Monday, December 31, 2012

The Army cancels New Year celebrations for death of the Rape Victim

I had flown in from Singapore a few days back to be with my family and also celebrate the New Year at the prestigious United Services Club, right on the sea front at Colaba, lands end in Mumbai. My thoughts were however muddled and I felt it was not proper to dance and drink when the nation was emotionally charged up with the killing and earlier rape of the 23 year old girl in Delhi. The girl had been raped in a moving bus and severely assaulted and though taken to Singapore for treatment died because of organ failure. It is really sad. The body on return to Delhi from Singapore was received by the Prime Minister himself and her cremation was attended by the Delhi Chief Minister. Sonia Gandhi the Congress party leader cancelled all New Year celebrations.
The Army Chief of Staff General Bikram Singh sensing the mood in the army and the people issued instructions to nearly 100 army clubs in India to cancel New Year celebrations as a mark of respect to the departed brave heart. Accordingly early on 31st December, Army Headquarters issued instructions to all concerned clubs and institutes to cancel New Year celebrations. This is much appreciated among the officer cadre who cannot be insulated from the emotions of the Indian nation. Frankly I am greatly relieved, as I never wanted to sing and drink on this sombre occasion when a young girl has been done to death in a most heinous manner after being gang raped. Her death has galvanized the Indian nation and only some good will comes out of it. Thus the US club and the Army Officers Institute have cancelled New Year celebrations.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cricket in Bikinis can bring in Money

Many people have commented that money is not there in women's cricket.This is a fact and something needs to be done about it. Spectators when they come to watch any match want to see a spectacle and by the look of things women dressed as men were a drab affair. So the cricket boards have to do something revolutionary to attract the crowds. The only way is to let women play as women. By this I mean the quality of a woman as a thing of beauty and joy needs to be fostered. Nobody wants to see women dressed as men. People want women as they are, lovely and enticing.
The best way is to change the attire of the women. Throw those pants and shirts away and let women play cricket in what they look best in hot pants and bikinis. After all in beach volley ball women come in bikins and play. Why not cricket.? The moment you have women in Bikinis and hot pants and play the game as women, the crowds will come in and once the crowds come in the sponsors will follow and money will come into the game.

Monday, December 17, 2012

America has always lived with Violent Crime like Rape and Murder

The recent killings in a Connecticut school are very sad. The killer a young lad went berserk and used a rifle to spray bullets killing nearly 30 Americans including 20 children. It is really sad that the young in America are not secure had their life snuffed out as society could not guarantee them a life to cherish. But America is home to endemic violence ever since people can remember. Sex is comparatively easy in America , yet the largest number of rapes of women and girls anywhere in the world take place in America. One can read that in the fifties of the last century a chap called Caryl Chessman went around with a gun and raped a dozen women. He was sent to the gas chamber. This year almost 12000 murders or homicidal deaths are reported in the USA and all of them were with guns.
( Chessman) Even in the thirties of the last century organized crime appeared on the scene with the famous Al Capone running Chicago has his fiefdom. He was arrested and sent to jail where he died. Not for crimes he had committed but on some tax problems.
(Black rapists) Thus violence in America is ingrained into the psyche of the American people. One has only to go to Harlem and see that the crime graph there is more than that of a small nation. One aspect does stand out that the Black man is more prone to violence and , killings and rape. How will anybody control that ?

Can the Second Amendment be Repealed ?

The recent killings of young toddlers at a school in Connecticut has ignited a debate in America whether the second amendment should be repealed. There are a few people clamoring for stricter gun laws so hand guns and rifles can be controlled. I am afraid all this sounds pretty OK but my take on this is different. Firstly I don't think the second amendment which is sacrosanct in the USA will ever be repealed.The reason is simple, the NRA and a vast number of Americans feel that owning guns is a good thing and secondly the ownership of guns is so ingrained in the psyche of the American people that it is part of their life like the automobile.
The second amendment is over 200 years old and at that time it was felt that it would be a good idea to have a controlled militia. By controlled they meant that the concerned American must be trained. One must also bear in mind that there are over 75 million guns in the USA and one can surmise that any attempt to throw this vast number of guns into the dustbin and bring in a regime like in Chin where even owning an air gun is a crime is well nigh impossible in America. The genie has come out of the bottle never to go back again.
The weapon that perhaps may be subject to control is the self loading automatic rifle. This weapon is the favorite of killers and is a military weapon. But to control even this weapon is not easy. One point must be accepted that out of over 12000 killings in USA this year less than 400 were with riffles.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Startling Facts : Mohammed Ali Jinnah was Born a Hindu

Jinnah and force of circumstances  created Pakistan. He was also a Muslim who propounded the two nation theory that saw India being carved into two states and a Muslim majority state Pakistan being created with two limbs West and East Pakistan. Both wings were separated by 1500 miles of Indian territory and was thus a artificial creation. In due course of time Jinnah's two nation theory fell apart and East Pakistan broke away from the mother country. Jinnah would be turning in his grace at this turn of events.   However Jinnah for all his communal rhetoric had deep Hindu roots.

He was like Gandhi from Saurashtra. Actually he was just a second generation Muslim as his father Punjalal Thakur converted to Islam and gave his 4 sons Muslim names. Jinnah’s grandfather Premjibhai was a Hindu from the Lohana community. He had been ostracized from the Lohana community as he had taken to the trade of selling and distributing Fish which the vegetarian Lohana community could not stomach. this was like a red rag to a bull and he looked for a way out.

