Friday, December 30, 2011

Assad Gets Ready to Face NATO
President  Assad is  a hard nut  and is not likely to give up power easily.  He has activated  his links with Russia  and found a friend in Vladamir Putin the Prime Minister. Putin feels the USA is a pain in the neck and  also would like to restore parity with the USA like the erstwhile Soviet union. Accordingly he has sold 3 coastal batteries to Syria. As per last reports these batteries have been positioned on the Syrian coast against Naval invasion by NATO.
At the same time Assad has also activated his air defences  against NATO aircraft. The aim is not to give the USA and NATO powers a walk over as given by Libya. The crucial role is of Russia, which has vowed not to let the NATO powers a  free run on Syria. Vladamir Putin is also flexing his muscles and has also announced that the Russian  Aircraft Carrier  would be deployed of the coast of  Syria as a deterrent to the NATO forces.
The fat is thus in the fire and the West is unlikely to get a free run and a easy victory as in Libya, where Qaddafi was effectively bottled up and was ultimately captured. at that time Qaddafi  committed a cardinal blunder of not throwing his lot with Russia. He attempted to crush the rebellion on his own  and also made overtures to the USA which were ignored.
Another factor is the Arab league which is towing the line  of the West and has imposed sanctions on Syria. But the chance of an invasion by countries who make the Arab league is slim. Assad is now getting on against the demonstrators many of whom are being instigated by the West.  The West is looking for an opening to crack on Syria, but it won't be  easy. Assad is not Qaddafi and the factor of Russia cannot be ignored. 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Remembering Squadron Leader Mahinder Singh Pujji, a Sikh who Fought for the British

Mohinder singh was a Sikh and   was  a fighter pilot in the RAF. He flew Spitfires andHurricanes. His is indeed a romantic tale and needs to be remembered.
 Pujji was born in Simla in 1918 and his father was a high rank government officer. Pujji loved flying and learnt to fly at the Delhi Flying Club in 1936. Later he did his law from Bombay University. However Pujji's love was flying. With the outbreak of World war II , Puji along with 24 other pilots volunteered to go to England and fly for the RAF.
Pujji was part of the IAF fighter squadrons and took part in missions over France and Belgium. Only on one occassion he was forced  down by a Messerchmit 109 and had to crash land on the coast of England. 
With the Japanese advancing in Burma , Mahinder Singh was transferred to the east. Here he fought the Japanese and was awarded the DFC.   Pujji  earlier had also flown in North Africa and had to force land in the desert. He was rescued by a platoon of British soldiers.
Mahinder Singh  after the war was a squadron leader when he left the RAF and became a civil pilot and gliding ace in India. In 1968 he migrated to England and settled there  He died in 2010 at the age of 92. He was the last surviving  Indian and Sikh ace  who fought in World war II for the RAF.  In 2009 the RAF honored him by  inviting him as a chairperson on the opening of  a  section of their museum  which dealt with Indians and other nationalities who fought for the RAF. I think Pujji deserves more recognition than he is given.

Tamil Nadu and Sikhs in Cricket * 72
When you think of cricket in Madras state now known as Tamil Nadu most readers will be surprised to know that the first cricket family of Tamil Nadu for over 6 decades was a Sikh family.  No family has done so much for Tamil Nadu cricket as this Sikh family whose head migrated to Madras city in 1904 from Amritsar. This is quite an achievement ina pure Tamil language state.

AG Ram Singh

The family settled down in Chennai where the head of the family got a job. In 1910 AG Ram Singh an icon of cricket in Tamil nadu was born. Ram Singh took to cricket as a fish to water and he was soon selected for the Madras Presidency team.  The governor of Madras Presidency an Englishman once when being introduced to the Madras cricket team was surprised that a turbaned Sikh was their main batting and bowling hope. Ram Singh was an all-rounder and his figures show that he can be rated as one of the best all rounder’s in India. He had a first class batting average of 35 and a measly bowling average of 18.56 in 56 first class matches and 265 wickets.
Ram Singh made his debut in 1935 against Mysore and in that match he took 11 wickets and announced his presence on the national stage. It must be mentioned that he was only the second cricket player in India to complete a double of 100 wickets and 1000 runs   after Amar Singh. He was also one of the quickest to reach this magical figure.
Ram Singh was on the verge of selection for the Indian team for both the 1936 and 46 tours of England, but missed selection by a whisker. But his herculean deeds in the Ranji Trophy for Madras earned him a representation in 2 unofficial tests against Jack Ryder’s team in 1935 and Lord Tennyson’s team in 1938. In those days Ranji trophy was a knock out tournament and Ram Singh played only 27 matches spread over 14 years. He retired from first class cricket in 1946.
After retirement Ram Singh was the cricket coach of  Sir M Venkatasubba Rao Boys School in T Nagar, Madras. He retired as coach in the early eighties.

