Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Is the Taj a Hindu Temple from Vedic Age

Recently I read a very interesting book on the Taj Mahal by a Prof Oak. This man has had a checkered career from the INA, Bose to the government of India. Prof Oak's appointments are only incidental,but what he has written is revolutionary. But what interests me is the evidence by Prof Oak that the Taj Mahal is in reality a ancient Hindu temple. Much proof is given by Prof Oak. He points out that inscriptions and carvings at many places are of Hindu origin. He also by a string of photographs that substantiate the claim of Oak. It appears the Taj was a palace of a Rajput king which was taken over by Shah Jehan. This is indeed a debatable topic, but there could be some truth in it. Unfortunately the plea of Prof Oak for further research was rejected by the Congress government. That is politics. One will have rise above petty points for the truth to come out.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Back to Mythology,Lilith: First Wife of Adam

Mythology has its own charm. Every myth may not be true but all myths have some basis and they enliven our life. One such myth concerns Lilith who is a beautiful woman from pre-biblical period. As per Hebrew mythology Lilith was the first wife of Adam. This is against the popular grain of Eve being the wife of Adam. This myth does not deny that Eve was the wife of Adam, but ancient Hebrew chronicles mention that she was the wife of Adam after Lilith

The Myth tells us that Lilith was a very beautiful woman. When God gave her to Adam, she refused to submit to Adam in any matte r. Adam was exasperated and tried force, to make Lilith submit to him. This had an adverse reaction and Lilith ran away from Adam. A distraught Adam appealed to God, who instructed 3 angels to proceed and bring Lilith back to Adam,
The 3 angels pursued Lilith and reached her. They advised her to return to Adam, but Lilith refused. The angels then told her that in case she did not return to Adam all her children would die. This had its effect and the Angels were able to bring Lilith back to Adam. Adam duly exercised his right over Lilith. But Lilith was angry and she cursed all young children v born in the future. She cursed that boys in their 8 day and girls after their 20 Th day from child birth would be cursed. This was the reason that Jewish women used amulets and charms to ward of the evil effect of Lilith on new born children

Lilith thus became to be classified as an ogre and the myth took shape. Later she left Adam and God to console Adam gave him Eve. Thus as per mythology Lilith was the first wife of Adam

Friday, July 27, 2012

Himangani Yadu Puts India Back on the Beauty Map

Beauty contests are a funny game. There was a time when Indian girls ruled supreme in beauty contest all over the world. This was during the nineties of the last century. At that time a string of Indian girls like Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta, Aishwarya Rai , Diya Mirza ET all won a number of beauty contests. These wins had come after a lapse of 3 decades when Rita Faria won the Miss World crown in the early sixties of the last century. At that time Rita was not given any honor and she ultimately settled in UK.
The last major contest winner was Diya Mirza in 2000 when she won the Miss Asia Pacific title. That is also 12 years back. Now after that win an Indian girl has again won the Asia Pacific title form 38 participating countries. She won the title at the pageant held in Busan, South Korea.
Himangani is a qualified girl , heralding the new breed of girls who are beautiful and qualified. She holds a BCA degree from The International institute of Professional studies at Indore. She has also trained at the Police training centre and is adept swimmer and basketball player.
Himangani was trained by notable actress Sushmita Sen who has set up an organization named I AM SHE to train girls for beauty contests. Miss Yadu was born in 1988 and has been on the ramp for almost 5 years. She was Miss Indore in 2006. Beauty contests are good as they take the focus of the foreign nations from the poverty of India and project the image of a progressive nation

Internet, Pornography and Pakistan

Some time back I heard the famous writer Salman Rushdie commenting that Pakistan was a repressed nation and it was no 1 in the world for pornography search on the net. At that time I didnt lay much stress on what Rushdie said. But now when google has given the figures one is startled.
Google is the top search engine in the world. It occupies an important position on the net and its statistics cannot be doubted. Now it has revealed figures that Pakistan is number one in the world so far as search for pornographic sex is concerned. It also says that the maximum searches are for rape, child sex follwed by animal sex with dogs and even camels.
Another revealing bit of information is that out of the 10 top countries searching for sex on the web the first 7 are Islamic nations. What does this prove? It shows that these Islamic nations and Pakistan live in a closed society where there is no outlet for sex or emotion. This gets channelized to searches for sex on the net. Thus bizzare searches like child sex and rape occupy an important place in search. This again shows a repressed society.
Some Pakistani commentators have said that that this is a consipracy by Google to defame Pakistan and other Islamic countries. This is a lot of bullshit. Perhaps there is a need to reform Pakistan society to make it more open. God forbid watching bizzare sex on the net can have a deleterious effect on society as a whole

