Thursday, June 26, 2014

Read the Erotic Novel "Mistress" by Anonymous

Some books  are to savoured, some tasted and some studied deeply, but some books are a fleeting pastime. One such book is "Mistress". It is written by an unknown author and so obviously labelled as anonymous. But its a book that is worth a read in case your forte is erotic tales like me.

The story surrounds a haughty mistress who is of course very lovely. She repeatedly spurns her lover till he finally decides on a ruse to make her capitulate and give herself to him. He makes an elaborate plan and lures her to a chamber where he ties her with silken cords and then proceeds to gently love her as ordained in the Kamasutra with tongue and caresses. The lady is overwhelmed and submits to her lover and the bonds are removed as they make ferocious love.

Feminists will find this book a little difficult to understand as it brings out the age old art of seduction and that a women if assiduously wooed will end up in the arms of her admirer. The best way to bring the pride of a woman down is to pleasure her. I wonder how many will believe in this.

All this is watched by the maid who is also seduced by the gentleman. It finally ends in a threesome and that can be titillating to read, but in practice will need great stamina. Its a nice book and a pastime when you have an hour to while away. Read it, it will do a man a world of good.

Holiday at the Mercure Grand hotel at Jebel Hafeet

Our friends recommended that we spend a day at the Mercure Grand Hotel at Jebel Hafeet. This is a five star resort about 30 km from  Al Ain in the mountains. The resort is located at an altitude of 1300 meters and a 17 km road winds up to the resort. The road is beautiful as it is cut through sheer rock.
The resort is one of the most beautiful I have seen and is nestled in the rocky mountains that tower over Al Ain. Incidentally Al Ain is 130 km from Abu Dhabi. We drove in our hired car and the drive was smooth and easy as touching 140-150 km is no big deal given the excellent road.
The resorthas a lovely temperature controlled swim pool and a cafĂ© that looks down on Al Ain. It is an exclusive joint with a belly dancer performing in the bar till midnight. Two kilometers up the hill is the highest point in Abu Dhabi and one can sit there and relax. It’s very cold here in February and I wore a leather jacket.

We stayed only for a day, but it was wonderful. I however missed Indian food as that is not part of the menu

Monday, June 23, 2014

Judge who hanged Saddam Hussein is Executed

Justice Done?

Saddam was overthrown in questionable circumstances. He was accused of amassing WMD( Weapons of Mass Destruction) by George Bush and his crony Tony Blair. Both knew that this was a blatant lie, yet they sold this lie to the world. Perhaps George Bush and his partner believed in the adage attributed to Dr,Goebbels that "A lie repeated a100 times becomes a truth"

So great was the lie that on 23 June 2014 Hillary Clinton in an interview to Barkha Dutt of NDTV confessed that she had been misled as to the existence of WMD and voted in favor of an invasion of Iraq.

Saddam was captured and after a farcial trial executed. The Judge who presided over this drama was Raouf Abdul Rahman. He was appointed judge after the previous judge Razgar Amin was removed for being too lenient.

Judge Rahman began to treat Saddam as a common criminal and signed his death warrant. It is understood that Bush was one of the first to be informed that Saddam will hang.

Now the ISIS had captured Rahman and it was on the cards he would pay for what he had done. As per reports on facebook and information by a Jordanian MP , Judge Rahman was captured while leaving Baghdad by the ISIS two days back. He tried to escape disguised as a dancer.Saddam loyalists who are with the ISIS were also baying for his blood..

It is now confirmed that Saddam loyalists insisted on his execution and he was summarily executed 2 days back. The wheel has turned full circle and the folly of Bush and the Iraq war is exposed. As a soldier/Airman and a combatant I am appalled that Bush sent over 4000 young men of America to death, by stating a lie.. The world must now try George Bush as a war criminal. The Japanese leadership in another farcial trial in Tokyo in 1946, were handed death sentence for much less than this

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Botched execution in America: How Could it Happen ?

America is the world leader in executions after China. Sometimes I wonder why the American criminal justice procedure condones so many executions. One would hope that with all these executions, the Americans would have perfected an ideal method to execute a criminal. I am afraid it is not so and the recent execution of Dennis McGuire is food for thought.

