Sunday, January 29, 2017

Looking for love in the UAE * 76

The UAE is a swell place and one which is worth a holiday. It has some of the best bars and night joints and all you need is liquid cash and no place in the world can offer you anything better.  I recommend no better place for a freakout anywhere else than Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Here some of the high-end bars run all the night and though there is a hefty entrance charge as well, you won't mind it. A small pint of canned beer can set you back by $ 12-15, so be ready to pay. 
These are the best places to pick or strike a friendship with the higher class of women.Europeans and Russians dominate and Ukraine girls are not far behind. Do you want the company of a Muslim girl? Fine, this is the place, but the Muslim girls you get here are not the locals but the girls who have come from Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Oman, Iran and they are here because of the restrictions at their places. Here there is freedom and they make the most of it. Don't be taken in by the hijab they wear, for they are more mercenary that others and before they undress for you, they will shave your purse and credit card and maybe you won't mind it for a Muslim girl is exotic as ever.
I have been to all the top bars here and naming them is not my cup of tea to give them publicity for nothing, but I will say there is one on the 52nd floor of the Hotel Shangrila and having a Chivas at that altitude with your girlfriend can be exotic. A  view of the city beckons and there is a lovely girl DJ playing what you like and it can almost be like nirvana. There are at least a dozen such places in the UAE but be careful not to get drunk and drive. That could spoil everything, for the traffic police is not like in India.
One can't think of a safer place than the UAE and Dubai, but Dubai is a little more classy as it has a greater number of rich expatriates. The name of the game is money and if you have it, there is nothing better than the UAE. Yes, tourists also abound and I have been surprised at the number of single women as tourists. Most come for a longish stay and many come to heal their hearts, broken relationships and looking for love. Do they find it? 
The UAE is doing great and the best part is that it is just a 3 hr flight from Mumbai and considering the Mumbai- Calcutta flight takes 2.40hr, it looks close. Where to go next for a holiday? Yu have to decide what yu want and all I can say is that Dubai and the UAE is a wonderful place. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Attacks on Donald after his Win; Vicious and Terrible * 68

Donald won the election fair and square. However, a reading of the mainstream media will give the impression that the United States is in turmoil and the entire nation is unhappy with Donald's victory. This is far from the truth, yet media sites like the Huffington Post continue to chant that Donald is a serial liar. One may well ask the editors of the 4th estate whether in American politics there are any truthful people like Gandhi? Again, the media must answer as to how Donald won if he had no support. The millions that voted for him must feel insulted.

An analogy

There are a lot of similarities between the election of Narendra Modi and Trump. Modi won and the mainstream media was shocked and surprised. They sided with the defeated Congress party and began insinuating a host of things. They talked about him being a killer, man against secularism, and a wife deserter. The press was egged on by the defeated opponents.
In a similar fashion, the men who had written with disdain about Donald have now ganged up by giving prominence to lurid tales about him and insinuating that he was a Russian stooge. In addition, the previous president Obama tried his best to box in the US president by way of executive decisions. The effort is to cage Donald and limit him.

Mass hysteria

Many American citizens of prominence have been shouting that Donald is not their president. This is extremely divisive news and opponents like Madonna have said that they want to blow up the White House. Later, she said the words were taken out of context. Whatever it may be, a mass hysteria is built up against Trump. The effort is to delegitimize his victory. This does not bode well for the future. Donald will remain the president for at least 4 years, barring impeachment.


By making wild allegations about his Russian connection the press and his opponents are hoping he will be impeached. Little do these demonstrators realize that they are destroying the USA from within. I wonder how Hillary could have been a better president with all the scandals surrounding her. Donald is a resilient man and one hopes he can weather the storm.

Legacy of Barack Obama. What can it be? * 64

The Legacy of Obama is a world more dangerous than ever

Obama will relinquish office soon but any positive effect of his rule is not visible except the world is now more unstable » Obama's Legacy: A More Vulnerable America - » Obama's Legacy: A More Vulnerable America -

President Barack Mohammed Obama was the first president of the United States who was an afro-American and a man whose father was a Muslim. This per se does not have much meaning except blacks for centuries have been discriminated against and Muslims are looked at with distrust. He had a connection to both. One is apt to be charitable with the rule of eight years of Obama but during these eight years, he failed to do what he had promised. He had promised an end to wars, but that did not happen and despite inheriting a relatively calm world environment he leaves behind many unfinished issues and the rise of Islamic terror groups making the world a more dangerous place.