The Second Generation

Ram Singh had 5 sons of whom 3 took to cricket in a big way. They were Kirpal Singh, Milkha Singh and Satwendra Singh. All 3 played for Tamil Nadu with distinction. Kirpal was a right hand batsman and off spin bowler and he played 14 tests for India with a century of 100 not out on test debut at Hyderabad against New Zealand in 1956. At one time he was in consideration for captaincy of the Indian team, which then went to Nari contractor. Kirpal was a fear less player of fast bowling and hit a quick fire 53 against the might of Hall and Gilchrist at Chennai in 1959. He however faded away, but continued to be a force in the Ranji Trophy for Tamilnadu. He was the captain of Tamil Nadu for almost a decade.
Milkha made his test debut at the age of 18 and his test career was over at the age of 20. He never got a proper chance to play for India, which again points to the whimsical ways of the selectors. But in the 

The elder son AG Kripal Singh

Ranji Trophy Milkha was the main stay of the Tamil nadu cricket team for over a decade. He was also the first batsman to hit a century in the Duleep trophy when he hit 151  for South  Zone against North Zone in 1961.
The youngest son of Ram Singh  Satwendra  Singh would have made it to the Indian test team as well, but a scooter accident rendered him hors de combat and he did not play cricket after that.
The last member of the Ram Singh clan to play cricket for Tamil nadu was Arjun Kirpal who was the son of Kirpal singh. But in 1996 a scooter accident ended his dream of playing cricket before a Ranji semi final.
Ram Singh passed away in 1999 and Kirpal much earlier. Milkha is retired and stays at Chennai. The immense contributions of the Ram Singh family will be remembered as for 62 years at least one member of this Sikh clan represented Tamil nadu. Not a mean achievement.

Monday, December 26, 2011

My Take on Obama

  I have been reading the debates going in the USA about Obama. Many people  refer to him as a Marxist or a communist in disguise and worse a friend of the Moslems (as he is one of them). Reminds me of the time when white supremacy was the watch word in the USA and organizations like KKK ran amuck, capturing and killing blacks. This facet of American history cannot be denied.
Times have however changed and the Black man has asserted himself, but that does not mean that he is any less a patriot or an American than the white man. A look at the history of the US army and its fights in Vietnam and other wars will show that as a percentage in relation to their population, more blacks fought for the US flag than the white man. But habits die hard and there is a lunatic fringe that just cannot accept Obama as a president of the USA. Weird statements and ‘revelations’ about his birth certificate, the fact that he is a communist are thrown about as if they are a gospel truth.
What is the fact really? How do we pin the ills of the past US Presidents (all white Men) who fought unprovoked wars all over the world and depleted the US economy with the result that it is in deficit of trillions of dollars. These costly wars served no purpose and in case in all of them the US never achieved its objectives. Take any war whether it is Iraq, Iran or Vietnam the US has swallowed the bitter pill If the economy is now going bust, how do you pin it on Obama?
Obama has inherited a legacy of wars and near bankruptcy of the economy and I feel he is doing a good job about it. Even his policy of calling a spade a spade in regard to Israel and Pakistan is commendable. The unfortunate part is that Obama’s middle name is Moslem and that is his drawback and fans the flames of a diehard minority in the USA. I want to know who the Americans want to replace Obama with. Another George Bush? Who will ensure that the US goes around with a begging bowl by unleashing some more wars?