Punjalal (Jinnah’s Father) converted to Islam as he could not stand the insult to his father by the Hindu Lohana community which had not only ostracized him, but refused to accept him back even when he gave up trading in Fish and pleaded to be taken back. This unforgiving attitude had its repercussions and Jinnah’s father converted to Islam and took the name Jinn. Mohammed Ali, when he grew up adopted the name Jinnah and has thus come to be popularly known as Mohammed Ali Jinnah. Thus Jinnah was a Gujarati from Saurashtra like Gandhi and was born a Hindu.

Most Muslims are unaware of this aspect of Jinnah. The fact that he was a born a Hindu rankles the Muslims. Perhaps that is one reason he became a rabid communalist  and brought out the 2 nation theory. He was however not interested in Muslims and in case Gandhi and Nehru had allowed him to be Prime minister of India , there would have been no Pakistan. All this is clearly brought out in " The last days of the British Raj" by Leonard Mosley and " freedom at midnight"

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sikhs are no Longer Joining the Indian Army en Masse

The Sikhs have a long association with the army in India. After the Anglo-Sikh wars(1845-49)and the subsequent annexation of the Punjab by the British a transformation took place and the British impressed by the Sikhs as a martial race incorporated them in large numbers in the British Indian army. The British created exclusive Sikh and Punjab regiments which continued after India gained independence from the English. But after independence a new phenomena appeared. In fact this phenomena only gained momentum after 1947 but in reality extends to the beginning of the 20th century when Sikhs began to migrate abroad to the USA, UK and Canada.
Over the decades the West beckoned the Sikhs and they migrated abroad in large numbers. The reason was obvious as the money was good and the living standard better. Thus the first aim of a young man from Punjab is to try and migrate abroad. It must be remembered that almost a million Sikhs have migrated abroad and every household in Punjab has its fair share of migrants in the UK, USA and Canada. The result on recruitment to the army has in the bargain suffered. Recently a senior officer friend of mine commented to me that quality Sikhs were no longer joining the army as they preferred to go abroad and earn more money.
This is a fact and the elite Sikh and Punjab regiments of the Indian army are facing a quality crunch. Can anything be done about it. I am afraid nothing much as the West is the El Doradao and Sikhs prefer going there than holding a rifle in the bleak mountains of Ladakh.\

Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Pakistan Army Officer has Slipped from being a Gentleman

People who have spent time as part of this Army will vouch safe that the British imbibed one principle into the officer cadre that an officer in addition to his other chores as a fighter was basically a gentleman. This is the ethos of the officer cadre in the Indian army. The Pakistan Army was also a part of the British Indian Army. But after independence the Pakistan officer cadre has drifted away from the ethos of an officer as a gentleman as well. Such a statement is indeed strong, but the facts speak for themselves. The Pakistan officer cadre is responsible for some heinous crimes, notably in Bangladesh. The 1971 war brought out the sorry spectacle of Pakistan army carrying out a massive rape of the Bangladesh population. Incidents like the girls from Dacca University being abducted and raped are common knowledge. A commission of inquiry after the war established this to a great extant. Even earlier the tribal rape of Baramulla during the 1947-48 war cannot be forgotten. The acts are reprehensible only because the tribal's were led by officers of the Pakistan Army.
But the biggest crime that history will never absolve the Pakistan officer cadre is the fact that a lot many Indian POWs are still in jail in Pakistan after the 1971 war. The holding of these prisoners that have been confirmed by letters smuggled out from the jails as well as by Prisoners who have been released point to a sorry spectacle. Even Gen Mushraff the Pak president himself a soldier was unable to unravel the mess. The official denial continues and it is sad not only for the prisoners but the Pakistan army officer cadre.
The code of conduct for an officer is a matter of honor. Fight and kill- yes that is what he is trained for but underneath, the concept of the Raj of fair play and going by the rules is paramount. I wonder how the officers of the Pakistan army can look themselves in the mirror and claim that they are right. Perhaps all this has a lot to with Islamization drive in Pakistan army. The conversion of a secular force into a religious dominated force is a tragedy.
The ethos of the officer as a gentleman so sacrosanct to the Raj has suffered. Who is to blame for this? I am afraid the blame lies on the two nation theory propounded by Jinnah.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mickey Spillane and Mike Hammer; Love and Hoods

Spillane's books are laced with sex and violence. This was his staple diet and he created a character named Mike Hammer who has all the trademark of the original Bond. He is strong, macho and a man who loves the company of women. He is an ex cop and he fights the hoods at their game. Mickey created Mike Hammer as a hood, a lawman hood to catch the evil hoods. Mickey always felt that to catch a hood you needed a hood. Mike hammer was loved by the reading public in the fifties and sixties of the last century. I understand Mike Hammer's books alone sold 60 million copies. That is a massive figure. Mike also killed without compunction and loved and left women like pebbles on a beach.
Spillane was a veritable machine and churned out some 18 books with him as hero. Prominent are "I The Jury", "My Gun is quick", "vengeance is Mine", " One lonely Night", " the Big Kill" and many more. One can't forget the last line of a I the Jury, which ends with the lines " Juno was a man !".
Mike Hammer endeared himself to the American public and a string of TV serials about him have sprung on the screen. The last serial was in 1997 with Stacy Keach playing the role of Mike Hammer. Hollywood was not far behind and over 20 films with Mike hammer as the central character have been made. The last being " Come Die With me " in 1994 and a compilation " Mike Hammer: song Bird" in 2003. Spillane was a genius and deserves credit in literature's hall of fame. I place the character Mike Hammer on a par with James Bond