When Obama took over as President he promised an end to all wars but he is leaving with a war still on in Iraq and Afghanistan. The US is getting embroiled in both and the new president will have to take some quick decisions. When Obama took over the Taliban had been defeated in Afghanistan, there was no ISIS and Libya was peaceful and Iraq was stable. After 8 years we see that the ISIS has become a global force striking at will and Iraq is mired in a bloody war, the Taliban has made a startling comeback in Afghanistan and Iran is flexing its muscles and taking American sailors as prisoners.
Even China is aggressive and he has not been able to control Pakistan and overall he and his secretary Hillary have not covered them with glory in the killing of the US ambassador in Libya. Overall it's been a downside and it is not helped that he never used the world Islamic even once to classify the terror groups operating all over. The world is a much more dangerous place now.


He couldn't shore up the economy and he leaves with a 3 trillion dollar deficit in the budget. Obama could have done much more but perhaps he was constrained by his background and his connections. He claimed he was a Christian but he allowed some things to happen that have raised a question mark. In the dying period of his #presidency, He has tried to delegitimize the election of Trump by taking action against Russia for so-called cyber attacks as well as tried to put the clock back in US- Israeli relations. The new president has been presented with a fait accompli. Obama became president with great hopes but to many, he failed to deliver. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Moscow, Golden Showers and Donald Trump * 64

Trump In Moscow And Golden Showers News

It is alleged that Donald Trump on a visit to Russia asked a couple of Russian girls from a lower rung to do a lurid act before him

Donald Trump is perhaps the most hated president in US history and as per reports he has the lowest rating ever for an incoming president. The reason is that the 4th estate and many intellectuals from the Ivy League were unhappy that a man who did not toe the conventional line on Russia, America, Muslims and blacks would be the president of the USA. The aim then was to stop him becoming president. These worthies did not want a president who would render them inconsequential and in that background, even leaders of his own party went out of their way not to endorse Donald

But despite all this Donald romped home and much to the chagrin of these worthies who wanted to see Donald’s ashes, he has risen like the mythical bird the Phoenix and now will be sworn in as the 45th US president. The aim then became to discredit the incoming president and show the world here was a Russian stooge and he was not worthy to be the President of the USA. They cooked up the hacking scandal by the Russians which was claimed to help Donald. Now they have come up with another weird tale. It is being circulated that Donald on a visit to Russia in Moscow for the Miss World contests asked for a pair of Russian girls to enter his room and shower urine over each other as Donald watched.
These were unsubstantiated reports and soon the US and world press latched on it. It looks on the face of

it preposterous but it’s a lascivious tale and the Press has lapped it. What a way to show the world that the new president was a man of low character? Donald has denounced the news as a Fake, but his denial is drowned in a cacophony of voices “it could be true”.
The facts have been set right by the Russian president Vladimir Putin that Russia had no such news about Donald Trump. He appreciated that Russian girls are the most beautiful in the world, but the fact that Donald carried out the alleged “golden showers” act is simply not true. He rightly brought out that Donald was heading a beauty contest and had the pick of the world's most beautiful women and it was preposterous to suggest that he indulged in an act with Russian girls in front of him doing the “golden Showers”

The attack by the opponents of Donald seems to be fizzling out in the absence of any literal proof. Donald has castigated the US intelligence agencies which had a hand in leaking this news to malign the incoming president. It appears America is more divided than ever and this tale of Russian girls taking part in a lurid act in from of a US leader, soon to be sworn in as the president takes the cake.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

A Personal Memoir: Sailing with Arab Girls and Love Blossems

The Beginning

I have been in the UAE for quite some time and I can say it's a swell place. One of the finest places is Abu Dhabi which is also the capital of the United Arab Emeritus. Right from my house one can see the bay below where the boats of the Sheikhs are anchored.
My friend a Sheikh owned a luxury power boat. He was a good friend and I relished clinking glasses with him on his boat which had a mini bar as well. I would sip on Royal Salute as the Sheikh drank juices. He was not averse to a drink, but it was not often.
One day he rang me up and asked me to come down to the Jetty. He told me " Look, friend , today I am taking you for a spin in the Arabian Sea. The weather is fine and it will be a lovely cruise. "
" Fine " I replied, " I am on my way". I always loved these cruises as it was an excellent time to gorge on the hospitality of my friend. Good food and whiskey were always expected to be on the card.
" Look " he continued" I have company on board, so come ready." I was a bit intrigued but put it down to the Sheikhs language which so many times had earlier also been enigmatic.
I reached the wharf at sharp nine. The sun was out and a cool breeze blew. Being February, the weather is just about OK and it's in fact fun time in this region. I drove to the dock in my Mustang and sidled right up to the power launch. It was a midsized power boat and was the pet of the Sheikh. He waved to me from the deck and signaled me to come aboard.
I went up the small gangway and was soon on the deck. I found the boat had been scrubbed and cleaned and overall gave a nice smell. Perhaps the helpers had also sprayed a perfume all around. It was a great way to start a sea sail.
I had just stepped on the deck when 3 girls suddenly came from behind the cabin. One was an American and she looked fetching in a pair of shorts. There were two other girls and i could make out that they must be local girls from the UAE. They wore Burkha's and, but they held out their hands to shake. The Sheikh now appeared and introduced all the girls to me. the American was a friend of the Sheikh and I had a lurking suspicion, that there was more to their relationship.
The Arab girls were students in London and had come for a visit to their family. They had a flawless skin and were extremely fair.

