Saturday, September 15, 2012

Obama Will Win Again

Recently an American asked me how come I was interested in the US Presidential election as I was far away in Singapore and India. Let me clarify, there are many reasons for it. Firstly I have many relations in the USA and secondly I have been to the US very frequently since 1991 when I first spent a considerable period with the US Air Force. Latly I almost became an American by marrying an American girl when I was working with the United Nations. Bad luck or good luck it didnt happen.
The above is just incidental to my main theme. I wont write a long one, but I am now more than ever convinced that Obama is going to sit in the Oval office again. My opinion is buttresed by a recent survey by 3 of the most respected organizations in the USA who have conducted an opinion poll. Sure, sometimes these polls can go haywire, but in this case all 3 point to one aspect that Obama is leading by 7-9 percentage points over his rival Mitt Romney.
The organizations who have conducted this poll are Reuters, CNN and Fox news. None of them are partisan or pro-Obama. They have reported the ground situation and the polls show that Mitt is lagging. This won't be happy news for him and with the poll date nearing it will be difficult for him to bridge this gap. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction and the fact is the economy has taken a back seat and the positives of Obama( maybe by default) have come to the fore. But his second term where he will have to face a resurgent Islam will test his mettle. It will not help that his father was a Muslim and he himself attended 2 years at a Madrasa( Islamic religious school)