Monday, December 3, 2012

Going 50+ Need a date ? Join

Life has many ups and downs and phases. A man is young, teen, middle age and old. Each phase has different needs. One of the needs is companionship and love. Even when you have entered middle age at about 50 this need is paramount. Luckily there is one site that specifically caters to this need and for the age group of the older man and woman. The site is It is an apt name as this is indeed the silver age of a man and woman life. It is a time when a woman and man may have achieved something in life, but has a void in life because of a lack of a relationship with the opposite sex. This site caters to this aspect by opening a platform for mature couples to intermingle, find love and have even marriage. No sweat the site can be accessed in India as well.
The site is a site for mature people who are on the average 50+. The dating site is been on the net since 2002 and over this period has emerged as one of the top dating sites for mature American

Monday, November 26, 2012

How Sam Maneckshaw became Army Chief

At that time the front runner for the post of the army chief on the retirement of general Choudhry was General Harbaksh Singh. Maneckshaw was unfortunately no where in the picture as he had no battle experience of commanding a corps or a command in actual war. It appears Ms Gandhi had indicated that General Harbaksh would be the army chief. It appears that Mr. JRD Tata the top Industrialist and a Parsi intervened at that time.  He supported Maneckshaw as the army chief on the ground that he was a Parsi. Ms Gandhi not averse to playing Empress readily agreed. She over ruled her Defense Minister Swaran Singh and annouthenced Sam Maneckshaw a Parsi as Army Chief. Thus a battle hardened soldier like Harbaksh was sidelined in favor of a man who had not commanded a single division in actual war. Perhaps she thought that it would be a good idea to get the support of JRD in the long run. That is how Lieutenant general Maneckshaw arbaksh accepted the decision gracefully and faded away.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Can Sex Form the Basis of Unity in the World

The human being is a complex piece of Gods invention. It has varied emotions and one of them is sex and desire. Generally it transcends all barriers at the given moment of the sex act. But the prelude to it and the aftermath develop different emotions. In the middle of the last century a gentleman named Dr Ward made news. It appeared he lived of prostitutes and that was the crime for which he was charged. Dr. Ward committed suicide, but one statement of his that all he was trying to do was to break racial barriers through the sex act needs examination. He felt that copulation between black and white and white and black would break barriers and the races can integrate.
On the face of it, this looks a very plausible hypothesis because Dr. Ward has simplified a complex chemistry and reduced it to a single act. In real terms this is not possible as there is another quality of human beings that cannot be ignored and that are jealousy and racial superiority, not forgetting religion. These are the divisive forces and till they are erased this theory cannot function. The sex act is a representation of this thought process and the chance that a man or woman who considers himself or herself as belonging to a chosen race or religion will accept sex as a common denominator is well nigh impossible.
Thus the Muslim Moghul rulers could countenance sex and marriage with Rajput princesses, yet they could not allow the same privilege to Rajput Hindu kings to have sex and marry Muslim girls. Thus the Germans during the reign of Hitler and the Moslem invaders and much later the white race have ingrained ideas of sex and race. Matters went to the extreme in South Africa where the policy of Apartheid firmly debarred sex between black and white races. In the USA also organizations like the KKK( ka Klux Klan) believed in purity of the white race and murdered blacks who had sex with white women. Thus the fact is that though sex is extremely desirable it cannot form a basis of unity of the races in the world. Perhaps the complexities of relationships between man and woman have as yet not been deciphered.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


I have pointed out one of the commodities in great demand is young girls from Bangladesh and Nepal. Great poverty in these 2 nations has spawned atradein girls. Nepalese girls fetch a higher price as they are fair and considered better than Bangladesh girls, who are darkish. Given the fetish in the sub continent for fairness, it is obvious that Nepali girls fetch a higher price.
The price of a girl also depends on age and other factors. Virgins are the highest priced. What I write is a fact.The marketfor Nepal girls is at Siliguri in North Bengal. I was able to visit this bazaar where the girls are traded. Men folk from Nepal actively sell the girls. A BEAUTIFUL Nepali virgin can fetch a very high price. It could touch 50 thousand rupees. Once a girl issold, the buyer can keep her as maid, bed mate, maid or anything. He can also sell her later. Many are forced into prostitution. Girls from Bangladesh are more in number and cheaper. Generally they are however considered more loyal. Small illegal bazaars exist close to Kolkata. Once girl is bought she is fed and clothed by the owner. I remember meeting a man at Kancharapara who was about 50 and had 3 Bangladesh girls working as maids and sleeping with him as well. He boasted all 3 were virgins. The man was a well heeled trader and I met him through a common friend. A question that must arise is as to what the police do? They try their best, but plenty of black sheep are there. The trade thus goes on merrily.

Monday, November 12, 2012

White Women Prefer Indian Husbands * 69

I am a Globetrotter  and I have seen that white European and American women do have the liking for Indians as husbands. In a chat with a Danish psychologist , I raised this point. He had a very interesting answer. He was of the view that western society is so dominated by promiscuity that the European women look to a person who will be faithful. He was of the view that Indian men married to white women are invariably faithful and rarely may have extra marital affairs.

