Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Tale of Love with the Hand of God * 68

A Tale of Power of Lord Krishna; Not a Leaf Moves Without my Will

The Lord and his will

The beginning

The monsoon is the most romantic time in India. Unlike in Europe where it is cold and dreary. The monsoon is the time in India for lovers. Many poets and writers have eulogized about the glory of love when the monsoon is in full sway. India is a tropical country and the monsoon is also a period of great relief to the population from the summer heat. The monsoon generally commences in June and lasts almost for four months.
This tale commenced in the month of June when the monsoon had just broken. I was in Mumbai at that time, single and alone separated from my earlier partner. I started my car, a BMW and started the drive to my office. There was a torrential downpour and I had half a mind to delay my drive till the rain eased, but somehow I decided to move on and accordingly drove out of my garage.
As I left I had half a regret as the rain became a torrent and dark clouds covered the sky. Lightning flashed and thunder boomed and boomed again. I had a feeling that it reverberated from the distant hill as the rain belted down on the earth reducing visibility to almost zero.
I slowed down and decided to stop for a while. As I stopped by the side of the road, I espied a small tea stall. Magically, I had stopped right in front of this stall. From the haze, I could make out that the stall was empty and a girl was its only occupant. Today, I wonder how I stopped right in front of the tea stall also called a "Junker" in the local language. I sat for some time and then decided to have a cup of tea. This was the beginning of a magical tale, which I still re-live again and again down the years.

Tryst with destiny

I opened the door of my BMW and with the rain, a veritable torrent rushed to the stall. It was just a few feet away, but it appeared pretty far as the rain enveloped me all around. I rushed to the stall and saw it was run by a young girl. She was perhaps about 22 or 23, but she looked lovely in her sari, that clung to her body. I could not help feeling at that time that it was an enchanting sight. A lovely girl as created by the Lord and the rain thundering all around, creating an aura of magic. I was reminded of the poetry of the poet Kalidasa who had written lovely descriptions of the rain and lovers. The thundering rain all around created an enchanting world. Perhaps it was the will of lord Krishna that this magical world was created. I wonder how many belief in magic, but I certainly felt that something magical was going to happen.
The girl helped me to take off my wet shirt and gave me a towel, to cover my chest. I looked at the girl and liked her very much. She was perhaps 22 or 23 and that made her half my age. She was slim and lovely and the sari enhanced her allure. Not a word was spoken as she silently started making a cup of tea on the stove. I sat on a stool and looked at her and my car alternating. As she prepared tea, my eyes roved over her back and slim waist and I realized that she was a perfect creation of god.
She handed me the cup and as I took the cup to my lip, I asked her whether she would not take a cup of tea herself with the weather so cold and the rain falling all around. She smiled and it was one of the prettiest smiles that I have ever seen.
"yes" she replied," this is a good idea". She poured a cup for herself. This was the tryst to which I have referred and as we both drank the tea invisible vibes began between us. I was surprised at myself. Look, I asked myself, don’t be silly and I just sat and looked at the girl.
After I had finished the tea, I put the cup on the wooden table and was loathed to go, but then realised that office time was passing by, so I just held out my hand and decided to go. She shook my hand and that was a surprise again. A hand soft and pliable but cold and I walked away.

The will of the Lord

Back in my office, I felt a strange desire to go back to the tea stall. I held back for 2 days and then headed back for the stall. This time as I entered the stall the rain commenced as if on cue. I had parked my car some distance away and as such my car was a little far away from the stall.
She smiled and said", sit and drink tea, otherwise you will get wet as your car is some distance away".
This was the beginning and almost everyday I started visiting the tea stall. A strange intimacy began to develop between us .Now, when I look back I am convinced that the Lord had arranged this tryst. There could be no other explanation. During my visits we began to chat and she confided that she was childless, though married for 4 years. She also told me that she had prayed to Lord Krishna and he was sure to help her. I did not think this anything special till one day I saw welt marks on her back which were visible despite the blouse on her back. I was aghast as she confessed that her in-laws beat her every day for not conceiving.
She began to cry and then again as if on cue thunder boomed and boomed again and lightening flashed across the sky and big rain drops began a systematic pattern on the earth. A cold wind blew and thena magical moment took place.
I gathered the girl in my arms and with the cold wind blowing imprisoned her lips. It was the beginning and it had to end as the Lord had ordained. It was a timeless union as time stood still. This was the beginning and after this I became a frequent visitor to her stall. Sometimes we chatted for a long time.

Love blossomed, at least for me and we had regular trysts in the stall. Many a time she would shut the stall as the monsoon crashed on earth. We were swept by passion and this continued for a month. Now when I think of that time. I cannot imagine what came over me. But as the lord says, all good things do come to an end.

One fine day I drove to the stall as usual and shut my car and moved with a sure step to the stall. I expected to see the lovely girl as usual, but I was in for a shock; there was no girl there, but an old woman stood there.
I asked “where is the girl?”
The lady beamed and replied" she has gone to the village as the Lord has blessed her and she is with child". I was shaken as I had never thought about this. I looked at the sky and just wanted to leave. I left the cup of tea as I beat a hasty retreat to my car. As I entered my car I was reminded of the words of the Lord “Not a leaf moves without my will". Could this be the handiwork of the Lord? I never even new her name as she never told me. As I drove away, I wondered how this had happened. I was sure the lord Krishna had willed it.