Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Where are the descendents of the ruler of the Sikh empire?

Maharajah Ranjit Singh died on 27 June, 1839 and after his death within a span of 10 years the Sikh empire disintegrated and Punjab was annexed by the British. Ranjit Singh had 7 sons from different wives. Sher Singh was the eldest and succeeded Ranjit Singh. He was a drunkard and addicted to drugs and soon died.  His other six sons also did not survive long and in 1845 the youngest son Dalip Singh aged 7 from Maharani Jindan Kaur was crowned maharajah. After the second Sikh war he was deposed and put under the protection of the crown.
 Dalip Singh was separated from his mother who escaped to Nepal where she was given refuge by the King of Nepal Raja Tirath.  Dalip Singh was put in the care of Dr John Login, who took him to Fatehgarh a small town in north India, close to Kanpur. Dalip Singh grew up in a Christian environment and converted to Christianity.
In 1854 he was given permission by Lord Dalhousie, the Governor General to go to England. He arrived in England and quickly gained the confidence of the Royal family.  He was invited to Windsor castle where he was sketched by Queen Victoria playing with her children. He was also painted by Walter Halter, the court artist.
The maharajah of Nepal negotiated with the British government and was able to get permission for Rani Jindan to join her son. Dalip Singh came back to India in 1861 and took his mother to England.
Rani Jindan met her son after a lapse of 12 years and both stayed together till she died in 1863. Dalip Singh brought her body back to India and built a mausoleum at Pune, as he was not allowed to go to the Punjab. He reconverted to Sikhism at Aden in a ceremony as he was not allowed to conduct the ceremony in India
On his return back to England he met Bamba Muller and after a torrid romance married her. They lived at Elvedon hall in Suffolk.  He had 6 children from her. Dalip married a second time to  Ada Douglas Wetherill and had 2 children from her.
 Dalip having learnt of his heritage became embittered with the British. He made contact with Irish Fenians and Russian revolutionaries in a bid to put pressure on the British government.  He also met the Czar in an effort to persuade him to invade North India and put him back on his throne. All these efforts came to naught. From 1885 Dalip Singh's health deteriorated and after a last meeting with Queen Victoria in 1891 he passed away in 1983 in Paris.
All the 8 children of Dalip Singh died without any legal issue and thus the first dynasty of Punjab   has no living heirs. Two of Dalip Singhs sons studied at Eton and there is a memorial to them there.

The last of the princely clan to pass away was princess Bamba Duleep Singh. She died in Lahore in 1959 and her funeral was attended by members of the Pakistan government, but no Pakistani Sikh or Indian   was allowed to attend the funeral. Princess Bamba Duleep Singh was born in 1869 and when in London styled herself as maharani of Punjab. She was against the partition of the Punjab and met many prominent Sikh leaders to stop this partition. She was married but had no offspring. Thus the last representative of Ranjit Singh’s family passed away and presently there are no living heir of the family

Friday, April 21, 2017

The US General Staff showed poor efficasy to win the war in Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan started in 2003 when George Bush launched the attack to overthrow the Taliban. But he lost aim and shifted the focus to Iraq. That was a blunder and now the war in Afghanistan is unwinnable. 15 years have elapsed and the US is nowhere close to victory. Tens of US soldiers have died and who is responsible?

Is Afgan a graveyard for foreign armies? No. not really because theSikhs under Ranjit Singh and even Alexander subdued the tribes. It's simply faulty strategy.  Even now if the sanctuaries in Pakistan are destroyed and a purposeful offensive mounted a victory may still be possible.  But which president will order an attack on Pak. After all, they allowed Pak to develop the nuclear arsenal.

The war in Afghanistan looks lost till the root of the problem is analyzed. Who will do it? Trump? No way, the man has an obsession with Korea which is a puny power. Defeat in Afghanistan is acceptable.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

US Marines love women so they secretly photogrph them and publish

Marines Under Investigation For Sharing Nude Photos Of Women

A scandal has come to light that women soldiers are being photographed nude and photos being shared on a secret page on Facebook

In the US marines, this is an act of indiscipline( photographing women combatants in the nude). the moment the information was available to the authorities the Naval Criminal Investigative Service was asked to investigate. The photographs have been taken down.  But it is not known how long these photographs were on the secret page on Facebook. .An internal Marine Corps document obtained has revealed that a former Marine maintained the Google Drive and that it had a following of 30,000. !

Anything wrong with it? 

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Putin is an animal lover: See him with a Leopard

Vladimir Putin is a strong man. I mean physically as well as his mental makeup. He is also a black belt in Judo and was the head of the Soviet era Secret police. Putin loves animals and was recently gifted a horse by the government of Khyrigistan.

Putin gave him a banana and made friends with the animal. Putin was also friends with the leopard cub. Well, Donald does like him, so wait and see when the two meet.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

"Ghazi" was the title conferred on Akbar after Beheading Hemu

Akbar the Great Earned the title “Ghazi” after Beheading the Hindu General Hemu

Akbar is given the title “the Great” by the Indian government in their textbooks. This is an example of skewed secularism and a sign of appeasement of the minorities. The real facts are chilling. Akbar was given the title of “ghazi” which means slayer of infidels, meaning Hindus.
Akbar slew Hindus by the thousands. After the siege of Chittor in 1562, he massacred 30,000 Hindus and made a big pyramid of the skulls as a sign of victory. Earlier in the Second Battle of Panipat in 1556, he beheaded an unconscious Hemu the Hindu general. He thus earned the title of Ghazi, as a slayer of infidels. This title was much sought after by Muslim rulers greatly and Akbar was no exception. His son Jahangir, born of a Hindu mother slew a Hindu slave with one blow of his sword to earn the title of Ghazi.
It’s about time the truth regarding these Muslim emperors was related to the young and old alike to give a balanced view of history

Thursday, February 16, 2017

The film " The Ghazi Attack" is aThrilling Navy war Film

The film" The Ghazi Attack"
is a film in Telugu that relates the sinking of the Pakistan Navy submarine PNS Ghazi off the coast of Visakhapatnam. It had been tasked to try and destroy the Indian aircraft carrier INS Vikrant. The submarine made an arduous voyage of 11000 miles and for this it deserves praise.

The submarine failed and was sunk by an aging Indian frigate INS Rajput. This is depicted in the film which is based on a book " the Blue story". Fans can see Om Puri in his last role, albeit a small one. But a great film, simply because not many such films are made in India.

Originally shot in Telugu the film is dubbed in Hindi and Tamil and hopefully may do well at the box office.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

General Micheal Flynn's Resignation is the Weakness of Donald Trump

Lieutenant General Micheal Flynn was one of the closest advisors on security to Donald Trump. He had the ear of the President and obviously whatever he did could only be at the behest of Donald.  Now we have a case where Flynn has either been asked to resign by Donald or he quit on his own. This is immaterial as the main fact that a close advisor and supporter of Donald has to go for something which he did maybe at the behest of Donald,\

Flynn is accused of discussing sanctions imposed by Obama with the Russian ambassador. The Americans consider this a breach of security, though just how talking to the Russian ambassador compromises Flynn beats one's imagination. The American politicians are paranoid about Russia and hence Flynn had to go.

The entire episode weakens Donald as Flynn was in reality just articulating the approach of Donald. the knives will soon be out for Donald and he better watch out.