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Mother Teresa Institutionalized Poverty
 Mother Teresa is honored all over the world, but what is the popular perception is quite different from reality. A look beneath the veneer some time shows a different color. So is the case of mother Teresa. I for one have never been convinced of her selfless devotion to the poor.
The fact is that she is untouchable as a great figure and criticizing her is like trying to criticize God himself. This popular perception is in a great part due to the Catholic Church. But a dispassionate analysis will show that Mother Teresa actually institutionalized poverty, she never wanted it eradicated.
 Let us look at her Nobel Prize for peace. To say the least this surprised even her ardent supporters as she never did anything to further peace in the world. Her acceptance speech in Oslo is worth quoting “Abortion is the worst evil and the greatest enemy of peace... Because if a mother can kill her own child, what will prevent us from killing ourselves or one another? Nothing
She saw no relation between poverty and population and having more children. She had a simplistic view and propagated that having more children in India was Gods will. It didn’t matter to her that greater the population greater the poverty index.
Her ‘homes for the dying’ in Calcutta are much celebrated in the west. One of her own volunteers has described them similar to Nazi Concentration camps.  There were no chairs, no stretcher beds. In addition there were virtually no Medicare or pain killers available other than aspirin. Her so called homes were like human warehouses where 50/60 ill persons were crammed in one room and without any medical cover. Even the sanitary conditions were abysmal. 
 This is hard to reconcile when her global income was so vast that she could have equipped at least 1000 first class clinics in Calcutta. The fact she didn’t do it was deliberate and is overlooked .That is the reason some people say she institutionalized poverty.
 When she herself needed treatment she entered the finest and costliest Medicare clinics. She herself lived an opulent life style and spent most of her time out of Calcutta. She claimed that there were 102 family assistance centers in Calcutta. But an investigation by Aroup Chatterjee could not reveal a single such center. All I have to say is that what is apparent is not real and it's about time that Mother Teresa was properly understood.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Remembering IS Johar as 'Bapu' in Harry Black.... Tiger"
IS Johar was a film star who had a penchant for doing comedy roles on the Mumbai screen. In  fact he was quite a draw as an actor in the fifties and sixties with his slapstick comedy roles. Bu the same Johar acted in some Hollywood films as well and there he did not play the role of  the buffoon.  

Many present day stars are longing to act in Hollywood films, but IS Johar outdid them nearly 4 decades back. One of his more memorable roles was in the movie ' Harry Black and the Tiger'. The film which was shot entirely in India starred  Stewart Granger and Barbara Rush  with Anthony Steele in an important role. but our own IS Johar put in a wonderful performance as the valet and tiger tracker of Stewart Granger. images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRHyAdiUu5WIhmFZ45iiCM The film was made in 1959 and IS Johar essayed the role of 'bapu' a valet to the hero. Johar literally lived the role as the film revolved around the plan to kill a man eating tiger. The shikari is played by Stewart Granger who has lost a leg in a German POW camp during the war. By luck he meets the very man who by cowardice  allowed thisto happen. He is married to the woman who Granger loves.    That is the love angle but basically the film concerns  a tale of a man and a jungle beast. the last scene where Johar and the Hunter enter  a dark cave to kill the tiger are spine tingling.  All credit to Johar who turned in a stupendous performance, that is remembered even now.  
  The film runs for 107 minutes and has 4 track stereo recording for excellent sound effects of the Jungle and the tiger. The director is  Hugo Fergenese and he has captured the essence of India on celluloid.  IS Johar was a nomination for the BAFTA award for the best actor in a supporting role. He lost by one vote.  It was rumored that he lost because he was an Indian. In those days the westerners were averse to giving awards to Indians. It's changed now and 'Slum Dog..' could get a number of Oscars.One can sit back and remember that IS Johar did India proud with this role. A bit of trivia aabout the film is worth knowing.
 Stewart Granger used his personal rifle for all the shoots in the film