Friday, July 20, 2012

American Society is Becoming Sick

Batman is a character loved by all. The masked crusader against crime is an icon. But what happened at Denver at the Century theater that was showing the movie on Batman is sickening. A masked gunman entered the hall and started indiscriminate firing. The result as on time 14 dead and over 50 injured.
I wonder how such crimes are more the rule than the exception in America. Mass killings have caught on like an epidemic. What is the problem ? Social scientists must study this phenomena. Mass killings for no apparent reason are disturbing. It shows the nation is griped by a death wish or maybe the people are sick. Too much sex, no gun control, no spiritualism, divorce at the drop of a hat are things that add up to make a sick society. America is precisely that and it wont go away, not for a long time.
America must turn to spiritualism. that is the only solution, otherwise there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

For men: is Open Sesame

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The site lists the following to help the men to get going. i) All members will be given David De Angelo’s e-Book ‘Double your Dating’. This book is a landmark in publishing history and guides a man in the methods to win over women. the book is a veritable treasure of information. ii) The site lists the steps a man should take to help him trigger the latent sexual desire in a woman. Mark my words ALL women have a inherent desire to be loved. iii) The site lists the steps and method to approach and date women and if possible let her sleep with you. For after all the end game is to sleep with a woman and inhale the scent from her body. iv) The site will also puts on line interviews and instruction of the masters from the world of dating women.
The site opens a surreal world of dating women. It’s a dream site and a man gets varied guidance like the most effective way to kiss a woman without facing rejection. The site also shows the path and steps to be taken to attract beautiful women. Most important it gives confidence building tips to men to court women. Do try it !

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Islam has a Destructive Streak

I recollect that some time back when Mullah Omar and his ilk were ruling Afghanistan, a decision though perverse was taken to dynamite ancient Buddhist sculptures at Bamian. Despite an outcry from the world the famous statues of Lord Buddha were razed by dynamite.
Now again an Islamic cleric has called for the destruction of the famous Pyramids of Egypt. Perhaps with the Muslim brotherhood in power through Mohammed Morsi, the extremists have been emboldened to make such demands. The hard line clerics feel that these Pyramids are against Islamic culture and must be razed to the ground. This information should not be dismissed out of hand as the hard line Muslim extremists have destroyed two shrines in Timbuktu just a few weeks back.
The hard line Muslim clerics and terror groups have no love for heritage or culture and it will be a sad day in case the Pyramids are destroyed. It does sound preposterous, but the same thing looked preposterous as well when the Buddhist statues were destroyed in Afghanistan.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The USA is the Biggest market for the Bentley

My previous boss Mr. Niranjan Hiranandani for whom I worked as the Vice President was one of the few Indians who bought a Bentley. This iconic car cost him a small fortune, but it set the roads of Mumbai on fire where ever it went. In India the Bentley is a rarity. It is a car for the well heeled only.
The Bentley is an English car made by the parent Rolls Royce company. Just to get an idea the least expensive model costs $ 176,725. The least expensive model is the Bentley Continental GTV-8. This car has a all wheel drive and a 8 speed transmission power train. It is powered by the V-8 4.0 liter engine. A veritable monster.This is also the model that has the maximum sales.

The biggest market for the Bentley is the USA and China. Yes ! China. This will surprise Indians who have no knowledge of the economy of China which is the second largest in the world. The Bentley is extremely popular and as per information global receipts for the car for the first six months of this year stand at $ 694,352,525.. Over all sales could be over $1.5 billion. The largest number of Bentleys sold this year is in the USA. it is the largest car market for Bentley's in the world way ahead of China. Read more:

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Muslim Brotherhood, Mohd Morsi and Egypt

I have been wondering what is in store for Egypt. The country is passing through a tough time. The economy is sliding down and unless the USA does not give its'gift' of a billion dollars periodically, the Egyotian economy can just flounder. No oil and no minerals, Egypt is one of the less blessed nations of the Middle East in this regard. The matter is compounded by the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate as the President of Egypt. It is not an overwhelming victory as his opponent polled almost 49% of the popular vote compared to 51% for Morsi.
Morsi has alarmed the secularists and the christian minority. Many Christians are thinking of political asylum in the USA. This shows that the election of Morsi in the long run will divide Egypt society. Morsi has also announced that the Sharia will be implemented in Egypt. Mohd Morsi has again vented his disagreement of the peace pact with Israel. This pact is the corner stone of Egyptian policy. The USA after the pact with Isael bankrolled the economy of Egypt. In case Morsi tampers with this peace pact, the results for Egypt will be ominous.
Thus the election of a Muslim brotherhood candidate is frought with risk. There is however a way out as the Army has retained the reins of power. Parliament is dissolved and Morsi has not been made head of the armed forces. These are significant aspects and perhaps the army will try and reign in Morsi. The situation in Egypt is thus tailor made for a clash. The Muslim extremists are calling this win an act of God. I have no doubt that the west is alarmed with the rise of the Muslim brotherhood and there is every chance that some thing will happen with the army breathing down the neck of Morsi and the Brotherhood. The Muslim extremists are also getting ready for a clash and the future cannot be rosy.