Saturday, December 12, 2009

How to Take Care of Your Shot Gun
A shot gun is an excellent weapon for hunting small game and birds.It needs regular care and maintenance. If you look after your gun it will give you long service.
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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cricket and the Services

The recent cancellation of the cricket match between the services and J &K at Srinagar due to the refusal of the Services team to go to Kashmir for the match is a matter of intense sorrow. What message are we sending to the world at large if the services team refuses to play at Srinagar ?
The services are the face of India and their refusel to go to Srinagar is to say the least very sad.Why did they not want to play there? did they fear a attack or hostility from the populace at large? If this is so then India can say good bye to kashmir, for even after 60 years if a services team cant play at Srinagar then what is the use of all the propaganda of the central Government and the Army itself, that normalacy is restored in the valley.
Farukh Abdullah has rightly condemmed this stupidity.But the central government must take the services to task for this act, as it has lowered Indian prestige all over the world.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Indian Policy and Pakistan * 77

Some time back Rahul  Gandhi made a statement that India was giving undue importance to Pakistan. He needs to be complimented for this statement.Even after this statement the running do of the Nehru-Gandhi family Sardar ManMohan Singh  did  have a Pakistan centric foreign policy .Why are we obsessed with Pakistan.Here is a country which is 1/5th size of India and with an Industrial base far behind.It nowhere features as world power or a country that inspires admiration.Its a country racked by fundamentalism and has created a monster in the form of support for terrorrism( against India) and is now reaping what it has sowed.

One expected things to change with the advent of Narendra Modi. He started on a track of toughness by cancelling the secretary level talks with Pakistan on the issue of the Pak ambassador talking to the Hurriet. But with a few months Modi has buckled down at the knees and now the Indian Foreign Minister is in Pakistan exploring how the dialogue can resume. Mind you Pakistan has hardly taken any step and one fails to understand as to how there can even be talks and what result can be  expected. The reason is that Pakistan has mae it clear, that Kashmir issue is central to normalcy and their  view is that Kashmir should have self determination and a plebicite.

It's about time that the Indian political leadership realised this and treated Pakistan for what it is - a rogue state that foments terror and supports proliferation of nuclear weapons. If Pakistan persists in this policy a surgical military strike may do the trick.There is no need to fear.World opinion supports the strong.A weak nation never won any sympathy.

India must reorient its policy and put Pakistan in its place for what it is- a second rate nation that aspires to greatness. Remember the frog who blew himself up while imitating a lion.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Nobel Prize for Obama ** 82

To be frank, when I arose one morning a few days back I was surprised to read the news that Obama has been honoured with the Nobel peace prize.I tried to rack my brain as to what has Obama done to merit this award. I couldnt think of anything substantial.

So whats the back ground to the prize? The peace prize has been denied to a lot of persons like Gandhi, Ghoofar Khan etc. Yet Obama wins the race straight away.I think a lot of introspection is called for by all concerned as the Nobel prize should not be cheapened. Obama has been thrust with a prize that may not be all that good for him.Maybe Obama himself was surprised ! But then the western democracies have always two yardsticks -one for themselves and one for 'others'.

But for the long run this award has a ominous ring. It shows to many in the third world that it is another example of the western concept " we rule the world and make the rules". Yes, this is a fact and now at the fag end of his term one can see that Obama did nothing to merit a Nobel prize. Yes with him as President , Islamic terrorism got ensconed further. Certainly not an act  to merit a Nobel prize!

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Naxalite Menace and the Hindu Response

To understand the intricacy of the present imbrogilo where a Mao/Naxal force of some 150 heavily armed troops attacked a police post at Gadchiroli and massacred 17 policemen, one must hark back to History.
In the first battle of Tarain the Hindus met Mohd Ghouri in battle.Ghouri was defeated, but the Hindus just celebrated their victory and allowed Ghouri to escape.Ghouri returned and in the second battle of tarain annhilated the Hindu Army. He was ruthless and thousand of hindus were put to the sword . The point I am making is that in a life and death struggle tolerance has no place. Yet this is exactly how the present government is treating the insurrection of the Naxals.There is talk of their being 'misguided' ,'our own people' etc.The result- hundreds of police men have been killed and the police force demoralised. The naxal writ runs in vast tracts of India.
The attack went on for a couple of hours.The government could have called for a helicopter strike.This would have put fear in the hearts of the naxals and saved precious lives.The bane of the Hindus is tolerance which made them lose their own land for 1600 years
When will the government realise that the naxals are mere brigands and bandits in the guise of revolutionaries.They need to be eliminated.Only superior fire power will do it. Its time the people woke up to this option.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Will India Disintegrate ** 80

Will India go the way of the erstwhile Soviet Union? Look back to Stalin and Brezhnev and at that time one could dismiss this as imperialist propaganda. It was something impossible . Here was the powerful Soviet union- a counterpoise to the USA and many a nation looked up to it. But then it happened. Like a fairy tale the Soviet Union broke up into 18 nations.

