Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Picasso Loved Younger Women: It was the Secret to his Creativity

Pablo Picasso is one of the all time great painters. He died in 1972 at the age of 91.Picasso had some glorious love affairs and now we know that at each phase of his career he needed a younger woman. This woman not only adorned his bed and studio, but was his inspiration as well. Pablo painted all his muses in the nude and the paintings are a living testimony that he was also a great lover.

One aspect of his relationships stand out. All his muses were much younger than him, some of them over 40 years. He thus unwittingly proved the Hindu tantra theory as relevant.  Tantra says that sex with a younger woman rejunavates a man. His creativity flowers and he lives longer. This is exactly the recipe Picasso followed.

I wonder if all men can do what Picasso did. It would certainly would be worth it. Loving a girl 20-40 years younger would be certainly worth it.

Devyani Khobragade is Stinking Rich: Yet Violated all Laws

Deviant Khobragade has been given a reprieve by the foreign office. She has been transferred to the United Nations. This will give her immunity from arrest. The Indian government has backed her, but there is another side to her actions which needs to be highlighted.

Devyani could have easily paid her maid, the minimum wages as per the US act. She is awfully rich. In fact she owns 11 prime properties in India including a flat in Mumbai's controversial Adarsh housing society worth 2 million dollars. The flat was for Kargil war widows was taken by giving a false affidavit and documents.

The US has clearly pointed out these facts. Frankly its a shame that the lady who looks demure should have done such things. She could have paid the maid, but Indian officers living in a feudal world haven't come to terms with the labor laws that servants also have rights. They exploit them to the hilt. This charge Devyani must answer. The US is answering, by not dropping charges and only freezing them. The lady is perhaps a backward caste and made it to the IFS in reserved category. Not much should be read about her ability.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Devyani Khobragade has a lot to Answer: Financial Irregularities

. The Lady looks demure, but thats about all Devyani Khobragade is in the news. This Indian Foreign service officer was arrested by the New York police on charges of Visa fraud and violation of the minimum wages act in the USA. The Indian press led by Arnab Goswamy of Times News Channel have gone overboard in defending Devyani. I wonder how a responsible person like Arnab, who is the sheet anchor of the Times Channel, could have overlooked certain other facts. The treatment meted to Devyani need not be thought of as special as I have even seen photographs of the great Micheal Jackson being handcuffed.
Jackson Handcuffed What needs to be highlighted is the amassment of wealth by this lady. No channel except Headlines Today (which made a passing reference) to the wealth amassed by Devyani. She reportedly took a flat worth 2 million dollars by ‘Irregular’ means in the Adarsh housing society. Her name is mentioned in the inquiry commission’s report as a person who took the flat by giving false documents. Incidentally these flats were meant for war widows. Obviously this calls for action and the complete takeover of the flat. Will Arnab bring this to the fore? The lady has also 34 acres of prime wine land in Nasik. How did she manage it? It’s about time the news channels brought her activities under the scanner and not keep harping on her treatment in the USA, which in any case was nothing out of the ordinary

Thursday, December 26, 2013

White and Fair Skin Syndrome: Is it Rationale?

Ever since I was a lad I read stories of Snow White and the seven dwarfs , Rapanzul and the Sleeping Beauty. The refrain of all these tales was a lovely extremely fair colored princess. Later when i read the Indian classics the reference and epitome of beauty of a women is fairness. Hence over the centuries, the concept of beauty in a woman is a fair skin. This incidentally is not confined to the East, but is prevalent all over the world. It surprises me that in Africa also the lighter skinned girls are the more desirable lot.
This concept of fairness and beauty is something that is ingrained in the psyche of a man. That is perhaps the reason that in the movie world a dark skinned heroine is a non starter. There are exceptions, but they only prove the rule. Cashing on this concept of fair skin, an industry has cropped up that promises a user ways and means to become fairer by face bleaches and fairness creams. I wonder how successful these creams are , as I understand the basic pigmentation will not change. but women will spend any amount of money to become even one shade lighter skinned.
One has only to glean the matrimonial ADs in the newspapers, where 99 % of the applicants desire a fair skinned bride. I wonder where the dark skinned girls will go ? Skin color is Gods gift, yet it is not thought so. Even God is depicted as a white skinned entity. Why can't a God be Black ?
The fact is that white color and a woman's beauty go hand in hand. This is a concept that has come down since the dawn of civilization and I do not see it going away in our generation.

