Friday, September 19, 2014

Daughter of Nawaz Shariff Marries Gandson of King Fahd

Everybody loves princesses and royalty and so do I. Now the daughter of Nawaz Sharif , Prime Minister of Pakistan has married a Saudi Prince. He is the grandson of King Fahd. Nawaz was exiled for 10 years by General Musharraf to Saudi Arabia and probably at that time this romance germinated. Saudi Arabia is important for Nawaz Sharif and thus this marriage has political overtones Nawaz has 4 children , 2 sons and 2 daughters. One son is already in Arabia and looking after business there. Now his daughter has also married a Saudi Prince. All good wishes to the couple.

I have a problem which I must pose. The girl was brought up in a comparative liberal atmosphere in Pakistan. Looks a little difficult for her to adapt to in Saudi Arabia where the religious police keep a watch on all women and insure all wear Burkha. Women are also forbidden to drive. I hope the poor girl adjusts, but all happiness to the couple.

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