India is headed in the wrong direction. A point is the latest election manifesto issued by the Hindu parties led by the BJP in Mahrashtra. It talks of 80% reservation for the local people. Fine, please go ahead with this, but what happens to India as a nation and the constitution that gives the right to stay and work to an Indian any where he chooses to? What if all states were to implement this? It’s a frightful thought as that would spell the death knell of the Indian nation. The sad part is the BJP a national party is a signatory to this manifesto. What have the Sangh and the top leaders of the BJP like Advani have to say about it. By this the BJP has heralded its own demise.

The politics of intolerance has taken sway. Regionalism is to the fore. It certainly has benefitted no one. What use a division on language? Has it brought more development? How come in Vidharbha thousands of Farmers committed suicide. How did this division on language help them? These are sobering thoughts. Nehru by creating the linguistic states in fact sowed the seeds of disintegration. Historically India under Mughal rule and later under the British was never divided on basis of language.

 But Nehru did the unthinkable and the dream of a united India has suffered .Caste is the second bug bear. It is again a road block to the Indian nation. I only wonder how any religion can accept a division of society on caste. Worse the elected government perpetuates it. It’s all very sad. For a man who donned the Uniform of Indian armed forces this is difficult to stomach. The picture ahead is hazy and murky. I shudder at India 50 years down the line. Will we see a dozen countries? May be not. But for that to happen the political leadership and the Indian people have to steer the ship away to safer waters. Regionalism, sons of the soil, Caste and language have to be set aside. May be it will happen and the designs of China may yet fail.

A lot of expectations were raised with the arrival of Narendra Modi, but sadly in the one year this man and his party the BJP is in power, nothing of significance has happened and the ills of Hindu society continue to bedvil progress.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Look at India from China

Nobody knows how one looks.To see how you appear you need the help of a mirror. Keeping this axiom in mind its worth while to learn as to how our biggest competitor China looks at us. One can dismiss the Chinese point of view as mere rhetoric, but as Chanakya has said never dismiss the enemy's assessments out of hand.The Chinese institute of strategic studies has compiled an article on India. As per this study the Institute think tank feel that India is ripe for disintegration- something akin to the erstwhile Soviet Union.
Firstly the Chinese feel that the Hindu religion itself will be part of this disintegration.With a caste system that exists in no other religion and being perpetuated for the next 500 years by the government a division in society is already created( with the blessings of the Indian political leadership).Secondly creation of linguistic states leading to a clear cut demarcation with so called sons of the soil theory, the concept of India is sadly eroded. Again India is surrounded by states inimical to it from all side-Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri lanka and China. Add to this the insurgency in 30% of Indian territory in 6 states led by the Maoists the siege of the Indian nation is from within itself. What next? Chinese feel that India can only prosper once its broken up into smaller states .
All this is pretty disturbing.But is it all propaganda? The Indian government has created and perpetuated the caste system with the congress leader Moily even recommending a census based on caste.In addition the Maoist insurgency exists in vast tracts of India where the central governments writ does not run.The North East and Kashmir are joined to us with massive force .Will they be with the mother country if the Army is withdrawn ? why do we have anachronisms like article 370 and reservations based on caste.? Lets have some introspection and hope and pray that a person of the caliber of Fredrick The Great or Bismark will rise in India and lead us forward.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Army and the Indian Government *

When India was given freedom by the British the new Congress government failed to realise that over 1600 years of foreign rule was gone and Hindus in India had at last a say in their own governance.There were thus misplaced notions and idealism where the military never figured.Thus the finest fighting machine in Asia was allowed to wither away. The sense of neglect of the armed forces shows by the statement of Dr Rajender Prasad the first President of India who went on to suggest that the Indian Army be disbanded.