Tom Cruise in the Last Samurai: a Glorious Role

The Saga of the Last Samurai
Hollywood is the leader in world cinema and has thrown up stars with a global following. One of the stars that deserve mention is Tom Cruise. This handsome star has starred in many Hollywood hits, some of them unforgettable. One of his films in which he gave a stupendous performance is ‘The Last Samurai”.. The Samurai are a warrior clan that dominated Japanese society and culture for close to 3000 years. They had distinctive swords that were slightly curved and thus more aerodynamic with minimal drag.
Tom Cruise plays an American in Japan who dons the garb of the last Samurai. There is a lovely undertone of a celestial love between Tom Cruise and the widow Taka of a Samurai warrior played by Japanese actress Kayuki. In the end Tom Cruise returns to the village and his love for eternal bliss and happiness. In the movie Tom Cruise as a samurai a warrior plays his role to the hilt. The battle with swords against guns and artillery is stupendous. The photography is wonderful and the scenic splendor of Japan is captured beautifully by the camera.
The film is based on the 1877 Satsuma Rebellion led by Sag Takamori was a battle between Samurai warriors with swords against Government forces with rifles and cannon. Tom is ably complimented by the Japanese actor Ken Watanabe as the warrior Sag Takamoni. This is one of the best films of Tom Cruise and brings out his histrionic ability For me this is the best film of Tom Cruise as he dons the garb of a Samurai warrior to perfection.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Muslim World Revolted against "Satanic Verses" by Salman Rushdie: A Misunderstanding ?

Background Salman Rushdie is an Indian born author who is settled in England. In 1989 his book 'The Satanic Verses' was published. The book created a storm in the Muslim world and resulted in the spiritual head of Iran, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini announcing a Fatwa for the head of Salman Rushdie. This fatwa is important as it was the first time that a government in modern times had endorsed a demand to kill a particular individual, in this case Salman Rushdie.
Rushdie and the “Satanic Verses” Rushdie was born a Muslim and yet chose to write The Satanic Verses. The title of the book itself fuelled Muslim anger who felt that the Satanic Verses referred to the Koran itself. Most who had not read the book were easily aroused thinking that Rushdie had committed a sacrilegious act by referring to the Koran as The Satanic Verses. The fact that it was written by a Muslim was like adding salt to the wounds. The Title of the Book Mislead Muslims The title of the book is indeed a misnomer and had Rushdie and his publisher clarified the title as to its real meaning, there is a chance that Muslim anger would not have raised to the heights that it did. For most Muslims the book for referring to the Koran as the Satanic Verses was the work of the Devil. Actually Rushdie was referring to some verses in the Koran that have been exorcised. The prophet Muhammad had ordered the removal of these verses from the Koran as he realized that they were not the words coming from god.
These verses now do not form part of the Koran, but are described by Ibn Ishaq, who wrote the first biography of Muhammad. Many other writers have alluded to these verses. The disputed verses permitted worship to 3 pre Islamic goddesses from Mecca namely Allat, Uzza and Manah. As these verses went against the grain of the monotheism of Islam Muhammad had them removed. Actually Rushdie was referring to these verses as the Satanic Verses and not to the Koran itself.
Mistake by the Publisher and Rushdie The problem is that Islamic scholars do not use the words Satanic for these exorcised verses but Gharaniq( Birds). The words Satanic Verses are not used in Islam and the common man without any clarification from Rushdie or the publisher assumed that Rushdie meant the entire book as the satanic verses, when in reality he was referring only to the exorcised verses. Another matter was that the word Verses in the book title when translated into Arabic was translated as Ayat. This term is used by Muslims only to refer to the Koran. Last Word Thus many Muslims who read the title felt that Rushdie was referring to the entire Koran as the Satanic Verses. This is not to defend Rushdie, who made many derogatory references to Islam and Muhammad by referring to the prophet as Mahound a word used by Christians to describe Muhammad during the crusades. But the title of the book was a misnomer and Rushdie and his publisher became the center of ire of all Muslims worldwide.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Was Dr Ward Correct? He Believed in Unity through Sex

Sex has been accepted as central to human thought. Freud and Jung have alluded to sex as a great motivating force. There is no doubt that when a man mates with a woman, it is an act of sublime pleasure that nothing can match. Food,  travel, and adventures are fine by themselves,  but they don't match sex in any way, which is something special. But there is a question. If sex is so sublime can it unite the human race? Can sex alone bring unity in a divisive world, if sex was free?
In this connection the case of Dr. Ward, a doctor is worth examining. Dr. Ward had also met Gandhi and was a well-known and respected figure in the top echelons of London society in the early fifties of the last century.

