Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Drinking Beer with my Girl Friend in Abu Dhabi

One advantage of working in Abu Dhabi is the time available for leisure activities. Here Friday and Saturday are holidays and Sunday is working day. It took my body clock some time to adjust to this change. Last Friday my girl friend Marie from the Philippines suggested an outing and I readily agreed. I told her I would pick her up in my Ford Mustang which has just come after a service schedule at the garage. We decided to go to the ultra mod Sky Lounge. This is a fab place about 20 km from the center of Abu Dhabi with one of the best bars I have seen in the world. The ambiance is terrific and a real pleasure to sit and sip beer and food here. Marie wore a stunning purple dress that accentuated her fairness and sculptured legs as we drove to the Lounge. People may be feeling that Abu Dhabi is a place where Alcohol is banned and all that paraphernalia, being a Muslim country. But No! Its one of the most modern places one can visit and in select bars you can get the best wines and liquors available anywhere in the world. The prices are steep, but you have to pay for exclusiveness. The lounge is perched across the Marina race track and from the bar you can look down on to the race track and see that racing cars speeding by. It’s a thrilling site. I ordered Foster beer for me and Marie. The bar tender walked over to Marie and asked her if she would try a Shandy. Beer with a dash of Orange juice. She nodded and so the concoction came. You need good food with beer and I ordered Chicken tikka and Marie asked f for some roasted Prawns and Fish. As we drank the beer and ate the snacks we talked of everything under the sun from Free love to life in general. Beer with a lovely girl as company is the epitome of extreme pleasure. The other patrons eyed Marie as she is a stand out. Good bye.