Friday, December 23, 2011

Is Anna Hazare Being Too Naive

Anna Hazare is demanding a strong Lok Pal bill.  My question is as to what he means by a strong Lok Pal bill. Is he being Naive ? One thing should be clear that one bill  or head  of corruption for  a nation of 1.2 billion is nether feasible nor practical.  The demand to include the lower echelons of government are fine, but there are over 50 million in the government work force. Who will keep a tab on them?
Anna  has  noble ideals and they should be respected, but a single Lok Pal entity in a country like India  cannot be practicable.    We cannot create a superstructure and then see that it is not effective. I wonder whether Anna thought of pressurizing the government to strengthen the existing laws and stream line the judicial system. Why should a trial take over 20 years to reach its logical end. Take the case of the Bhopal gas tragedy. This ocurred in 1984 and it was only in 2011 the court could conclude the trial. The appeal process has still not started. So one can see  where the fault lies.
There is an urgent need to lay down a time frame for the trials and also the question of bail as a right needs re examination. Why should a man who has swindled hundreds of crorers be given bail? Why can't he be kept in jail till the trial is over.
 Bail is denied in serious crimes like murder, why not have these provisions extended to black marketeers, Swindlers and  the extreme corrupt ? This is what is the need and in case this was there  swindlers like Kanimozi would not get bail. This was the judgement by the trial court that earlier denied bail to Kanimozi and other accused. The supreme court set aside that judgement.
India is at the cross roads and it will be a good idea in case the government and Anna consider this aspect of the law as well. There is a crying need for a reform. A Lok Pal Bill may not be the end all and be all of corruption

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Holy Cow of KM Cariappa: His China Blunder

Field Marshal KM Cariappa died  at Bangalore in 1994. He was the first chief of the Indian Army  after Independence who was an Indian. Cariappa was selected for the British Indian army during the days of the Raj and had a  reasonable career. But he was made  the Cin C of the Indian army by Nehru bypassing his senior Lt  general Kulwant Singh.
 Cariappa however as the head of the Indian army  did not live up to the expactation of the nation. He just basked in the limelight as the army chief but it appears his strategic vision was limited. Historians now fault him for his lack of strategic cocept   in regard to China and Tibet. One fails to understand how Cariappa,  a Sandhurst graduate never appreciated the vulnerability of India's northern borders.
 There is not a single service paper or write up on the northern border with China . In particular he just sat smug in the Office at Delhi while the Chinese  began their built up in Tibet and invaded it in 1950. Cariappa  could not visualize that China would be a threat to India and for this one need not be apologetic about Cariappa. Cariappa's  horizon was limited to Pakistan and that too West Pakistan only. The vast areas in Assam were hardly beefed up under him.
Now 60 years later we can see that Cariappa was just a man who put on his Generals stars without living up to them. He let the Indian nation down badly by not alerting Nehru to the danger from the North. There is no excuse for that. The history of India's conflict with  China would have been different in case Cariappa had repeatedly pressurized Nehru on the danger from China. He  never did.

Casting Horoscopes from the Head and the Hand.

Some time back I remember reading that about 200 scientists all over the world, after studying the effects of planets on human life announced that they have  come to the conclusion that the planets have no influence on the life of a human being.
However I would like to present some facts and cases which show that the obverse of the above is true. There are untold episodes that point to the fact that a human beings life is governed by the celestial planets and stars.

Horoscope from the Hand

Recently I read a book by  Dr.Katakkar titled ‘Miracles of Numerology’. Some of the observation will certainly be hard to explain. The learned Dr. writes that in 1942 two street goers visited his house and asked him to show his palms to them. These men were fortune tellers and probably hailed from Tamil nadu. The fortune tellers saw the palms and then recited some verses (Slokas) and then spotted some signs on the hand. The fortune tellers then in about 15-20 minutes started sketching on a piece of paper and to the astonishment of all sketched out a Horoscope, which was an exact copy of the horoscope cast for the Dr. Katakkar  by another Astrologer and was in his possession. Was this only a chance? Can we prepare by chance, correct  horoscopes from the palm?

The Forehead and the Horoscope

This is certainly not something by chance and during my sojourn in the eastern part of India I was told that there were seers who could cast the horoscope from the palm of the hand from Sikkim and Bhutan. However a personal incident is worth recounting here. In 1993 I was sitting in the officer’s mess at Kumbhigran close to Silchar when a roadside astrologerapproached me. He was being shown the door by the Chowkidar, till I intervened and allowed him to come inside. This man sat in front of me and after a lapse of time produced a horoscope which was about 90% accurate.  The astrologer told me that he had cast my horoscope from the lines on my forehead. I was astounded and wondered how this could be done. Is this not wonderful? Could this be done only by chance? The above two illustrations show that there is more to astrology than what the scientists say. This science has as yet not been unraveled, but science must explain the two phenomena which I have related above.