Dr. Ward had a tragic life and he was arrested and charged with living off earnings from prostitutes. He was tried and from the tenor and conduct of the judge, Dr. Ward concluded that he would be sentenced to a prison term. Before the day he was to be sentenced, Dr. Ward committed suicide with an overdose of sleeping pills.
The fact is the charge that Dr. Ward lived of earnings from prostitutes was simply not true. Ward lived,later it transpired believed in global unity through sex. He thus organized sex parties and black men mated with white women to the delight of onlookers. Many girls with Ward like Christine Keeper and Rice Mandy Davies became famous later on, or shall I use the word notorious?
Dr. Ward also invited the high and mighty to his parties, which sometimes took the form of orgies. General Ayub Khan and War Minister John Profumo are examples of the VIPs who attended.
Ward had seen through mirrors installed and sex was conducted for all to see and savor. He helped many poor girls, but sex was the ingredient. Dr. Ward believed that sex could unite races. It was a bizarre theory,  but he believed in it. He was of the view that once sex was free and blacks mated with white girls the racial barriers would break.
But I feel that Dr. Ward's theory is too simplistic. Sex is a metaphysical force that generates myriad emotions of love,hate, violence and much more. DR Ward never thought of these aspects. Perhaps pleasure was his main motive and for that, he cannot be faulted.

Elephant on road at Indore ** 90

The elephant is the most abundant mammal in India. Herds of them roam the jungles. I think with so many elephants,  India is blessed. I recollect my Girl friend from Europe commenting " I have only seen an elephant in the zoo and never in the wild or on the road".
India has so many elephants that they also roam the streets of towns. Here is one in the

Friday, December 20, 2013

Arrest of Devyani Khobragade in Newy York, In convenient Questions for Indian Government and the Diplomat

Devyani Khobragade, 39, India's Deputy Consul General in New York, was charged last week with one count of visa fraud and one count of making false statements, which carry maximum sentences of ten years and five years in prison, respectively. There is a hue and cry in India about the arrest and the fact that she was handcuffed and had to submit to a body search. Maybe these need investigation, but the fact is Devyani has a lot to answer.
Firstly she is well heeled and owns 34 acres of land in Maharashtra including a flat in Mumbai worth 2 million dollars. Yet she refused to pay the maid minimum wages as decreed in the USA and used her services for over 90 hours a week. The lady looks demure in photographs but the fact is she has a lot to answer for. How did she manage all this property on her meager salary. I understand she is a backward caste and as such even her selection in the Indian Foreign service is more on her caste reservation than merit. For the lady to cry wolf and make a scene is uncalled for. She must first answer inconvenient questions which I have posed. The government should stop this mentality of servants and valets for the Indian officers as it is a hangover of the colonial period. But who will bell the cat

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Stalin's Victory Parade at the End of World War II: A Grand Spectacle

The Second World War is receding from the minds of the younger generation. It is becoming more and more distant, but some events of that period can even now rouse the spirits of old soldiers. One of the famous events was Stalin’s victory parade at the end of the war. The parade took place on 24 June 1945 more than a month after the surrender of Nazi Germany to Russian commanders. it was a stupendous victory achieved at great human cost. The Russians lost 20 million dead and their contribution to the cause of allied victory was substantial. It was fitting that a parade be held to commomorate this great victory
The order for the parade was issued by Josef Stalin himself. Earlier as per noted historian Anthony Beevor Stalin himself wished to lead the parade, but then gave up the idea as the horse on which he was to ride unseated him. After that he commented that let Zhukov lead the parade as he is from the cavalry.
Stalin thus in his operational order appointed Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov as the parade inspector and MarshalKonstantin Rokossovsky as the parade commander. The organization of the parade was the prerogative of Colonel General Pavel Artemyev. The parade took place on a rainy day and later the fly past was cancelled. Stalin himself took the salute standing atop Lenin’s mausoleum. Units of all Russian federation groups as well as a small Polish contingent took part in the parade.
The parade commenced with both Zhukov and Rokossovsky riding down Red Square on a white and Black chargers. A statue of Zhukov on a horse adorns the state historical museum in Moscow.Columns of Soviet soldiers and tanks sped past Stalin atop the mausoleum of Lenin. The vigor and energy displayed by the troops was exemplary. The high point of the parade was when at the end some 200 captured banners of the German army army were placed at the entrance of Lenin’s mausoleum. These included a personal banner of Hitler’s body guards. The parade highlighted the hold of Stalin and the contribution of the Russians to the Allied victory

The Ghost of 1999 will haunt Nawaz Shariff * 61

The 2013 Pakistan election is over. It has been a momentous election and the first time an elected civilian government has handed power to another civilian government. The winner is the ' lion of Punjabi' Nawaz Shariff. His party has emerged as the party with the largest number of seats in the National Assembly. The road to the road reins of power will be with Nawaz, but he will be wary. He has been Prime Minister twice earlier. The last time he was Prime Minister he was undermined by his own Army chief General Parvez Musharaff. Firstly unknown to Shariff, he launched the Kagil war against India and secondly when Shariff tried to replace him as army chief, he carried out a military coup and put Shariff in jail. Poor Nawaz had to endure 8 years of exile after that. To top it the Pakistan Supreme Court justified the military coup under the' doctrine of necessity'.

