Friday, November 9, 2012

How Barack Husein Obama Won; It Can Happen Again

The victory of Obama should give the whites in America some food for thought. Obama won after all political pundits had forecast a needle fight. The fact is Obama won with ease. Lets see how. The colored or nonwhite vote in the USA is 28% with the white touching 72%. Thus Obama won 95% of the nonwhite vote, which consisted of blacks, hispanics and Asians. He had only to win 35-40% of the white vote to romp home.
This is what happened and there was a big divide in the USA and an Obama victory was a foregone conclusion. It could happen again. Given the fact that Obama was earlier a Moslem, communist, anti war senater etc has no meaning as the whites could not oust him. Maybe another colored will again win.Its part of the change churning America and may well spell the demise of American power