American Back Down ?

The Americans have a well known adage which says 'If you can't lick em, then join em". Perhaps this has been translated into a reality. On 18 December 2011, Joe Biden the US Vice President made a startling statement.  He said that at no stage per se the Taliban was ever the enemy of America. He went on to add that never has a US President talked of the Taliban as a enemy.
This is to say the least surprising. One may well ask the learned US  President that in case Taliban was never the enemy, then what was the need to oust  the Taliban and Mullah Omar from the tentacles of power in Kabul? The US then with its allies attacked Afghanistan and the Taliban was ousted from power. Till date Mullah Omar is on the run and the US has not been able to capture him.
The fact at issue is slightly different. One can think of the Vietnam war where the US suffered a massive defeat. After a lot of bravado by Lyndon Johnson,  the Americans had to retreat from Vietnam. In Afghanistan also the US under George Bush lost focusand diverted its forces for an attack on  Iraq.  This was the period which was utilized by the Taliban and its ally al Qaeda to regroup and become more resilent. Now 10 years down the line the war in Afghanistan is leading no where. Pakistan is a law unto itself and mocks the USA. Al Qaeda and the Taliban are not destroyed and suicide attacks are a everyday occurrence in Afghanistan. Is this the reason for the Vice Presidents statement ?
What ever it may be the fact is that in case the USA makes up with the Taliban and leaves Afghanistan, the war will not end. The Taliban have never forgiven the USA for ousting them and as far as they are concerned , the USA will remain the 'great satan' 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Yoga is Satanic Says Chief Exorcist of Vatican

Yoga is one of the  the more popular system of exercise and breathing from India. It advocates two distinct paths which merge into one later on. The first path is a simple system of exercise and mediation  and the second is the path to being one with the allmighty.
Unfortunately this simple exercise and mediation system has some controversy around it. Firstly Communism frowns on Yoga and so does Islam. Most of them do not wish even to accept the tangible benefits of Yoga exercises as well.
Now a needless controversy is created by Father Gabriele Amorth. This man for  years was the Vatican's chief exorcist, though he is no longer in that chair. He is an Italian and has made a bizzare comment  that the practice of Yoga is 'evil'. He has compared it to satanic worship. He seems to have reached this conclusion after years of study and realized that Yoga  leads to the worship of Hinduism. He futher feels that Yoga is part of all eastern religions and is Satanic  in nature for  creating a false belief in re-incarnation.
 He further added that Yoga is satanic in nature like  reading the books of Harry Potter, which are also satanic. The father appears to have got his facts wrong and the Yoga institutes in Rome have not taken lightly the comments of father Amorth and have opposed his  observations. They felt his crticizm is illogical.
   Yoga practioners in Italy have also asked the Vatican to condemn this statement. It will be interesting to read what my friends have to say about it.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Training the Chinese at Ramgarh( Jharkhand)

 One really wonders at the Chinese -India connection. Not many know that almost 50,000 Chinese soldiers were trained at Ramgarh, a small town in Jharkhand state of India. During the war years up to may 1942 it was a POW camp housing Italian and German soldiers as POWs. The Americans neeeded a place to train the Chinese soldiers and they narrowed down on Ramgarh. The POWs were moved out and the United States  Chinese Training Command was established there.
From May 1942 the US officers began to arrive at Ramgarh and preperations were made to train the Chinese soldiers. The  RTC( Ramgarh Training School) was thus established and till 1945 trained over 48,000 soldiers of the Chinese army. The training was imparted from ab initio subjects like changing a spare wheel of a truck to loading a gun on mule.  The school came under command of General Stilwell the US commander in this theater.
Ramgarh could house 12000 troops in built accomodation and another 15000 were accomodated in two large camps in semi permanmnent accomodation and tents. The US officers housed and fed the Chinese troops and got them ready for the battle against the Japanese army. The Chinese troops trained at  Ramgarh were the best in the Chinese army and brought to the fore the excellent training capabilities of th US  Chinese Traing command.
The important thing is that during the war the RTC was kept secret and no one knew about it.  It was also the only training center outside the United States. The Instructors chosen were the best in their fields and were secretly transported from the USA to Karachi and from there to Ramgarh. The fact of the operation of this center to train Chinese soldiers emerged onlyat the end of the war.
In 1946 the Americans vacated the center and the RTC lapsed back to British Indian Army control. Presently it houses the Sikh Regimental center.

