Monday, November 26, 2012

How Sam Maneckshaw became Army Chief

At that time the front runner for the post of the army chief on the retirement of general Choudhry was General Harbaksh Singh. Maneckshaw was unfortunately no where in the picture as he had no battle experience of commanding a corps or a command in actual war. It appears Ms Gandhi had indicated that General Harbaksh would be the army chief. It appears that Mr. JRD Tata the top Industrialist and a Parsi intervened at that time.  He supported Maneckshaw as the army chief on the ground that he was a Parsi. Ms Gandhi not averse to playing Empress readily agreed. She over ruled her Defense Minister Swaran Singh and annouthenced Sam Maneckshaw a Parsi as Army Chief. Thus a battle hardened soldier like Harbaksh was sidelined in favor of a man who had not commanded a single division in actual war. Perhaps she thought that it would be a good idea to get the support of JRD in the long run. That is how Lieutenant general Maneckshaw arbaksh accepted the decision gracefully and faded away.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Can Sex Form the Basis of Unity in the World

The human being is a complex piece of Gods invention. It has varied emotions and one of them is sex and desire. Generally it transcends all barriers at the given moment of the sex act. But the prelude to it and the aftermath develop different emotions. In the middle of the last century a gentleman named Dr Ward made news. It appeared he lived of prostitutes and that was the crime for which he was charged. Dr. Ward committed suicide, but one statement of his that all he was trying to do was to break racial barriers through the sex act needs examination. He felt that copulation between black and white and white and black would break barriers and the races can integrate.
On the face of it, this looks a very plausible hypothesis because Dr. Ward has simplified a complex chemistry and reduced it to a single act. In real terms this is not possible as there is another quality of human beings that cannot be ignored and that are jealousy and racial superiority, not forgetting religion. These are the divisive forces and till they are erased this theory cannot function. The sex act is a representation of this thought process and the chance that a man or woman who considers himself or herself as belonging to a chosen race or religion will accept sex as a common denominator is well nigh impossible.
Thus the Muslim Moghul rulers could countenance sex and marriage with Rajput princesses, yet they could not allow the same privilege to Rajput Hindu kings to have sex and marry Muslim girls. Thus the Germans during the reign of Hitler and the Moslem invaders and much later the white race have ingrained ideas of sex and race. Matters went to the extreme in South Africa where the policy of Apartheid firmly debarred sex between black and white races. In the USA also organizations like the KKK( ka Klux Klan) believed in purity of the white race and murdered blacks who had sex with white women. Thus the fact is that though sex is extremely desirable it cannot form a basis of unity of the races in the world. Perhaps the complexities of relationships between man and woman have as yet not been deciphered.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


I have pointed out one of the commodities in great demand is young girls from Bangladesh and Nepal. Great poverty in these 2 nations has spawned atradein girls. Nepalese girls fetch a higher price as they are fair and considered better than Bangladesh girls, who are darkish. Given the fetish in the sub continent for fairness, it is obvious that Nepali girls fetch a higher price.
The price of a girl also depends on age and other factors. Virgins are the highest priced. What I write is a fact.The marketfor Nepal girls is at Siliguri in North Bengal. I was able to visit this bazaar where the girls are traded. Men folk from Nepal actively sell the girls. A BEAUTIFUL Nepali virgin can fetch a very high price. It could touch 50 thousand rupees. Once a girl issold, the buyer can keep her as maid, bed mate, maid or anything. He can also sell her later. Many are forced into prostitution. Girls from Bangladesh are more in number and cheaper. Generally they are however considered more loyal. Small illegal bazaars exist close to Kolkata. Once girl is bought she is fed and clothed by the owner. I remember meeting a man at Kancharapara who was about 50 and had 3 Bangladesh girls working as maids and sleeping with him as well. He boasted all 3 were virgins. The man was a well heeled trader and I met him through a common friend. A question that must arise is as to what the police do? They try their best, but plenty of black sheep are there. The trade thus goes on merrily.

Monday, November 12, 2012

White Women Prefer Indian Husbands * 69

I am a Globetrotter  and I have seen that white European and American women do have the liking for Indians as husbands. In a chat with a Danish psychologist , I raised this point. He had a very interesting answer. He was of the view that western society is so dominated by promiscuity that the European women look to a person who will be faithful. He was of the view that Indian men married to white women are invariably faithful and rarely may have extra marital affairs.

The psychologist could not give me any data, though he agreed to mail me figures later. He claimed he had been studying this phenomenon. The fact is that Indian marriages with white women rarely break down, but then this is the ethos also in India where marriages do not crash at the drop of a hat. Mostly they last a life time. In England where half my village is settled, there is a subtle shift. Earlier the men imported brides from India as a rule. This has gone down and many Indian men are marrying English girls. These are all academic discussions and the fact is the chemistry between a man and a woman has as yet not been defined. Before I sign off, I must mention that the incidence of a black (Negro) girl marrying an Indian in America or the UK is a rarity. Incidentally, another cousin of mine is happily married to an American girl for 22 years and stays at Chicago.

Friday, November 9, 2012

How Barack Husein Obama Won; It Can Happen Again

The victory of Obama should give the whites in America some food for thought. Obama won after all political pundits had forecast a needle fight. The fact is Obama won with ease. Lets see how. The colored or nonwhite vote in the USA is 28% with the white touching 72%. Thus Obama won 95% of the nonwhite vote, which consisted of blacks, hispanics and Asians. He had only to win 35-40% of the white vote to romp home.
This is what happened and there was a big divide in the USA and an Obama victory was a foregone conclusion. It could happen again. Given the fact that Obama was earlier a Moslem, communist, anti war senater etc has no meaning as the whites could not oust him. Maybe another colored will again win.Its part of the change churning America and may well spell the demise of American power

Monday, November 5, 2012

What the Astrologers say about Obama- Mitt Election

This time the election is a nail biting affair. It is worth examining what the astrologers have to say about the result of the election. Astrology is not a science in the accepted sense and its forte and truth depends upon interpretation of the planets position at the time of a particular event. Thus there is every chance that astrologers will come up with wide variations as per their interpretations. I examined the forecasts of 50 astrologers. All of them agree that Mercury is retrograde during this election. This means the election will be a messy affair. It could drag on for weeks , just as in the case of George Bush. There will be much mudslinging and over all the atmosphere will be vitiated. ALL astrologers agree on this interpretation. My analysis of the forcats of 50 astrologers show that 31 are of the opinon that Obama will romp home the winner, but 19 astrologers reason that the wimner will be Mitt Romney. Thus the majority favor Obama, but it cannot be accepted as a gospel truth as some famous astrologers have forecast a Romney victory. My friend Steve Kinsman an astrologer of repute had forecast an Obama win by a slender margin some time back. But now he says that Mitt and his party will not allow Obama to win and will resort to underhand means, blackmail and what not to ensure that Obama is defeated I really can't make much of this observation. But it does mean that in thiselection all is not fair and square. My personal preference as studied by me shows that Obama has a edge, but incase Steve is right than anything is possible* *

A Verse to Read ** 88

Here is a poem posted by LOVER ME on my article on another site. Hope people like it

 First how is your success being enjoyed on the other site
 I lost track of it
 Second …are born at midnight plus minus
 Third... what will you tell the guy who confided in me  all what this guy has to you  and in addition  he adds on
…’’’every time i see a gal  a woman  a female  I see her with her legs up is it normal?
   I think all men look at it the same way
   some accept … many liars don't
   what is your take  as I may not be able to trace back here
   please do   read my latest poem
   and  reply it there  Madan Gee!