Even the euridite Nehru had no comprehension of power politics and followed the policy of neglect of the Armed forces.He talked of civil supremacy over the army and ended up playing into the hands of the ICS/IAS lobby. The result is there for all to see. Successive governments over the decades have reduced the efficacy of the Army. Clausewits dictum that the best form of defence is offence is sadly forgotten. Again whether it be OROP or order of precedence the Armed forces are at the receiving end. What next ?

To play a role as a world power six decades of neglect has to be rectified.The Indian armed forces must be made the wagon that can propel the Hindu nation forward as a world power.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Review Jaswant Singh Book' Jinnah partition ,India"

Jaswant left the Indian Army about four decades back and joined the BJP, the Hindu political party floated with the backing of nationalist Hindu organizations like the RSS (Rashtra Swaym sewak Sangh). In fact he was a founder member of the party in 1980.Jaswant rise over the last 3 decades was meteoric and he achieved a great deal of prominence in the BJP. He had the distinction of being India's foreign Minister during the erstwhile rule of the BJP when Vajpayee was the Prime Minister.
With the defeat of the BJP in 2004 at the hustings, Mr. Jaswant has used his spare time well by writing scholarly articles and books. His latest Book 'Jinnah-partition, India ' is one such exercise. It’s a well written book and Jaswant cannot be faulted in his rendering of that tortuous period in the history of the sub continent.

!947 was a momentous period in Indian history. Pakistan and India were given freedom from British colonial rule after nearly 150 years. The two nation theory was accepted and the independent Muslim state of Pakistan was created. Singh points out that Jinnah now revered as the founder of Pakistan was not a rabid communal as made out by Hindu leaders of the Congress. He was basically secular and if at all he had any hatred it was not for the Hindus but the Congress which was dominated by Hindu leaders Nehru and Patel.

Jaswant brings out the fact that Nehru and Patel for their personal ambitions persuaded Gandhi to agree to Partition and the creation of Pakistan. Jaswant has thus stirred a hornets’ nest and gone against the national policy of the BJP which wishes to think that Sardar V Patel was a pro Hindu leader. They forget that Patel was the first Congress leader to ban the RSS in 1948.
But Jaswant does not analyse the reasons and the mind of Jinnah as to why he called for 'Direct Action' in 1946.The result of this call was disastrous as communal riots erupted all over India, as Muslims resorted to violence on Jinnah’s call and the Hindus retaliated, leading to the biggest carnage in world history.

The book would have had added value if Jaswant had dissected this aspect of Jinnah. However despite this lacuna the period of Indian History at that time is lucidly presented by Jaswant Singh. One may or may not agree with him, but the book is eminently readable. Jaswant has already paid the price for his scholarly work by being expelled from the BJP, but that should not deter serious students of Indian History to read this book
I for one recommend this book to all and sundry that has some interest in the sub continent.

Monday, September 7, 2009

India China Border Dispute-A perspective

A Long Border but  minimal Association

China and India have been neighbours for as long as history. The two nations were separated by the Himalayas which was a barrier between the two nations. Though some Chinese travellers did came to India, yet because of this massive Mountain range the people to people contact was minimal.
Over the centuries the Hindus lost power and were successively governed by the Muslims and the British.

Chinese did have a massive expansion but soon became insular and fell back economically and allowed themselves to be exploited by the Japanese and the Western powers.Thus both nations were not masters of their own destiny. In 1947 India won freedom and Mao led a resurgent Red Army to complete domination by the communists and centralised power. Comparisons are odious-but the dawn of a new beginning for both was ominous.

The Emergence of China and India 

China started a campaign of consolidation and rectification of 'historical wrongs'.Tibet was the central piece with China invading and occupying the mountain region with the Indian leadership steeped in Gandhian philosophy of non violence unable to help the Tibetans. This brought the Chinese power on to India's door step.India started a democratic process copied from West minister and the leadership showed naivety by not laying stress on the northern borders with China and also allowed Tibet to be engulfed by China.Thus Tibet as a buffer was lost for ever.

Inevitable Clash

Sensing that India could challenge China's supremacy the Chinese occupied vast tracts ( 30,000 sq mile)in Ladakh and did not accept the McMahon line as a frontier in the East. The Simla pact earlier attended by the representatives of Tibet, China and British on which India relied for an interpreting of the border with Tibet was ignored by the Chinese. Lack of clear strategic insight on the part of India cost India heavily and it was forgotten that even at that conference the Chinese did not sign on the dotted line.

