Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Philipinne Girl Friend in Abu Dhabi

I am now in Abu Dhabi where many girls from the Philippines work. I have had many girl friends till I picked up Marie through an introduction. She works in an office as a computer operator, unlike most other girls from the Philippines who work as waitresses and attendants in beauty clinics not forgetting sales girls. So Marie is a cut above other girls from the Philippines. Marie is not very tall, but she is slim and looks fetching in a skirt with sculptured legs. She also is fair and has a lovely smile. She is Catholic and I am a Sikh, but happily this was not an obstacle. I got introduced and invited her for a drive in my Ford Mustang. She accepted and that was the beginning. She is very accommodating and has also visited the Sikh Gurudwara. She is great company and once you hold her hand in public all eyes are riveted as she is a lovely girl. How long will this last ? time alone will tell , but she is the best girl friend one can think off.