In America the method of execution is by injection of a lethal drug or by strapping to an electric chair. Both these methods in my opinion are more barbaric than a simple hanging.  In the case of Dennis McGuire he was injected with the lethal drug but he struggled for 25 minutes before he died. He was gasping a number of times.  There is no doubt that McGuire deserved to die for his crime of killing a pregnant woman, but surely this torture could have been avoided.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Art of Rukmini Varma, Princes of Travancore. Born 1940

Rukmini Varma is the Royal Princess of Travancore and presently resides in Bangalore.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Lord Buddha’s Begging Bowl is in Kabul Museum

Lord Buddha is the founder of the Buddhist faith. Though Buddhism is given the place of a separate religion, yet the fact is that it has elements of Hinduism and the Buddha is recognized as the 9th Avatar of the supreme Deity Vishnu. One of the principles adopted by Buddha was one of feeding the poor and giving alms. He also espoused the case of a monk begging and living on alms and charity.
Buddha himself used a begging bowl and now it has come to light that a begging bowl is on display at the Kabul Museum in Afghanistan. The Bowl has Islamic inscriptions on it and that is the reason it escaped destruction at the hand of the Taliban.
We know that Buddha used a begging bowl in Vaishili when he was there in 5th century BC. This bowl is supposed to be the one on display at Kabul Museum. It is a gigantic bowl and weighs 40 kg with a diameter of 5ft 7 inch. The Chinese traveller to India Hiuen Tsang has referred to this bowl in his writings. Now archeologists from the ASI in India are studying this unique exhibit. However one wonders how Buddha could have begged for alms with such a heavy bowl.

Does a Relationship with a younger woman stimulate greater achievement for a man

The title of this short post is pretty explicit. In short, it means that a sexual relationship brings out the genius of an older man. A study of the great men of the world shows that this is  not an exception but almost a rule.
Look at Picasso and Alberto Moravia or for that matter, any successful man in any field a relationship with a woman considerably younger than the man, perhaps adds to the man's creative powers.
The ancient Indian granth's ( holy books)elucidate on this aspect of a man-woman relationship. Tantra sex recommends a sexual relationship with a younger woman for a man’s intellect to flower.
There is little doubt that such a relationship is one that has very beneficial effects. Research in some western universities has confirmed this.
It’s a tricky subject shrouded in prudery and convention. Most societies frown on such sexual liaisons, but again they are very much a part of the scenario.the proof of the pudding is in its eating and one must get into a relationship with a younger woman to experience the truth of what the Granths say

Sunday, June 8, 2014

An Evil Spirit from India : The Chaleda

India is a nation replete with tales and myths, some true and some fiction. One such tale concerns a Chaleda which is part of folklore of Himachal Pradesh, a state in North India.What is a Chaleda? As per popular belief the Chaleda is an evil spirit that can change its form and shape. Villagers in Himachal believe that the Chaleda can change himself into a cat, a child or a dog. In this shape he will stalk a victim. He will initially play with the victim and then scare and frighten him, before perhaps killing his victim. What is the truth about  the Chaleda? Is he something like the Yeti that many claim to have seen, yet no scientific proof exists. One cannot form any general opinion.

 The fact is that in the villages the belief in the Chaleda is strong. Many villagers have sworn that they have had encounters with the Chaleda. One villager claimed that the Chaleda had accosted him in the form of a crying child. When this man lifted up the child to look for his mother (whom he thought was closeby), the child started becoming heavier. This alarmed the villager who promptly dropped the child and ran back to his village. The Chaleda is a mystery. Not much can be gleaned about it from the reference bools. But the villagers of Himachal Pradesh believe that the Chaleda is a spirit th at for some reason is denied entry into the spirit world after death. Having been denied entry intothe spirit world, the spirit is condemned to roam the earth. 

The Chaleda is one such spirit and being disgruntled and bad, wreaks his revenge on living humans. There is no clear scientific evidence anywhere of Chaleda. Yet the belief in the villages is strong. Perhaps science has not reached the stage that a Chaleda can be detected.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Should Sergeant Bergdhal be tried for Desertion ?

In the euphoria of the release of the last US Soldier held as POW by the Taliban a simple fact is lost sight off. In fact many veterans who served in Afghanistan have asked for the prosecution of the Sergeant. What are the facts. Its good to list them out
a) Sergeant Bergdhal deserted his post and thus was a deserter
b) He was opposed to the war in Afghanistan and there are many emails  and conversations that point to the fact that he was a disgruntled soldier who deserted his post and joined the enemy.
c) Many US service personnel died in attempts to  find him.
d) Sergeant Bergdhal was a yellow soldier , a coward and displayed cowardice when facing the enemy and put at risk the lives of his fellow soldiers.

