Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Is the Taj a Hindu Temple from Vedic Age

Recently I read a very interesting book on the Taj Mahal by a Prof Oak. This man has had a checkered career from the INA, Bose to the government of India. Prof Oak's appointments are only incidental,but what he has written is revolutionary. But what interests me is the evidence by Prof Oak that the Taj Mahal is in reality a ancient Hindu temple. Much proof is given by Prof Oak. He points out that inscriptions and carvings at many places are of Hindu origin. He also by a string of photographs that substantiate the claim of Oak. It appears the Taj was a palace of a Rajput king which was taken over by Shah Jehan. This is indeed a debatable topic, but there could be some truth in it. Unfortunately the plea of Prof Oak for further research was rejected by the Congress government. That is politics. One will have rise above petty points for the truth to come out.