The psychologist could not give me any data, though he agreed to mail me figures later. He claimed he had been studying this phenomenon. The fact is that Indian marriages with white women rarely break down, but then this is the ethos also in India where marriages do not crash at the drop of a hat. Mostly they last a life time. In England where half my village is settled, there is a subtle shift. Earlier the men imported brides from India as a rule. This has gone down and many Indian men are marrying English girls. These are all academic discussions and the fact is the chemistry between a man and a woman has as yet not been defined. Before I sign off, I must mention that the incidence of a black (Negro) girl marrying an Indian in America or the UK is a rarity. Incidentally, another cousin of mine is happily married to an American girl for 22 years and stays at Chicago.

Friday, November 9, 2012

How Barack Husein Obama Won; It Can Happen Again

The victory of Obama should give the whites in America some food for thought. Obama won after all political pundits had forecast a needle fight. The fact is Obama won with ease. Lets see how. The colored or nonwhite vote in the USA is 28% with the white touching 72%. Thus Obama won 95% of the nonwhite vote, which consisted of blacks, hispanics and Asians. He had only to win 35-40% of the white vote to romp home.
This is what happened and there was a big divide in the USA and an Obama victory was a foregone conclusion. It could happen again. Given the fact that Obama was earlier a Moslem, communist, anti war senater etc has no meaning as the whites could not oust him. Maybe another colored will again win.Its part of the change churning America and may well spell the demise of American power

Monday, November 5, 2012

What the Astrologers say about Obama- Mitt Election

This time the election is a nail biting affair. It is worth examining what the astrologers have to say about the result of the election. Astrology is not a science in the accepted sense and its forte and truth depends upon interpretation of the planets position at the time of a particular event. Thus there is every chance that astrologers will come up with wide variations as per their interpretations. I examined the forecasts of 50 astrologers. All of them agree that Mercury is retrograde during this election. This means the election will be a messy affair. It could drag on for weeks , just as in the case of George Bush. There will be much mudslinging and over all the atmosphere will be vitiated. ALL astrologers agree on this interpretation. My analysis of the forcats of 50 astrologers show that 31 are of the opinon that Obama will romp home the winner, but 19 astrologers reason that the wimner will be Mitt Romney. Thus the majority favor Obama, but it cannot be accepted as a gospel truth as some famous astrologers have forecast a Romney victory. My friend Steve Kinsman an astrologer of repute had forecast an Obama win by a slender margin some time back. But now he says that Mitt and his party will not allow Obama to win and will resort to underhand means, blackmail and what not to ensure that Obama is defeated I really can't make much of this observation. But it does mean that in thiselection all is not fair and square. My personal preference as studied by me shows that Obama has a edge, but incase Steve is right than anything is possible* *

A Verse to Read ** 88

Here is a poem posted by LOVER ME on my article on another site. Hope people like it

 First how is your success being enjoyed on the other site
 I lost track of it
 Second …are born at midnight plus minus
 Third... what will you tell the guy who confided in me  all what this guy has to you  and in addition  he adds on
…’’’every time i see a gal  a woman  a female  I see her with her legs up is it normal?
   I think all men look at it the same way
   some accept … many liars don't
   what is your take  as I may not be able to trace back here
   please do   read my latest poem
   and  reply it there  Madan Gee!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Undressing a Woman with your Eyes: Harmless fantasy

Recently a friend of mine confessed that whenever he saw a woman or met one at a party or a function he always undressed her with his eyes. He fantasized about how she would look without clothes, without her sari and blouse. He further told me that he would also imagine how she would look with her lingerie and sometimes wondered whether she was wearing any at all.

He asked me if it was normal for him or something was wrong. I have thought of the matter and wondered about it.The religious books tell us not to look a ta woman for carnal pleasure, but religion is a guide and I am afraid it doesn't take care of human nature. Human nature is complex and I don't think anybody can divine how it functions. It goes with a 'mood' of a man or woman.

The fact that must be appreciated is that women have the  tremendous attraction for men. I think this is right and proper unless you are gay. This is ordained by a super force call it God or whatever you will. This attraction is the basis of society and without it, the human race in a few centuries would become extinct. Thus, let us accept that attraction is normal and desirable. Women also want this as part of biology. What would happen if no men desired women ? No man courted a woman ? I think a woman would feel terribly unhappy.

Coming down to the fantasy part. I think it's perfectly normal for a sane and god fearing man to look at a woman and covet her. Before he can do that its but natural for a man to feel how the woman before would look without clothes. It's really a harmless fantasy and makes life so interesting. Many may feel it immoral or bad, but I am sure women also accept it. Thus, I told my friend not to worry at all as its is a normal outlet of imagination and sex. Yes! it's a part of sex and without it, we all wouldn't be here.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Attack on general Brar was a Cowardly Act

News has emanated from London that Lt General Brar now 78 years old, was attacked by 4 assailants who tried to cut his throat with a kirpan. This incident took place at 10pm when the General and his wife were emerging after dinner from a London hotel. The General was however a tough nut and he fought with his attackers. His wife also raised an alarm and many rushed to help Brar. Like cowards and rats the attackers fled the scene. The general was whisked by an ambulance to hospital in 10 minutes and is now recuperating at his home.
Who were the assailants? In all probability they were militant Sikhs who have been targeting the General for almost 2 decades. General Brar was the div commander who led the assault on the Golden Temple which had been defiled by Sant Bhindrenwale and his gang of hoodlums. What ever the Sikhs might say that the Sikh militants had defiled the temple as over dozens of scotch bottles were recovered and many young girls had gone missing. Bhindrenwale was the anti-thesis of everything the Sikh gurus stood for, namely compassion and piety. It was only right that he and his gang were eliminated.
General Brar only obeyed the call of duty, as the Army commander General Sunderji detailed him for this task. So blaming and attacking Brar for Blue Star is uncalled for. One wonders what is the rationale for attacking a 78 year old man. We hope Scotland Yard can nab the killers and finally its about time the impression that India is a soft state is erased. Why not the Indian intelligence agencies go after these cowards?