Why Cassius Clay Converted to Islam

Cassius Clay was the world heavy weight boxing champion when  he was drafted to serve in Vietnam with the US Army. At that time military service was compulsory in the USA and everybody had to spend time in the army. This was called the draft.
Clay refused to be drafted to go to Vietnam and as a punishment his boxing title was taken from him. This embittered him and he felt the white race was always treating the negroid race in a demeaning manner. In addition he wanted  to cock a fist at the white racial  supremacist's. Clay in his child hood had grown up in an era of racial segregation and this had told on his psyche. More over he felt the church had done nothing for the blacks and he thought it best to convert to Islam.
America was shocked when Clay converted to Islam and  took the name Mohammed Ali. From then on he taunted the white race and asked them to put a fighter against him. There is no denying that Ali was a great boxer and he retained his boxing titles on the strength of his ability. In fact he is the only boxing champion in the world to have won  back the heavyweight crown 3 times.
 Ali gave up boxing after some time , but he continued to believe in Islam.In fact many celebrity  men like  Micheal Jackson also converted to Islam. These conversions are brushed aside by the American government, but the fact is the blacks are disenchanted with the church, which stood as a passive onlooker when racial  policies were at their peak.

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Role of the Indian General Staff in the Debacle Against China(1962) * 62

Indian soldiers  in Ladakh
 I am reminded of attending a seminar on Nehru and China, where a speaker castigated Nehru for not having strategic vision.   In my question answer session I raised a few points which the speaker agreed.
I pointed out that Nehru was indeed culpable of neglect of the Northern borders, but the Indian General staff is equally culpable in this matter. General Cariappa who took over as the first Indian Army Chief had no knowledge of the topography of the Northern border including Aksai Chin and NEFA (North East Frontier Agency) now called Arunachal Pradesh. It is on record that he never visited Aksai Chin nor did he alert the Government of India to any possible threat from China. No note or service paper was annotated by him on this matter to the Ministry of Defense (MOD) or to Nehru himself.  Cariappa himself had no explanation for it. This is one of the tragedies of Indian Army  history.
The IAF was no better as the Air staff projected a requirement of a force level of just 15 squadrons of in 1954. This was enough for Pakistan but took no account of the threat from China. Air Marshal Subroto Mukherjee, the then Chief of Air Staff  erred grievously in not anticipating a threat from China
This state of affair continued and army Chiefs like General Thimmaya and Thapar just had no comprehension of the Chinese threat. They sadly lacked strategic vision and just played along with Nehru’s policy, instead of advising him to beef the northern border and strengthen the IAF and the Army to counter China. This is a grave lapse in history and points to a complacency that is hard to explain. The armed forces had their strategy only to counter Pakistan. This shows that the man who led the Indian army was men without a strategic concept and thus lacked the hallmark of great soldiers.
It is fashionable to blame Nehru for the China debacle, but the role of the General Staff also must stand scrutiny. Only if these men who led the Indian army had shone some mettle and acumen, India would not have been in the sorry state of affairs it was, against the Chinese army in 1962.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Black Men and Women Equation * 71

More white women are marrying blacks in America.

 Derek Jeter
 Dr. Ward in the early and late fifties had started a club whose members had sex with coloreds and blacks. He called it unification of the races through sex.  I really don't know whether he was right or wrong, but on my recent visit to America, I have observed that  a fairly large number  of white women are on the arms of colored or black men. I do not see the reverse i.e of black women on the arms of white men. They are there , but their numbers are minuscule compared to white women and black men.Mariah Carey