The army is wary of Shariff and Shariff will have to be on guard. However the scenario has undergone a change and that will favor Shariff. The Pakistan Supreme Court is no longer a rubber stamp. The present Chief Justice I Choudhry is a man with a mission. He has already debunked the DOCTRINE OF NECESSITY and he has acted against Musharaff who is under arrest. The people will also not accept military rule as the mood is of freedom and democracy. Thus Shariff is on a stronger wicket.
The army remains a power center and Shariff will have to factor this fact in his calculations. Come what may Shariff will have to curtail the power of the generals. This time one hopes Shariff will be a winner for the sake of Pakistan. The wheel also seems to have turned full circle as the nemesis of Nawaz Shariff , Musharaff has been arrested and is being tried for treason. Is it an eye for an eye and and tooth for a tooth, the age old law of Hummarabi ?

Hindu Players who have Played For Pakistan

Pakistan is a Islamic state, but it has small minorities of Christians, Sikhs and Hindus. One would normally associate a bias in selection of minorities in the Pakistan team. But I am glad to note that this is not the case and 2 Hindu players have made it to the ranks of the Pakistan cricket XI.
The first Hindu to enter the the Pakistan cricket team was Anil Dalpat. His caste is Sanwaria and he is from the Bania caste. A resident of Karachi Anil Dalpat is a wicket keeper and more than a useful batsman. Anil Dalpat was brought into the team when the captain was Imran Khan. Later he claimed his test career was cut short by the bias of Imran Khan. Dalpat played about 8 tests for Pakistan and a couple of one day matches as well. But lack of a longer run deprived him from making a mark. He retired from cricket in 1985.
The second Hindu who played for Pakistan is Denish Kaneria. He is leg spinner and is still active on the county circuit. Denish has been more than a successful cricket player for Pakistan and after his debut in 1998 he has taken over 250 test wickets. No mean achievement. He has been instrumental in number of victories of the Pakistan Cricket team. Denish has not covered himself with glory with his involvement in match fixing. This has come to the fore lately. But during his hey days he was a spinner to reckon with on turning tracks.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Gandhi had a Bias against Blacks and Lower Caste Hindus

Mahatma Gandhi is a much respected figure all over the world, particularly in America. In real terms Gandhi's nonviolence made him an icon to the American civil-rights movement. Martin Luther King was greatly influenced by him. But most blacks in America who adopted Gandhi’s philosophy are perhaps not aware that he was a racist to a degree. This can be discerned from his days in South Africa.
Gandhi's Views about Blacks Gandhi spent nearly two decades in South Africa and fought for the rights of the Indian settlers there. In addition his stay there brings out many interesting facts. In one of his campaigns for the rights of Indians settled in South Africa he is reported to have complained against Indians being sent to prison intended for Kaffirs. He further commented that he understood that Indians could not be classed with whites, but he could not countenance them being put up with Kaffirs or the natives (blacks). He further commented that the natives (blacks) were as a rule uncivilized as well as troublesome, dirty and lived like animals. In fact in an open letter to the legislature of the Natal Province in South Africa Gandhi reportedly objected to the Indian race being dragged down to the level of the Kaffir( Black). His opinion of the Blacks was that their only ambition was to buy some cattle, a wife and then live their life in idleness and nakedness.
Gandhi and Lower Castes It is also worth examining Gandhi’s views on the lowest of Indian castes, the untouchables. To a visiting missionary in 1936, he is reported to have remarked that the untouchables are worse than cows in their understanding. He rounded of the discussion by commenting ‘Would you teach a gospel to a cow?”. His other comments on untouchability are revealing. He was in favor of abolition of untouchability, but stated that abolition of un-touch ability would not entail higher caste Hindus dining with untouchables at the same table. In fact in his massive rallies attended by thousands against untouchabilty during the thirties of the last century,the untouchables were themselves herded together in separate enclosures away from the higher caste Hindus. It should not also not be forgotten that Gandhi was against the lower castes having their own reserved seats in parliament. In fact he launched a massive fast to press his point of view in 1932
Last Word Gandhi was a man who believed in self promotion. Even his statement that Islam was religion of peace after thousands of Hindus had been massacred by Muslims in Bengal in 1946-47 does not add to Gandhi’s stature. Sometimes I wonder with all this evidence ranged against him, how Gandhi could get away with being called a Mahatma (great Soul). Perhaps at some distant point in time the correct evaluation of Gandhi will take place

Elephant on Indian Roads * 79

India teems with elephants and they are acommon sight on ndian roads in towns and villages. This is the beauty of India. Can any other country match it?

Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Nude Girl is a Joy to Behold. Its Gods Greatest Gift

There is an omnipotent force that governs man. Most refer to this force as God. This belief is central to human thought.  Allied to this is the creation of women. If mythology is to believed than God gave Lilith as wife to Adam. She was beautiful and Adam swooned  over her. The purpose of God was to give Adam a companion, with who he could give vent to his animal urges. Lilith however soured the plot and she refused to submit to Adam and then fled.

God needed a substitute and he gave Eve then to Adam in place of Lilith.  She was also lovely and she submitted to Adam who begot many children from her. The crucial point is that God gave women to Adam as companions,wives and consorts. Obviously God never for a moment thought of anything else for Adam other than women.

Many eons down time to the present age, the edict of God holds true. There is no better company for man than a girl or a woman. A woman or a girl for man is the supreme gift ofGod for man. God also created desire and woman are the center piece of this desire. Howmuch one talks of women's lib and rights, the fact is a woman for a man is the most desirable object and living image in entire universe.

As a corollary from above the greatest wish of man is and has been since posterity to see a woman or girl as created by god; absolutely naked and nude. There is nothing more thrilling than this. Is there?

A girl nude is gods finest creation. God must have been a great artist,painter and sculptor. This is evident of his creation of a woman. A woman with flared hips, breasts, narrow waist and the short curls on the mons is a joy. I hope women who read this post do not feel bad. To be desired by a man is the greatest fulfillment of Gods wish. It should not be negated.

Tantra Sex and Path to God :What it Means

Many Western men and women are confused about that aspect of Hindu thought that says that one path to salvation is sex. This is a highly complex topic and to understand it requires the mind to be on a different plane.
Hinduism through the concept of Tantra preaches that one can achieve salvation through sex. This is a simple thought as a man and a woman orgasm, they achieve total bliss as nothing else.
Tantra is slightly different. It talks of a path to god where orgasm takes a back seat. The aim of Tantra is to prolong the sex act, so that a man and woman can orgasm any number of times. Thus when a man is approaching orgasm, he must stop it and rest till his excitement subsides. He can then after a time recharge himself. Tantra talks of many such orgasms. One of the weapons in the armour of Tantra sex is the tongue, a liberal use of which is a requirement on the woman sex and body
Once a man can master this and continue the act with the woman for an hour or two,there is every chance he or she will dream of previous rebirth or similar metaphysical things.
Tantra sex is like a dream. I have tried it many times with beneficial results. Tantra sex can lead you to the woman's soul as well as give you a sense of fulfillment that cannot be imagined. This is as good as reaching god. After all, what does reaching god mean? It means contentment and happiness and Tantra sex leads you

Where did the number of 72 Virgins Come up in Islam ? It is in the Hadiths. A Sacroscant Belief

The bedrock of Islamic thought is the Koran. This is the word of God as conveyed to Muhammed. In addition to the Koran another source of Islamic thought is the Hadiths. These are the words of Muhammed as heard by his followers. The Hadiths appeared about 200 years after the death of Muhammed. They are a collection of writings by renowned Islamic scholars and amplify and explain passages from the Koran.

The Koran states that a Muslim who has spent a lifetime in devotion to Allah and lived his life as per the tenets of Islam will on his death go to paradise, where his reward will be virgins of spotless beauty. The Koran does not specify any number. The Hadiths now come into the picture and specify that the true believer will be rewarded with 72 virgins and a number of boys in paradise.
The first 2 Hadiths are considered the most important and are referred to as the two Sahihs. Sham Imam Bukhari is the most famous of the compilers and he mentions that the Houris will not urinate, relieve nature, spit or have any nasal secretions. He goes on to say that their combs will be of gold and their sweat will smell like musk. Islam has 2 main sects. They are the Sunni and Shia sects and both of them have different Hadiths, but the theme is generally the same. The specific Hadith in which the number of virgins is specified is Hadith Al-Tirmidhi in the Book of Sunah. This is in chapter 21 under the heading the Features of Paradise.
The Hadiths mention that the Prophet Muhammad was overheard saying the true believers deserve as a reward 80,000 servants and 72 wives. These wives and servants reside in a palace decorated with precious gems and the dome of this palace is wider than the distance from Al-Jabiyah (a Damascus suburb) to Sana'a (Capital of Modern Yemen).

