America learned what Islamic terrorism is with 9/11. Islamic terror is a word many in America would like to obliterate as they try and generalize terrorism. Many talks of the ideals of the American nation and would like racial profiling to be stopped. Thus, when a man like Trump connects Muslims with terror, many are up in arms against him. I will quote one of the prominent police heads in the world, who stated that majority of the Muslims are not swayed by terror, but 99% of the terrorists caught are Muslims. This statement makes its own mark and to stop such acts some form of racial profiling may be a necessity. The incident in Las Vegas was part of a plan to strike at the economic might of the USA. Las Vegas is an important entertainment and tourist district and striking at this place is to spread fear, resulting in lesser visitors.

The attack

An American Muslim woman drove her car into a crowd of some 40-50 persons shouting " Allahu Akbar." The result was that one person was killed and 40 injured. To many, it may seem a mindless act, but the Muslim extremists see it as a step to bleed America with 100 cuts. The fact is these attacks are carried out by American citizens who have lived in America for decades. This is the disconcerting thought that a person who has lived in America for so many years still would like to destroy the very nation that has given him/her a livelihood and a place to stay. Most attacks on America after 9/11 are the handiwork of Muslims who obey the call of the ISI and Al Qaeda and carry out terror attacks. Their motivation is high and they do not fear death as they feel that in case they die in the attack they will go to Paradise.

The future

What of the future? One cannot visualize how these lone wolf terror attacksattacks can be stopped. The only way is to do racial profiling and though sad, there seems no option to it. How do you stop a lone Muslim gunman from entering a public area on orders from his mentors outside the USA to carry out an attack or an act of sabotage? No police force in the world can stop such acts unless a wider net is cast. In Europe and France, similar happenings are taking place where homegrown Muslims, who have lived for years have turned on the nations that gave them homes.