Friday, July 31, 2009

Musings on the OROP * 85

Mao in his famous quote said 'political power comes out of the barrel of a gun'. Does the indian leadership know what it means? The proponents of political power and prestige abroad is the Defence might of a nation.Look at Pakistan wanting parity with India. what parity ?Military !

Well here we have a hierarchy that does not know anything of power play and studiously down grades the men in uniform. Be it the order of precedence or the pay and perks.Who is in charge of all this?.People may not like the harsh truth but THE FACT REMAINS THAT IF THE ARMY IS WITHDRAWN FROM KASHMERE AND THE NORTH EAST -will they still remain with the mother country ? surely Texas will not secede fro the USA if the army is not there. We are an evolving nation and it's important to keet the morale of the men in uniform high.The OROP must be accepted for all personnel in TOTO. Comments anybody /

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Psyche of the Hindu * 81

The Hindus hace been inhabitants of the sub continent for nearly as old as history. Maybe four thosand years. Yet's surprising for the last 1500 years they are not masters of their own land.It is worth pondering over the fact that the Hindus agreed ( willingly) to pay Jizzia tax to their rulers in return to live on their own land. Surely all over the world, can you come across a single such example.

The Hindus also after repeated defeats agreed to be ruled by Aliens viz turks, afghans etc.In turn they made no attempt to defeat the invaders and some actully joined the aliens to rule their own brethern. This is unique in Hindu thought. Can anybody explain ?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One rank one Pension Officers * 74

Its a bit of a surprise that the Government accepted OROP only for personnel below officer rank. In hindsight it's perhaps not surprising , as this government does not know what is power politics or Mao's dictum 'Power comes out of a barrel of a gun'. How could they divide a cohesive force ? Surely they must know that the only force that holds India together is the Army. Let any one argue, but cannot be blind that as on date the Army withdrawal from J&K and the North East will open the doors of secession from the mother country.So why did the government do this ? It's food for thought.\

The above was written some years back, but now the Modi government has accepted some points of the OROP and made it applicable to officers as well. One can say that Modi has taken an historical step, but overall, it looks a bit moth eaten as many of the provisions are diluted. Obviously many veterans are not happy.

Despite its flaws the sanction of OROP is itself a great step forward and the ex servicemen must discuss with the government further improvements  in the scheme.