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dating Girls from Andorra

I have visited Andorra a year back and my small experience may come in handy for my readers. Firstly Andorra also called the Principality of the Valleys of Andorra. This is a small landlocked country in southwestern Europe, located in the eastern Pyrenees Mountains. It is bordered by Spain and France. It is the sixth smallest nation in Europe having an area of 468 km2 (181 sq mi) and an estimated population of 84,082 in 2009. The Andorrans speak Catalan, but Spanish and French are understood. Since 1278 the role of monarch is exercised jointly by the two co-princes, the President of the French Republic and the Bishop of Urgell, Catalonia. Andorra is a prosperous country mainly because of its tourism industry. Last year it serviced an estimated 10.2 million visitors. Many visitors like to visit Andorra not only for a sojourn in a beautiful place, but also to pick up a good date for company and romance. Hence in case that is your aim you may find the following paragraphs helpful.
a) Free dating site. One of the premier sites is This is a free dating site and no matter what your relationship woes are, free dating site Andorra & online relationship can help. You can get on the net and generally there is not a man who can come back empty handed. This dating site commenced in 2001 and as per their advertisement they have more than 100,000 profiles. The best part is that it’s a free site and you can log on and try and look for a girl from Andorra who can give you good company when you are there. b) Andorra Tenderfields.
Andorra Tenderfields is an all-new Andorra online dating site. This site is dedicated to all singles in search of Andorra partners. Andorran girls are beautiful and are good company. You could select a girl as a date and maybe if you are lucky end up making her your wife. The fact is that the dating sites are sometimes quite unscrupulous, hence tread with caution and make your choice wisely. But all in all a holiday in Andorra with a lovely Andorra girl is like the icing on the cake. These are the two principle sites. It’s best to get on the net and select your partner. You could be in for rollicking company in Andorra, but man, keep yourself Fit.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Gift for Sexy: Womens Lingerie Site

The is an online global store specializing in sale of women’s lingerie and intimate items. It is located across the Pacific in Hong Kong and the new Chinese industrial area of Guangzhou. The on line store makes use of the Internet to reach a world wide clientele. They specialize in sale of all kinds of intimate women’s lingerie items including Bras, Lingerie, Panties and Bikinis, swim wear and wigs and stockings The prices are kept low and the company ships their items world wide. Processing of orders is simple and easy and your selection attended within the shortest possible time.
Essentials of Gift for Sexy Gift for sexy is a site that lives up to what it promises. They have a very informative blog with a comprehensive FAQ section. They also have the latest news on women’s inner garments and accessories. Gift for sexy has an excellent customer service department and they are available for contact round the clock. Payment can be made by credit card or debit card. You can also pay by using PayPal or Western Union.
Pricing & packages All three companies offer what could be termed as an 'value for money’'. However has a wider range of goods at perhaps a shade lower prices. Feedback
The feedback for is extremely positive. Customers from all over the world have appreciated this site and the garments they have supplied. Delivery is prompt and quick

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Britain in Eclipse

A nations standing in the world depends on its military might. This is a fact of history and is as true today as it was yesterday. There was a time when the British on the back of raw materials of their colonies boasted a great army.They ruled almost half the world and the adage' sun never sets on the British empire' was true. All that is changed, the loss of the colonies has reduced Britain to the status of 5th rate power. They are not even the dominent force in Europe, butfor American usupport England would like an old man waiting to die. The British have not yet realized their true status and like the proverbial frog trying to emulate a lion, talk big with no muscle. In fact they are little more than an appendage of the United States. The membership of the security council is jarring,as the British have no power to intervene anywhere in the world with a puny army of 85000 and aircraft carrier. So they just carry out the orders of the US president and make pretense as a great power. Despite their 5th rate military status, the British have not stopped trying to show muscle on the back of the USA. Thus their interventions in Libya and meddling in Syria. They know not that this is dangerous game and when they topple the dictators they usher in a Wahhabi form of Islamic rule that strikes at the British themselves with great force. I remember Nikita Khruschev the Russian leader who stated that Great Britain in a war would not survive 5 H bombs. That is the stark reality. Its about time the British learnt the game of power politics.Cant forget Mao who stated ' power comes out of a barrel of a gun'.

An Indian site Gone to Seed

I am a strong nationalist and believe that in all fields India should reign supreme. this also applies to writing sites as well. Over the years I have seen some promising writing sites folding up from India. It is sad, but sometimes inevitable as the professionalism that one attributes to writing from the west is not given that much importance  in India. One site that appeared on the scene and promised much is . It announced a payment of $2 per 1000 page views. Thats pretty good, but that was the beginning and the end of the site. The site failed to make an impact and after writing for almost 6 months on this site  I can conclude that a prolific writer will get frusterated by the antics of the site and its promoters. The site is supposed to be a writing site and writers are invited to submit their post to the site. The result however is nothing short of frusterating. The articles posted on the site take 8-10 days to review and a writer can get exparated waiting for the site to publish your article.  This is difficult to understand as with the latest software available publishing an article is in reality an easy job. The result of the inordinate dealy is terrible and writers are shying away from writing on the site. An example is that in a given month the site published just 10-12 articles. Considering hubpages publishes over 60 in a day, one can compare the negative approach of the site. Sadly the site cannot generate any revenue with 10-12 articles published every month. Obviously the writing is on the wall. Another point is the complete lack of any customer support as any email or feed back is never replied. What next ? I think I will give this site a go by for to write and earn 20 cents a month is not my cup of tea,  