Muslim theologians such as al Ghazali who died in 1111 AD and Al-Ash'ari who died in 935 AD have agreed that the virgins provide sensual pleasures in paradise. Al-Suyuti a famous Quranic commentator who died in 1505 AD also confirms this. The Hadiths lay stress on the fact that the women are spotless virgins. Ayah 74 states that no man or Jinn has ever touched them.
The Hadiths are an important pillar of Islam. Many Hadiths talk of sensual pleasures. According to Sahih Bukhari (volume I, Book 5, Page 268) mention is made of sexual strength of the almighty. The concept of the Houris in Koran is reinforced by the Hadiths

Hindu Concept of Life and Death

Death is inevitable and something that cannot be avoided. It shows that man is mortal and has a specified life span and beyond a certain number of years a man or woman must leave this world. Most religions have their own connotation of death and its meaning. In Hinduism however the concept of death is slightly different . None of the western religions including Islam recognize the theory of reincarnation. But this is the bedrock of Hindu philosophy and Hinduism is not complete without the cycle of rebirth and transmigration of soul. Even Guru Gobind Singh in his Dasam Granth has written that in his previous birth he was a yogi in the Himalayas.
To understand the Hindu concept of death one must first understand two basic concepts. These are a) transmigration of soul b) cycle of rebirth. Overriding these concepts is the immortality of the soul. Lord Krishna in his sermon to the warrior Arjuna on the eve of the Mahabharta battle has explained at length these concepts in his song divine or the Bhagwad Gita. The Gita is the repositery of all wisdom and the lord says that the soul is immortal and can never be destroyed. He also says that soul is in a body, which after death is discarded by it. It may take rebirth in another body or become one with the almighty. Thus the principle of rebirth and transmigration of the soul are fundamental to Hinduism.
Most western religions do not accept the Hindu theory of rebirth and transmigration of soul. But now there are hundreds of cases that point to the truth of Lord Krishna's sermon to Arjuna. Even there were cases of rebirth in Beirut, which were suppressed by orthodox Islamic mullahs. Some Catholics have also condemned the Hindu theory of rebirth as Satanic, but the Lord in the Bhagwad Gita is clear on this subject. Along with Hinduism, the eastern philosophies of Buddhism and Sikhism also accept the Hindu concept of rebirth and trans migration of soul. In fact in the Jataka tales the previous births of Gautama Buddha are recounted when he was a Bodhsitatva.
One cannot say that the Hindu theory of rebirth and transmigration of soul is superior to western thought, but it is more plausable and recent cases studied by scientists does point to the truth of the sermon by Lord Krishna. Many Christians now accept this concept

New Writing Sites Trying to Ape Bubblews are a Damp Squib

Everybody wants to make money on the net. This is normal and for a writer it is a matter of great satisfaction when some remuneration is earned. Unfortunately the writing sites are there to make money for themselves and not for the writers. Hence most pay a pittance. even old writing sites like and pay a minimal amount tough they earn heavily. There is an exception in Bubblews which does pay heavily, but it is an inconsistent site and many payments are missed. But I will say it is better than most sites. there are some sites which have tried to cash in on the Bubblews model. One of them is PAA or This site came in with great fanfare , but its earnings for writers are steadily going down and as per the latest estimates given by the site it is 1.70 dollars for 1000 views. Unfortunately even to get 1000 views is an uphill task as the site is not yet popular and has minimal viewership. There are other sites also like which is better than PAA, but over all the scenario except for Bubblews is pretty depressing. I wonder what can be done about it ?

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Gandhi and Clash with Bose: Opposite Idiologies

Gandhi for all his title of 'Mahatma' was in reality a hard boiled politician. He had nurtured a policy of Ahimsa or non violence and he was loathe to let anyone oppose it. This policy was not confined to his personal life, but he enforced it with an iron will on the Congress party. Subhas Bose was a fiery politician from Bengal who had directly opposite views to Gandhi. Whereas Gandhi believed in non-violence and Satyagrah to throw out the British, Bose believed in more aggressive methods including going to war. He was of the view that shaking hands with the devil was not a bad thing if it ousted the British. That made him incline to Germany and Hitler. Gandhi opposed this tooth and nail and had already given his tacit assent for the Raj by condemning Hitler and Nazi rule. In the famous Lahore session of 1939 the clash between the two came to the fore. Bose had a large backing in the Congress party itself and in the Presidential election of that year he defeated Gandhi's nominee and protege Sitaramiah by a wide margin. Gandhi was aghast at the defeat of his nominee and he saw in Bose a threat to his leadership and philosophy.
Gandhi above all was a politician and he at once along with Nehru decided that Bose must be removed as Congress president. All this makes pretty sad reading now and is brought out in Leonard Mosley's book'The last days of the British Raj'. Gandhi started a unique method to oppose Bose. He declared along with his confident Nehru that there will be co-operation with Bose. He started complete non-cooperation with Bose and this frustrated Bose no end as Gandhi and Nehru would not reply or answer anything Bose asked or proposed.
Bose saw the game of Gandhi and he resigned as Congress party President. The rest is history as Bose charted a dangerous course and sided with Hitler and japan. But Gandhi remained steadfast in his opposition to Bose.