What should one do with sucha man. I am afraid many veterans with who I have interacted have asked that he be tried for desertion. I hope an example is made of this man who let the US army down. This is not the time to treat such men with kid gloves.

Monday, June 2, 2014

A Princess who Paints Nudes ** 88

Rani Rukmini ‘s title is Her Highness Bharani Tirunal Rukmini Bayi Tampuran, Fourth Princess of Travancore. She hails from a dynasty that traces its lineage back to 1200 years. She is the granddaughter of the father of Modern art Raja Ravi Varma. She has blazed a new trail and now is settled in Bangalore, living almost like a recluse. Her paintings, particularly of the female body have however adorned museums and homes all over the world.

After 1947
Rukmini started painting at a young age and after 1947, she began to develop her art. In-between she took up dance but gave it up as it was felt that a Royal princess should not dance. She reverted back to painting

Rukmini returned to painting for the simple reason that she loved to paint. She painted with vigor and by 1970 she had completed her first series of oil paintings, which were exhibited in Bangalore to positive reviews. Her second exhibition in 1973 saw 34 of the 39 paintings displayed  being sold in a matter of days.
 International Exposure
In 1976, upon  invitation, Rukmini embarked on her first major international exhibition at India House in London, which was opened by Lord Mountbatten, the last Viceroy of India.  He was impressed with her and asked she would paint a portrait of him in traditional Indian attire, wearing a turban and an achkan.  However his untimely death in a bomb blast ended the project

Further success
 She exhibited paintings at Bonn, Cologne, and Neuenahr in Germany, along with invitations fromParis, Zurich, Madrid, and Rome.  Her paintings of “flesh and gems” which had voluptuous nudes in mythological settings were a hit.  She believed in celebration of the human, particularly female body.


Rukmini blazed a trail in India by painting characters from Hindu Mythology in the nude. Swami Chinmayananda advised her not to paint Hindu Mythological characters in the nude, but she rejected his advice..
She wrote: . I am certain …to paint flesh as flesh is, without restrictions…’ Rukmini painted nudes from her ‘Pratiksha’ series was quietly sold into private collections in India and abroad, and was not exhibited anywhere so as not to provoke orthodoxy.
Last word

For the last 18 years Rukmini is living at Bangalore. She spends her time paining and at 73 remains a beautiful woman.  She remains India’s foremost painter of mythological nudes of women. This shows her courage and genius.

5 Hard Core Taliban for a Disgruntled Soldier: A Pyrrhic deal

There is a news item that the USA has exchanged a soldier for 5 hard core terrorists held at the detention center in Cuba. President Obama has hailed it as a welcome step. However I do not feel this is good news.. Not many know that the soldier Bowe Bergdahi was a disgruntled soldier. He was against the war in Afghanistan and had sent emails and messages to that effect. In fact he was not captured in battle or in an ambush but just melted away from his post thinking that the Taliban will help him, but they made him a prisoner. He was in captivity for 5 years and one thing is clear he is not a hero. In my view he violated the oath of loyalty of the soldier.

Bergdahi has suffered 5 years for his mistake. The USA has now released 5 hard core killers in exchange. One wonders what was the motive to release 5 hard core Taliban for a soldier who was against the war and deserted his post. Maybe the USA may have a heavy price to pay for this exchange. One should not forget the Indians exchanged terrorist Hafiz Sayied for hostages in 2001 and they are regretting it till today as this man masterminded the Mumbai carnage that killed 500 persons,

One thing that stands out is that Bowe Bergdahi the US soldier who was recently exchanged for 5 hard core terrorists was no hero. He just deserted his post and the US army authorities were unaware as to what happened. He had just walked into the arms of the Taliban as he was ‘fed up’ of the war and was a disgruntled soldier who saw no logic in fighting the Taliban. Many republicans have opposed this exchange and have criticized President Obama to have exchanged 5 hard core terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay. Mike Rogers chairman house Intelligence committee has opined that it was wrong to exchange 5 hard core terrorists for the soldier. It also went against the US policy of negotiating with terror groups.. He was of the view that more such captures could take place with a view to get more hard core terrorists released. It’s a law of diminishing returns.