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Obama Will Win Again

Recently an American asked me how come I was interested in the US Presidential election as I was far away in Singapore and India. Let me clarify, there are many reasons for it. Firstly I have many relations in the USA and secondly I have been to the US very frequently since 1991 when I first spent a considerable period with the US Air Force. Latly I almost became an American by marrying an American girl when I was working with the United Nations. Bad luck or good luck it didnt happen.
The above is just incidental to my main theme. I wont write a long one, but I am now more than ever convinced that Obama is going to sit in the Oval office again. My opinion is buttresed by a recent survey by 3 of the most respected organizations in the USA who have conducted an opinion poll. Sure, sometimes these polls can go haywire, but in this case all 3 point to one aspect that Obama is leading by 7-9 percentage points over his rival Mitt Romney.
The organizations who have conducted this poll are Reuters, CNN and Fox news. None of them are partisan or pro-Obama. They have reported the ground situation and the polls show that Mitt is lagging. This won't be happy news for him and with the poll date nearing it will be difficult for him to bridge this gap. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction and the fact is the economy has taken a back seat and the positives of Obama( maybe by default) have come to the fore. But his second term where he will have to face a resurgent Islam will test his mettle. It will not help that his father was a Muslim and he himself attended 2 years at a Madrasa( Islamic religious school)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Marriage in the White House

The world has strange tales and one of them concerns an American President who married in Office. His name is Grover Cleveland and I am sure not many would have heard of him. Cleveland was president of the USA for 2 non consecutive terms from 1885-89 and 1893-97. Cleveland became President in 1995. At that time he was a bachelor. He was however a feisty fellow and it was rumored that he loved young women. An opportunity came his way when his partner and close friend Oscar Folsom died and in his will appointed Cleveland as his executor of the will. On one of his visits to his friends home to execute his will Cleveland saw the youngest daughter of his colleague , a 21 year old beautiful pure American girl name Francis
. Cleveland desired her though she was 28 years younger to him. He visited the home of his deceased friend often and got the permission of his widow to correspond with Francis. The girls at 21 was also swept of her feat at a US president falling for her and consented to marry, when Cleveland proposed. The marriage took place in the white house and it was a gala celebration. I don’t think there has been a marriage in the white house or a younger lady than Francis who was only 21. Passion now took its toll and Francis conceived 5 times from Cleveland giving birth to 5 children of whom 4 survived to live long ages.
From all accounts it was a happy marriage and but Cleveland because of health problems expired in 1908, Leaving Francis a young widow. She was concerned at living a life all alone and in 1913 fell in love again and married a professor who had thought at her college earlier. He was Thomas Preston. She was married to him for 34 years and died in 1947. Francis however has left an endearing image of glorious and lovely first lady. The Press and public liked her and I don’t think her record of being the youngest first lady at 21 in the white house will be broken

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Why Gandhi Let Bhagat Singh Hang * 71

Gandhi and Bhagat Singh were two individula wih divergent political thought. Bhagat Singh believed in armed struggle to oust the British while Gandhi believd in Ahmisa and non voilence and thus was more accomodating to the british. Obviously a clash was expected and at that period and one fact as brought out is that Bhagat Singh was more popular than Gandhi, Gandhi was a whimsical and shrewd politician and he resolved that Bhagat Singh must be finished politically so that he remained the undisputed leader.

 Thus when the famous trial of Bhagat Singh commenced , Gandhi maintained a studious silence. Many requests were made to him about Bhat Singh, which he steadfastly ignored. When Bhagat Singh was awarded the death sentence , Gandhi was again requested to appeal to the Viceroy to commute the sentence of Bhagat Singh to life in jail. Gandhi again refused and one wonders how such a man can be called a 'Mahatma'. Gandhis's reason for refusing to intercede with the Viceroy or make any appeal was simple: he dreaded that an alive Bhagat Singh would be a threat to his authority and more important his philosophy.
History records that Bhagat Singh and his associates were hanged by the British at night against all canons of Jail law and the prison manual and Gandhi kept quiet. At that time Gandhi's popularity touched rock bottom and he was greeted with black flags when he visited Karachi and other places after the hanging.

The episode leaves a sour taste in the mouth and the fact is Bhagat Singh and his associates were hanged and Gandhi we can surmise heaved a sigh of relief. There are many facates of Gandh's life that need to be published and some more research done on them. The hanging of Bhagat Singh and his comrades is one of them and I am afraid it shows Gandhi in very poor light

