinese, Korean and Japanese have sadistic and cruel streak.

A look at the pages of history will bear me out. The Japanese were a ferocious occoupiers and colonists. Their rape of Nanking when they executed over 400,000 Chinese and raped over 100,000 woman in the most brutal manner is testimony to this. Look the way they executed the locals in Car Nicobar and then bedded the wives of the executed trials is simply shocking.

The Chinese are the peers of the Koreans and Japanese. Even now they execute prisoners for petty offences and follow up by harvesting the body parts for transplants. Killing for the Chinese is ritual. The way they torture their opponents like simple Tibetan monks can be hair raising.

The entire people of this eastern arc of Asia have this streak. One wonders how they can be so cruel, when most of them have accepted the Buddha as their saviour? Buddhism is a pacifist religion. Its a pity that despite this the ferocious nature of this Mongoliod race is not curtailed.

Friday, January 3, 2014

How to Keep your Breasts Firm and Not Let Them Sag

A girls breasts are a joy to behold. As girls grow up and become women, the breasts remain the epitome of physical beauty. When women are young, the breasts are smaller and firmer. The nipples will stand out and the breasts do no require any support as they are firm and perk. But over a period of time, the breasts tend to hang down. They then will require a support.
But in case women plan for this eventuality, there is a good chance that the breasts will remain firm even much after middle age. A proper care of the breasts will help even a woman in her sixties to have firm breasts. For this to succeed a woman will have to plan from a younger age. It must be understood that once the breast muscles become weak and the breasts sag, very little can be done to get them back to their old shape. The following steps will help out.
a) It is important to do dumbell exercises. Best is to use 5 lb dumbells. The requirement is to do 75-100 presses everyday.. Follow up by lying on a bench and raise the dumbell behind your head. The third exercise is to again lie on the bench and hold the dumbell in front of you and move your arms in an arc sideways. These exercises will strengthen the breast muscles and keep them firm b) The second step is to massage the breasts with olive oil. Also while doing sex avoid too much sucking of the nipples. These steps will keep the breasts firm and will add to your physical beauty User Image

The Rise and Fall of Mohammed Morsy of Egypt

Morsey and Humpty Dumpty Mohammed Morsy
Morsy was deposed by the army and placed under arrest at the Guards center in Cairo. Latest reports suggest that he has been taken to an undisclosed destination. His rise from obscurity to presidency within a short time is without peer. On 3 July he was deposed hours after a deadline set by the generals to order reforms expired. The Rise of Morsy Morsi is a strict Islamist and was educated in Southern California. He was born in a small village a mere 2 hour drive from Cairo. Morsi was thrust into the lime light when the Brotherhoods first choice candidate was disqualified. Morsi was asked to stand for election. He was elected Egypt's president after a campaign in which he focused on appealing to the broadest possible audience. Morsi won the election with a little over 50% of the vote in 2012
Morsy, is backed by the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood formed in 1928 has always been at loggerheads with the army and Morsi during the rule of Mubarak was arrested a number of times for opposing the military. The Brotherhood has always had an Islamic agenda and minorities and liberals are wary of it. It is Egypt’s best organized political party. Failure of Morsy
Morsy’s inexperience let him down. His assumption that having won the election, conferred legitimacy on him to effect changes was extremely short sighted. In August he had made a significant move against the military leadership by sending Field Marshal Mohammed Hussein Tantawi into oblivion and retirement. The Field Marshal was the country’s de facto ruler, after the exit of Mubarak. He followed up by another step that alarmed not only the army, but people who were generally opposed to the Brotherhood. In November he issued a presidential edict declaring his decisions immune from judicial review. He followed up by sacking the head of the judiciary. With this he gave a handle to supporters of Mubarak to rally together. More than this many felt he was on his way to becoming a dictator. He also carried out a controversial referendum on his proposal to draft a new constitution. This alienated many people and alarmed Christians, other minorities and liberals. The opposition to Morsy
Supporters of the old regime, the opposition and the minorities all joined hands and started a series of demonstrations against Morsi. The Egyptian economy also took a beating and the blame fell on Morsy. Economic mismanagement at home saw a shrinking economy that saw the average Egyptian earning less. Morsi was sitting on a tinder box and it’s surprising he didn’t see it. He withdrew the edict regarding judicial review of his powers, but demonstrations against him gathered steam. The army looking for a way to come back to power gave an ultimatum to Morsi to negotiate with the opposition. Morsi did nothing, but in a rambling speech broadcast live over Radio appealed to his core constituency only. Anti Morsy demonstrations now gathered steam. Army chief, Gen. Abdel-Fatah El-Sisi after a brief meeting deposed him. The military's intervention followed days of opposition protests, during which hundreds of thousands of people massed in Cairo's Tahrir Square and other places in Egypt demanding that Morsi step down and call for fresh elections. Final denouement In all Morsy squandered a great opportunity to be inclusive instead of exclusive. His failure to reach out to the opposition and only appealing to the core of his constituency the brotherhood and its supporters led to his ouster. When the army moved in, the guards of Morsi simply melted away
The situation in Egypt is so polarized that many of the demonstrators are feeling the coming back of the army is a good thing. Morsi in detention will have plenty of time to think where he went wrong. As meteoric as his rise, his downfall has been equally spectacular. His supporters are thronging the streets, but many have been shot dead by the army. The army will not let Morsy come back. Last Word In hindsight Morsy should not have pushed his Islamization so hard. Many were alarmed at his recommendation to lower the marriage of girls and plural wives along with the introduction of the Sharia. People wanted jobs and money and not rhetoric. This is where Morsy failed. He had a great fall like Humpty Dumpty and is now being tried for treason.