Indian Leadership and Throwing the Towel

Power rivalry led to the 1962 India China war and established China as the dominant power in Asia.The trend of keeping the fire burning and also as a reminder of China's great power status has led to the present Chinese incursions in Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh.India has not understood the game of power politics.The Chinese will not settle the border issue and at any time can stoke up the flames, as the Chinese have made assiduous plans and in contrast India appears as a weakling . A complete change in the Indian thinking and the further development of the Indian armed might can only deter China. Historical blunders and lack of a strategic concept to be a world power has cost India dear.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Musings on Jawaharlal Nehru * 73

Nehru is a much respected figure in Indian History. Thus to write something adverse about him amounts to blasphemy. But at the same time there is a need to critically evaluate his contribution to India and the legacy left behind him. There is no doubt that intellectually Nehru was a giant, but his contribution to the Indian Nation shows that he had little grasp of power politics and roles of nations.

Firstly partition. This was his first mistake where his ambition to be the Prime Minister Of India put paid to any chance of India remaining united. Jaswant Singh and earlier Leonard Mosley have discussed this aspect and I shall touch on it later. But once he became Prime Minister he accepted Chinese suzerainty over Tibet in return for Autonomy for Tibet. This showed his naivety as China under Mao understood only that 'Power comes out of the barrel of a gun'. With mistaken zeal he withdrew Indian troops from Tibet as was in vogue by the British and talked of Hindi Chini bhai -bhai.

He talked of the Himalayas as a 'natural barrier' without realising that modern armies recognise no such barriers. The result was painful as his policy led to Chinese occupation of the entire eastern Ladakh ( Aksai Chin). His failure to sustain the Indian Army as a potent force and excessive reliance on diplomacy and his world image resulted in Chinese consolidating their occupation. He failed to realise that a nations standing in the world polity of nations is basically on their Military might.

 He triggered the India China war by his ill-fated remark that 'I have asked the Army to evict the Chinese'. This is brought out by Maxwell Taylor in his "India's China war". The result was disastrous as the Chinese mounted an offensive and  the Indian Army was dragged into a web of defeat. Correspondingly Nehru's international image also took a dip and he was never the same man after that.

Secondly the Kashmir problem was another blunder for which history will judge him harshly. He appeared to be led by Mountbatten, the then Viceroy and awaited all the while for the signed accession of the Kashmir Raja-Hari Singh before he intervened.This was a massive blunder as Pakistani raiders quickly spread in the valley and routed the Forces of Hari Singh . Srinagar was almost lost till the intervention of the Indian Army saved a difficult situation. It’s a moot point that when the Pakistani tribal warriors were advancing into Kashmir and had taken over Gilgit, why was Nehru just twiddling his thumbs. Why did he not ask the Army to be air lifted to Gilgit? Why was he waiting for the accession from Hari Singh? If that had happened Azad Kashmir may have well been with India.Subsequently the Army threw the raiders out from the valley. But the battle took almost 6 months and Nehru had no stomach for this.

He then made two historical blunders. Firstly he agreed for a cease fire and reference to the UNO and secondly he made an ill-fated offer of a plebiscite to ascertain the wishes of the Kashmir people. Both these have cost India dear and now we are saddled with a problem that defies solution.Even on the home front Nehru was more the idealist than the hard headed political leader. He agreed for the division of India into linguistic states. For 2 thousand years India was never divided or carved up on the basis of language. Yet Nehru opened a can of worms that has now struck at the roots of the Indian nation. Coupled with the caste system, fissiparous tendencies are everywhere.

Who will forgive Nehru for all this ?Even in economics his vision of an India with a mixed economy with the core sectors like steel etc with the government and 5 year plans put paid to the progress of India. Surely History will judge him for what he was: A man who led India to a status of a second rate power

Friday, August 21, 2009

Jaswant Singhs 's expulsion from BJP: Further Echoes as Kirti Azad is also Expelled

Jaswant who was the Foreign Minister of India was expelled by the BJP for writing a book in which he mentioned that Pakistan was given to Jinnah on a platter by Nehru and Patel as these Hindu leaders wanted to come to power somehow and wanted Jinnah out of the way.