Playing Golf at the US Club, Mumbai

The Raj is one period that is reviled by a lot of people, but there are many and they are growing in larger numbers who realize that the Raj ushered in a lot of good things as well. The British, who ruled India had a military presence in Bombay, felt the need for an officers club at Bombay. Thus in 1928 permissions were granted to set up this exclusive club for the officers of the British Indian Army and navy. The Golf Course The club is located in the military area and access to the club is a fairly tardy process what with the guard posts and check posts that are the hall mark of a military area. The club is now often called the United Services Club and is jointly managed by the 3 services. The club is located on defense land by the side of the sea at the southernmost tip of Bombay. The piece de resistance of the club is the Golf course which is unique in itself. The course is as per international standards and is a 18 hole course covering 6072 yards. It is a par-70 course. The course abuts the Arabian Sea and being close to the ocean needs adjustment of your game as the sea breeze and wind becomes an important factor.
At one edge of the course is a concrete wall with a paved path that is ideal for an evening walk as the sea breeze envelops the area. Playing the Game Playing golf at this club is an experience that cannot be duplicated anywhere else in India. The course has a lot of par 3 and 4 and a water hazard as well. It’s a great course and is open from first light to sun set, the year round. The greens are very well maintained and the holes are clearly marked. But while putting the ball you will have to make allowances for the wind that sometimes blows in with great force. Some of the holes are close to the sea and a long shot with the woods may well result in the ball sailing into the sea, aided by the wind. There is also a bar counter right in the center of the course and you can have a swig of beer and continue your game.
Foreigners are not allowed into the club or to play Golf. Membership is also restricted and generally only service officers are allowed to be members. But a civilian can play as a guest of a member. The club is a unique place and rivals some of the best courses abroad. It certainly remains a feather in the cap of Bombay and we can only say ‘thank you’ to the British who left behind such a wonderful course

Friday, September 7, 2012

Indians cannot win in Singles in Tennis

Tennis is a game that is fairly popular in India. Introduced by the English rulers the game has a fair following. Slightly elitist, the game is still played in almost all clubs and colleges. Despite the reasonable popularity of the game there is one jarring aspect that stands out. Though the Indians have produced a string of doubles champions, there is hardly a player of international stature in singles. Indians have won many double titles, but I can’t recollect an Indian winning a singles grand slam title like Wimbledon in the last 70 years. This is certainly food for thought and one wonders why this should be so. A look at the Indian greats of tennis shows that only one player Ramanath Krishnan made it twice to the semi-finals at Wimbledon. On both counts he lost to the man who went on to win the title. Krishnan was a man who perfected the ‘touch artist’ game, but I do not think he won any grand slam singles title.
We had some good players coming in. There were the Amriitraj brothers Vijay and Anand, the son of Ramanath Krishnan, Ramesh Krishnan nd now we have Laender Paes and Mahesh and Bopanna. However a look at their careers shows that they are good doubles players but a singles title has eluded them. What could be the reason? In doubles and mixed doubles many of these players have won grand slam titles and even now Leander Paes is a finalist in the mixed doubles at Wimbledon.
The fact is that a singles game is very demanding and requires a great degree of fitness. This is where the Indian players chicken out. I can only say that lack of physical fitness in comparison to the greats of tennis like Rod laver, Rosewall, Connors, Agassi and others the Indians don’t stand anywhere. There were cases when Vijay Amritraj led in the singles in many a match against the greats of tennis only to lose in the end as he perhaps lacked stamina. Technique wise they may be good, but winning in singles is something that has eluded an Indian for too long. One wonders when it will change.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

India and Slave Trade in Women

> Officially the slavetradeis banned in India for that matter all over the world. But the laws thatexiston paper are flouted as the guiding principle is poverty. As withall tradeacommoditysells when buyers areavailable. It is a classic case of need coupled withsupply and demand. Slave markets haven’t really gone away and they exist in varying degrees from Africa to Asia. In India there is a flourishing slave market for girls from Nepal and Bangladesh. Both these nations are impoverished and thus easy prey to this nefarious trade. As I have pointed out one of the commodities in great demand is young girls from Bangladesh and Nepal. Great poverty in these 2 nations has spawned atradein girls. Nepalese girls fetch a higher price as they are fair and considered better than Bangladesh girls, who are darkish. Given the fetish in the sub continent for fairness, it is obvious that Nepali girls fetch a higher price.
The price of a girl also depends on age and other factors. Virgins are the highest priced. What I write is a fact.The marketfor Nepal girls is at Siliguri in North Bengal. I was able to visit this bazaar where the girls aretraded. Men folk from Nepal actively sell the girls. A BEAUTIFUL Nepali virgin can fetch a very high price. It could touch 50 thousand rupees. Once a girl issold, the buyer can keep her as maid, bed mate, maid or anything. He can also sell her later. Many are forced into prostitution. Girls from Bangladesh are more in number and cheaper. Generally they are however considered more loyal. Small illegal bazaarsexistclose to Kolkata. Once girl is bought she is fed and clothed by the owner. I remember meeting a man at Kancharapara who was about 50 and had 3 Bangladesh girls working as maids and sleeping with him as well. He boasted all 3 were virgins. The man was a well heeled trader and I met him through a common friend. A question that must arise is as to what the police do? They try their best, but plenty of black sheep are there. The trade thus goes on merrily.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Desire, Love and marriage in Ancient India

One aspect that stands out is that men covet women. One can call it lust or give softer word like love, but at the end of the day it is physical desire that rules. This was the reason that the Mughul emperor Jahangir got one of the courtiers killed and married his wife who was later known as Noor Jahan. Women in history were not only to be wooed but won as a prize. Thus in Hindu custom the Swayamwara was introduced. It involved a massive ceremony where the suiters gathered to show case their prowess in arms and weaponry. The winner got the woman or princess as wife. Thus the god Rama won Sita in a swayamwara. I dont think love played a part in any swayamwara as the girl had perforce to select the man who had bested all other suiters. Thus a man who coveted a particular princess, could win her by his strength and skill though the princess may have loved another man.
In Hindu thought one other aspect of marriage accepted is marriage by abduction. This is not peculair to India, but in Europe also it was prevelant. Thus when Bishma appeared at the swayamwara of Ambika, spirited her and her sister from the palace by beating all the warriors present it was abduction. Raja Salya the man who loved Ambika was defeated and shamed by Bishma. Bishma had abducted the princesses for his brother and he himself did not want to marry, but that is another tale. Both forms of marriage were recognized in India till the 12 century. But they petered away with the advent of Muslim raj. Modern India does not recognize these forms of marriages, but we can read about them and savor that glorious age. The bottom line is that the driving force in both forms of marriage was the desire to covet and own the woman.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Power Failure: Military Repercussions and China

