Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hitler's Last Relic: The Olympic Torch * 65

Not many people know about the orgin of the Olympic torch from Greece to the Venue of the Olympics. Credit for this Olympic torch must go to Adolf Hitler who along with his propaganda Minister Dr. Goebbles concieved and executed the idea of the Olympic torch. It must be mentioned that before the 1936 Olympics there was no tradiation of a Olympic torch being carried from Greece to the venue of the Olympics. There was a flame in the 1932 and 28 Olympics but it was not carried from Greece.
In 1936 the Olympics were held in Berlin. Hitler wished to make this a memorable event for Germany and more so of the Nazi party. He and Dr Goebbles concieved the idea of a Olympic flame that would be lit in Greece and carried by relay runners through German dominated areas like Austria and Czheckoslovokia to Berlin. The idea was to create a favorable impression about Germany and distract the world from the anti- sementism and other negative policies of Hitler.

The runners were chosen with great care and special German race men with blonde and Aryan features were chosen to carry the Olympic torch. This was a revolutionary step and Hitler was able to rivet the attention of the world to this new innovation. Dr Goebbles was able to create a aura with the torch as an example of Nazi socialism.

This was the first occassion that a torch from Greece was taken by relay runners. Hitler recieved favorable comments for this act and his popularity all over the world went up. After the defeat of Germany this was one relic of Hitler that was not discarded. In the 1948 olympics at London the torch was duly lit at Greece and carried by runners to London. Hitler after all did leave something durable behind.