One may agree or not agree with what Jaswant has written , but BJP party's action defies logic and comprehension. A scholarly debate needs to be encouraged and there is no place in India for any party which is intolerent.Sadly the BJP is exactly that.It's a party that harks back to ancient times is not at all forward looking. Successive defeats at the hustings had not given it any lessons.It  shot itself in the foot with the expulsion of Jaswant Singh and come to be associted as a party that lives in a cage .

I am afraid this thinking has not changed and despite a handsome majority in parliamenyt, the leadership is still looking at the world through a prism..The latest is the expulsion of the BJP , member of parliament Kirti Azad who has been served a show cause notice. What is Azad's fault? His fault is that he has pointed out the dubious role and perhaps complicity of Arun Jaitley the finance minister, in massive corruption scandals when this good finance minsiter headed affairs in the DDCA, the cricket body governong Delhi cricket. The man that should have been served a show cause notice is Arun Jaitely, but the BJP knows how to shoot itself in the foot.

Monday, August 17, 2009

ShahRukh Khan, the Airport Imbrogilo and his Diatribe on Intolerance in India

Some months back, to be exact in 2013, there was a small hulla bulla that the famous Bollywood star was detained at New York airport for more than an hour.Most TV channels and news papers reported this incident and tried to make an issue of a non issue.Frankly the people I have met in India are least bothered whether Mr Khan was detained or not.
the traitor

Actully it's no big deal and the incident should have been allowed to die a natural death.We must remember that Khan was detained not because he was an Indian or a confirmed terrorist.It was because of the security enviornment around the world where everything is looked at through the prism of terror strikes. It is also a fact that Khan represents a community, for who terror is a way of life.Yes, we can chide the Americans for being paranoid about their security, but what about India? where do we stand?

Matters are not helped by Khan announcing ata press conference that he as a Muslim felt " insecure" in India. One wonders how a person adulated by the Hindu masses despite beinga Muslim, can have the temerity to make such statements. Probably Khan forgot the incident a few years back, when he was detained at the Air port in USA for beinga Muslim. here in India with so much freedon, Khan still gurgles out such sermns on " intolerence" One would like to ask Khan, where would he like to go to get away from " intolerence" in India "  Let him spell it out. Mostly any country he chooses will not accept him and in case he cooses a Muslim country, we may never hear of this idiot.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Death Penalty in India * 80

The award of the death penality to the perpetuaters of the Bombay blasts after 6 years does intrigue me. Also the news that there are 300 people on death row in India and their cases are "in process'' is food for thought. Couple this with the fact that the last execution took place in 2004  folloed by 2 more with the last in 2015 and one wonders what the Indian state led by its Hindu rulers have in mind. I would like to point out that in the United States there were 53 executions during the same period. I refer to the USA as all indians do feel beholden to that nation- I dont know why!

What is the problem ?Are the Hindu rulers scared to uphold the law ? death penality is on our statute books and is a legal punishment. So why this apathy in its execution. In case there is a morbid fear of antagonising the minority then why have this punishment on the statute books ? Scrap it. It will be good for every body, like in the EU and UK.

Lets not show our impotence by retaining the death penality and not enforing it. Any discussion ? Can we take a leaf from Pakistan which has hanged over 300 criminals on death row in last 3 months? Anoter fact is that on 02 Dec 15, 4 twrrorists involved in the Peshawar School massacre were hanged to death within one year of the massacre. This shows speedy justice, while in India some of teh terrorists are hanged aftera tortuous proces lasting over 10-12 years and in 90% of the cases they are let of with their sentences converted to life in prison. In such cases the concept of death penalty as a deterrance is lost.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The game of Power * 87

When the British ruled India they as the paramount power saw to it that their supremacy was untouched in Asia. The result- they kept a military presence in Tibet and saw to it that Tibet remained a buffer between India and China.

But come independance and all this was put aside.Panditji with no experience of power politics and misplaced notions gave up all rights in Tibet.  He withdrew the Indian Army and lived in a dream world. The Army under Gen kaul( His relation) started doing things like building tenements etc instead of war games.The finest military force in Asia was allowed to rust and wither away.

The Army General staff was down graded and the so called civil control established.The Army was thought of as appendage of no real use.Defeats with China and a stalemate with Pakistan did bring some realisation-but of no significance. Down the lane and some 60 years later the Government headed by the Man Mohan Singh and now Narendra Modi is still unable to realise that the Army is an instrument of national power.This can be seen from the fact that the pay commission did not have a military member and it decided the pay scale of the army men. One can die on a bed of nails laughing at this anamoly.