The trip begins

The Sheikh soon gave the order to move to the sea. Looking at the Arab girls I wondered how they would cope with the sea voyage in a burkha. As we left the sheltered cove the wind velocity increased, yet it was very pleasant. A strong gust of the wind and I was in for a shock. The burkha lifted up in a swirl and I was witness to the incandescent beauty of the girl’s legs. Obviously, they had worn nothing underneath the Burkha except for lovely bikinis.
As the boat moved forward the Sheikh opened cans of beer on the deck on a small table and we began to guzzle the beer. Now the girls did something which I had suspected as they discarded their burkha and stood out in all their glory. They were lovely. I can't now recollect their names, but perhaps in such a scenario a name is not important. I will say they were bold and I was struck by their shapely beauty. I had also stripped to my trunks. I have a fair amount of muscle all over my body, having spent time in the armed forces and so I felt fit and fine.
The girls also sipped the beer along with me and we chatted on all matters under the sun. The sheik was a perfect host as along with the beer a sumptuous spread was laid out. I enjoyed it and the fact remains the Arab girls impressed me. The sea was calm in a way, but the wind blew. The American girl wore a fine black bikini as well, but she paled before the Arab beauties.
The clouds began to darken and the host murmured “never thought a squall will come, hope it passes away". The sea now became a little rough and the wind blew stronger. The host suggested we retire below deck. But the Arabs said “No" and we continued on deck while the Sheikh and his American girl evaporated
Mystery woman
Mystery woman

Sailing in the rain

The sea now darkened as the overhead clouds burst. A fine drizzle commenced and both me and the girls enjoyed the rain. One must remember it is a tropical country and the rain here is more pleasure and fun. As we sailed the rain continued. It was just a drizzle, but the sea was choppy to an extent. A wave came and one of the girls was pushed towards me. She shrieked as she thought she would be swept away, but I held her close. Holding her in my arms gave me tremendous confidence. The other girl shouted
“I am going down". She left to go below deck, but I held on to my Arab girl as strongly as ever. It was an eon as I held her and all along the rain had increased. She made no attempt to move away as I held her in my arms, with the rain beating all around and the boat lurching slightly. Now thunder boomed and boomed again. I pushed her flat on deck to cover her from the rain. As my body hovered her a magical moment happened. With the rain beating down I kissed the girl. The water entered our mouths and that made the kiss more exhilarating.
The laws of nature are not defined and nor those of emotion. The inevitable happened with the rain beating down on my back. As I closed my eyes, I was reminded of the act of a lion. It was over, more like a beast in a jungle. I got up and helped her up.
“Looks like we should head back,sheikh" I said. The captain came up and announced we were going back. The rain had stopped and the sea had calmed. I wondered how the sea had become ferocious when I had had the Arab girl in my arms and now had calmed down. It was a magical moment. It was timed to perfection. I remembered the word of the almighty “not a leaf moves without my will"

The end

We sailed back and slowly entered the harborsheikcame up from below deck. He had probably a good time. He saw me and the girl and smiled. I wondered if he had guessed the magical moment between us. The girl now sped below deck. As the boat docked the girls both emerged on deck dressed in their burkha. They shook hands and the girl who had been intimate just looked at me with large expressive eyes.
I shook her hand and then realized I never knew her name, nothing about her. Yet this incident will remain a fleeting memory for ever.

An Indian girl with Japanese father and Indian mother is Miss Japan

Miss Japan

Japan was for centuries a closed society. In fact, from about 1600 the Togukawa shogunate closed Japan from the rest of the world in the belief that the Japanese were superior to the world, and could not associate with other races, who they deemed inferior. The Japanese imposed stringent restrictions on foreigners and hardly anyone was allowed into Japan. This state of affairs continued till about 1850 when the American flotilla commanded by Commodore Mathew Perry laid siege to Edo Bay. He was successful and the Japanese had no choice but to give in to American demands and open up their country.

