Saturday, October 17, 2009

Indian Policy and Pakistan * 77

Some time back Rahul  Gandhi made a statement that India was giving undue importance to Pakistan. He needs to be complimented for this statement.Even after this statement the running do of the Nehru-Gandhi family Sardar ManMohan Singh  did  have a Pakistan centric foreign policy .Why are we obsessed with Pakistan.Here is a country which is 1/5th size of India and with an Industrial base far behind.It nowhere features as world power or a country that inspires admiration.Its a country racked by fundamentalism and has created a monster in the form of support for terrorrism( against India) and is now reaping what it has sowed.

One expected things to change with the advent of Narendra Modi. He started on a track of toughness by cancelling the secretary level talks with Pakistan on the issue of the Pak ambassador talking to the Hurriet. But with a few months Modi has buckled down at the knees and now the Indian Foreign Minister is in Pakistan exploring how the dialogue can resume. Mind you Pakistan has hardly taken any step and one fails to understand as to how there can even be talks and what result can be  expected. The reason is that Pakistan has mae it clear, that Kashmir issue is central to normalcy and their  view is that Kashmir should have self determination and a plebicite.

It's about time that the Indian political leadership realised this and treated Pakistan for what it is - a rogue state that foments terror and supports proliferation of nuclear weapons. If Pakistan persists in this policy a surgical military strike may do the trick.There is no need to fear.World opinion supports the strong.A weak nation never won any sympathy.

India must reorient its policy and put Pakistan in its place for what it is- a second rate nation that aspires to greatness. Remember the frog who blew himself up while imitating a lion.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Nobel Prize for Obama ** 82

To be frank, when I arose one morning a few days back I was surprised to read the news that Obama has been honoured with the Nobel peace prize.I tried to rack my brain as to what has Obama done to merit this award. I couldnt think of anything substantial.

So whats the back ground to the prize? The peace prize has been denied to a lot of persons like Gandhi, Ghoofar Khan etc. Yet Obama wins the race straight away.I think a lot of introspection is called for by all concerned as the Nobel prize should not be cheapened. Obama has been thrust with a prize that may not be all that good for him.Maybe Obama himself was surprised ! But then the western democracies have always two yardsticks -one for themselves and one for 'others'.

But for the long run this award has a ominous ring. It shows to many in the third world that it is another example of the western concept " we rule the world and make the rules". Yes, this is a fact and now at the fag end of his term one can see that Obama did nothing to merit a Nobel prize. Yes with him as President , Islamic terrorism got ensconed further. Certainly not an act  to merit a Nobel prize!

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Naxalite Menace and the Hindu Response

To understand the intricacy of the present imbrogilo where a Mao/Naxal force of some 150 heavily armed troops attacked a police post at Gadchiroli and massacred 17 policemen, one must hark back to History.
In the first battle of Tarain the Hindus met Mohd Ghouri in battle.Ghouri was defeated, but the Hindus just celebrated their victory and allowed Ghouri to escape.Ghouri returned and in the second battle of tarain annhilated the Hindu Army. He was ruthless and thousand of hindus were put to the sword . The point I am making is that in a life and death struggle tolerance has no place. Yet this is exactly how the present government is treating the insurrection of the Naxals.There is talk of their being 'misguided' ,'our own people' etc.The result- hundreds of police men have been killed and the police force demoralised. The naxal writ runs in vast tracts of India.
The attack went on for a couple of hours.The government could have called for a helicopter strike.This would have put fear in the hearts of the naxals and saved precious lives.The bane of the Hindus is tolerance which made them lose their own land for 1600 years
When will the government realise that the naxals are mere brigands and bandits in the guise of revolutionaries.They need to be eliminated.Only superior fire power will do it. Its time the people woke up to this option.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Will India Disintegrate ** 80

Will India go the way of the erstwhile Soviet Union? Look back to Stalin and Brezhnev and at that time one could dismiss this as imperialist propaganda. It was something impossible . Here was the powerful Soviet union- a counterpoise to the USA and many a nation looked up to it. But then it happened. Like a fairy tale the Soviet Union broke up into 18 nations.

India is headed in the wrong direction. A point is the latest election manifesto issued by the Hindu parties led by the BJP in Mahrashtra. It talks of 80% reservation for the local people. Fine, please go ahead with this, but what happens to India as a nation and the constitution that gives the right to stay and work to an Indian any where he chooses to? What if all states were to implement this? It’s a frightful thought as that would spell the death knell of the Indian nation. The sad part is the BJP a national party is a signatory to this manifesto. What have the Sangh and the top leaders of the BJP like Advani have to say about it. By this the BJP has heralded its own demise.

The politics of intolerance has taken sway. Regionalism is to the fore. It certainly has benefitted no one. What use a division on language? Has it brought more development? How come in Vidharbha thousands of Farmers committed suicide. How did this division on language help them? These are sobering thoughts. Nehru by creating the linguistic states in fact sowed the seeds of disintegration. Historically India under Mughal rule and later under the British was never divided on basis of language.

 But Nehru did the unthinkable and the dream of a united India has suffered .Caste is the second bug bear. It is again a road block to the Indian nation. I only wonder how any religion can accept a division of society on caste. Worse the elected government perpetuates it. It’s all very sad. For a man who donned the Uniform of Indian armed forces this is difficult to stomach. The picture ahead is hazy and murky. I shudder at India 50 years down the line. Will we see a dozen countries? May be not. But for that to happen the political leadership and the Indian people have to steer the ship away to safer waters. Regionalism, sons of the soil, Caste and language have to be set aside. May be it will happen and the designs of China may yet fail.

A lot of expectations were raised with the arrival of Narendra Modi, but sadly in the one year this man and his party the BJP is in power, nothing of significance has happened and the ills of Hindu society continue to bedvil progress.