What next?. India is unable to dominate its neighbors eg even lowely Bangladesh had the temerity to kill about 15/16 of our border guards without any fear of reprisal a few years back. Would the Americans allow it ?
The Indian leadership is to be faulted for not projecting its armed might and subsequent name in the world as a powerfull nation.Get the Army morale high and see that soldiers are rewarded . Comments ?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Army as an Instrument of Power *

Napoleon started his grand march into Russia with the abject aim of spreading French Power.He failed and subsequently his defeat at Wellington put paid to all pretense of Napoleon as a power.History as shown that Military power alone can give the nation a say in world affairs.Even today the might of US armed forces with their ability to intervene in every corner of the world is really the cornerstone of recognition of American supremacy.
But our present day Hindu rulers are sadly lacking in appreciating this.Right from Nehru down to the Honest sardar( really a puppet) have little comprehension of this simple formula.All we seek is parity with Pakistan which is 1/5 of India. China? Russia ? Global ambition are a zero.Probably the myth of the'Meek and mild Hindu' is correct.Let me live in peace and let anyone do anything !!Any coments ?

Cricketeers also need to be tested for Drugs and Performance enhancing Drugs

Well here is another enigma. The BCCI says that the Dope test for cricketeers is 'acceptable'. Fine that is what international dope tests require. But here we have the rider-as our highly paid cricket players have reservations about it. What reservation? well they want no testing when they are not playing.
Sounds absurd as the world all over has accepted this. But our pampererd cricket players will have none of it.The BCCI also comes out in support of these maverick players.
Well it must be understood that playing a professional sport is a full time job and rest periods are really the training periods. So pray why do our cricketeers want no testing at that time. Could look sinster. Its time the board cracked the whip-more the ICC and ask these players to fall in line.Surely people who make more than a crore evry year owe this to the vast Indian cricket loving public. Any take on this ?
Coming down to testing for drugs, I think the entire thing has gone in cold stoareg and I am not aware that any dope tests are carroed out on cricketers. So they have fun and earn money, !!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Musings on the OROP * 85

Mao in his famous quote said 'political power comes out of the barrel of a gun'. Does the indian leadership know what it means? The proponents of political power and prestige abroad is the Defence might of a nation.Look at Pakistan wanting parity with India. what parity ?Military !

Well here we have a hierarchy that does not know anything of power play and studiously down grades the men in uniform. Be it the order of precedence or the pay and perks.Who is in charge of all this?.People may not like the harsh truth but THE FACT REMAINS THAT IF THE ARMY IS WITHDRAWN FROM KASHMERE AND THE NORTH EAST -will they still remain with the mother country ? surely Texas will not secede fro the USA if the army is not there. We are an evolving nation and it's important to keet the morale of the men in uniform high.The OROP must be accepted for all personnel in TOTO. Comments anybody /

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Psyche of the Hindu * 81

The Hindus hace been inhabitants of the sub continent for nearly as old as history. Maybe four thosand years. Yet's surprising for the last 1500 years they are not masters of their own land.It is worth pondering over the fact that the Hindus agreed ( willingly) to pay Jizzia tax to their rulers in return to live on their own land. Surely all over the world, can you come across a single such example.

The Hindus also after repeated defeats agreed to be ruled by Aliens viz turks, afghans etc.In turn they made no attempt to defeat the invaders and some actully joined the aliens to rule their own brethern. This is unique in Hindu thought. Can anybody explain ?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One rank one Pension Officers * 74

Its a bit of a surprise that the Government accepted OROP only for personnel below officer rank. In hindsight it's perhaps not surprising , as this government does not know what is power politics or Mao's dictum 'Power comes out of a barrel of a gun'. How could they divide a cohesive force ? Surely they must know that the only force that holds India together is the Army. Let any one argue, but cannot be blind that as on date the Army withdrawal from J&K and the North East will open the doors of secession from the mother country.So why did the government do this ? It's food for thought.\

The above was written some years back, but now the Modi government has accepted some points of the OROP and made it applicable to officers as well. One can say that Modi has taken an historical step, but overall, it looks a bit moth eaten as many of the provisions are diluted. Obviously many veterans are not happy.

Despite its flaws the sanction of OROP is itself a great step forward and the ex servicemen must discuss with the government further improvements  in the scheme.