Brazilian Girls are the Most Sexy and beautiful in the World

I have been to Brazil only once as it is poorly connected to India. One can however reach Brazil from London or the USA, but in case Brazil was directly connected to India by a direct flight the cost would be less. I am what I will say a appreciator of beauty and sex appeal.
I have found the women of Brazil to be the most sexy and beautiful. A walk around Rio de Janario is revealing. What could be the reason for this ? The fact is Brazil is a great melting pot of races and after intermingling sex between various races like Indians, whites, blacks and Spaniards, the end product as per Darwin's theory of evolution is simply stupendous.
I wonder how many will agree with me. it should not be forgotten that once the sexes mix through intercourse, the product is simply lovely. Brazil is a great country with loveliest women in the world. I hope some one is listening and there will be a direct flight from Mumbai to Rio. Likely ?

Friday, December 6, 2013

Men must keep some Secrets from a Wife

Recently a fellow officers wife decided to go to her mothers home and sue for divorce. The reason? Her husband had slept with her best friend. The husband had a guilt complex and in a way to atone for his act,  confessed the same to his wife.

Confession is OK to the padre in the church on a Sunday during confession time. There you can expiate your sins and it may lighten your heart. But such confessions are a big NO to your wife. Its best to keep it a secret. The plan should be to look ahead and put the affair behind you.

The fact is that man is a polygamus animal and at some time in life another woman is bound to make an appearance. Sex will be part of it. Yes! Its infidelity and a sin as per the bible. But can a man help it?

The thrill of bedding and entering another woman cannot be denied. In fact some researchers opine that it may even strengthen your marriage.

Well the long and short of it is keep affairs secret. Have sex and forget.  There is a rider in the form of love. That is a different chemistry and will have different solutions.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Girls and Women: Look up for Beauty Accesseries

Women would like to look alluring and attractive. Luckily there is a site that opens a door for women to look beautiful. It is a site that show cases the best beauty products and also guides women in their quest to be attractive. is a site that panders to women’s whims and desire to look attractive. It is a global site and its motto is never Buy the Wrong Products Again. This is a catchy phrase and the site lays out an exotic array of products and good advise for a woman. The site tries to be responsive to the needs of women of all ages and thus creates personalized beauty product recommendations based on your age, skin type, hair type, daily regimen, and beauty concerns
The site after studying a data base of over 20,000 customers markets a range of beauty cosmetics, anti-aging creams to zit zappers. The site has a trademark called Best4you products; provide suggestions within your budget for products and advice. The site to encourage a longer relationship has Bloom Dollar programs which are rewards that you can use for your next purchase. To purchase products from the site you will have to become a member. Signing is easy and free. The site showcases over 100 brands and thus women have a wide range to make a personalized selection.
Payment can be made by check or credit card including Amex. At present the site does not accept PayPal. This site can be accessed globally, but the company will only ship items and merchandise in the USA only. Shipping is normally executed within one working day, unless a product is out of stock. Orders above $ 50 are entitled to free shipping. The site warranties and guarantees its products as free from defects and as per the specifications advertized on their site. No returns are accepted back, except for damaged items in transit.

Some Thoughts on the Burkha worn by Muslim Women.Read it with Fun

The Burkha is worn by Muslim women all over the world. I will not go into how it is worn or whether there is any religious injunction against or for it. Suffice that women who profess the Islamic faith cover their body with a black cloak. Many countries in Europe are banning the Gurkha and some like Saudi Arabia are enforcing it. Fine let it stand.
I am however imagining what a man thinks on seeing a girl or a woman in a burkha. Lascivious thoughts are bound to occur. Will not a man fantasize as to what a Muslim girl is wearing under the Burkha. Is she wearing lacy lingerie or simple lingerie ? Is she wearing red or black and does she remove her pubic hair. one can dream about her legs. Are they shapely? are they like marble ?
The Burkha generates mystery, more so in a girl who is slim and beautiful. Yes beautiful, because all you can see are her eyes and a man has to create a fantasy on that. Adam and eve ate the forbidden fruit and a Burkha clad girl slim and fair is like the proverbial apple. Yes! there is tremendous temptation especially for a Hindu or Christian. Removing her Burkha is a fantasy almost like a dream. So I suppose the Burkhs has its place in the sexual dreams of a man. Look at the positive side.