The recent power trip up which brought about the greatest power crises in the world that plunged 700 million people back to the dark ages is bad enough, but how many know the disastrous consequences of this.
The power failure that plunged the entire north and east India in darkness was an event that cannot be glossed over. All communication lines snapped, trains stopped in their tracks, metros stopped everywhere some in the deep tunnels, Miners were struck underground , Traffic lights failed and airports were plunged in darkness. The above is serious enough but I am told the power back ups at some of the forward air bases also failed and communication lines between the military headquarters and the forward formations were cut. In the forward areas there was total black out and the troops were waiting what to do next.
The radar stations also were below performance and the back up was not enough for prolonged usage and soon the screens blacked out. These points have not been examined or discussed and this aspect has been conveniently over looked. What if the Chinese had decided to strike India at this time? The chances are that with a break down in communication the Chinese would have had an easy run into India. This is not an alarmist scenario but a real possibility. Troops also could not have been moved in the absence of rail communication. Thus the Indian army would be battling with one arm tied behind its back.
The GOI and the Military HQs will have to think about a recurrence of this disaster. Next time it may be a different story

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hitler's Last Relic: The Olympic Torch * 65

Not many people know about the orgin of the Olympic torch from Greece to the Venue of the Olympics. Credit for this Olympic torch must go to Adolf Hitler who along with his propaganda Minister Dr. Goebbles concieved and executed the idea of the Olympic torch. It must be mentioned that before the 1936 Olympics there was no tradiation of a Olympic torch being carried from Greece to the venue of the Olympics. There was a flame in the 1932 and 28 Olympics but it was not carried from Greece.
In 1936 the Olympics were held in Berlin. Hitler wished to make this a memorable event for Germany and more so of the Nazi party. He and Dr Goebbles concieved the idea of a Olympic flame that would be lit in Greece and carried by relay runners through German dominated areas like Austria and Czheckoslovokia to Berlin. The idea was to create a favorable impression about Germany and distract the world from the anti- sementism and other negative policies of Hitler.

The runners were chosen with great care and special German race men with blonde and Aryan features were chosen to carry the Olympic torch. This was a revolutionary step and Hitler was able to rivet the attention of the world to this new innovation. Dr Goebbles was able to create a aura with the torch as an example of Nazi socialism.

This was the first occassion that a torch from Greece was taken by relay runners. Hitler recieved favorable comments for this act and his popularity all over the world went up. After the defeat of Germany this was one relic of Hitler that was not discarded. In the 1948 olympics at London the torch was duly lit at Greece and carried by runners to London. Hitler after all did leave something durable behind.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Is the Taj a Hindu Temple from Vedic Age

Recently I read a very interesting book on the Taj Mahal by a Prof Oak. This man has had a checkered career from the INA, Bose to the government of India. Prof Oak's appointments are only incidental,but what he has written is revolutionary. But what interests me is the evidence by Prof Oak that the Taj Mahal is in reality a ancient Hindu temple. Much proof is given by Prof Oak. He points out that inscriptions and carvings at many places are of Hindu origin. He also by a string of photographs that substantiate the claim of Oak. It appears the Taj was a palace of a Rajput king which was taken over by Shah Jehan. This is indeed a debatable topic, but there could be some truth in it. Unfortunately the plea of Prof Oak for further research was rejected by the Congress government. That is politics. One will have rise above petty points for the truth to come out.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Back to Mythology,Lilith: First Wife of Adam

Mythology has its own charm. Every myth may not be true but all myths have some basis and they enliven our life. One such myth concerns Lilith who is a beautiful woman from pre-biblical period. As per Hebrew mythology Lilith was the first wife of Adam. This is against the popular grain of Eve being the wife of Adam. This myth does not deny that Eve was the wife of Adam, but ancient Hebrew chronicles mention that she was the wife of Adam after Lilith

The Myth tells us that Lilith was a very beautiful woman. When God gave her to Adam, she refused to submit to Adam in any matte r. Adam was exasperated and tried force, to make Lilith submit to him. This had an adverse reaction and Lilith ran away from Adam. A distraught Adam appealed to God, who instructed 3 angels to proceed and bring Lilith back to Adam,
The 3 angels pursued Lilith and reached her. They advised her to return to Adam, but Lilith refused. The angels then told her that in case she did not return to Adam all her children would die. This had its effect and the Angels were able to bring Lilith back to Adam. Adam duly exercised his right over Lilith. But Lilith was angry and she cursed all young children v born in the future. She cursed that boys in their 8 day and girls after their 20 Th day from child birth would be cursed. This was the reason that Jewish women used amulets and charms to ward of the evil effect of Lilith on new born children

Lilith thus became to be classified as an ogre and the myth took shape. Later she left Adam and God to console Adam gave him Eve. Thus as per mythology Lilith was the first wife of Adam