Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Erdogan orders mass arrests after Coup bid in Turkey


Erdogan orders arrest of over 50000 Turks in the aftermath of the coup attempt

Turkey is in ferment with the government ordering a massive purge, arrest, suspension of people remotely suspected to be involved in the coup.

Turkey is in a state of ferment in the aftermath of the coup attempt. President Erdogan is taking all steps to ensure those elements which are disloyal or even having a hint of disloyalty to him and the Justice party are removed. In the process, he has unleashed a reign of mass arrests, suspensions and dismissals of nearly 50000 people from soldiers to judges and civil servants to teachers. Erdogan is blaming his political opponent Cleric Gulen of orchestrating this coup. He has asked for his extradition from the USA.

The arrests and suspensions.

The volume of arrests and suspensions is mind boggling.They cover people from all walks of life. In a way, it shows his insecurity as mass arrests and suspensions as well as dismissals have taken place. Erdogan has ordered

 Sacking of 15200 teachers and education staff                     Enforced resignation 1577 university Deans                         Dismissed  1500 staff of the Finance ministry                     Dismissed 8777 interior ministry workers                               Sacked hundreds of workers from the prime minister's office                                                                                              

In addition large number of men from the armed forces and police have beenarrested on charges of treason. He is also contemplating the re-introduction of the death penalty to act as a deterrent and the opportunity to execute the ringleaders of the coup.

The future.

The world is perturbed with the actions taken by Erdogan. The removal of large numbers of Turks on mere suspicion has not gone down well in the world community. The President of the EU  Martin Shultz has commented that the arrests and suspensions  smacked of "revenge" against the opponents. The mass scale purge has been condemned by Gulen.The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has cautioned that any introduction of the death penalty would have an effect on Turkeys application to join the EU. The US has also called for the rule of law to prevail. The situation remains fluid and one can't be sure as to what will happen next.