 This phenomenon is hard to understand. Even Obama the President of the USA is an offspring of a white mother and black man. But he is  not the only one and celebrities who are bi-racial  other than  President Obama are Alicia Keys, Derek Jeter, Halle Berry, Jason Kidd, Mariah Carey, Mario Van Peebles, Rick Fox or Vin Diesel—they all have black fathers and white mothers. There are exceptions, but the numbers with black mothers are  very tiny.
Again a look at the news items like  Kobe Bryant scandal, the Steve McNair death story, the OJ Simpson trial and one gets a sick feeling as in all of them the story revolves around a white girl. I  have not read a story or a sensational news item of a  white guy and black girl.
 Another point that I observed is  when  I see photographs of black athletes out on the town, many have a white girl on their arm, but no photograph of a white athlete  with a black girl.
Maybe  this is a topic best not discussed, but one can’t sweep it under the carpet. In all probability the black men lust for white women and they give in. A white friend of mine mentioned to me a few days back that so many black men had approached him with an almost insane desire to get introduced to white girls. All they wanted was sex. Psychologists must study this aspect of the black  mans psyche-lusting for white women. What is the background behind it. Perhaps there may be a  simple answer.
IOJ SimpsonSteve Monair

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Herman Cain Scratches from the Race Leaving Obama a Winner

 The past caught up with Herman Cain. His life laced with sex outside marriage saw him tumble from a leader likely to get the Republican nomination to a zero. So he scratched from the race and that is that. But he was the leader in October till his down fall. It happens in politics, but the repercussions for the Republicans is not good. If anybody had half a chance to beat Obama it was Cain. The remaining contenders in the fray don't have the magnetism to challenge Obama.

Obama enters his run for the second term once again with Bidet as his running mate. Though Obama has lost a lot of ground since his election as President, I don't see any Republican being able to defeat him. Hence it could be an election victory by default. Obama wins as no worthwhile opponent is available, despite a state of disenchantment with the US voters. The economy is bad and jobs are hard to come by. There is  a 3 trillion dollar  deficit  and1/3rd of the economy is mortgaged to China. Not a happy thought.

 But frankly all this is not Obama's fault as the 10 previous Presidents led by "Ike"  have contributed to this mess. Fighting costly wars and grand alliances, supporting and bank rolling  hard line Islamic regimes like Saudi Arabia and  dictators all over the world. The birds have come home to roost and the USA is in the eclipse mode. Wonder what the presidents like Ford, Bush , Reagan and Ike were thinking.  Did they think what they were doing ? arming the very men who were killing US soldiers like Pakistan ?

  So Obama is not responsible. He inherited the problem and I suppose he deserves another chance. That is the best bet for America.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Sudan, Dating and Love Despite a War

 Love sex and dating is something that just cannot be taken out a man's world . thus even in a war ravaged Sudan  a country in the north west of Africa, dating and sex are on the apex of a persons mind. After a civil war a  new state has been created but links with the North remain.  The Muslim North always dominated the South and Muslim men established liaison with many Christian women who were from the south of Sudan now known as Darfur as they were economically better off and the poor Christian women accepted them as lovers for the fringe benefits that came with such relationships.Darfur the new state is one of the poorest in the world, but basic human needs of sex and companionship have not been eroded. In fact sex remains a strong selling point and dating sites are ruling the roost.

 The site that has carved a niche for itself is It is a unique online site that basically caters to Darfur and also for men across the border from Sudan. This site will arrange dates and companions from many thousands of girls who have registered on this site. The site has a large database and in case you desire a short term or long term relationship, or simply a girl friend, or even an extramarital affair this is the site for you. They will do anything but will charge a price and if you are willing to pay, then the sky is the limit for a relationship with a girl.

The sites brazenly advertises that in case you do not want a long term commitment and want a discreet relationship than that can also be arranged. We are all aware that in the 19th century legalized prostitution raised much debates, but now with sites like what your price .com and other sites this is not the case.
Another site that is popular is This is a free dating site in Sudan and Darfur. There is also the free dating service in Darfur that the advertisers promise will end your lonely life. They have hundreds of girls in their data base and one can have a pick from them.

 Some international sites like and perfect also cater to Sudan and Darfur for dating services. Though a divide is created politically between Sudan and Darfur, yet the dating sites are functional in both the nations. Muslim men still desire Christian girls and the traffic is going on unabated. It does not help that Darfur is very poor and per capita income very low. This is a factor which cannot be denied and forms an incentive for the girls on these sites. So that is the end a man wants food and after that he wants sex and the women oblige.