Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Britain in Eclipse

A nations standing in the world depends on its military might. This is a fact of history and is as true today as it was yesterday. There was a time when the British on the back of raw materials of their colonies boasted a great army.They ruled almost half the world and the adage' sun never sets on the British empire' was true. All that is changed, the loss of the colonies has reduced Britain to the status of 5th rate power. They are not even the dominent force in Europe, butfor American usupport England would like an old man waiting to die. The British have not yet realized their true status and like the proverbial frog trying to emulate a lion, talk big with no muscle. In fact they are little more than an appendage of the United States. The membership of the security council is jarring,as the British have no power to intervene anywhere in the world with a puny army of 85000 and aircraft carrier. So they just carry out the orders of the US president and make pretense as a great power. Despite their 5th rate military status, the British have not stopped trying to show muscle on the back of the USA. Thus their interventions in Libya and meddling in Syria. They know not that this is dangerous game and when they topple the dictators they usher in a Wahhabi form of Islamic rule that strikes at the British themselves with great force. I remember Nikita Khruschev the Russian leader who stated that Great Britain in a war would not survive 5 H bombs. That is the stark reality. Its about time the British learnt the game of power politics.Cant forget Mao who stated ' power comes out of a barrel of a gun'.