Copying the West
The Japanese are avid learners and they soon copied or even bettered some of the ideas from the West. They built up a formidable military machine and at one time dominated the entire SE Asia. The Japanese also copied the concept of beauty pageants and began to have their own contests.

Despite the opening up, a section of the Japanese people still looked down on other races and many Japanese children from mixed marriages suffered, Called Haafu, or half Japanese, these children were often discriminated against. A blow was struck against this apartheid when last year a Haafu girl Ariana Miyamoto won the Miss Japan beauty contest for the first time. Many criticized her as she did not look Japanese enough. Nevertheless, she represented Japan at the world beauty contest.

Half-Indian girl wins beauty pageant

This year another girl with mixed parentage Priyanka Yoshikawa has won the Miss Japan title. She is half Indian, as her father is from Calcutta and her mother is Japanese. She is related to the ex-Indian chief minister of Bengal and spent over a year in Calcutta in 2003-04. Priyanka was born in Tokyo and will represent Japan at the Miss World contest this year to be held in Washington. She has joined the rank of Celebrities.

Last word

Orthodox Japanese are not happy at a non-Japanese girl winning the beauty contest and now representing Japan. But times are changing and so is Japan. There is more openness now and Priyanka considers herself Japanese first before anything else

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Blacks more prone to Kill and Murder in Chicago? * 55

Chicago is in the news for all the wrong reasons and has prompted a tweet from Donald Trump where he has said that in case the local administration cannot handle the crime then they must ask for federal help. These are strong words and have come after it has been announced that in 2016 a record number of homicidal deaths with firearms took place. To blame these murders on the second amendment is neither here nor there as this law is applicable to the entire United States, yet the maximum murders and deaths have occurred in Chicago. An analysis of the killings shows that from 2011 onward to 2013 the majority of the murders and killings were by blacks against blacks. The killings are connected to #race. This is chilling news and one wonders if this is like Charles Bronson's "Deathwish". The figures have not changed for 2016 as confirmed by the Chicago police chief.

Blacks dominate killings

Earlier data show that 74-75% of the homicides are black who use guns to kill other blacks. In the same breath, the whites involved in such violent crimes is just 4-5% with about 15% being Hispanic.  One can recollect that the famous don Al Capone was also in Chicago. Is Chicago the crime capital of the USA? It's difficult to answer this question and one hopes it is not correct.
All over the United States race is not discussed but there is a racial problem. The agitations which go all over the USA with the refrain "Black lives matter" in response to police killings of blacks need to focus on the massive killings by blacks of blacks in places like Chicago. Don't the lives of these blacks matter?

Saturday, January 7, 2017

A Rapist Catholic Priest

Catholic Priest is sentenced to double life in prison for rape of minor girl

Catholic priest who was well loved in the community and was also a devotional singer repeatedly raped a minor girl till girl complained to her mother

Kerala priest gets double life term for raping minor - From Blasting news support

. A case has now emerged from among the Christian Catholic community where a Catholic priest repeatedly raped a young girl. The rapes took place from 2015 in the Indian state of Kerala. The girl complained to her mother, who immediately went to the police. An investigation was done and the priest was arrested for rape. He was charged under the Protection of Children from sexual offenses act ( POCSO). It appears that after a sermon the priest would lure the young girl to his chamber for the gratification of his lust. 

The rape

The priest Fr Edwin Figarez was a well-known figure in the community and had endeared himself to the populace by his devotional singing of hymns to Jesus. After his repeated rapes were discovered he was tried under POCSO and the judge has awarded him 2 life imprisonment terms. A double life sentence is normally not the norm, but in this case, the act of the Priest in the opinion of the judge merited a severe sentence. The priest was also directed to pay a fine of Rs250,000. Along with the Fr Edwin, his brother was also arrested and tried as an accessory to the crime He had helped Fr Edwin to hide after the priest had run away and gone into hiding. But sustained police pressure led to his arrest in March this year. The brother was given a one-year rigorous imprisonment as punishment.


The priest has now been suspended by the local diocese. Catholic priests are at the center of many crimes and the Vatican is grappling with the issue. Fr Edwin was tried by a fast track court and punished in a record time.
Sometimes truth and fiction meet. Bollywood had produced a similar film with an identical story a few years back titled "sins". The film starred Shiny Ahuja as the priest who rapes a devotee, a young girl. Sadly Shiny himself later was arrested for rape of his maid and awarded a 7-year sentence in jail by the sessions court. The case is in appeal. Fr Edwin will now have a long time to ponder over his crime