Thursday, May 29, 2014

The young in India Feel Narendra Modi is a Lion

Just before the election I was traveling by train ( The Duranto) from Indore to Mumbai. As we had to pass the time and the election fever was on, perforce the discussion turned to politics and the new leader of the BJP , Narendra Modi. I asked a young man who he  liked the most. In a shot he mentioned the name of Narendra Modi. He further added that he had seen Modi at a political rally in Indore and he was struck by the fact that he looked like a lion.

 He further clarified that he gave the impression that he was a lion and the king of the political arena. I was impressed, but later on many younsters began to associate Narendra Modi witha lion. Perhaps like a lion he supported a lovely mane, in his case a beard. During the election he landed at Amethi in helicopter  for a political speech. Just as the chopper touched down , the massive crowd surged forward shouting "Lion  has come! Lion has come!". There is no doubt that Narendra Modi has caught the imagination of the indian youth. for the first time there is a leader who was born after independence and as such he vibes with the younger lot. Maybe he is the man who will be the successor to MK Gandhi. Lets wait and see.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Concept of Breasts as the epitome of Beauty of a woman

i have been a globe trotter and one thing I have observed everywhere whether it is India or Africa, Scandanavia or America is that breasts of a woman are the epitome of  beauty. This is something that has gone on for centuries, maybe from the dawn of history. Only the concept of size of the bust has undergone a change. These days small breasts on thin women are a sign of beauty and some of who look positively starved. But then there are men for personal reasons like the breasts as these thin models display.

 Breasts are a not only a sign of beauty but also a sign of age and health. Hence all sorts of platic surgery to keep them firm and prevent sagging.  All sorts of exercises are are recommended and most fashion models would like nothing but to have firm breasts that  dont need a bra.. What is your like my friend ? how about commenting here

The Hour Finds the Man: Is Modi that Man?

After 30 years a man named Narendra Modi has led the BJP to an absolute majority. It’s also after 3 decades we are seeing a mass leader mingling with the people and being lionized by them. In fact after Jawaharlal Nehru, we have not had a leader who was adulated by the crowds. The last 10 years look like a bad dream when the earlier Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh never interacted with the people and was content to say yes sir, yes sir to his bosses, in particular the Italian Ms. Sonia Gandhi. He had no connection with the masses and India suffered.
 Modi is a different brand. He is a mass leader in the Gandhi Nehru mold and one gets a feeling that the hour of India’s destiny has come with Modi at the helm of affairs. He has already set the ball rolling with a review of article 370 of the constitution. He will also attend to other tasks. All this augers well for India and its possible Modi is India’s man of destiny

Sunday, May 25, 2014

26th May is a Revolutionary Day as Modi Breaks New Ground

  Narendra Modi will be sworn in as the 15th Prime Minister of India on 26 May (Monday). This swearing in is however without any precedent. Such a swearing in has never taken place before. This time all neighboring nations who are members of SAARC will send their heads of state or political heads to attend the event. Thus 3 Presidents, 3 Prime Ministers and a speaker of Bangladesh parliament will attend as special invitees.
The biggest event is the attendance of Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan who has decided, despite opposition of hardline Islamic groups, which had threatened dire consequences for him. Nawaz has called their bluff and in the bargain taken a giant step towards peace with India.
India and Pakistan havs fought 4 wars with each other during the last 67 years. One of the wars resulted in the breakup of Pakistan and creation of Bangladesh. Thus the stakes are high. Pakistan and India have many problems that defy solution, but this is the way forward. It also shows that Narendra Modi is leading from the front and that is a good omen for the sub-continent. I woll definitely watch the live transmission as it is beamed. It will be something to remember


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Vampires, sex , blood and latest experiments

We have all read tales of Vampires. One of the characteristics of vampires is that their life force was rejuvenated if they drank the blood of young girls. Basically it was a form of sex. The male vampire had sex with a young healthy female and the mesmirsed her and dra k her blood. A very famous tale is of Count Dracula, a novel written by Bram Stoker. Can such a weird thing be possible?

 On the face, it looks absurd, but new scientific experiments do bring forth some startling facts. Older mice were given blood transfusion from youngrr mice and it was observed that older mice became healthier.  This nothing short of revolutionery. Could it be applied to humans ? Well its good to think if it, but not practical. In any case God is a great leveller and what he gives he takes something away. So just relax and look for a younger girl for sex. That IS a great rejuvenater. 

In Murder Sex is an important Ingradiant

Iam recalling the famous case of Commander Nanavati who shot the lover of his wife dead. He had learnt that his wife Sylvia was sleeping with a business man Prem Ahuja. She had 2 children.  The Commander went to meet Ahuja and requestedthat he marry Sylvia. Ahuja replied" I dont marry every bitch I fuck". This incenced Nanavati who shot Ahuja dead.

There are so many such cases and I find most cases of murder have a sex angle. Now another case has come up where a wife dissatisf with sex took a 17 year old boy as lover and conspired to kill her husband who was a 40 year old Seargent in the air force. The fact is in most cases of murder sex is an angle.  The human mind is complex and as the Gita says, a man is dominated by pleasure and sex. How many agree with me.