Sex is Path to God: Message of Iris Murdoch in her novel "The Black Prince"

Dame Iris Murdoch DBE was an Irish-born British author and philosopher, best known for her novels about good, evil and sexual relationships. Iris Murdoch wrote 'The Black Prince' in 1973. This was her fifteenth novel and alludes mainly to Hamlet, the character created by William Shakespeare.
The Black Prince The Black Prince is generally considered the best of Murdoch's novels. It won the James Tait Black Memorial Prize in 1973.Overall, she had the ability to merge philosophy and fiction and this is apparent in the main character Bradley Pearson in the novel. Bradley Pearson the main Protagonist Murdoch relates the novel though Bradley Pearson. He is a retired 58 year old Inspector of Taxes and has a dream of going to the country to write his book. His character is ambiguous as he bickers with his friend Arnold Baffin about the art of writing a book. Simultaneously he is enticed by Arnold's wife to sleep with her in an affair that is almost clinical. He also tutors the 20 year old daughter of Rachel and Arnold, Julian. His ex-wife Christian and her brother France along with his depressed sister turn up at his door. The Character of Bradley Pearson Bradley is struck by the arrow of Eros, the god of love. This changes his entire perception of life. Bradley changes to a man who is tender, as his love for Julian Baffin takes seed in his heart. He becomes almost infatuated with her. Despite this infatuation he decided to keep his love to himself, but love overpowers as he realizes that Julian also loves him. They meet and bare their souls to each other outside the Royal Opera house. This launches a whirlwind romance. Bradley and Julian love each other with passion and as their love blossoms.
Bradley and Ferocious Love and Sex '˜The Black Prince' becomes one of the most romantic works of literature. The lovers crave for each other and each encounter leaves them breathless for more. Bradley subtitles his memoir Celebration of Love. Murdoch uses the love of Bradley with a girl old enough to be his daughter to emphasize her point that sex itself is the great connective force to God and something that can be the most relaxing thing in life. The youthful Julian reciprocates the love of Bradley. Once she dresses up as Hamlet and so arouses Bradley that he makes ferocious love to her. Julian is the driving force and initiator for all that takes place. A Romantic fantasy The entire book is a romantic fantasy retold through the pen of Bradley. The character of Bradley Pearson has the same initials as the Black prince, B.P. Hamlet is the Black Prince and he faced tragedy, so does Bradley. Murdoch has created a character that is deeply emotional and philosophical. Dame Murdoch spent the last 5 years of her life with Alzheimer’s disease and died in 1999. Her husband was at her bedside.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

FBI and US Police are Pretty Inefficient

In a seminar at Dubai, a speaker was of the opinion that the police forces of the developing world were riddled with corruption and generally inefficient as they could not stop crime. One will agree to an extent, but I am afraid the US police and the FBI do not look to be very efficient either. Their crime detection rate is also pretty poor. The numbers of kidnappings in the USA that go undetected are very large. The recent case where a Cuban immigrant kidnapped 3 girls and kept them hostage to his sexual desires is a case in point. The girls were kept in a house for 10 years, pretty close from where they were kidnapped. One wonders about the US law enforcement agencies that could not detect this crime for 10 years and would have perhaps gone undetected for another 10 years in case one of the girls had not escaped and alerted the police. One wonders how even the FBI which investigates kidnapping, as it is a federal offence failed. What was their missing person’s squad doing all these years? This is not the only case and police records show that dozens of such cases go undetected.

Rulers in Islamic States are Hanged or shot when deposed

I have been wondering for quite some time how in the arc of Islamic states from North Africa to Pakistan the one recurrent theme is ‘no mercy, no quarter’ to a deposed ruler. In most cases the result is a blood curdling drama that either leads to brutal and violent death of the deposed leader or a farcical trial and subsequent hanging.
In addition when the deposed rulers are in power they also hang and kill their opponents without compunction. Is it the old Hammurabi’s code adapted to the 20th and 21st century of ‘an eye for an eye and hand for a hand’? A legal concept that has long been consigned to the flames in modern jurisprudence in most of the West and India.A view of the last 50 years will however bring out startling facts in the Islamic world.
Examples Saddam Hussain - Hanged Turkish Prime Minister Hanged- Adnan Menderes ZA Bhutto of Pakistan hanged Gadaffi killed brutally King Faisal of Iraq Shot Dead Hosni Mubarak -In jail Mujibar rehman- Shot Dead ( Bamgladesh) The list is endless