Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Al Qaeda has a Online magazine for Canada and America

The Boston bombers have brought into focus an online magazine published by Al Qaeda. Both brothers got inspiration after reading this magazine published. The magazine called INSPIRE is in English and its target audience is young committed Muslims in Canada and US. The magazine is the brainchild of an renegade American Samir Khan who migrated to Yemen in 2009. He started the magazine in 2010 but was soon killed in a drone attack. The magazine is in PDF and has hidden links. It contains articles like how to make pressure cooker bombs at home as well the joy of being a Jhadist. The magazine has a glossy look and the Boston bombers learnt how to make pressure cooker bombs from this magazine. This magazine aims at creating a Jihad force from inside America to strike a blow against the American state. Its a clever and devious plan and so far they are a success. The FBI and CIA have real task on hand. Lastly it is the beginning and more such bombing attacks will follow.

Hitlers Lasting contribution; Olympic Torch * 75

In 1936 the Olympics were held in Berlin. Hitler wished to make this a memorable event for Germany and more so of the Nazi party. He and Dr. Goebbels conceived the idea of an Olympic flame that would be lit in Greece and carried by relay runners through German dominated areas like Austria and Czechoslovakia to Berlin. The idea was to create a favorable impression about Germany and distract the world from the anti- antisemitism and other negative policies of Hitler.


 The runners were chosen with great care and special German race men with blonde and Aryan features were chosen to carry the Olympic torch. This was a revolutionary step and Hitler was able to rivet the attention of the world to this new innovation. Dr Goebbels was able to create a aura with the torch as an example of Nazi socialism.

 This was the first occasion that a torch from Greece was taken by relay runners. Hitler received favorable comments for this act and his popularity all over the world went up. After the defeat of Germany this was one relic of Hitler that was not discarded. In the 1948 Olympics at London the torch was duly lit at Greece and carried by runners to London. Hitler after all did leave something durable behind.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Drinking Beer with my Girl Friend in Abu Dhabi

One advantage of working in Abu Dhabi is the time available for leisure activities. Here Friday and Saturday are holidays and Sunday is working day. It took my body clock some time to adjust to this change. Last Friday my girl friend Marie from the Philippines suggested an outing and I readily agreed. I told her I would pick her up in my Ford Mustang which has just come after a service schedule at the garage. We decided to go to the ultra mod Sky Lounge. This is a fab place about 20 km from the center of Abu Dhabi with one of the best bars I have seen in the world. The ambiance is terrific and a real pleasure to sit and sip beer and food here. Marie wore a stunning purple dress that accentuated her fairness and sculptured legs as we drove to the Lounge. People may be feeling that Abu Dhabi is a place where Alcohol is banned and all that paraphernalia, being a Muslim country. But No! Its one of the most modern places one can visit and in select bars you can get the best wines and liquors available anywhere in the world. The prices are steep, but you have to pay for exclusiveness. The lounge is perched across the Marina race track and from the bar you can look down on to the race track and see that racing cars speeding by. It’s a thrilling site. I ordered Foster beer for me and Marie. The bar tender walked over to Marie and asked her if she would try a Shandy. Beer with a dash of Orange juice. She nodded and so the concoction came. You need good food with beer and I ordered Chicken tikka and Marie asked f for some roasted Prawns and Fish. As we drank the beer and ate the snacks we talked of everything under the sun from Free love to life in general. Beer with a lovely girl as company is the epitome of extreme pleasure. The other patrons eyed Marie as she is a stand out. Good bye.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Philipinne Girl Friend in Abu Dhabi

I am now in Abu Dhabi where many girls from the Philippines work. I have had many girl friends till I picked up Marie through an introduction. She works in an office as a computer operator, unlike most other girls from the Philippines who work as waitresses and attendants in beauty clinics not forgetting sales girls. So Marie is a cut above other girls from the Philippines. Marie is not very tall, but she is slim and looks fetching in a skirt with sculptured legs. She also is fair and has a lovely smile. She is Catholic and I am a Sikh, but happily this was not an obstacle. I got introduced and invited her for a drive in my Ford Mustang. She accepted and that was the beginning. She is very accommodating and has also visited the Sikh Gurudwara. She is great company and once you hold her hand in public all eyes are riveted as she is a lovely girl. How long will this last ? time alone will tell , but she is the best girl friend one can think off.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Gurudwara at Jebel Ali ( Dubai) and my Phillipine GirlFriend

I have now been in Abu Dhabi for some months now and have been impressed with the quality of life which is much better than India or even Singapore, where I was earlier. The UAE follow the Sharia, but it is a pragmatic form of Sharia that encompasses liberalization. One example of this is the Gurudwara at Dubai. This Gurudwara was built under the patronage of the ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Actium. The ruler donated land free for the Gurudwara and is close to the port of Jebel about 30 km from Dubai. The gurudwara is the largest outside India and much cleaner than Indian Gurudwara. It is a beautiful piece of architecture and is built over 2 floors. The main hall can accommodate 900 devotees and a massive car park is available (In the UAE everybody owns a car). D The piece de resistance is the Guru ka Langar (free kitchen) that runs 24 hours. Anyone stopping by is assured of a meal of Kaali Dal, Chana, Rice and cooked vegetable with pickle and salad along with the proverbial Punjabi Punjabi Kheer as sweet dish. I have visited the gurudwara with my girl friend Marie praying and savouring the Langar. Marie is insisting we go ever week in my Ford Mustang; is she converting to Sikhism? So friends do visit the gurudwara even if you are not a Sikh, you will not regret it.