Tuesday, September 18, 2012

An Indian site Gone to Seed

I am a strong nationalist and believe that in all fields India should reign supreme. this also applies to writing sites as well. Over the years I have seen some promising writing sites folding up from India. It is sad, but sometimes inevitable as the professionalism that one attributes to writing from the west is not given that much importance  in India. One site that appeared on the scene and promised much is . It announced a payment of $2 per 1000 page views. Thats pretty good, but that was the beginning and the end of the site. The site failed to make an impact and after writing for almost 6 months on this site  I can conclude that a prolific writer will get frusterated by the antics of the site and its promoters. The site is supposed to be a writing site and writers are invited to submit their post to the site. The result however is nothing short of frusterating. The articles posted on the site take 8-10 days to review and a writer can get exparated waiting for the site to publish your article.  This is difficult to understand as with the latest software available publishing an article is in reality an easy job. The result of the inordinate dealy is terrible and writers are shying away from writing on the site. An example is that in a given month the site published just 10-12 articles. Considering hubpages publishes over 60 in a day, one can compare the negative approach of the site. Sadly the site cannot generate any revenue with 10-12 articles published every month. Obviously the writing is on the wall. Another point is the complete lack of any customer support as any email or feed back is never replied. What next ? I think I will give this site a go by for to write and earn 20 cents a month is not my cup of tea,